Y Tu Lolá También, Part III: A Very Wet Saturday

In the morning, Lo woke up before the other two. She hadn't slept well because the sheets were soaked. Meri was sound asleep on the far side of the tent. Her son was cuddled up next to Lo.

Carefully, Lo extricated herself and snuck outside the tent. She wanted to change her panties, but discovered the panties she had hung up the previous day were missing. Her shorts were there though. She grabbed them and walked to the bath houses where she showered and brushed her teeth. She slid into her denim shorts, commando-style.

She passed Meri's son on the path as she was walking back to the tent. He had a towel and was clearly off to shower.

"Morning," said Lo cheerfully, yet flirtatiously.

"Hi," he said, groggy, but happy to see her.

It was awkward. Lo kept walking. After she passed him, she turned around. She caught him looking at her ass as she walked away. She smiled, turned back and laughed to herself.

Meri was up and trying to make a fire. It wasn't going too well.

"Let me do that," said Lo.

She bent over and crouched down as she was arranging the kindling. Meri could see down her shirt and also up the crotch of her shorts.

"Lo," she said. "I want you. Bad."

"Yeah?" asked Lo, mischievously.

"Yeah. Now."

"I just showered."

"I know."

"I'm nice and clean."

"I know."

Lo unbuttoned and slowly unzipped her shorts. "And I couldn't find my panties this morning."

"That's too bad," said Meri.

"Have you seen them?"

"No, but I like what I am seeing."

"Want more?" asked Lo. She was feeling very frisky.


"Get in the tent. Hurry up. He'll be back any minute."

The two of them scrambled into the tent. Lo pulled her shorts down to her knees and got on all fours.

"Lick it. Lick my kitty," she commanded. Meri lost no time. She got behind her, face-first between Lo's legs, sloshing her tongue up and down.

"Lick my asshole. Lick it. Get in there."

Meri protruded her pointed tongue in Lo's special spot. In and out. "More," insisted Lo. "Harder. Like you mean it."

Meri liked being told what to do.

Lo was on the verge of a leg-quaking orgasm when ZZZZZZIP!

The zipper to the tent was rapidly opened and entering the pulled back flap was Meri's son. Like a reverse birth, he entered into the womb of the two women as his mother's tongue was entering into Lo's rear.



"Fuck!" Exclaimed Meri's son, Meri, and Lola in that order.

The tent flap closed. Meri pulled back and wiped her face. Lo froze as her pussy ejaculated everywhere involuntarily.

"FUUUUUCK!" she exclaimed as it happened.

The two of them gathered up the wet sheets to hang up on the line to dry. Luckily the blanket and sleeping bags were dry. When they emerged from the tent, they found Meri's son sitting and sulking.

"Jesus, Mom," he said. "You're such a slut."

"Don't talk to me like that," said Meri. "You have absolutely no right."

He wouldn't even look at Lo.

"I see she also found the Fountain of Youth. She needs it at twice your age!"

He was being cruel and a brat.

But Lo knew exactly how to get him out of this mood. After hanging up all the bedding, she went back to the fire. "I need coffee," she said as she continued to tend to the kindling like she did with Meri. She spread her legs, she bent over in her tight shorts, she let her blouse hang down to give an unimpeded view of her braless breasts.

Meri's son watched every move keenly and intently.

Lo boiled water for coffee and then they put eggs, bacon, and some toast on to cook.

Feelings were less raw after breakfast.

Clouds had begun rolling in. The sky was quickly turning from blue and pink to grey. A breeze blew through the campgrounds.

"What are we going to do today?" whined Meri's son.

"I was thinking that we could go to that restaurant we passed on the way here. The Lookout. They have outside seating and a great view. It got excellent reviews," said Meri.

"Nah," replied her son.

"You might feel differently at lunchtime."

"Why don't we go swimming while it's still sunny," suggested Lo, looking up at the sky.

"Nah," said Meri's son. "I'll stay here."

Lo and Meri grabbed their bathing suits and went to the bathrooms to change.

They returned to the tent to put their clothes in it and found Meri's son had taken out all three travel bags of clothes and stuff from the tent and left it next to it.

"What are you doing?" asked Meri.

"I didn't sleep well last night. It's too cramped in there. I want to take a nap and I just want to sleep on the blankets."

"Fine," said Meri, putting her clothes in her bag. "We'll be at the lake."

Lo and Meri finally had some time alone on the beach, but when they got there, they realized that they too were pretty tired. They just tanned and nodded off in the sun. The temperature had cooled down and there was a breeze. It was quiet because it wasn't peak time for all the little kids.

After a pleasant nap, they swam together, admiring each other's bodies in the shimmering light reflected off the waves on the lake.

They came back to the tent to grab towels in order to shower before going out to lunch. Neither of them liked the film that the lake left on their bodies. They found Meri's son sound asleep in the tent.

Lo and Meri walked together and when they got to the public showers, Meri slipped into the cramped, rustic stall with Lo.

She immediately kissed her on the lips. "Lo," she said, "that was so hot this morning. I want more."

They both got naked and Lo spread her arms on the shower wall and spread her legs on the shower floor. Meri got down on her knees and put her face up between Lo's legs, licking furiously. Lo came many times from that.

Meri stood up and kissed Lo again on the lips. "I wish we had a strap-on," she said.

Lo bent her over and inserted one, then two, then three, then her whole hand in Meri's wet and wide cunt.

"Pound it. Pound it. Yes," cried Meri loudly. "Fuck me. Fuck me like that horse cock you have."

Lo was virtually punching Meri's pussy in the shower. With each jab, her hand went deeper in her hole.

"Fill me! Fuck me! Fist me!" Meri begged for more.

Lo could feel Meri building up to a powerful orgasm. Meri's legs shook and she was leaning up against the white tile of the shower, her breasts squished to the wall by the force of Lo's fist in her hole.

Then Meri's pleas switched from "Fill me up," to begging for merci.

"No more. Please. I can't take it. Fuck," she said as Lo eased her fist out and Meri slid down the shower wall into a crumpled, withered figure sitting in a puddle on the floor.

"You ok?" asked Lo.

"Yeah," said Meri with a silly smile on her face like Lo had never seen before.

When she had regained her strength and they washed each other off, the two of them exited the shower to find that other women in the bathroom were giving them startled stares. And when they left the bathroom, they found men milling around, side-eyeing them. They probably heard the two of them going at it since the Men's bathrooms and showers were adjacent to the women's.

No matter, the two of them walked off together, a little flush in the cheeks but with smiles on their faces.

They were dressed for a nice time out. Lo wore a short skirt and a tight top. Meri wore her shorts and a sheer grey top, no bra, that accentuated her voluptuous, undulating breasts.

They hopped in the car, drove through town, ascended the steep, curving, switchback road that snaked up the side of a mountain. Meri had her hand on Lo's knee the entire way. Near the apex, there was a turnoff onto a narrow ledge that looked as if it had been carved out of the sheer side of the mountain. Precariously perched on the cliff was The Lookout - a wooden tavern that appeared as if it was constructed out of found lumber in the 1920's. On the second floor of the structure was a thin balcony with a railing and only enough room for four small tables.

It was still early for lunch and so Lo and Meri had no difficulty snagging one of the coveted outside spots.

They sat and looked out over the quaint hamlet, nestled as if within a giant crater, surrounded by steep mountains on all sides.

"Beautiful," said Lo, looking at the breathtaking view.

"Yes," agreed Meri, staring at Lo.

When Lo turned her gaze towards Meri, she was startled by her unflinching stare.

"What?" asked Lo, uncomfortably.

"That shower," said Meri, dreamily. "It was amazing. I hadn't cum like that in ages. Probably not since just after college."

"To tell you the truth, I've never fisted anyone before," remarked Lo. She then added, "Except myself."

"Well, you were fantastic!" Meri's enthusiasm was soon overcome by a bit of self-doubt. "Do you think I'm loose? I did have three boys. I have no idea since Scott is so small."

"You're just right," reassured Lo.

Some lunch patrons filled in the other tables as Lo and Meri ordered.

Both women grew oddly quiet as they sipped their cocktails and waited for their food. Lo broke the silence by asking the question that had been on her mind all weekend.

"Meri, I don't mean to be rude or anything, but I just can't wrap my head around your relationship with your son."

There was a brief look of terror in Meri's eyes, before she smiled with her seductive lips and white teeth.

"He's just going through an awkward phase," she said, downplaying it. "It will pass as he gets older."

"All boys go through that," replied Lo. "But I was wondering more about, well, about you."

Meri shifted uncomfortably in her chair. They were small, wooden chairs, not made for comfort.

"All I can tell you is it sort of grew organically."

Lo had no idea what that meant and she looked at Meri quizzically.

"He's the youngest. He's always been spoiled. He's also always been anxious and a little nervous. I would try to help him to sleep. My care and caresses just. . . they just developed over time."

"You know it's wrong," said Lo, using language she doesn't often employ about other people's sexual prolaticities.

Meri took a deep breath. It looked as if this was a conversation that she didn't want to have, but knew was coming. "Lo," she began slowly, "I didn't plan this weekend to be this way."

"That's not the point."

"But," continued Meri, "I was actually glad that he had to join us. I was hoping that maybe you. . ." She paused, thinking how to phrase her thought. "I hope he turns his attention to you. Maybe that would. . ."

"It's not about if he finds me attractive," cut in Lo curtly. "I think it's more about if you are willing to keep, uh, helping him."

The waiter interrupted their conversation to ask if they wanted a refill of their cocktails. They both said yes.

"I could stop."

"But you don't want to."

"Is it so bad? I like it. He likes it. No one gets hurt."

Lo gave a skeptical look that said: You know that's bullshit and so do I.

"Whatever," replied Meri. "Every woman carries a scar, both externally and internally. The scar between our legs is only symbolic of the one we carry inside. Sex is a painkiller."

"And you're not getting any anesthesia for your scar from Scott."

Meri smiled a sad sort of smile and joked, "Let's just say he has plenty of drug, but not the right syringe to inject it deep enough inside to do any good."

They both laughed at that.

"I wish I could get banged good, hard, long and violently," she added. "I mean, no offence to what you did for me in the showers today, but there's something about a big, fat cock. There's something about getting a guy to get hard and desperate to fuck my pussy."

"Maybe we could work something out," said Lo, mischievously.

They continued to conspire over their drinks, until suddenly, without warning, they saw a bright flash in the sky over the town below. A few moments later, the report shook their glasses on the table. Lightning flashed and they could see the wall of rain in the distance.

"Shit!" said Lo, thinking about all their bags being outside of the tent. "I hope he moved them back in!"

They paid their bill and drove down the switchback and through the deluge to the campground. The whole way Meri seemed distant, aloof, lost in thought looking out the blurred window toward the middle distance, despite the dangerous drive.

When they got to the tent, they found all their stuff still outside, puddles filling the small bags of their clothes. Meri's son was sound asleep in the tent. Meri woke him up to have him help load all their belongings into the trunk of the car. It was already too late to salvage any dry clothes and the vain attempt only got the clothes they were wearing even more wet.

Finally, everything was stored in the car and the three of them got in the tent, soaked.

To avoid soaking the dry bedding and shivering, Lo and Meri got out of their dripping clothes and under the blankets. Meri's son was standing there like a stray cat brought in out of the rain, dripping.

"Well," said Meri, "take off your clothes and get in."

"Don't look," he said.

Both Meri and Lo were slightly surprised by his sudden modesty, but they closed their eyes until they felt him get in the bed next to them.

As they listened to the rain beating down on the tent, they lay awkwardly wondering how long the rain would last. Luckily, seeing that there was the possibility of showers when they had arrived, they set up a canopy tent over the actual tent to shield it from the rain. They were dry inside.

Meri was furious at her son for his stupidity. Lo was wondering how they were going to get their clothes dry. And Meri's son was hungry. He lay under the blankets, nearly naked, between his naked mother and naked Lo. He was saying, "I'm sorry, I just fell asleep. You could have put the clothes in the car before you left. You didn't think it was going to rain anymore than I did."

He had a point.

Lo felt bad for him because his mother was berating him with her anger. Lo was turned on her side toward him. She let her left hand caress his leg under the cover, gently massaging him.

"What's done is done," she said, trying to put an end to Meri's rant.

They lay silently for a while. Lo finally attempted to break the tension by saying, "Want to play cards?"

"What would we play, strip poker?" joked Meri sarcastically.

"Funny," said Lo.

They returned to listening to the rain pitter-patter on the tent and in the puddles around them.

They all grew bored of that. Meri's son, grew in another way though. Lo slid her hand under the covers to feel it. Yep, his little clit was hard-up. But that was not what surprised Lo. He wasn't naked. No. He was wearing underwear. But it wasn't his tighty-whities. It was soft and smooth. Lo cupped his package in her hand. She was sly and surreptitious about her actions. She doubted Meri would have a problem with it, but she also didn't feel that it was right or appropriate to be blatant about it.

When Lo is bored, her fingers often find ways to amuse her.

She slid her hand over the growing mound, but finally said, "Are you wearing my panties?"

Meri was in disbelief of what she heard. She abruptly pulled the covers down, off of the three of them, revealing her nakedness and Lo's, but also revealing Lo's satin thong on the boy between them.

Meri laughed and rolled him over saying, "I should spank you for that! But your ass is so cute in those panties. . ."

Lo laughed too.

Meri's son rolled back over and said, "I'm sorry," meekly. "I, I, I. . ." He didn't know what to say.

"It's ok," said Lo with a smile. She again cupped his little package. "They almost fit you better than they fit me," she added.

Meri reached down between his legs. "You like how they feel?" she asked, rubbing the same spot as Lo, her fingers caressing Lo's simultaneously.

"I do," he said, defiantly. "I don't know why they don't make men's underwear as comfortable."

"You like how the thong rides up your ass?" Meri added.

"Well, that part, it's a little, um, uncomfortable, but it also makes me aware that it's there and that makes me feel sexy."

"Now you're thinking like a woman," said Lo. Seeing the look on his face, she added, "And there's nothing wrong with that."

I happen to know that little else excites Lo as much as a wispy man in women's panties. It's not my thing, nor do I have the body for it, so it's not part of our kink, but it is one of Lo's many kinks and the surprise and novelty of it really excited her.











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