This is my first story I've ever written so any feedback is definitely appreciated :)


When I was in my second year at university, I was headed to the massive main library on campus with one of my lab mates. The building was ten stories high, with lots of study spaces on the first few floors, but after the third floor it was mostly just stacks and archives. Being the digital age we now live in, most students get their research materials through online databases, meaning these stacks often remained empty for long periods of time.

Once we got to our usual study spot on the second floor, I put my stuff down and decided to go use the bathroom before I got into my "study zone". Unfortunately, once I got to the bathroom, I was met with an "OUT OF ORDER" sign on the door. Frustrated, I now had to go find another bathroom, and according to the map of the library, the next one was on the fifth floor. Needing to go pretty badly, I practically ran to the elevators and repeatedly pushed the "up" button as if it would make the elevator retrieve me faster.

The doors opened, and I hit the button labelled "5". The elevators had these huge mirrors, and of course, I had to take a moment to make sure I looked okay, because what 19 year old girl isn't self-conscious in public. My outfit was basic but cute, a plain skater style skirt and long sleeve t-shirt that did nothing for my small boobs. I sighed and thought to myself "no wonder no one wants to sleep with you".

DING! The doors opened and I scurried off to the bathroom, which was kind of hard to find among the rows and rows of books, but I managed. After I finished up, I started to head back to the elevators, but I must have taken a wrong turn left or right at some point, because I quickly realized I was in a new section of stacks that I hadn't seen on my way to the bathrooms. I started walking between the rows of books that looked like they hadn't been touched in at least a decade, when I heard some noise. Thinking I could ask this person for some directions, I started to head towards it, but quickly I realized the sound was... moaning.

I don't know why I kept going towards the noise, it was pretty obvious these people thought they were alone, but I was just so damn curious. It wasn't like I was going to get action anytime soon. I felt both hypnotized and embarrassed as I tip-toed towards the sounds. Finally, I was just one aisle over from this couple, and I made the a slit between some books so I could peer through at what was happening.

There, against the back wall of the library, was a girl being smashed against the wall by a tall man. She was facing the wall, and he had a hand over her mouth. Her pastel pink sundress was pulled down so her tits were being smacked into the wall as she was being aggressively fucked from behind. My eyes were wide, I'd never seen such rough sex before and for a moment I wondered if I should get the woman help. This thought was quickly replaced by a realization that made my cheeks feel flushed - I was incredibly turned on.

My hands drifted under my skirt where my panties were already starting to get drenched. As I watched the couple fuck - or maybe I should say as I watched the guy fuck the girl in the dress - I began to mindlessly circle my clit with my fingers. The man's hand switched from her mouth to her throat and he pulled her head back so he could kiss her. She kissed him back hungrily and then he stopped to rub their saliva all over her face. "Ew" was my first thought - but it was quickly replaced by jealousy. I started to rub myself faster and harder, this was too hot.

Wishing I was the woman cumming against the wall, I plunged two fingers into my gushing pussy rather easily. I secretly even hoped someone would find me and fuck me right there between the stacks. My palm rubbed my clit while I finger fucked myself, and my other hand was playing with my tits. Lost in the moment, as I got close to my climax, I whimpered. As soon as I did it, I went cold. What if they'd heard me?

Not moving anymore, my heart pounding, I watched for a sign that I'd been heard. I was almost disappointed when I realized that they hadn't noticed at all. Feeling stupid for wanting to get caught, I went back to fucking myself. As I was pulsing my fingers on my g-spot something incredible happened - the guy looked directly at me. It seemed as though he'd heard me after all. I stopped fingering myself for a moment as we made eye contact through the rows of books. I watched him push the girls head into the wall so she wouldn't see what he was looking at, and he grinned at me as he began to fuck her even harder. She came loudly, and I myself was getting close. I spread my legs so he could see my pussy while I came.

"Holy shit, holy shit" was all I could think as my whole body shook in one of the most intense orgasms I've ever had. There was a huge mess on my hands, and I decided to do something I thought he might like - I lapped it all up off my fingers, never breaking eye contact with him. He seemed to like this, seeing as he then began to cum, filling up the girl in the dress's pussy with his cum. Once he stopped fucking her, she began to complain about the mess of him cumming in her, and I took this opportunity of them talking to scurry off in the other direction.

Suddenly I wasn't lost anymore because I found the elevators quickly and headed back downstairs. I straightened out my clothes in the mirror and headed to where my lab mate was seated.

"Are you okay?" She asked me as I sat down, "You were gone for a while and you look flushed".

Calmly I shrugged, "No I just got lost looking for the bathrooms".

We put our heads down and worked quietly for the next few hours. I struggled to concentrate, I couldn't stop thinking about the intense experience I had just had. Part of me felt shame, but most of me felt amazing.


On the way out of the library, my friend tapped me and giggled. "Look, I think that guy is staring at you". I turned around to see, and a cute guy with glasses on behind the INFO desk smiled at me. I smiled back, and then immediately realized who it was - the guy from the stacks - except now he had on glasses and a nametag.

As we left the library my thoughts were racing. I was torn - if this guy works here, maybe I should never go back. Or maybe, I should go back tomorrow. & p=33514231

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