Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction and does not in anyway reflect the actions or thoughts of Milla Jovovich or any other mentioned person. It is written for the enjoyment of those who read erotic material and I do not make any money off writing it.


A drop of sweat dripped from Milla Jovovich's nose as she was holding a plank for almost a minute. She was working out to keep fit for the upcoming Resident Evil movie, "Resident Evil: Retribution". Although it was being directed by her husband, Paul Anderson, it didn't mean she didn't have to make the effort; She still had to fit into a very tight superhero suit. Fortunately, a private gym was provided for the cast by the production company. It was a large gym at the dispense of a few actors and actresses who had to show muscles on camera or fit into their costumes. Since the hours were flexible and there were only a handful of actors, the gym was usually almost empty.

At that moment, there was only Ray Olubowale who was working out in the gym excluding Milla. A well-built 6' 7" Nigerian Boxer who played "Axe Undead", the most notorious monster in Resident Evil. Ray wasn't a real actor though, he didn't have to be anyway; he didn't have any lines in the movie and his face was always covered by his character's hood. They only casted him because of his large and muscular body, he also held the Canadian heavyweight championship. To describe him plainly, you could say he was the black version of "The Mountain", the notorious warrior in Game of Thrones. Milla and Ray weren't very close but they knew each other well, since they both participated in the last Resident Evil, "Resident Evil: Afterlife", as well as the one they were making.

Anyhow, Milla had to cut her workouts short to see her husband off to a business trip. Paul was a big producer and occasionally had to travel across country to meet with distributers and production companies. In this case, he had to leave the shooting of "Resident Evil: Retribution" for a week, leaving his duties to the next man in charge, Glen, who was the director of cinematography. They hated each other's guts and had confronted each other a few times over the shooting, but Paul knew Glen was a professional and wouldn't jeopardize a movie that he himself was part of.

Glen on the other hand, was holding a big grudge against him. Paul had humiliated him multiple times in the presence of the crew, which glen had sworn revenge for. For the last 5 months, he had a plan on his mind and now was the perfect time to execute it: He was going to have another man fuck his wife on camera. Although it seemed difficult, Glen had already thought it through. There were only 3 steps to his plan, which, if done correctly, would result in the best revenge he could get on his boss.

Taking advantage of Paul's absence, Glen would make some changes to the script, but first he had to make a real change, in agreement with Paul of course, so if Milla ever called him asking about the change, there would be A change. That was the easiest part of his plan, since Paul had accepted his idea of adding a "big car crash" promptly, calling it "a brilliant idea". Little did Paul know that the real change Glen had made to the script was a sex scene between Alice, acted by his wife Milla and Luther, the main male character of the movie, acted by Boris Kodjoe.

Second part of Glen's plan was to convince Boris to partake in it, which was a little bit harder than the first step. Boris was a happily married man and father of two, but Glen knew that he wouldn't pass on fucking a Hollywood actress, especially Milla Jovovich who he had the hots for. Playing major characters in "Resident Evil: Afterlife", Milla and Boris had a chemistry and knew each other on a personal level. Although Milla considered him a friend, Boris was sexually attracted to her. In fact, his sexual desire for Milla was so much that on various occasions over the last two years, he had made multiple moves on her, including her daughter's birthday and her anniversary, but the time and location was never right.

"Believe me, no one wants to fuck her more than I do, but your plan is just crazy. She's been married for several years and has a 5-year-old kid. She's not going to have sex on camera for real!" Boris told Glen as he shared his plan with him.

"Exactly! You are making my points, I've heard that they are struggling with their sex life since the birth of their daughter, they rarely have sex," Glen said back. Boris knew this was true, since Milla had opened up to him a few times.

"And as far as the sex on camera goes, that's how actresses sleep outside their marriage. Most of the sex scenes in Hollywood are not simulated but everyone think it is, it's the perfect crime," Glen continued.

"What if she wouldn't get in on the act? What if she stops or even worse, breaks up the scene? We will be screwed," Boris said.

"Believe me, she will go for it, and if anything goes wrong, I'm the one who will be screwed, not you."

Having convinced Boris, Glen moved on to the third part of his plan. He had to do something about the genital guards that actors used in simulated sex scenes. Convincing Milla not to wear one was certainly out of the question, since that could tip her off and potentially ruin the plan. The genital guards were essentially C-strings, aka shibues, with a silicon pad inside and strong adhesive at both ends. His plan was to tape over the adhesive with extra-cheap double sided sticky tape and replace the silicon pads with soft ones. This way the guard would come off in action, and the soft silicon pad would allow better stimulation. Since he didn't know which one Milla would choose, he changed all of the genital guards.

The big day has finally arrived. Milla parked her Aston Martin in her spot, in front of a sign which read "Mrs. Jovovich". She received her script right after entering the shooting location, then she got a black coffee from the machine and headed for her room. Glen greeted her right outside her room to tell her about the changes in the script:

"Just wanted to tell you that Paul made some changes to the script we are shooting today."

Milla skimmed enough of the script to get the big picture, it was a sex scene in a number of different positions.

"Paul made this change?" Milla asked, surprised by the new script.

"Of course he made those changes, who else could?" Glen answered nervously.

"That was a rhetorical question Glen," Milla answered with a sideways glance.

Glen decided it was better to keep his mouth shut. Milla thanked him and entered her room. She called Paul as soon as she put her stuff on the table; after two minutes of chit chat and asking about his trip, Milla brought up the script:

"Saw the change you have made to the scrip."

"Do you like it?" Paul said excitingly.

"I don't know; don't you think it's a little bit too much?" Milla said back.

"No way, every action movie needs a big bang!"

"But we have never rehearsed it," Milla said, not knowing Paul was talking about the car crash.

"You will be fine honey, just go with your natural instincts, editors will take care of the rest," Paul said, before telling her he had to go.

"Ok, take care," Milla hung up, gazing at the genital guards on the wall.

Somehow, she was getting excited checking out the genital guards, it has been 3 years since her last sex scene. She chose one that better matched her skin tone and put it on after shaving herself. Taking off her clothes, her diamond wedding ring was the last one to come off; putting that before the mirror, she wore her robe and headed for the shooting location.

Entering the shooting location, Milla noticed Boris right away. She greeted and kissed him, asking of his wife and two children. With every crew in their place and equipment ready, they took their robes off. Boris's extremely ripped black body would have surprised any woman but not Milla, since she has already seen him half naked at the gym, or at the beach in his swim suit. Nonetheless, she was extremely shocked when she noticed his groin. His cock was so big that it stretched his genital guard into a banana hammock, a huge one.

On the other hand, Boris was stunned by Milla's body, which looked exactly the same as it was 15 years ago, in the peak of her modeling career. To tell the truth, her body has become a little bit better as her perky little boobs and tight ass gained a bit in volume after giving birth to her child. With their robes off, they didn't hesitate to take their spots.

Shooting began with Milla and Boris in missionary position. Boris started by slowly humping her while kissing her neck. Meanwhile, Milla grabbed his back and locked her legs behind him. She could feel his semi-erect cock through the soft fabric of her genital guard as she faked some moans. Glen, who wasn't that satisfied with the results, cut the scene several times telling them to start over. As they were taking the 6th shot, Milla's moans got more realistic. That was when Glen directed them to their second position, where Boris had to hump Milla while pinning her back up against a wall.

Boris took a grip of Milla's buttocks and pushed her back against the wall. With the tail of his genital guard already loose and hanging from the side of his cock, he rubbed the base of his cock on Milla's groin. After two shots in the new position (and some butt squeezing), the tail of Milla's genital guard detached from her ass and hung between her legs, enabling her silicon pad to slide more freely against her clitoris, making her hornier and her pussy wetter.

As soon as Boris noticed Milla's moans getting mixed with whimpers, he figured out it was now or never. With a quick move, he lifted her right leg up on his shoulder and swiftly slid the tip of his cock in her pussy. Milla's eyes now wide open, Boris continued fucking her with half of his thick black cock. Noticing Milla's expression, Glen discovered that Boris was now inside her. Milla stopped moaning to grasp for air as she felt Boris's cock stretch the walls of her pussy. That was the biggest cock she has ever had, giving her a sensational feeling she hasn't experience since the birth of her child.

Coming to her senses, Milla wanted to say the safe word but she decided to go on for a few more seconds, thinking what's been done is done. Those few seconds were extended by another couple when Boris started kissing her, while shoving his cock even more inside her pussy. Soon seconds turned to minutes and Milla, caught by her lust, forgot about the safe word and grasped Boris's butt to pull him further into herself.

Glen cut the scene as he didn't want to put much pressure on Milla at once, asking them to move to the next position. Milla didn't say anything as she thought that to be an accident, she also didn't want anyone from the crew to know what just happened. Besides that, she had to explain why she kept up with it for two minutes. And to be honest, she liked the experience very much. Ironically, taking a cock other than her husband's didn't bother her at all, probably because she thought of it as an unpredictable incident.

The next position had to begin in regular doggy style and continue in upright doggy style. Not wanting to attract attention to his steel-hard cock, Boris didn't put Milla down from their last position and carried her right back to bed. Milla swiftly rolled herself on all fours just as Boris took hold of her back, concealing his long shaft beneath her belly. Immediately after Glen said action, Boris started dry humping her, slamming her butt as she moaned loudly.

"Yes baby, that's it, just like that," Milla said, sticking to the script.

Hearing those words made Boris think about another try, he then pulled himself farther from her so his knob would reach her pussy slit. Stretching Milla's opening, his big black cock found its way half-way into her cunt. Milla's jaw dropped open as she took his solid black cock in her. She did the same mistake of not saying anything right away; consequently, her built-up ecstasy took command after a few pumps.

"Oh yeah, yeah baby, fuck me, fuck me," Milla moaned as Boris moved his hip faster.

Glen smiled after hearing those words from Milla, knowing his plan was successful. In contrast, every other crew member admired Milla's "Realistic Acting", little did they know that she was really getting fucked. Meanwhile, Boris pushed his cock half an inch farther with every thrust, which made Milla realize she wasn't yet taking his whole cock.

Milla's moans turned into groans as Boris slammed the last 3 inches of his cock into her. He now was pumping her balls deep, his heavy balls clapping her clitoris. Milla was having the orgasm of her life as Boris lifted her by the armpits, exhibiting her small beautiful tits while pushing his cock even farther. Lucky her, the genital guard was still hanging between her legs, keeping the 10" black cock ramming through her pussy from the sight.

"Harder baby, harder! Fuck me harder with that big cock!" Milla moaned, going off the script.

"Big black cock," Boris whispered to her ears, emphasizing on the word black.

"Yeah baby! Fuck me with that big Black cock!" Milla yelled to his surprise.

Her eyes rolled up, Milla was reaching a climax just as Glen shouted cut. To her disappointment, Boris stopped fucking her. She was on her fours as Glen asked the actors if they wanted to take a break.

"Let's just get it over with," Milla said, looking forward to her second orgasm.

For the last position, they laid on their sides in the spooning position. This time Boris didn't waste any time dry humping Milla and pushed his cock into her, right after Glen said action. Grabbing her tits from below, he gently squeezed her rock-hard nipples while roughly pumping his black cock into her pussy, clapping her butt.

"Like my big black cock?" Boris whispered to her ears, hoping she would react like before, which she did:

"Yes! Fuck my pussy with your big black c-aaah-ock!"

Closing to erupt, Boris gave a look to Glen; getting his hint, Glen promptly directed the actors:

"Now act like you are coming,"

Boris let go of Milla's boobs, he then bent her right knee halfway toward her chest and straddled on her left leg as he resumed ramming his cock into her cunt. Squealing and biting through the sheets, Milla got her second orgasm as Boris was thrusting his black cock into her. Leveraging his own body weight, Boris then shoved his cock far down inside her pussy, shooting every drop of his load.

"That was terrific guys! Most realistic simulated sex I have ever seen!" Glen commented after cutting the scene, all the crew nodding their heads in agreement.

Two of the crew approached Milla and Boris with their robes, Milla put on hers and rushed for the rest room as she could feel the warm cum stream downwards in her pussy. Boris watched her walk away, still not believing what just happened. He might have just turned Milla Jovovich into a black cock slut.

Milla didn't believe what just happened either, sitting on the toilet while hot cum poured out of her pussy. She couldn't believe she just cheated on her husband, but surprisingly she wasn't feeling guilty. She just got her sexual desires back, one she thought she had lost for years. Now that she got it back, her sex life with Paul could go back to normal. Cleaning herself up, she headed back to her room.

She entered her room to find out Glen was waiting for her, sitting on the couch.

"Hey Glen, what's up? Is something wrong?"

"No, nothing at all, I just came by to give you this," pointing to a tape on the table, he resumed "Your master piece."

"What master piece?"

"The scene we just shot."

"The fuck are you talking about? Don't you have to edit it?" Milla said fiercely.

"There was never a sex scene, I made that change to get back to your bastard husband. Now that we are even, I don't need this tape. Thought maybe you want to add it to your collection."

"You are so fucked, you are gonna get so fired, and no one on earth will ever hire you as you're gonna get blacklisted!" Milla furiously yelled at Glen's face, while taking a few steps forward and pointing her finger at him.

"Yes, assuming you tell your husband the truth, that you just got blacklisted yourself, taking another man while begging for it. But I don't think you are going to do that," Glen said in a rather calm voice.

"You idiot! A dozen crew members just witnessed us making the scene!" Milla shouted again. Now panicking, she was grabbing her forehead with both hands.

Meanwhile Glen grabbed a few tissues and offered them to her. Confused by his gesture, Milla looked down to find out that her robe was wide open, cum dripping from her pussy. Too furious to even clean herself, Milla grabbed the tissues just to threw them back at him.

"Look, they were just a bunch of nobodies I had borrowed from other projects, you are not going to see them again, at least not on Resident Evil. And if they talk, it will be just a rumor, like everything else in Hollywood," Glen said, then he approached the door to leave:

"Take some rest, you need it."

"GET OUT!" Milla yelled while throwing the TV remote at him.

Milla began wearing her clothes right after Glen left her room, just to leave and destroy the tape as soon as possible. On her way to her car, she realized that now she was noticing black men a lot more often, something had changed in her. After passing by a lot of black men, she eventually got to her car. Driving home, she found a fire pit at a construction site and threw the tape in it.

Gazing at the fire flares, Milla thought about the sex she just had. More specifically, she imagined how Boris's big black cock would look like. Even though she just had the best orgasms of her life, she was still horny. Milla waited a few minutes to make sure the tape was fully destroyed, then she headed home.











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