"Good boy. Always remember that I can abandon you anytime I desire it. Do you understand?"


"Good. Now, Master Dave, has he been a good puppy?'

"Yes, Goddess Vena, he has."

"Dino, get on all fours."

After I got on all fours, Goddess Vena told me to lower my chest onto the table and put my hands behind my back. She and Master Dave stood behind me.

After having my legs spread further apart, I felt Goddess Vena's sharp nails caressing my balls. It was a strange feeling causing me to gasp with each touch.

"Does this excite my puppy?"



Then I felt her hand starting to stroke my cock in a downward motion. I began gasping louder and faster as she continued stroking me harder and faster.

"I better hear you howl, like a puppy when you are about to come."

I started to howl loud as I came. Then my howls became softer as the sensation became less intense until I no longer had an erection. With her sharp nails, Goddess Vena caressed the area between my anus and balls, which sent shivers throughout my body.

"Such a good boy, Goddess is pleased."

I noticed Master Dave standing in front of me, holding a silver bowl with one hand and with his other hand, stroking his big cock.

Inside the bowl, Goddess Vena had collected my cum, and now, Master Dave is shooting his cum into the same bowl.

"Be a good boy, and lick it all up, Dino."

After placing the bowl in front of me, I started to lick the cum out of it.

It had a sour, salty taste to it. Having cleaned the bowl, both Master Dave and Goddess Vena laughed at me.

"He does seem to be an obedient puppy."

"Yes, Goddess Vena. He will make a fine addition to our household. I believe that he may earn his puppy tail."

"That remains to be seen, Master Dave."

Goddess Vena stepped closer to me and gently caressed my head.

"Did you enjoy being treated like a puppy this past few days?"


"You may speak as a person."

"Thh...Thank you, Goddess Vena. I did."

"This is just a taste of what we expect of our puppy slave. Are you truly certain that you want to be our puppy slave?"

"Yes, Goddess Vena."

"There are no hard feelings if you wish to back out now."

"This is what I want, Goddess Vena."

"Are you certain? Once you agree, you can never back out. We will treat you like a puppy to do with and treat as we see fit."

"I...I am certain that this is what I want, Goddess Vena."

She nodded to Master Dave, who took out a cellphone to record a video contract.

Goddess Vena told me to stare at the camera and make my pledge to them as their puppy slave.

"I. John D. Middle of sound mind and body, agree to be Goddess Vena and Master Dave's puppy slave to with and treat me as they see fit."

"Excellent. A video contract is just as good as a written one, right Master Dave?"

"Yes, Goddess Vena."

"No more human talk. Remember one bark for yes and two barks for no; understood?"

I took a deep breath and barked once.

Goddess Vena attached a leash to the collar and, after I carefully climbed off the table, she led me to the dungeon, removed the leash and, locked me in one of the prison cells.

"We'll come to get you tomorrow. Sleep well."

I was awakened from a deep sleep by the sound of the cage being opened. Looking up, I saw that it was Master Dave, dressed in blue overalls.

"Come, Dino, follow me."

I followed Master Dave to the other end of the dungeon where he opened a hidden door. As I crawled into the room, it was much smaller than the dungeon, and noticed that it was set up to look like a medical room.

Master Dave removed the knee binders and then helped me up onto the examination table. After being secured to the table, Master Dave told me that Goddes Vena will join us shortly.

About a half-hour later, Goddess Vena entered the room with Master Dave. Goddess Vena was dressed in a white leather nursing outfit; white fishnet stockings and knee-high white leather boots.

"Is puppy securely strapped in Master Dave?"

"Yes, Goddess Vena."

Goddess Vena walked over towards me. As she stood over me, she gently caressed my chest.

"Do you still trust me?

"Yes, Goddess Vena"

"Are you willing to be turned into our permanent puppy?"

I nodded my head.

"I must hear you say it, my pet."

"Please Goddess Vena, turn me into your permanent puppy."

She nodded to Master Dave, who placed an oxygen mask over my mouth.

'Deep breaths, puppy."

As I took a few deep breaths, my eyes started to get heavy, and then darkness.

As I started to wake-up from a deep sleep; I felt disoriented and strange. My body felt like it was encased in a leather outfit. However, something felt strange. My limbs. What happened to my limbs. I couldn't feel the lower parts of my arms and legs. As I started to panic, I heard a familiar voice.

Goddess Vena was dressed in a red leather bodysuit, with black knee-high leather boots.

"Shh. Relax my dear puppy. Everything is okay. The surgery was a success. You are now my permanent puppy."

"Woof woof woof woof."

Goddess Vena started laughing.

"Oh silly puppy, I also had your vocal cords surgically modified."

"Woof woof woof woof. Woof woof."

Goddess Vena continued to laugh.

"Let me refresh your memory."

She pulled out her cellphone and showed me a recording of me asking her to be turned into a permanent puppy.

As I nodded, acknowledging my fate; I looked at my limbs. I saw a thick leather sleeve covering each of them and they each had a thick padded bulb at the base.

"Now, let me see you crawl on your new paws, my dear puppy."

When I got on all fours, the padded bulbs cushioned my "new paws."

For the first few steps, I was off-balance, then the more I crawled, the more accustomed I become to my new paws.

"Good boy. Now stay."

As I stayed in place, I felt her hand glide from my back, over my ass, and lightly stroke my cock.

"Do you notice anything different my sweet dear puppy?"


"That's right, I also had you gelded. Neutered. Castrated."

"Woof woof. Woof woof. Woof woof."

"Aww. Poor puppy are you trying to say you are unhappy being gelded?"


"But you agreed for me to do this to you, right?"

I nodded my head several times.











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