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Okay, so I'd like to start this off by saying I'm usually a REALLY good kid. Straight A's all throughout high school and college, so far. Never been arrested, never smoked weed, I don't drink, I don't get into fights or shouting matches. I'm really content with being content. And that's the honest truth: I've only had sex once before and it was with a girl I'd been seeing for over three months and we had only tried it a few times (missionary exclusive if you must know...).

I mention all this because when I say that today was unlike any other day— I mean it. I'm genuinely still shaking as I write this... but I want this written down as quickly as possible. I don't want to forget a single piece as the euphoria slowly drips away. And that smell, that wonderful but dangerous smell, under my fingernails that serves a constant reminder of how badly I stuck my hand "in the cookie jar" today (literally and figuratively) will eventually go away too.

To provide a little bit of context: I was born Max. Well, Maxwell Chester Arthur to be exact. I'm 19, almost 20 now. And I grew up in a medium-sized slice of suburbia about half an hour away from Chicago.

My whole life I've been obsessed with my neighbor Buzz's daughters. They were twins. Identical twins. Yeah... and they were only a few years older than me so ever since I started having a mind towards *that* kind of thing my fantasies would usually start with them. They looked like sorority sisters. Not too tall, so they never embarrassingly towered over me, but thin with these flawless long legs. Not giant tits and giant ass either, but there's a difference between "pornstar hot" and "girl next door hot" and I can appreciate both of them! Especially the latter with my ambitious side for the future... you don't become Governor without a smart, sophisticated, trophy wife by your side, I'd think to myself and fantasize late at night. I don't know how the public would react if I was able to bag them both though haha but I would if I could.

Holly & Heather. The biggest bummer to the whole arrangement was the distance, not physically but personality-wise, and coupled with my introverted self it didn't lead to many opportunities. When they moved to the neighborhood, I remember almost shielding myself behind my mother's skirt during meet & greets. One of them I can't remember who, maybe Holly, tugged on her sister's arm and not so discreetly pointed at me— they both giggled and blushed.

Ever since I could remember their parents made it a point to dress them up alike too. Not in a Stephen King creepy kind of way, but at first in this cute "who's who?" sort of way. They eventaully became more than just Thing 1 and Thing 2. It was DEFINITELY sexy. I could see the dads on the block not even really try to hide their wandering eyes, or make any excuses about the excessive hugs or unnecessary physical contact they made over the years. To my knowledge it (thankfully) never went beyond that.. but it motivated me more than anything. 'Fuck these old bastards! Tied up to their wives and their kids... they just get to fantasize, they just get to put Heather's face on their old, ugly wives' faces at night and pray that's enough to get rid of the itch!' I'd think to myself.

'But me on the other hand, I'm young.. I'm in prime. I'm gonna get to know what it feels like to be deep in Holly's pussy... what she smells like when she's turned on... I'll know the moan she makes when I first lunge myself inside of her. I'll have to let the old fuckers know somehow too. It's only cool if people know, but not because you told or bragged about it. That's a cardinal rule too. It's definitely quite the tightrope.'

Now I'd be lying if I said anything really came to fruition the way my cocky little brain had envisioned it. The three of us would bump into each other and occasionally exchange pleasantries at block parties or around town... if I wasn't trying to hide. It's a shame I was never lucky enough to have either one of them as a babysitter or in my friend group because of the age difference. It screwed me both ways! But they were also front-and-center in my sexual mind late at night. Even when I discovered internet porn, it wouldn't be unusual for me to lock my phone half way through and picture Holly and Heather in some of the most exotic outfits imaginable doing unspeakable things to me... and sometimes each other.

When I grew up and started developing a little confidence, some brains, and some muscle mass, I figured I might get their attention. But by then they each had the latest douchebag of the week probably some finance-major prick going to UChicago off "Daddy's Trust Fund." They only got in cause of some Skull & Bones fraternity shit too probably. I couldn't compete with that! A car, money, experience, freedom. Though I tried my best, their father would take me out hunting and fishing from time to time back then when I gained an affinity for the outdoors. It was definitely a passion, but I wouldn't have been such a scrupulous student of his if it wasn't for his daughters. I can't tell for sure whether he knew the extent or not but he definitely caught me staring at Holly's breasts once or twice.

He'd put a hand on me and say something like, "Son, you're a good kid. You can have anything you want when you become a good man... remember that!" Whatever the fuck that meant! It got so bad at one point I just walked in to an occupied bathroom when I was waiting for Buzz to come back from a supply-run to Home Depot. I heard the water running and I just reached for the door knob and turned (that was only the first of two times in my life I could say I was completely without control, solely acting upon animal instincts). It was Heather there... she was just feet away from. The room was steamy, but the curtain was transparent enough I could make out the lines of her body. Her silhouette was so defined—the light was hitting it in just the right way—it was like out of a movie.

She began to sing. Her voice is purely angelic. I instantly got hard. Then some sense finally kicks back in and I pull the door shut ever so softly. It was just in the knick of time too: Holly was making her way down the hallway to the kitchen and would've spotted me. She tousled my hair and said "Let me know if you need anything, kiddo," then she winked at me. She wasn't wearing a bra that day. Probably just got out of the shower before Heather got in there now that I think about it. I remember being so ambivalent in that moment: on the one hand just her touch was enough to make me going wild, while on the other I felt maybe perpetually subordinated in that moment. Like I might never be viewed as a "real man" in their eyes.


A couple years passed without much more than filler added to the plot. My undying attraction kept up through my formative years of college. Even as I was slow dancing with my high school prom date and running my fingers through her brunette, wavy hair, I was imagining it was the perfect blonde, flowing, voluminous locks of Heather. When I got laid for the first time a few months into Freshman year, I remember peeling back some cotton white panties but fantasized of the red lace Holly would adorn from the local Victoria's Secret.

I didn't go home too often because of this very fact & you'd think the years of them off to college and me stuck in the cul-de-sac alone would've been enough to break the obsession. But it didn't.

Something changed though winter break of my Sophomore year. The girls were Seniors now and missed the first half of December on a vacation to a very swanky resort in Vermont. Heather and Holly and their two latest beefed up, Randy Macho Man Savage boyfriends were there too. I'm not going to act like I didn't instagram stalk a little bit... or a lot a bit. I did but it didn't bend me out of shape so much like it might've in past; it was kind of just routine at this point, as sad as that is to say. They had been back for I wanna say just a few days now. I didn't even have excuses to drop by their place anymore.

Tex & I stopped our river boat gambling trips by then! So you could imagine how shocked I was one Wednesday evening when my mom came up to my bedroom to interrupt a round of Overwatch.

"Honey," she peaked her head in through the cracked door, "you have a visitor downstairs." She sounded different his time, but I clearly didn't take anything from it right away.

"Yeah, yeah, just tell Jason to come up. I'm kind of in the middle of something right now actually..." I didn't look up from smashing buttons on my controller.

"It's not Jason, honey, it's Heather.. from next door."

I immediately paused the game and looked up. "Heather really?" My eyes must've been so wide. My mom had no idea the extent I was attracted to the twins, (although how can I say for sure? Mom's have weird ESP powers sometimes) but she knew that I was generally attracted to most pretty girls around my age. "What does she want?" I looked back at my mother quizzically.

"Well, you better get down and find out... also please look a little presentable before you come down." She pursed her lips at my sloppy, holiday state of being. Then she gently closed the door again and I could hear her make her way back downstairs, no doubt to entertain our guest.

I looked myself over and my mom was right. I had Cheeto dust on my shorts and my shirt smelled like raw eggs. I quickly threw on some jeans and a button-down from my closet— I was going for the punk rock look... chicks dig that kind of thing! Now I'm turning the corner on my way down my two-story... and then, there she was. I was frozen stiff standing on the halfpace.

My mom wasn't lying it was Heather, but not the eighteen-year-old Heather I had last seen. No, this was a twenty-two-year-old Heather. It's crazy trying to describe how the woman my heart fucking beat to all these years before could become somehow even MORE attractive to me, but she found a way, she always did. She wasn't the same beach-blonde anymore, for starters, now it was toned, mature color, with light streaks of pigmentation. Her skin glowed. She wore reading glasses, a pink salmon top, and tight.. tight.. pair of yoga pants.

The last Heather was just "the girl next door," but this was a woman: and the photos didn't do her justice. I was not prepared for this. I was dizzy by the time she started to speak... I missed about all of it, but I could tell she was incredibly well-spoken & had even more of a fleshed out personality since we'd last been together.

"Would that be something you think you could help with me...?" She nervously fidgeted with her fingernails. "I know, I know, it's super last minute, but it would mean so much to me!"

My mouth was so dry I could hardly open it to respond. "I'm- I'm sorry- what was it?"

My mom who was within earshot of us suddenly interjected: "Max! Heather's asking if you'll help proofread her work for her Senior Thesis, which OF COURSE you'll make the time for, right?"

In that moment I put my whole being towards willing the floor beneath my mother's feet to open up and swallow her whole! This was suppose to be my 1-on-1, little chrysalis between Heather and I, and she was single-handedly trying to kill that.

I turn to her, with flames in my eyes, and purpose in my speech: "Do you mind giving us a minute, Gabby?" Not even "mom"... the ultimate fuck you a son can give to his mother without actually saying "fuck you." I think she was about to respond but looking at how serious this was for me just retired to give our dog, Mystery, a walk.

When she was gone I looked back up at the pure Sapphires of Heather's eyes. "Sorry.. about that."

"No. It's fine; we all have moments with our parents." We both chuckle for a minute.

"Yeah, well... she is right though! I'd be more than happy to help you out."

"Oh that'd be awesome. My mom told me you were an English major, and I always remembered how smart you were growing up so she was like 'Ask Max!'"

"It's funny.. I always use to think you and Holly were the smart ones. Haha, um, well, when would you need me?"

She looked me dead in the eyes (or at least that's what I imagined). "Right now."

Gulp. "You *need me* right now?"

"Yes," she replied sheepishly. "I'm such a procrastinator- it isn't due tomorrow or anything, but I'd really appreciate it."

"Fair enough. Let's go!"

And just like that we were out the house. I could've had my arm around her in that moment I felt like the FUCKING MAN!!


When Heather opened up the front door to her house and I walked in and wiped my shoes off I immediately turned to her and said "Where's Holly?" Jesus Christ... I'm such a horny bastard haha!

Heather explained she just went out for dinner with her boyfriend but should be back soon. Ugh, I thought to myself, this was Jay (and yes, I knew this from the Instagram stalking) he was a real piece of work: typical frat douchebag the type that always seemed to get lucky with Holly. I should really just be happy I have Heather to myself for an evening!

When we got upstairs into her room I realized this had been the first time I was actually in here... as a guest. She grabbed her MacBook from her desk and hopped on her bed, flipped it on, and then padded the mattress to her right letting me know to join her up there.

I happily obliged and when I was up there I made no attempts to keep my distance and instead got close enough that I could feel the warmth emanation from her skin. I swear I almost drooled! I felt my pants tighten, and I wasn't sure if I'd even be able any real help in this state.

"So the paper's on Greek Mythology: I'm writing about the Ilyiad and I'm trying to talk about Helen of Troy and I need a sentence here that accurately conveys her beauty... but not just that it also has to be beauty that makes her irreproachable, like too good for you. Does that make sense?" She looked at me in earnest.

"More than you know!" 'I want to throw this computer off your lap and just hold you down and fuck you!' "Helen of Troy she was the most beautiful woman in the world right?"

"Exactly. She's not a goddess like Aphrodite, but she's like Megan Fox or whoever you think is the most beautiful woman in the world right now!"

"Mhm... well, she's been living there for a while. And Paris has never had the guts to say anything. She's like the reason you comb your hair to the side or spend an extra minute eying yourself in the mirror... I guess the word that comes to mind is... soul-bending."

Heather looked at me very intently now. Maybe it was the look in my eyes but suddenly the last eight years all made sense to her in an instant. "How about 'relatable?'"

There was another long pause and all of a sudden I could feel my head pressing forward—reading her countenance—but all the while gently going further than I've ever gone before. I think I can see/feel her gently move closer too, but her eyes were still wide open...

Suddenly, in our most perfect moment together, they door slammed shut very audibly from downstairs. It was Holly coming home. I could hear bits and pieces coming from downstairs: "Absolutely unbelievable... what's wrong with him... I can't believe he'd... and to think..."

Heather laughed. "I better go see what that's all about." And before I knew it she was gone. I got up too soon after that, looked around the room, and then started to grab my things. My moment was spoiled and I was so sour about it. What— am I gonna have to wait another eight years before I get a prime moment like that again?

Jesus. I paced for a minute then decided to head out... and as I just about to make my way down the hallway when I could hear Heather and Holly coming up the stairs: they were in deep conversation.

"And then to top it all off I say, 'okay, I'm ready to go now' & he scoffs at me. The asshole scoffed at me!! It was in front of everybody—the waiter too—I was SO embarrassed! Oh... hey Max." Holly looked at me and smiled. God, she was so stunning too. 'How could any guy do anything to fucking fuck *that* up?!'

Heather looked at me and noticed I had my shoes on and all my stuff in hand. "Are you heading out, Max?"

"Yeah, I was thinking I might go home and get to some errands I've been putting off."

"No, no, no, you can't leave just because of me, Max! Heather said you just got here come on now—" Holly grabbed me by the arm and pulled me back into Heather's room with her sister close in toe. "Sit!"

She pushed me down on the desk chair & then grabbed her sister and hurried into the walk-in closet. Heather looked back at me with "help me!" eyes. Haha, she was always the more demure of the two.

I sat back now with what felt like a second wind at my back. I could hear tiny bits of conversation between the two sisters, but it was mostly giggling. Holly was saying stuff to Heather and she was clearly reticent about whatever it was. Every once and a while they'd look back and see me reclined in the chair with my arms back behind me head now, feeling incredibly cocky.

They'd giggle and blush and I'd grin right back at them. After about two or three minutes they finally came out and approached me. I took in a big gulp as they towered over me.

"Max," they said in unison, looked at each other and then giggled, Holly continued, "Max didn't you take a shiatsu class a year or two ago?"

"Yeah... that was my first semester of college when I thought I might go into PT. Why?"

"Well," Holly started up again before Heather continued, "we were just talking about how cool that is & how much we wanted to learn massage ourselves! Also... also... Holly was saying how stressed out she's feeling after that fight with her boyfriend today. How much of that class do you remember exactly?"

'Is this seriously happening right now?' I thought to myself. "Oh, umm, all of it pretty much haha. I've always had a pretty good memory." They looked at me cute like two little girls asking for money to buy some new shoes, batting their eyelashes at me. "Did you two want some massages?"

"Oh, no, just Holly—" Holly interrupted Heather. "Come on Heather! Don't be rude I'm sure he wouldn't mind doing us both, would you Max?"

I was half-melted at just the sound of that beautiful phrase coming from Holly's lips. "I think I'll be alright... should we start now?"

"Sure, how would you like us?" Heather replied.

('At the end of my cock...') "Umm, just lying down side-by-side on the bed. Take off your socks, shoes, shirts, and bras and just lie down flat on your stomach."

"Bras too...?" Heather looked at her sister with pursed lips.

"Mhm.. don't be so lame," Holly snapped back.

"Okay, but just turn around for a minute Max." I grinned back at the girls and Holly broke the ice again with that sexy giggle of her's.

I turned around and did my best not to peek back. When Heather told me she was ready I turned around and got instantly hard. I've never seen something more hot in my entire life; you can scour the internet of porn you won't find anything either! Two perfect 10s, their asses sticking up in the air: Heather was clasping her hands under her boobs, while Holly was resting her cheek on them.

Holly even took her jorts off and was just in her pink panties now. I clambered up onto the bed in between the two girls. We fit perfectly on Heather's Queen-sized bed. I rested my hand on both of their lower backs. "You girls ready?" I said with a little sinister smile on my face.

"Mm-hmm," they replied together.

I started on Holly. At this point I was so hard I had to move my cock up against the elastic of my underwear to keep it from tearing a hole in my pants. Holly immediately let out a little moan when I rested my balls gently between her asscheeks. Now I was ready to get to work. I cracked my knuckles as I breathed in her flawless back & just how insane this day was turning out to be! r"


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