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I could hardly contain my excitement. In today's mail was an invitation to apply for a very prestigious position at my alma mater.

'The College of Medicine seeks a dynamic academic and research driven innovative leader to serve as its next Chair for the Department of Behavioral Science. We believe you possess the background, education, and experience to fill this position. Please contact us at your earliest convenience to schedule a formal interview.'

Dustin, my husband of twenty three years, was a little late getting home but I let it slide. He's been so moody recently that I told him to go see a doctor.

When Dustin arrived, he was quiet. I was all over him gushing about how great I was. He was subdued and didn't really give me the congratulations I felt that I deserved. This is quite an accomplishment. I called my best friend and she made me feel wonderful. I decided to have dinner with her instead of Dustin. He wasn't around when I was ready to leave, but his car was still here, so I left him a note.

I got back around 10:30 Pm and found Dustin sitting out on the back porch.

"I'm back."

"So I see. Did you have fun?"

I really didn't like the tone of his voice "If you can call sharing exciting news with your best friend, then yes I did. I'm changing and headed to bed. I've got a big day tomorrow. You coming?"

"Not for a while."

I don't know when Dustin came to bed, but in the morning he left before I did. A simple note was near the coffee pot.

'I'll probably be an hour late getting home tonight.'

Selfish bastard. We usually catch the early movie but now that's off the table.

Looking back, I think that night was the start of our marriage drifting apart. Until he showed me the respect I deserved, we were stuck at a crossroad.

Things got very chilly around the house. My body was off limits to him until his attitude changed.

The day I accepted the university's offer, Dustin wasn't even home when I got there. He hadn't even returned my text messages for over an hour. I began to suspect he was having an affair.

Then, Harlan Stapleton began to seduce me. Or, was it mutual seduction? I was more than willing as he appreciated what I had accomplished. He's the Dean of Admissions.

Today is going to be our fifth time together. This is going to be a quickie as Harlan has some family obligations this evening. He'd left his tie wrapped around the door knob, just like the last few times, so I knew exactly where to go.

The memories of our last meeting was still fresh on my mind. Harlan had licked me to a fabulous orgasm. He knew how to use his fingers to enhance my excitement. Gently probing my ass pushed me over the edge. Maybe today I'll no longer be an anal virgin!

Harlan loved sucking on my nipples. Although my enhanced breasts once stood tall, they were sagging a bit. That however, didn't prevent Harlan from titty fucking me a few times. Although I never thought I was that great of a cock sucker, you certainly wouldn't have known that from the way Harlan praised me.

When I entered the surprisingly dark room, I was grabbed by a big and very strong man who quickly stuffed my mouth with some kind of restraint. I hardly get more than a squeak out as he moved so quickly.

"Try me and you won't like the outcome. I can snap your neck and leave you a quadriplegic" had me frozen with terror.

With his knee in my back, and my face scraping the carpet floor, I didn't resist.

"Now lie still" from his husky voice.

I feared for my life. Then my concern changed to wondering if he would rape me. How cynical is that? I'm meeting up with the Dean of Admissions for an adulterous fling and I'm worried about some strange cock impaling me? My panic intensified when he ripped off my blouse and bra.

Seeing my assailant's gloved hands unwind the roll of duct tape, I began to hyperventilate. He attached something heavy to my back. Now he was placing a belt or something similar around my neck. Was he going to strangle me?

With a clicking sound, whatever was around my neck closed tight. The man stood up, pulling me to my feet. He attached something near my rosebud.

"Stand still. Hold this" as he taped a small circular black disc to my hand. There was a light on the edge blinking red, and a small screen with the word 'Offline'.

"When one of the lights blinks green, you have a few seconds to do what the display tells you to do. If you fail to do that, you'll get this" as I felt a bolt of electricity in my neck and in my crotch.

The gag kept me from screaming, but I tried, several times. The shock made my arm hair stand up and the bottom of my feet twitch, not to mention my crotch. That was very painful.

"That was mild. I can make it five hundred times stronger. Once anyway. That would melt the device and kill you in the process. I don't want you to die, or even suffer. Total embarrassment is my objective. Nod yes if you comprehend."

Like a bobble head, I indicated my understanding.

"Good. Now take the rest of your clothes off and stand by the door."

When I hesitated stripping naked, I felt another shock wave.

"Weren't you told to strip?"

My remaining clothes quickly tumbled to the floor. I stood there wishing I had more hands and arms to cover my private parts.

"I'll put the unit into pace mode."

The little black disc blinked green and displayed 'Walk in small circle'. I must have done it right as it didn't shock me again.

My assailant went into the bathroom and pulled a gagged and duct taped Harlan, by his beard, into the bedroom area. My black disc changed to 'March in place'. The assailant continued working on Harlan. When it came time to demonstrate the shock collar's purpose, it must not have been set to the lowest setting. Harlan tumbled to the ground and balled up into the fetal position, twitching wildly and squeaking in pain.

"Get up pussy boy. I can still make it one hundred times worse. I'll give you thirty seconds to strip and stand next to Barbara."

I felt a chill. My assailant knew my name. His wasn't a voice I recognized. My black disc changed to 'Twirl with hands above your head.' I felt humiliated as my boobs jiggled.

A stunned, but now naked, Harlan joined me. My black disc changed to 'Stand still with hands at your side.' I glanced over and Harlan's message was the same as mine.

The assailant barked "Well done Harlan. Now, one more thing. Your devices work together. You should never come within a foot nor farther than four feet from each other."

Tears trickled down our cheating faces. This was just supposed to be some harmless fun. Nobody was getting hurt.

The assailant's last words were "Time for you to walk back to school."

Both of us whimpered. The assailant held up bumper sticker which read 'Don't touch me. My life depends on it!'

Peeling the back off of the warning sticker, he wrapped one around each of our foreheads. Donning his hoodie, and then dark sunglasses, the man left quickly. His fleeing footsteps were soon silent.

Harlan and I looked at each other knowing that our married lives were over. Then the lights on our black discs blinked green. The display led us out of the room, along the outside walkway, and then down the stairs. My purse, phone, and keys were in the room with the door still open.

One step at a time, we made our way through the stares. That fucking black disc had our hands above our heads most of the time. Cell phones were recording. I heard later that it was streaming online before the police arrived. Whoever was sending commands was a real jerk. He had us jumping, skipping, and twirling. Harlan balked once and paid the price. I stumbled and got a less than gentle reminder to stay closer to Harlan. We still had a mile until we reached the campus. My heart was breaking. This wasn't supposed to ruin my marriage. More tears streamed down my face.

When a policeman approached, the black discs blared 'Stay away or die with them.'

Naked pedestrians weren't exactly a threat to anyone, so he backed off. We continued our slow but steady march. Every time we strayed more than four feet apart, the resulting shock brought us back together quickly.

Mothers covered their children's eyes. Blue haired ladies fingered the pearls of their rosaries. Men, and a few women, admired my exposed breasts. With sagging and swaying boobs, I heard the students taunting me. Some women mocked Harlan's shrunken cock, as did all of the men. Truth be told, it wasn't all that impressive.

The gathering crowd had grown into the hundreds by the time the throng passed underneath the college 'Welcome' sign.

'That looks like Dean Stapleton' a female voice was heard saying.

The men couldn't take their eyes off of my boobs long enough to identify me. That changed when the little black disc had us stop and then snidely announced.

'Ladies and Gentlemen, may I present Harlan Stapleton: Dean of Admissions, and Barbara LeDroit: Chair for the Department of Behavioral Science.'

As I looked around, I noticed the President of the University shaking his head in disgust. Harlan and I were hopping, twirling, and then it stopped.

The little black disc then began streaming words.

'From Dustin: Slut, it was me. I did this, but you paid for it. Sue me. My intent is to ruin your career and inflict maximum embarrassment. The day I was diagnosed with terminal cancer, you got your invitation to apply. You knew I had a doctor's appointment. Not that day, and never since, have you bothered to ask 'How Are You?' When you're only given a few months to live, time behind bars is no deterrent. Have me arrested. I don't care. Instead of easing me into the afterlife, you were easing his cock into your cheating cunt. Your jealous overlooked colleagues gave you up. I can't stop you from coming to my funeral. Other than that, please don't try to contact me. I've spent the last few weeks doing as much financial damage as possible. You are no longer the beneficiary on any of my policies.'

I dropped to my knees, sobbing. The lights on the black disc went dark after its final act, announcing 'ALL CLEAR!'

Here I knelt, at the steps of the building I'd likely never work at again. Soon I was covered with a sheet. Explosive experts worked cautiously but soon deemed my backpack to be nothing more than a strong battery and the electronics for the shock devices and black disc.

Harlan was undergoing the same treatment.

We were whisked off to the police station to be interviewed. My purse, phone, and keys were never recovered. My car was found a few days later. Changing my door locks gave me some sense of protection. The university billed me for new locks for the keys I'd lost.

Without my cell, I really didn't know my friend's phone numbers. Dustin and my kids weren't answering my calls or texts. My parents, who lived a thousand miles away, arranged for a hotel stay. It took several days to gain access to my house, get my car re-keyed, and a new cell phone. What a pain this was.

As expected, Harlan and I were put on administrative leave, with a hearing expedited. I was toast.


I resigned my position, rather than being fired. My previous friends thinned out rapidly. I took a position teaching at the local community college, but when students started showing up in my classroom wearing t-shirts depicting my naked walk, I resigned and dropped being a teacher.

Although arrested, Dustin was released on his own recognizance. Turns out the city would have had to pay for his health care if he was incarcerated. The assailant was never identified.

Try as I might, I could not track Dustin down. He didn't want to be found, at least by me. My children have disowned me, which also means I've lost contact with my grandchildren.

Six months after my walk of shame, Dustin died in hospice care. My kids were with him when he passed. Not that he would have believed me, but I never got to tell him again that I really did love him. All of the tangled mess, in regards to my financial situation, didn't hurt me as much as not being able to be with him when he died.

The Suicide Prevention Hotline really helped me through my woes. Who better than someone who was considering suicide to help someone now going through the same. I enjoy working there now and that is likely where I'll retire from.

Arrogance and entitlement are toxic in a relationship. I falsely believed I was immune to acting that way. Behavioral Science it what I taught, but wasn't what I believed, in time anyway.


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