"Maybe he'll let me ride?" Valerie asked and grinned at me.

"I don't think that outsiders are allowed to ride the racehorses ... and we are at their home. The horses are taken care of by trainers and whoever else. They are somewhere in a stable."

"I didn't mean the horses," she called to me and disappeared giggling into the bathroom. "I meant if he will let me ride on him!"

Of course. What else? I stupidly let her fuck another man six months ago. Not in reality, of course! That would be more than stupid. We had fantasized about it, while in reality, my dick was in her. This fantasy had been haunting me for a while. I don't know where it came from. Probably from TV. Or porn?

Spurred by my incoming orgasm, I told Valerie about it. Instead of reacting disgusted, she responded with interest. Not only that. Since then, she pushed the issue and brought almost always a second man into our bed. To my annoyance, in the last few weeks, she started telling stories about his big cock, which fucked her deeply and widened her opening. She wanted it pushed deep into her. The constant escalation scared me. I understood her allusion. I couldn't serve her with a big cock.

My hand went to my pants and directed my stiff cock to a better position. Valerie's insinuations did not remain without effect this time either. More and more she played with my feelings. It frightened me. The step from bed games to reality couldn't be reversed. But when we were in bed together and the sexy time began, it wasn't even she alone who used this fantasy. Often enough I was the guilty party myself and ran myself further into ruin. Why did something so nasty have to turn me on so much? She was my wife, I should claim her for myself alone. I shouldn't think about another man defiling her.

And now, for the first time, Valerie had brought a real man into our fantasy play. Until then her lovers had remained faceless. Their equipment had been in the foreground. But I didn't take her new escalation to serious. She was only joking. This afternoon couldn't endanger our marriage. Thomas von Voortehof was perhaps a very fuckable man from her point of view. But he was a married man. His wife Letizia would keep him in check. He posed no danger to me.

In the same way, Letizia was no danger to Valerie. I saved myself a revenge answer and withheld a comment about Thomas' hot wife. After Valerie had been allowed to enjoy herself with another man in our bed games, I had tried to bring in another woman as well. She should allow me to have a little fun as well?

I would never do this stupidity again. Close to tears, Valerie accused me, that she wasn't good enough for me. I was too confused, to be angry. I let her fuck other men in my and her mind, but I wasn't allowed to demand equal rights for me? Then suddenly I was the bad guy. I will never understand the mind of women.

"Tada!" exclaimed Valerie and presented herself in the bathroom door. She was wearing an extremely tight bikini.

"Darling, do you really think ... um ... that doesn't cover much."

"Oh. Afraid someone might see something, they want to take away from you," she answered boldly. She turned back and forth and presented me with her buxom bottom. Normally, Valerie was a quiet person - like me - but this Friday she was unusually excited. She walked towards me and put her arms around my neck. "Or maybe it doesn't scare you?" With these words, her right hand bravely grabbed my crotch. My cock made me groan. My wife smiled at me knowingly. I made no further objection to her clothing. "Get ready," she told me. "Time is running out."


Valerie and Letizia met each other a year ago in a fitness club. At first, their contact was limited to joint workouts. In time, they extended their training with a coffee. As women are, they find it difficult to put an end to their talks. I was glad, that I didn't accompany Valerie to the gym.

I had had little to do with Letizia and her husband myself. I had taken Valerie to the gym several times when her car was in the garage. That was when I had met Letizia. I had to be careful not to look at her too much. Black hair, tanned skin, and a firm bottom. In addition a beaming smile. The Playboy magazine would have loved to print her on their cover. But they didn't need that financially.

In direct comparison, Valerie seemed like an inconspicuous housewife. At least before she had met Letizia. After a shopping trip together, two or three more daring outfits found their way into her closet. My wife changed and I didn't mind. But today's short bikini had surprised me. She could be shy in public. Maybe it was because she was familiar with our hosts. Or maybe she wanted to keep up with Letizia. I wondered what she would wear. My cock twitched at the thought of being allowed to look at her in an even tighter bikini.

I had only met Thomas von Voortehof once. A very muscular man. The sight of him made it obvious, that I would be the only one in the group, who did not have a membership to a gym. With other men, Valerie might have been amused by their bald head. Instead, it seemed, like it pronounced his muscular body. Because of his height, not many could stare at his bald head from above. In any case, I couldn't do it, when we were facing each other.

We rang their doorbell. While we waited, a motorcycle roared up the driveway and parked behind our car. A man got off. I had a premonition that it would be Thomas. This was confirmed when he took off his helmet.

Finally, the door opened in front of us, and Letizia greeted us. Thomas joined us. "Do you like my machine?" he asked my wife. Valerie looked at his motorcycle. "In case you ever want to get a ride?"

"Oh, I can't..."

"Pretty passengers are always welcome."

Embarrassed, I turned my eyes away and looked at Letizia. She didn't seem to mind the invitation from her husband. With a body like that, she probably didn't need to worry about her husband looking for something better. "Come in," she asked us.

I was happy to get Thomas out of our sights. Even if it was just for a short time. We walked right through the house into the garden. There were trees to the left and right of their property, providing a generous boundary to their neighbors. High hedges completed the privacy. Here they could enjoy themselves without prying eyes. A large pool invited them to splash around. My wife wore the tight bikini to have some fun there, too.

Two weeks ago she had been here for the first time and has been raving about the house ever since. We only had an apartment. But we were currently in the market for a house. Valerie thought we could get some ideas here. I already cast a worried look at Valerie on the driveway. This was a few steps above our possibilities. She should know that too. Here we could only learn, what we couldn't afford.

"Beer?", Thomas asked me. I nodded. "And the ladies?"

"I prepared us margaritas," said Letizia.

"You're a treasure," Thomas told her and hugged his wife. He gave her a big kiss on the lips. It didn't want to end. I looked up into the air. My eyes wandered around and found my wife. She obviously didn't think it was necessary to give them a little privacy. She watched our hosts kiss, without showing any concerns. Thomas's hands grabbed his wife's buttocks and pressed her against him. Their tongues played with each other.

"I needed that," Thomas announced after the end of their little play. I looked coy into the air. Again my gaze landed on my wife. Did I discover a mischievous smile there?

"Now off to the pool," Letizia announced. "Valerie?" She started undressing before our eyes. "Valerie," Letizia repeated her request. I had to be careful not to get my eyes glued onto our host's body. My wife looked at me uncertainly. I raised my shoulders. I did not know how to deal with the von Voortehofs either. She knew them much better. Besides, under her dress, she had already prepared herself for this little pool party. "Do I have to help you first?"

"No, no", my wife fought her off. She didn't need many hand movements to free herself from her dress. Suddenly she was standing on the terrace in her bikini. Letizia stood beside her.

"Very nice ... very nice," Thomas commented and examined the two women. Did his words apply to the action or the sight? Did his gaze linger too long on my wife? Valerie stood at an angle to him. He could see her from the side. I could clearly see my wife looking at him, and her nervous expression extended to an uncertain smile. "And now it's you and me!"

It took me a moment to understand that Thomas had spoken to me. He was already undressing. He unbuttoned his shirt. Out came a hardened upper body and broad shoulders.

At least I am no longer overweight, I thought. Two years ago, I was twenty pounds overweight. Instead of additional sports, I had reduced my weight by giving up many treats. But due to my low interest in any kind of sports, I couldn't muster a large amount of muscle mass. Because of our small apartment, I didn't even have to do any gardening. The thought made me wonder whether our wealthy hosts even did this kind of work themselves. They probably had a gardener and preferred the gym.

"It's time," sounded next to me. Letizia had joined me. Startled, I watched as her hands fumbled around my shirt and unbuttoned it. With difficulty, I overlooked the neckline of her full bosom. Frightened, I looked at my wife. If she saw Letizia fiddling with me like that, then... But her attention was fully turned to Thomas. That was clear to me. I could only see her back. Letizia took off my shirt. Her eyes assessed my body. Her head swayed thoughtfully back and forth. "And now drop your pants," she said to me.

This time I did not dawdle. I can't imagine if she had also taken advantage of my pants. Every moment Valerie could rediscover her husband, then she shouldn't see another woman fiddling with him. Apart from that Letizia didn't have to discover, that something was already happening in my pants. To be fair: A stunning woman held her décolleté, wrapped only in a tight bikini, right in front of my nose. Every many would have had the same problem.

I took off my shoes and let my socks follow. Dressed only in my swimming shorts, I wanted to go to Valerie. "Stay here," said Letizia and reached for my hand. I did not resist. Especially since my eyes also discovered Thomas, who was by now also almost naked. Instead of swimming shorts, he wore tight swimming trunks. The kind, that you don't see so often nowadays. At least I felt much more comfortable in my swimming shorts. "Great package", a voice whispered into my ear. Letizia had an arm around me. She left open what she meant by package. Maybe her husband as a complete package. My head, however, formed the opinion, that it was about what was arching Thomas' swimming trunks. "Valerie likes it too."

My wife stood with Thomas and sipped her margarita. She nodded at him as he spoke. She seemed thoughtful. Shy. Maybe insecure too. She had to look up to him. This only emphasized his masculine appearance more.

"And you want to go out and look for a house?" Letizia pushed herself into my field of vision. She wobbled her breasts in front of me. I couldn't tell, if this was normal for her or if there was intent behind it. But I had a hard time not to cling my gaze at them. Where my wife owned a nice handful, Letizia really offered something to pack. In addition, two small dots pressed through her bikini. Only a screeching brought me out of our conversation or rather out of the sight of her.

With big eyes I watched Thomas grab my wife with both arms. He lifted her up and carried her around with ease. His long steps led directly to the pool. With one big leap, he jumped into the water with her. "What?", I said in disbelief, while my wife was still diving back to the surface.

"They just want to play a bit," a casual Letizia told me and patted my arm. "Don't you?" I took a step towards the pool. "No, not in the pool. With us... with me."

Letizia put her left hand on my chest. With her right index finger, she drew a trail across my chest. I looked fearful at my wife. I only saw her back. With it, she leaned against the edge of the pool. Thomas pressed her against it. He was even closer to her than Letizia was to me. Letizia changed that and pushed closer to me. She pressed her body against me. Her breast pushed against me. Her legs stood to the left and right of me - as if she didn't want to let me escape.

"She told me about your ideas ... your dreams," Letizia said.


"Her with another man... mmm... a beautiful image."

"What... no," I said in astonishment. I couldn't tell, to what my ›no‹ was referring to. It was true. I had brought the game of Letizia playing with other men into our bed. But this here wasn't just hot sexy talk. A few meters away from me ... a few meters away from me. No!

They were kissing! My wife kissed another man!

I was trembling. Frozen in place, I watched my wife losing herself in the kiss. Was this real? A scratching brought me back. I looked down at myself. Letizia played with a fingernail around my nipples. They seemed to have stood up too, probably in shock of the events before my eyes.

"Mmm", Letizia growled and sounded very satisfied. "You'll have to decide soon." Her hand left my chest and moved deeper. Her only goal could be my bathing trunks.

Decide? Does she... should I?

I looked twice briefly at Thomas and my wife. Each time their kisses seemed to have become hotter. I had the impression that Thomas was keeping an eye on me and his wife. But that also meant that he did not object to what we were doing here. Or more precisely, what Letizia was doing to me. With all his strength he lifted my Valerie out of the water. She was sitting on the edge of the pool. He pulled on her bikini. My wife giggled and crossed her arms in front of her upper body. I suspected that her breasts were now naked in front of him. Thomas's hands grabbed her by her wrists and took away her last protection. This was confirmed when Valerie turned to me. While Thomas looked at her breasts, we looked at each other.

"What is the decision?" Letizia whispered into my ear. Her hand had moved from my chest down between my legs. Instead of my eagerly awaiting penis, she massaged my inner thighs. "Should my Thomas fuck your Valerie? Fuck her good and proper?"

Letizia turned around my body. From behind, she pressed her breasts against my back. A hand reached around my upper body. Her second hand waited between my legs. She constantly changed her position. She even rubbed over my swimming shorts and made my cock cheer prematurely in anticipation of her arrival. But her path led away from him again. She only danced around him. I would have loved to fuck Letizia and get her big breasts to swing wildly around. In contrast to my wife, she would certainly be able to make a great titty fuck without any problems. That would be awesome. One should still be allowed to dream. Even my wife couldn't blame me for that. At least as long as she didn't know about it.

"Dennis", urged Letizia. It took me a moment to remember what this was all about. The decision.

"I... mmm..."


"I... mmm... ohh. Suddenly and unexpectedly, her hand had gripped my shorts. She touched my cock through them. She wrapped it around me as best she could. "Uhh."

"You wanted it first, didn't you? A big gorgeous cock inside your wife. And she loved your dream. It will go deep inside your Valerie. Where your little man will never get to go."

I was fine with her talking up her husband's skills. Even though we hadn't seen his best piece yet. But did she have to degrade my penis like that?

"He will show her a whole new world," Letizia continued unperturbed. "We don't have to kid ourselves about that. I have your cock in my hand here and I know my husband's cock pretty well. He's already had me in every hole. Once won't be enough for her. Yours won't be enough for her anymore."

"No... I..."

"Dennis...Dennis," she placated me. "You made the beginning. You have brought other men into your bed. She told me everything. Sometimes life brings the right people together. We are exactly what you needed. What Valerie needed. A big dick for your wife and a couple that understands what man like you need."

"Uhh," I moaned. Her hand massaged my dick. "And what is that?"

"A strong bull for your wife," she whispered into my ear. I couldn't see her face, but in my imagination, there was a big grin.

This is going in the wrong direction. This was supposed to be a simple pool party between two couples, who might soon become good friends. And now they don't want to stop my Valerie ... uh ...

Through my swimming shorts, Letizia grabbed my cock even tighter. Masturbated it a little bit. "Time to get rid of this unnecessary stuff," Letizia said. Her hand left me. I could think a little clearer again. Through glassy eyes, I noticed that my wife had stepped out of the pool. She had taken off her bikini bottoms. She was now standing completely naked in front of another man. Thomas's hands were over her shoulders. He kissed her. Her breasts pressed against him. Valerie's legs seemed to tremble. I watched her go down. On her knees, crouching before Thomas. Right in front of her was his supposedly big package, still wrapped in his bathing trunks.

"Now you have to accept her decision," Letizia commented rather carelessly. "She did it for you. You have nothing more to say."

What the hell. I'm her husband. Of course, I have a say in it ... of course to a reasonable degree. We aren't in the Middle Ages anymore and Valerie has a mind of her own. But does she still use it?

"Pull them down," Thomas told my wife. For the first time in a long time, he spoke so loudly, that I could understand him. Hesitantly but steadily my wife followed his request. Almost at the same time, I felt on my own legs something being pulled down. Letizia knelt behind me and pulled my swimming shorts with a last tug down. I ignored it. My eyes were fixed on the way Thomas's penis jumped into freedom.

It will never fit, was my first thought. His swimming trunks had already given me a hint, now it turned out that Thomas von Voortehof was indeed extremely well equipped. Besides his length, the girth of his cook was even more astounding.

If that thing bores itself into my wife ... did I really ... no ... no ... no ... that ... how will she ever feel me again ... we should not ... I must ...

But how could I stop this now? We were already so far into it. My fantasy could become true. I looked around in a slight panic.

"A decent cock - right? Envious? What he can do to your Valerie, what you..." Letizia seemed to have unerringly guessed my thoughts. Or she simply had the same perverse thoughts in her head. She walked around me. Her gaze was directed at my penis. For me, on the other hand, she was again the center of my attention. My cock twitched. Even Letizia was naked now. I looked at her body uninhibitedly. Her breasts. Her hairless pubic area. I wanted to stick my dick into her. My cock was throbbing at the thought.

"There's the show," Letizia commented provocatively dry. With her index finger under my chin, she turned my head towards Thomas and my wife. Valerie supported herself on him with her hands. His hands held her head. Had entwined themselves into her hair. Together they looked at me. Almost as if they were waiting. My spectator role seemed to be the starting signal. Thomas grinned and led my wife's lips to his cock. He pressed a few inches of his thick cock into her. Fuck! "And there's your little man," Letizia commented, looking down. "Is he still growing? You don't have to be afraid ... well ... maybe a little."

She grabbed my cock and masturbated me a few times. But then she only held it tightly and rubbed her thumb carefully over my glans. Her gaze turned back to her husband and my wife. I followed her example.











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