He suspected that she was been fulfilled by someone else. Just didn't know whom cos she spent a lot of time volunteering at church and the farm school. So he installed spy cams in her car, great idea cos it took less than a week to discover her and priest. A 50 year old plus African male who happened to be a principal of the farm school as well. He surprisingly got a hard on as he bended over his voluptuous wife over SUV backseat. "Who does this white pussy belong to slut?" he said.

"You daddy, it's all yours you black dick" she screamed.

"That fat husband of yours could never make you cum like I do, can he you sinful slut!"

"Never daddy, only you, ohh God, I'm cumming again daddy "

"Good girl, take daddy's dick slut".

It's at this stage that my dick exploded after a hard pounding on myself. Now that bastard will have a visit from me. He plugged in the DVD in his laptop and I watched as he's face dropped. I'm so sorry, she seduced me, please don't show this the community as I'll banished.

"Well Father, I think we can help each other out here. I don't attend church often, but the one Sunday I attended, I saw a senior student who got me lusting after." I think her name is Bongi, I practically forced my wife after that church service. She asked what possessed me to pound her like that, but I kept my secret. Now I think it's only fair that I put this fat white dick in her innocent slender body, don't you think? It's only fair.

Now the priest knew that Bongi, wasn't as innocent as he thought. He witnessed her being penetrated by 2 boys at a night vigil. Blow job and pussy pounded. He was so turned on that he fucked his wife immediately telling her about the scene he witnessed.

Bongi came from a broken home, the only family member she had was her aunt, who threw her out, saying that she was competing with her over her pervert of an uncle. He broke her virginity, over and over again. She confided to him about the abuse and he took her in. Those 2 boys dared her, she wasn't the brightest spark around, but she had a killer body. She was dark in complexion, long legs, her breasts at the age of 18 were DD's, her ass protruded out of slim figure and her face looked under 18. She screamed sex. And now this old fat pervert wants her by force, with my help. I had lots of praying to do over my sins, but I had no choice.

"Fine, how do you want to do it? "

After church, I'm going to invite you to lunch with my cheating whore of a wife and you'll attend with my girl. My wife will be exposed, but I will explain to her what I want, you two can go where ever the fuck you want while I have my Bongi. You'll make sure she not only wears her uniform (black mini skirt and white shirt) but you'll make her wear a size that doesn't fit her glorious body, but will have above the knee length socks on hooker stilettos. Got it? The bastard was defeated, Sunday it is then.

My wife was very suspicious of my invitation to the priest for Sunday after service lunch, but was excited to have her lover afterwards without a clue of the plan. She didn't attend church that Sunday, but was making sure she looked her slutty self. I picked out her outfit, white lingerie, on a black mini skirt and a see through white blouse. What will he think of me she asked me? My slut wife, let's tease him. Ha Ha I thought.

They had arrived, all my staff was excused for the day. My wife welcomed them in and seemed jealous seeing this young delicious black supermodel dressed like sex on heels. She knew of her husband's fetish for black school girl fantasy from his pathetic porn history. What a perv she thought, but now that there's one here by surprise she was worried and jealous as she wanted all the attention. Her husband practically groped the poor child as he welcomed them, that hug was way too long, with grinding and humping as he spun her around and squeezed her slim waist demanding I take a picture with him. What's he doing, he's pulling her into his crotch, which I'm sure wasn't sleeping. The priest just stood there while his "baby" was hugged with lingering arms to her vest wearing too small white shirt.

The wife thought what the hell is going on here. She's definitely jealous now. I'll show him later when I get my daddy's dick in me she sympathised to herself. Pathetic pervert, she thought with her jealous raged eyes.

I was in cloud nine, I felt up this little girl in my paws. Telling her how beautiful she was and all the men, not boys, would love to be with her. She was nervous, but respectful as her father told her to treat me like a her dad for the day, and obey and play along. But she was uncomfortable with the consistent touching, grinding and humping as memories of her uncle flooded back. But she had to act grateful for her father and her new daddy for a special lunch for her. She was the menu. The fat farmer had popped a Viagra pill in the morning and exposed a raging hardon that this poor black girl felt up.

To be continued











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