"High heels have always been Lee's thing as well." Olivia's words hung in the air for a brief moment before a few of the other ladies let out a knowing cackle.

Claire looked around, slightly embarrassed by her drunk friend's somewhat loud, suggestive comments. Their party had arrived early and Ludovico's was still almost deserted. That hadn't stopped the drinks flowing early where the accounts girls were concerned; it was as if a few of the girls wanted to liven the venue up all by themselves.

She hadn't especially wanted to come along but hadn't been quick enough with an excuse. Worse, Claire felt as though she'd dressed up just that bit too much for the occasion.

"I hear you, love," answered Nicola, one of the older members of the group in her early forties. "My husband can't leave me alone if we're out and I'm in heels. In fact there's been plenty of times he's asked me to leave them on... you know. While we're at it!"

Olivia raised a heavily pained eyebrow. "Keep them on? A few times a week Lee will ask me to put some on."

Oh god, Claire thought as her colleagues cackled a few more decibels louder. She crossed her legs, lamenting the fact that she was that shade or two sober than anyone else. Maybe I should follow the crowd before it turns into a long, tedious night? I'm not driving. But it's a Thursday, a work night.

"In fact," Olivia continued, at least toning her voice down a notch, "I've had some of the best seeings-to in just my dressing gown and a pair of Louboutins!" The laughter rose again.

"No! The lacy ones you wear to the office?"

Again the painted eyebrows flickered. "The ones I've got on now you mean love," she replied, flashing them from under the table. "Got to get my money's worth at that price!"

Claire felt as though she was blushing now, conscious of her own gold high heel pumps. They were her favourite but were obviously nowhere near as nice as Olivia's. At twenty-four the admin girl was ten years younger than her and clearly had more disposable income to spend on her wardrobe and shoe collection.

"I mean I get it though," Nicola added, staring almost dreamily at the shoes as Olivia continued to extend her legs and wiggle them suggestively. "I wouldn't exactly kick you out of bed in them yourself, love." The laughter rose to a shriek now as Olivia licked her lips, playfully calling her colleague's bluff.

"I dunno, you're a tad old for me Nic," she joked. "It'd be a bit like sleeping with one of me mum's mates."

"Oi, cheeky!"

Olivia turned her gaze back towards Claire, her expression returning to a more sullen one. "If I were in the mood to fool around and see what it's like to appreciate heels though... rather than just be appreciated. You wouldn't be far off what I was looking for babe..."

Claire didn't know where to put herself, let alone what to say.

The look that her younger colleague wore as she said this was pure, seductive filth! As the rest of the group howled and wolf whistled, Olivia playfully pressed her Louboutin against her shoe (pointy high heel pumps in a brushed gold colour) before playfully flicking Claire's foot with her own and sticking her tongue out.

At that point one of the other girls suggested that it was time for more drinks, leading an exodus for the bar. Hardly a word was said after Olivia's comment; she was known for her risqué humour and flirty comments around the office and most people had stopped even noticing them.

On some level though what was likely intended as a throwaway comment had affected Claire in a way that she couldn't comprehend. Happily married, it had been some years since anyone had made a direct sexual remark towards her. Too long.

She needed air. But first a trip to the lavatory to gather herself.

The bathroom at the far end of Ludovico's was deserted as it was away from the bar on a painfully quiet night. The door swung shut with a bang as she pressed her back against it.

What. The. Fuck. It wasn't the comment in itself -- Olivia is as Olivia is. It was the reverberations that it had started within her. The last couple of years of her marriage had taught her that she was indifferent to sex; her libido slipping away. When her and Dale did make love now it was more of a concession she made to keep him happy.

Yet here she was, her body awakening. Like a light being switched on. She ran her hand up the back of her neck. Why now, here? she asked herself. A little relief mixed with the confusion. Relief that she could still feel that way. A comment about my shoes though? From another bloody woman?

Still, the feeling was undeniable. Arousal.

Claire ran her hand back down her neck and down to her breast, squeezing the fullness of her 34D cup through the ruffled fabric of the deep magenta dress she wore. The feeling wasn't back in any mild sort of way. She needed pleasure, now.

She eyed the cubicle door opposite. The sounds of the music and everyone seemed so distant she decided that she could risk it and that she would hear any footsteps approaching. She braced herself, pressing her bum against the door. As she did so her heels made a light clack on the floor, reviving the effect of Olivia's comment. The electricity of that touch as she had playfully kicked against her own shoe against them.

Claire had never felt desired in such a naughty, almost forbidden way. Wanted by another woman. Her dress rustled as she rolled the skirt up and slid her hand down into her leggings. She could tell how strong her arousal was. It wouldn't take long, not like the last few laboured anticlimaxes early nights alone had given her. In all honesty the hard work and the struggle to cum had stopped her from even bothering.

She stroked her now throbbing mound through her black thong, a soft gasp escaping her lips as she did. She was amazed at how wet she was already. On some level it reminded her of evenings spent exploring down there as a teenager. Then she realised that the sensations felt almost new again. It had certainly been a while since she felt this good.

Slowly but surely, years of practice came back to her and it was only a moment before slender fingers began to fall into a steady yet frantic rhythm. Claire gasped again as she pictured Olivia's suggestive, heavily made up eyebrow raising, for her. The hidden meaning was hardly subtle: I want to fuck you.

Her fingers worked faster, her mind's eye travelling down Olivia's body; pert breasts barely decent in that little black dress. The office hussy -- someone who she saw every day and whose sexiness scarcely needed to be discussed. And now here she was in her thoughts. Her mental ogling finally reached those shoes, dangling, rocking back and forth.

Claire's hand was moving faster now, rubbing her clit furiously through the thong. The sensation was so intense she almost didn't think that she could handle direct contact with her swollen button.

"Ah," she cried softly as she began to imagine that Olivia was there and it was her hand feverishly working inside her knickers.

Claire moaned again. "Ah," she put confidence in the fact that she was alone. She began to imagine what it would be like as Olivia leaned in towards her. Warm breath tinged with wine and lip-gloss. Their breasts pushing against each others through their dresses. The cups of their bras. Claire clenched her breast through her dress. Not quite daring to slip the garment down for easy access, the stimulation to her nipple was a distant but welcome addition to the expanding fireball down below.

"Ah... ah!" she moaned, quite audibly now if anyone were to approach the door.

As she braced herself she heard the clap of her own high heel once more against the tiles. She imagined it were the sound of Olivia's Louboutin as their lips finally, just gently grazed each other's... and that mental image in itself was just too much.

"Ah," she cried again as her fingertips pressed the fabric deeper against her now hard clit as she lost control. Kneading her breast through her dress, she felt her body yield and a shuddering orgasm sweep over her. Her mouth locked open and her eyes squeezed shut as she rode the climax, savouring the first one she had had in months.

When finally it broke and the shudders subsided, she realised that it must have been the best climax that she had felt in years.

* * * * *

After she had caught her breath and her heart-rate had returned to something vaguely normal, the "oh shit" sensation returned. What even was that? Claire pondered as she straightened her pretty dress and washed her hands.

A few moments later she had managed to slink out to the terrace where she lit a cigarette. For a few years now she had cut back so that she only lit up when she was socialising or stressed. The beat of the music from inside was a distant murmur. Somehow even the speakers were seeming to sound unenthusiastic. I'll finish this and make my excuses for calling it a night, she decided, realising that she would somehow have to look Dale in the eye when she got in.

"I wondered where you'd got to," echoed a silvery voice from across the dimly lit patio.

Claire's eyes strained with that old difficulty of making out a shape in the dark from a lit area. A cigarette tip glinted in the dark and she realised that of course the voice belonged to Olivia. She seemed to pause for a moment as though considering, savouring. Then as she exhaled she crushed what remained beneath her shoe.

Olivia walked over to where Claire stood. She tried to remain composed, her own cigarette held out at the angle of her wrist. She folded my other arm beneath her breasts. The gesture probably came across as defensive but it was subconscious, involuntary.

"You missed my round," Olivia said, standing almost toe to toe with her colleague now. Claire's arm tightened defensively beneath her breasts, the fantasy that had invaded her head-space only a few moments earlier still running vividly through her thoughts. It offered no protection, she felt almost stripped bare before the woman and the only real effect was that it pushed her boobs up a little.

"I... uh."

"I would have bought you a drink."

"I just had to..."

"Along with everyone else of course."

"That's sweet, I just..."

"I never knew you smoked or I'd have got you to join me. I never see you out there at work."

"Ha. I used to. It's only something I do when I'm..."

"I really like this dress you know," Olivia interrupted again, asserting her hold on the conversation entirely. "It does go so well with the heels."

"Thank you," Claire managed. The woman from her workplace, who she scarcely knew if she was honest was now petting the fabric of her dress with talon like nails. She looked down at Olivia's fingers and took a quick inhale on her cigarette. "That was a bit cheeky, what you said before."

Olivia just looked deep into her eyes by way of response. "I am married, you know," Claire reminded her.

"I know love. I will be soon too. I bloody meant what I said though."

Before Claire could begin to protest, Olivia's lips were wrapped softly around hers. Claire's eyes stayed open in shock as Olivia closed hers and pulled herself in closer, committing fully to the kiss -- if they were caught, they were caught. For a few seconds they embraced, full bra cups pressed together as the kiss deepened. Just as the moment reached its crescendo, Claire allowed her eyes to close before Olivia gave her hips a squeeze through the silk of her dress and broke away, clinching her lips to smooth away her friend's lip gloss.

* * * * *

It was only a short taxi hop back to Olivia's place. "Lee's away training for the week," she had insisted a number of times during the ride as if she could sense Claire's nervousness.

It took her a few attempts to unlock her own door, signs showing that it had taken her a few shots for courage to proposition her colleague. She giggled, clicking it shut behind them. Almost instinctively she went to kick her heels off on the mat. Then she hesitated, catching Claire's eye.

"Off..." she said, looking deep into her eyes, "or on?" The black and red pumps tapped out a rhythm on the laminate as she stepped forwards.

Claire swallowed hard. But now they were inside, away from prying eyes, her courage was flowering. "From the talk you were giving before, I think you'd be gutted if I didn't let you wear them." Olivia's heavily made up lips turned a smile at the corner as this sank home.

Then Claire seized the moment, grabbing the tie waist of her dress and pulling her into another deep kiss.

The woman responded, wrapping her arms around her neck.

Claire's body felt as though it were on fire, burning with the heat of a passion which she had long since given up on feeling again. But with another woman? This is crazy, a part of her thought.

The other, more dominant part was undoing the tie of the black dress, then lifting the this woman's svelte frame up onto the little shelf in her hallway.

Olivia's breath had become faster now, little gasps escaping her lips as she kissed back, slender fingers tracing over her face and neck as Claire placed her firm bottom on the ledge. Again, she kissed ravenously, feeling the firmness of their bra cups pressed together as her heels wrapped around her back.

The spike heels pressed steadily deeper as her arousal grew.

Claire slid her friend's dress down with ease revealing a black, strapless bra. She gasped at the sight of the perfect breasts and the fact that she had just exposed another woman in such a way in equal parts.

Olivia's breathing quickened again, little sharp pants.

Continuing to kiss her soft, cupid's bow lips, Claire gave the bottom of the bra a little tug and two perfectly proportioned breasts popped out. She cupped them in her hands for a moment, almost as if weighing them, savouring the sensation of another female's breasts in her hands for the first time. Only once or twice in her late teens had she caught herself fantasising about other girls. It had felt naughty -- forbidden. But it had turned her on like she wouldn't have imagined. Then the thoughts were lost in a string of semi to serious relationships.

Then she placed her lips around Olivia's nipple. Her colleague gasped and the areola stiffened at the wet sensation. The feeling of control; that she was having this effect on the woman was almost greater than the sight and taste of her itself. Spurred on, she ran her tongue across both nipples. She gasped, louder now, digging the heels into Claire's bum.

Emboldened, she returned to kissing her only this time with a greater sense of urgency. Their tongues touched as Claire used the thumb of one hand to tease and caress the stiff nipple whilst fumbling and eventually lifting the hem of her dress with the free hand.

Beneath the garment which had been pretty much the centre of attention all evening, Claire found that the black thong was soaked. She went to pull it down but in her haste, holding Olivia on the shelf, she opted to push it aside.

The woman gasped at the sensation of her fingers, even at their light first brush against her swollen clit. She broke the kiss, wrapping her arms around Claire and nuzzling into the older woman's neck. "Ah," she gasped. A breathy, involuntary sound.

Completely lost in the moment now, Claire felt a primal urge to make this woman (whose borderline sluttish ways had background irritated her for years) reach a climax. Right there and then she understood what it was guys lusted for when they saw her.

Gentle, first touches out of the way now, Claire pressed her thumb and index finger against Olivia's clit and began to rub in small, neat circles.

"Ah," Olivia murmured again, kissing her neck.

Captivated, the only thing Claire cared about in that moment was seeing if she really could make this woman cum. She was surprised at how much she could put into this without hurting her. She pressed, deeper, putting everything she had into this.

"Ah... ah!" Olivia cried, breaking the clutch on her new lover and bracing her back now against the wall. All the while Claire sped onward, massaging this beauty's swollen button in wide arcing circles now.

She felt all of Olivia's strength pushed back against the while now whilst pushing her swollen sex forward against her arm. Her body began to stiffen.

"Ah, ah... oh, it's coming, I'm gonna cum," she gasped, desperation for release mounting in her voice.

Keeping up the pressure, wide rhythmic motions still flowing, Claire leaned her face forward and extended her tongue to touch Olivia's nipple again.

"I'm... ah..." she cried, then the pressure gave way as the orgasm broke within her tight body, tension giving way to little waves as her muscles jerked and her body shook.

Her climax must have lasted half a minute before her body flipped; pulling her pussy away from the pressure of her friend's hand and her arms drawing them back into an embrace.

For a moment Olivia panted like she had just run her first ten kilometres, her frame coated in the cool damp of her afterglow. Without a word she took Claire's hand and led her towards the bottom of the stairs.











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