This is a short work of erotic fiction containing furry, or anthropomorphic, characters, which are animals that either demonstrate human intelligence or walk on two legs, for the purposes of these tales. It is a thriving and growing fandom in which creators are prevalent in art and writing especially.

All characters are over eighteen and clearly written to be so, as in all of my stories.


"Harder, human!"

Drogoz snarled, standing up to his full, towering height, though he was not the sort of beast that needed to act in any manner of intimidating fashion, to say the least of it. The day was young, dawn touching the land, and his trainee, a human by the name of Kyrrai with a spill of dark hair was still yawning for his sleeping sack. Not that he spent all that much time in his own sleeping sack, after all - not when there was so much use to be made of his body by the wyrin that had taken him and claimed him as part of his hoard.

Kyrrai, however, did not have the stamina yet that Drogoz wanted him to, though he had improved in leaps and bounds from the state he had been in when the wyrin had first brought him into his service. He was no longer sure if he could ever again leave but, frankly, that was not something that he was going to worry about in the slightest. He didn't want to go anywhere.

The blade was knocked from his hand, his grip too weak to hold fast to it.

"So weak... You've improved somewhat... Somewhat."

That was probably all the praise that Kyrrai was going to get from Drogoz, the wyrin standing tall over him while he dropped to his knees. But it did not matter that he was weak as Drogoz mocked him, though his words may have had more of an effect on him if the wyrin's hard cock was not rising through his loincloth already, devoid of his armour in the early hours. Although Kyrrai wore simple trousers that allowed a good dose of flexibility for practice, the bulge that his achingly hard shaft made was pathetically small in comparison. But it was not as if that mattered.

"You've a long way to go, boy, before you'll be a successful paladin. Maybe never." The loincloth dropped away. "You can make it up to your better by taking my cock... Maybe in that way you'll be a better student."

Kyrrai groaned, though it was a good kind of groan and not one that came with pain, no... No, nothing of that like. He was a good student, a submissive student, one that leaned into everything that he was given, gave his whole self to it. That applied whether he was under Drogoz taking his dick or acting as his student, though he had already learned so very much under his strictly demanding tutelage.

It was easy to slip out of his clothes, exposing his bare skin fully to the dew of the morning, the freshness of the light with a touch of autumn on the air. Yet he could do nothing about the wyrin as he leaned over him, bearing him back on the ground, hitching his legs up, the two of them naked from head to toe. The beast rippled with muscle that Kyrrai could not have said that he boasted, the cool of the morning damp seeping into his bones as he laid back, legs wrapped around Drogoz' waist to the extent that his flexibility allowed. It was all he could do, all he could try, being a good submissive trainee for the dick that had haunted his dreams, both waking and sleeping, for so very long before he had ever actually found himself under the dragon. He'd wanted it, craved it - and only yearned for so very much more of it as he got his arse filled again and again.

It went without saying that the wyrin didn't use lubrication with him at all as the head of his cock pressed up to Kyrrai's anal pucker, teasing, tempting, bearing in. Inch after inch slowly slipped inside, the pressure of the wyrin's body and his innate dominance more than enough to get what he needed, a growl rising from the back of his throat as his hips rolled, pushing on.

"You take me...grr...too easily..."

Maybe that was meant to say that Kyrrai was loose or something else entirely but it was not as if Kyrrai cared about that in the slightest. It was better than heaven or any afterlife of ecstasy that he could ever have imagined for himself, the feel of being penetrated so deeply, taking more than he could have ever thought. It was beyond all recognition and still exactly as it needed to be, pulse racing. He moaned, trying to claw at and cling to the wyrin, but the position with his backside hitched up over Drogoz' thighs meant that he was pinned where he was, draped down like Drogoz' personal fuck-toy.

Yet there was no better place for Kyrrai to be, his narrower chest rising and falling sharply in the need of breath, though it was not enough for him. He needed more, so much more, crying out for it, though that was, perhaps, just why Kyrrai had sought him out in the first place, though it was only he that could ever truly know that. The craving that he had for the wyrin's cock was deeper than any need for liquor, even his passion for being a paladin - and it was such that only Drogoz could satisfy it, completely and truly.

Deeper and deeper... His backdoor entrance swallowed up every inch of that cock as if it was meant to be there, huffing and heaving, his shoulders braced against the ground. Kyrrai's spine curved sensually as he took his master deeper, trying to relax as much as his body wanted to squeeze and clench around that hard length. The thickness of it surprised him each time it sank in, though the freshness of it sent a tremor through him. Such a shiver could not and would not be suppressed as he groaned, Drogoz rumbling above him. Even in such a position, Drogoz appeared impossibly large and foreboding, the sort of creature that could fuck him and leave him broken (if satisfied), though he was lucky indeed that he was "stuck" with the wyrin until his training was complete or he was released from his hoard. Kyrrai, happily, did not have much confidence either way in either of those things happened.

"The only wise thing you've done is to offer your body to me on our deal...the first...unff...time..."

The words washed over Kyrrai, slow and deep, though he was hardly present in the moment in such a way that he could languish in them, barely recognising them for what they were. Drogoz snarled like the beast he was, eyes flaring with the greed of one who was hungry above all else, hunkering over him, shoulders rounding, the curve of his spine bringing him closer to Kyrrai, though not for any sense of closeness. He knelt rather than squatting but that did not mean that there was any less strength in his muscles as he was, grunting thickly in the back of his throat as if he was about to let out one of his trademark bellows, need pumping up, coursing through.

After all, a stud like Drogoz didn't have to hold back. Oh no, he was in it to thrust and to grind, hammering in, stroke after stroke, pump after pump, taking all that he craved. He yearned for it but what he sought he took for himself, which was not something that Kyrrai could have felt able to do for himself. Maybe that was yet another thing that he would learn, in time, from Drogoz.

But there was still much for him to learn and cling onto, even though times were changing, shifting as easily as he took them for his own. Kyrrai's moans deepened as the wyrin's thrusts grew, pounding and hammering, thrusting as deep as he ever thought he could. Yet there always seemed to be a touch more of his length to ram in, something more to make his head spin, moan after moan rolling from his lips. The wyrin let out a roiling hiss as he grunted, muscles tensing, bulging with a raw sense of vigour that could not be gleaned from anyone else.

Drogoz was a stud who knew just how to take what he pleased, leaving Kyrrai to groan, trying to tighten the grip of his legs around the wyrin's waist and hips to no avail. As much as he scrambled and scraped, his skin was no match for Drogoz' might, hissing through his teeth as his eyes gleamed, close to his high. The drive of his cock could not be denied but the orgasm that he thrust from Kyrrai was spilt over the man's stomach, even though it was something in itself that he was sure Drogoz would mock him for later. If only that mockery didn't get him hard too in its own way.

Some things didn't make sense, his seed cooling on his lower abdomen, a trickle of cum. Some things didn't have to make sense.

Drogoz rasped and growled, though any words that he may have had to spare were lost in his lust. There was so much more yet for him to give and yet it was his pleasure that mattered the most, right there and then, rumbling out a growl that shuddered through Kyrrai right to the very core of his being.


That cock spread him out a little more, hip to arse.


The wyrin's eyes locked onto him.


There was no going back.

Drogoz let out an enormously ear-splitting roar, scattering birds from the trees, as he pounded Kyrrai into the ground through his orgasm, hammering in with the due force that a stud of his calibre was due. There was no pleasure that he would not take as he used the human's body for nothing more and nothing else than his pleasure, glutes tense, back arched, using every last fibre of strength and power in his being to claim Kyrrai as was his right. His hole was there to be used and Kyrrai cried out in a ragged howl as he was so brutally taken, even though it was all very much something that he had consented to. He wouldn't have had anything different, truth be told, but there was still a strain to the stretch of his arse, how his body was forced to the limit of what it could take every time Drogoz thrust.

With those thrusts came spurt after spurt of cum, flowing deep, seeding him full. There was nowhere else for it to go and nowhere else better than it belonged, as much as Drogoz enjoyed spending it down Kyrrai's throat too, hissing and grunting, the roar breaking to a feral chorus of delight that was unique completely and utterly to him.

Cum oozed from his strained pucker as Kyrrai whimpered, broken for breath, his chest shuddering in the lack of it. It was all as he wanted it to be, muscles sore and aching, despite knowing still that there was a full day of work and training left ahead of him. There was more to be done and he would have to keep on with it, despite the cum leaking from him throughout the day, his anal ring tightening up again as it always did. Though there was a part of Kyrrai too that wished it would remain gaping in more than the moments immediately after he had been filled, just to remind him of where he belonged for a little longer.

"Good... You're learning, boy."

Kyrrai trembled, resting back on his arms, striving to prop his torso up, though there was no need for it - not with the cock buried in his arse. He tried to smile and yet that failed too, once more denoting him to be no more than the weak yet priceless member of Drogoz' hoard, something to be claimed but never quite treated as an equal.

Kyrrai groaned.

He could never be an equal with Drogoz' cock up his arse.

And he never wanted it to be any different. & uid=1036709

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