Laura brought to mind, while walking down the hall to her room, some of the fleeting experimental encounters she had enjoyed with her roommate in college. Unlike Darcie, Laura often thought about kissing and touching women while she had sex or masturbating for her husband with her vibrating egg. Marriage, motherhood, and life had prevented her from enjoying any more such liaisons since college. None of the women in the couples they had swapped with were really interested in her either. However, after Jim showed her pictures and shared all the details of the sexy encounter he enjoyed with Bill's wife at the hotel in Fort Worth, she constantly made up fantasies about Darcie and imagined what it would be like. "Let's see how she acts in the room," she thought, "I don't want to push her and scare her away. That first kiss was risky enough, but she handled it well!. Yes, very well." Laura was dripping wet after their smooch in the elevator and was almost wishing she had worn panties. She was burning hot with anticipation and could feel leakage start to leak down her inner thigh.. "Not really, but almost," she chuckled to herself.. Laura had no intention of leaving the room they approached without trying to take Darcie's lesbian cherry, well documented of course, so she and her husband could enjoy watching it over and over!

Darcie dropped Laura's hand to grab the card key from her purse and posed the question they had both been considering, "Now what should we do next?"

Darcie thought, "I know she doesn't mind kissing, but I I want more than that now. Bill CERTAINLY won't mind, of course, as long as I send him pictures!" She laughed at that thought. "I need another shot of wine courage first," and considered her answer carefully.

Darcie was still a bit shaky after the kiss in the elevator and didn't trust her voice to answer right away. Since she wasn't sure the tongue swapping in the elevator was just for the picture or an honest kiss with passion. She tried an indirect approach. "First, let's send that last selfie to the boy's while we raid the minibar. What do you think?"

Laura quickly brought out her phone after entering the room and shared the sexy picture to her potential paramour then forwarded it to Jim as well, with a message. Darcie received the photo right away and admired it for a moment before sending it along to her husband for his opinion. "We really look pretty hot together, don't you think?," she ventured. "Bill will drop his drawers, if he hasn't already, when he sees this photo! How can we top this?" she tried to ask without sounding suggestive.

"Hey hun!" Darcie texted her husband, "Looks like the night might be a long one. Too bad you aren't here to watch! Wouldn't you like THAT? Man, Laura can really kiss! I'm think I'm hot for her too! What would you like to see us do next? Not that I don't already know! LOL :-)"

Bill answered quickly, "Holy crap! That is so sexy! Two beautiful redheads, embracing! What a wet dream! I can't believe the two of you kissed like that. So hot! Did anyone see you? I'm pointing straight at the cell phone and not with my finger either! Where are you going in the elevator?"

"Why thank you. ;-) Really? You are? How sweet! To her room silly! I told you she had a suite. You will see when I send you pictures of her room.. ;-) Would like to see us kiss again or maybe something else?"

"OMG, something else, of course. Do you think she might let me see her tits? I'd like her to see yours too of course!"

Laura closed the door and chucked over some texts back and forth with her husband. She carefully held the phone where Darcie couldn't see it.

"So, did Jim like the picture?" Darcie asked?

"Oh, yes, very much. You have NO idea! I don't think I should tell you what he said though, it might make you blush." They both laughed. Blushing was too easy for a redhead and they both were already blushing again anyway. Neither of them seemed sure about what to say or do next.

Darcie quickly settled it. "Oh, I'm pretty hard to embarrass. I really want to know. What did he say? I'll tell you what Bill said if you tell me what Jim said! I'll just imagine something worse if you don't tell me."

"Well," Laura paused considering her words. "Jim wants to see us kissing topless next... I told you it might be embarrassing. He thinks this is just another one of my fake teases and wants to call me on it," then smiled, wondering how Darcie would respond.

"Ha ha! Bill wants to see your tits too, but I don't know about that yet . Can you just imagine our husband's reactions to a picture like that? Would serve them right too. I need another drink first, then maybe I'll have the courage." Darcie definitely had the courage at this point. Her intentions were for all that and much more, but she didn't want to seem too eager and scare Laura away. The situation was too new to her as she had never seduced a woman before, and to continue without feeling awkward, she needed to be lubricated in more ways than one.

As Laura entered her bugged suite ahead of her friend, she walked around the large corner sofa, checking around the room to make sure the wireless cameras the boys set up were properly hidden. She spotted one barely poking out from under a cushion on a chair in the corner across from the door. It would easily be overlooked by anyone not expecting it. "No wires? I didn't know they could do this wireless. They must have batteries," she observed. "Jim says Bill is a whiz with electronics so that probably explains a lot."

To the right of that chair was a large sofa that faced a long window overlooking the casino's sculpted pool. She had been quite cozy with Jim and Bill that morning in the hot tub by the pool below when they made plans for later that night. "I wondered how many exhibitionists have enjoyed that view?" Laura thought. "I couldn't keep Jim's hands off me and Bill had a hard on in his trunks watching us smooch! I really wanted to slip my hands in his trunks as well! Hated to make him wait, but I was saving myself for his wife!" She led Darcie around the couch to the minibar by the closet and picked out a couple of bottles of wine to keep her friend in the mood. Laura needed no more lubrication Her desire for Darcie's loving touches had her dripping and she was still pretty buzzed from the two margaritas earlier. The experience of their first kiss in the elevator and the swirling movement of Darcie's tongue in her mouth had her aching down there in a good way. "Damn! Walking around commando in a short dress is pretty sexy till your juices run down your legs. Gotta be careful how I walk and sit for the next few minutes. Then maybe it won't matter!"

Laura was startled and quickly stepped between Darcie and the open closet door. The guys must have left too soon and forgot to partially close the door . Almost in plain sight was another camera and battery sitting on their suitcase inside. She feared that her plans might blow up and the object of her desire could freak. That would spoil everything. "But, I have to leave the door open so Jim and Bill can see us on the couch! What can I do?" She made distracting small talk while she grabbed some wine from the minibar and lead Darcie to the couch to sit down beside her, in clear view of both cameras. She did her best to keep Darcie's attention away from the betraying view in the closet.

Laura understood why they had to put the camera there. The door needed to be open so they could see the women clearly on the couch from two angles. "Somehow I'm going to have to tell her before she finds it herself and without spoiling the illusion for two horny men a next door whose eyes will be glued to us the whole time. They expect a hot show on TV tonight starring their blushing and horny wives, one supposedly unwitting, and I'm going to do my damndest to see that they get one!" She could imagine them staring at the big screen TV in the room next door hooked to an iPad and watching right now, flipping back and forth between cameras like someone changing channels. "I'll bet they already have their dicks out," she thought with another chuckled that wasn't so silent. "I'll have to tell her somehow, without them knowing."

Darcie heard the chuckle and asked "What's so funny?" placing her hand invitingly on Laura's smooth thigh above her knee. She was enjoying the closeness of the two of them sitting together on the couch. Goosebumps traveled up the naked leg and Laura's nipples hardened under her dress. Darcie was quite aware of the goose bumps and enjoyed some of her own as well and moved her hand around a little. She thought her touch was well received.

That was the first sexy touch Laura's legs had enjoyed from a woman since her college days. "Bill promised me that Darcie would go for this and shared that they had enjoyed fantasies and movies about women loving women from time to time. I really hope she is as wet and horny as I am. Time to fish or cut bait, as Jim would say.".

"So, are you ready for our next tease picture Had enough wine yet? Ready to get naked from the waist up? Where should we stand to take it?" Laura asked. She looked around the room for a place to stand where Darcie wouldn't notice the camera in the closet yet.

"Topless kiss! Heck ya! I'm ready!" Darcie answered quickly. She was loosely lubricated now with wine from the mini bar. Laura tried not to seem too excited yet, still playing cool. "How about over there in front of the window. We can take our picture in the reflection of the glass. If we are quick, no one will see us. If they do, so what? Bill likes me showing off anyhow!" Darcie was fast with her answer, having been thinking ahead. Laura was encouraged her plan was progressing.

"Not afraid of being seen downstairs by the pool, huh? What could we do after that?" Laura was thinking ahead too. "How would we top that," she queried, fishing to see where Darcie's thoughts might be headed.

"Well, let's kiss topless first for the boys then see how brave we are after enjoying their reactions!" Darcie answered, "Besides, no one should be down at the pool this time of night. Anyone that is still awake should gambling, except for us of course. Let's do it quick before I chicken out," and proceeded to slip off her blouse and bra.

Maybe it was the alcohol or maybe it was Darcie's conscious plan to get Laura totally naked, but Darcie had forgotten that Laura wore only a dress, bra and nothing else, having kicked off her shoes by the door. "Ok, let's do it this!" She boldly stood up and unzipped her dress, turned around and asked for help to unhook her bra and slip it off. "Jim loves this sexy black translucent Victoria Secret bra. He is going to love watching Darcie take it off!!" Her head swam with emotions. "This will work, I know it, as long as she doesn't see the camera before I tell her! Maybe this move will keep her eyes one me..."

Laura's boobs faced the camera in the closet as Darcie unhooked the bra behind her, then gambling, let her dress fall so she could step out of it while Darcie released her babies. She felt Bill's wife's hands shake, fumbling with the hook. "Good! She didn't expect my total nakedness! But, she didn't stop or run away. OMG, I'm going to have girl sex tonight!" were her thoughts as she turned around to face her friend.

Darcie's eyes were glued on Laura's 36D breasts and contrasting erect nipples. Her hazel eyes lingered hungrily there for a while then slowly took in the rest of Laura's naked splendor, creamy white skin and fit belly, full womanly hips. down to her hairless cunny that Jim was so proud of. Darcie's face was beet red, but she was smiling, enjoying the view and not scared away at all. Laura relaxed, well sort of. She was hot as hell for the woman half naked in front of her, and no longer self conscious about the excitement running down her legs.

"That's not fair! I've got to show more now too!" Darcie exclaimed while proceeding to park herself on the loveseat so she could unzip her jeans and remove them. Laura's hands trembled with desire while she knelt down to help remove her friend's jeans and panties. It seemed obvious to Laura that Darcie was enjoying the feminine touch of the trembling hands on her legs so Laura dared to run her hands up Darcie's thighs and calves, and brush breasts against her small feet as she helped to lift her friend's pale legs free from the jeans. The jeans and panties then got tossed messily across the floor along with her socks and shoes. Laura noticed how the panties had been soaked clean through, outlining a dark spot on the jeans she threw across the floor as well. She could smell the sexy fragrance coming from them. "She is as burning hot right now as I am! Game on!"

Jim's wife looked up to admire Darcie's perfect skin and supple breasts so close to the size and shape of hers. A small patch of red fur poked out between the junction of her thighs. "Not a shaver," she observed, "but nicely trimmed." They stood up together, close, their breasts almost touching. Darcie looked at her like she was expecting a kiss, but Laura wasn't ready yet. They still had a role to play for their husbands' sake. And, she still had to risk everything to clue her friend in to what was really happening. Laura grabbed their phones and led the way to stand in front of the open window.

That window view wasn't covered by any camera Laura had seen yet and afforded some privacy from the boys. She was beyond caring about voyeurs down by the pool. Breathing fast and shivering a little from anticipation, her body blushed all over just like Darcie's. They were really about to ravish each other, but for the night to end well, she had to make Darcie aware of the cameras and keep it a secret from the boys. She handed Darcie her phone before proceeding.

"OK, this is it. Are you ready?" Darcie asked staring into her hot sexy female friends friendly eyes. She was pleased to see Laura staunch a shiver. "Cold? Maybe this will help?" and she pulled her friend close, hugging her as she had wanted to since the elevator, loving the feel of their soft, warm breasts pushed together, snug, in a warm embrace. Flicking a wet tongue on Laura's neck while they embraced, warmed them both up even more!

"Oh, that helps, quite a bit! But we still need pictures!" Shivering stopped, Laura nervously fumbled for her camera app and held the phone out to snap a picture in their reflection on the window. "Hot, so hot," she thought and snapped a few pictures. She wasn't sure the camera even focused right, but that had to do. No longer worried about her friend's reaction she planted her ruby lips on Darcie's, and slipped a tongue between her pursed lips without warning. Passion pushed them now. The women explored one another's breasts like teenagers while their tongues danced together. Laura loved the feminine hands on her body, hands like she had not felt in ages. They were soft and knowing, lifting and squeezing gently, as a woman would, not a man. Their embrace lasted only a little while, but seemed much longer to both of them.

Darcie let Laura's hands continue to explore her body while she reached out with a free hand to snap some pictures as well. "For Bill!" she said, without letting go of Laura's breast with the other hand. Giggling and a bit embarrassed at the moment they had just enjoyed together, they parted and used the break to forward the hot shots to their waiting husbands without any words. They figured no explanation was needed. Darcie could picture her man jacking away when he received hers. She didn't know how Laura's husband would feel, but she began to suspect that it might be more than o.k. This just seemed too easy. Suspicions began to congeal in her mind. She knew how Bill like to manipulate events and set her up for adventures. That was o.k. and she always enjoyed the results, but sometimes she hoped for an adventure that was all her idea.

Laura, impatient, took Darcie's phone away and placed it carefully on an end table with hers. "Time to share the secret," she thought. She re-embraced her soon to be lesbian lover and kissed her neck, starting with little pecks that left traces of red lipstick that was Jim's favorite color. The pecks traced a path up to an ear where she nibbled on a lobe, feeling Darcie gasp and catch her breath. She slipped tongue teasingly inside the ear then whispered, "Jim said you were a good kisser. He didn't exaggerate at all." Darcie froze but didn't try to escape, as the admission congealed her earlier suspicions. Laura continued to share the big secret, "Bill and Jim are watching the room with cameras. They can't see us right now, but are probably listening too.. There is a camera plain as day in the closet. I figured you would find it sooner or later. You can see it pretty easily when we get back to the couch. The guys are next door hoping for a good show and I really want to give it to them, almost as much as I want to taste you, to make love to you." She watched her friend's face in the window reflection for a few seconds and could see the recognition and maybe a little angst in her eyes. Before Darcie's lips could move to form words and express it, Laura reminded her, "Listening too..." Whispering more into her ear to calm her, " I really want this to work out. My pussy is on fire and I really, really want you, want to kiss you, touch you and taste you. I want Jim and Bill to have to sit and watch it all, with their pants busting the zippers on their jeans while we feast on one another like sluts to our complete and utter satisfaction." Then she stuck her tongue back in Darcie's ear, then continuing to lick, taste and nibble her earlobe. Laura's hands resumed fondling her breasts as well, squeezing them, and tweaking their nipples while nipping at her ear. She eagerly waited for a response.

Darcie's first reaction was anger. Not because she didn't like what was happening, but because the whole evening was Bill's idea and not hers. "I knew it! Set up again!" was her first thought. Her lips started to form a defecating cuss word that would have been heard across the hall. But Laura still had a tongue in her ear. The whispered hot confession of lust and tongue lashing tickled and made her even hotter if that was possible. "Shit, that feels good!" She said the word, but quietly, inside. Her tummy quivered as tingles again went all over her body, a body which all of a sudden remembered how turned on it was. "No doubt there will be a wet spot on the couch when I sit down!" Laura's hands were fondling her breasts too. Normally, she wasn't aroused much by breast manipulation, but a woman's hand and touch were different. Her body was melting like wax and it was pouring out between her lower lips.

"Are there any other cameras" she whispered? "Can they see us now?"

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