Good Morning

Lucy was in the shower when she got his first message of the day. If she had known how the relationship would play out in the coming weeks then she would have ignored this text. But she was still on a high for the orgasm he had given her the night before. As she remembered all the photos and videos she had sent him, thought back to fucking her pussy with that big toy while her ass was plugged, she couldn't help but smile. She didn't regret the night the way she thought she would, didn't even feel guilty in fact. What Alex didn't know wouldn't hurt him and it was giving her so much pleasure. Instead of using words to respond she snapped a quick photo. Her large breasts were coated in soapy bubbles, her pink nipples standing to attention. She was happy with how she looked in the snap.

Mm, you're a dirty girl. Want to have some fun? Absolutely, she thought as she stroked her breast. She replied and waited for a reply, eager for the pleasure she knew was coming.

I think you should use that long, thin shampoo bottle in your tight little hole. She had to admit that she had done things like this before. She had an ex she often remembered fondly who had loved to penetrate her with anything he could find around the house. She especially remembered a time he had spanked her ass hard with a hair brush before burying the handle inside her as he furiously licked her shaved pussy. And the time they'd gotten drunk and made good use of the empty wine bottle. His cock had been small but he certainly made up for it with his fingers, mouth and inventive use of things around the house.

She lay on her back on the bathroom floor and used a hand to part her pussy lips and held the narrowest part of the bottle against her slit. She started to film as she pushed it feeling her hungry pussy part and take it inside. It was smaller than most of her toys but the smooth, cold shape filled her nicely. Knowing it shouldn't be inside her made her wetter. She pushed and pulled the bottle, keeping the camera rolling as her lips gripped the sides of the smooth bottle. She sent the video and continued to work the bottle in and out of her as she waited for a reply.

What are your plans for today?

I have to go grocery shopping later, just hanging out a home the rest of the day. My BF is visiting family so out of town the next week.

Your poor pussy must be desperate for attention.

It is. It misses cock so bad. She felt cheesy typing that but wanted to turn him on.

I think you should plug your ass right now. Get ready. Go do your shopping. Keep it in and text me when you get home.

I love that idea. She removed the bottle, slick with her arousal from her slit and made her way to the bedroom.

Good. Get it in you now. Don't dare touch your cunt until I say so. She takes her favourite plug, quite small but one the slips in easily and sucks on it to moisten it. She presses it against the puckered flesh of her asshole and pushes. It slips in with little resistance and she moans as it goes in.

It's in.

Good little slut. Wear something sexy. Something that shows off those amazing tits. She picks a short skirt and very tight fitting blouse. Her underwear is lacy and red. She undoes an extra button on the blouse before snapping a photo for the stranger.

Perfect. Let me know when you're home. She wanted so badly to finger herself, to rub her swollen clit to climax but she did as he asked. As she walked around the store she was always aware of the plug penetrating her asshole. It was especially noticeable when she was driving. Each bump in the road made it push into her a little and caused a jolt of pleasure to course through her body. She was home in less than two hours. Her pussy was desperately wet by the time she text the stranger to tell him.

Is the plug still inside?

It is. I'm so wet, it has felt amazing having it in me all day.

How much do you want to cum?

So much. I need my holes fucked so bad.

I bet. Show my how wet you are for my cock.

She gets comfortable on the sofa and pulls her panties down. Her juices have soaked the red fabric and she snaps a photo of those before spreading her slippery lips and snapping another photo.

Mm you weren't joking about being wet.

You really know how to turn me on. I wish I could feel your cock slip in where the plug is.

Don't say things you don't mean. You're making me want to come over there and fuck you. She knew she shouldn't indulge this but she was so wet and horny that she couldn't stop herself.

Maybe I'd let you.

Maybe you would. Maybe I wouldn't give you a choice. Just like your fantasy.

That's fucking hot. God you make me wet.

Wetter than your boyfriend?

Much wetter.

Poor bastard. Can't even satisfy his woman. Send him a pic, exactly how you are now. Plugged and soaking. Tell him you miss him and want his cock bad. She shouldn't do this and she knows it. He doesn't like sexting. He thinks it's slutty and degrading. But she does it anyway.

Could you take my cock? The stranger asks.

Yeah, you'd stretch me, but yeah. She waited for his reply, swirling a finger around her clit impatiently but it never came. Almost an hour had passed when she text to ask if everything was ok. Still no reply. She put her panties back on but kept the plug in. Alex hadn't replied either. She felt pretty sure he would be angry at her and she wouldn't hear from him until he was back from his trip now. She was furious at him is she was honest. All she wanted was a little flirting from him. But every time he stonewalled her. She needed more than missionary twice a month.

At close to two hours since her last text from the stranger she heard a knock on her door and jumped. She wasn't expecting anyone. She crossed to the door suddenly panicking about the plug still in her ass. What if it was her mother? She opened the door and was instantly shoved backwards landing hard on the ground on her ass. Two men forced their way into the flat and locked the door behind them.

"Please! Don't hurt me! There's money in my bag, just take it and go!" Panic flooded her as one of the men grabbed her by the hair and stood her up.

"Are you sure that's what you want?" The second man stayed back, fidgeting nervously by the door, a black holdall bag in his hands.

"Yes! Don't hurt me, please!" She was begging now as tears fell from her eyes. The man who grabbed her hair slapped her hard across the face sending her sprawling on the sofa.

"I thought you were a good little slut?" He said. Was this the stranger? Was he trying to fulfil her fantasy for her. She got wet again as she grew more and more sure it was him.

"I have a boyfriend!" She yelled as he yanked her hair back again. She wanted a clue, to know for sure if this was the stranger or if it was a real attack. What could she say to find out for sure? She got her confirmation from his next words though.

"But I make you wetter than he ever could." That was almost exactly what she had said to him in their messages. It was the stranger. She knew she should put a stop to this. This crossed a line that was definitely, 100% cheating. But if she continued to pretend she didn't know who it was then at least she could kid herself that it was alright. She knew it was him though. Knew she was going to have his cock in her before long.

He pulled her by the hair to her knees and slapped her again. She was so wet she could feel it seeping through her panties and on to her thighs. He was unzipping his jeans as his grip in her hair tightened.

"Suck it you little slut" She turned her head away at first until he held her chin between his fingers to keep her still. She willingly opened her mouth now and without any warning gagged as his entire length rammed into her throat. He laughed as she choked and pulled out. She got a good look at his cock now and was even more certain it was the stranger. She recognized the girth and thick veins from all his pictures. She was going to feel that big, pulsing head that had turned her on so much last night. Was going to know how it felt to have it spear her pussy. Probably her ass too. She had completely forgotten the other man in the room as she opened her mouth again. This time he was more gentle. He let her take it a bit at a time but still held her head firmly in place as he face fucked her.

"You love cock you dirty little bitch!" He pushed her back on the sofa again as his breathing grew heavy. He was close to cumming she realized. He signaled the other man and she felt a moment of panic before it gave way to the most intense lust she had ever felt.

He gripped her by the hair and forced himself between her lips. He was smaller, though not by much. Enough that she could take him all without gagging. He was rough, he pumped and pumped against her face, his heavy balls banging against her chin. His hair was dark and his skin a deep olive colour.

"Fuck, you are such a little whore!" The man with his cock in her mouth said. The stranger was watching, stroking his considerable cock slowly. She wished she could see his face but the masks they wore completely covered them. His blond pubes were much neater than those of the dark haired man she was sucking off.

The stranger returned and pulled her up by the hair as soon as his friend removed his cock from her mouth.

"We are going to fuck every hole you have raw"

"No, please, don't" She fake begged as he threw her to allfours over the arm of the couch. He's going to see the plug she thought as he flipped her skirt above her waist and pulled her panties down.

"Plugged and ready for me? Such a good slut." If she hadn't known it was him before she did now. She was so wet and wanted his cock so badly. He must be able to see that but didn't comment on her slickness. Instead he slapped her ass hard. She felt the rigid length of his cock slip up and down her lips. She felt him slap it against her clit first, then her asshole. She fought him, kicking her feet, wriggling and trying to get away. She was going to make the most of fulfilling this fantasy.

"Hold her down." The stranger slapped her pussy hard with her hand as the other man knelt next to her on the sofa and pinned her down. She screamed and tried to pull away but the men were strong. She was so wet in anticipation but the stranger was dragging out the moment of penetration, making her wait for it. She had to fight the urge to beg him to fuck her. THaat would completely ruin the immersion.

Finally it happened. It felt as though her cunt was being speared by fire as it spread and stretched wide to accommodate his massive member. She screamed again as he buried himself to the hilt inside her.

"Oh, I think the little slut likes it! Her pussy is dripping!" He pressed hard on the plug in her asshole as he began to jack-hammer his cock in and out of her tight slit.

"She grips like a fucking glove." He grunted thrusting fast and deep. She was moaning now, no longer able to pretend she was not enjoying this. She began to thrust back, welcoming his length inside her. The other man presented his cock to her again and she wasted no time swallowing his length. She had never known pleasure like this and all hint of guilt was gone now. She began to circle the head of the cock in her mouth with her tongue, slowly, savouring the salty taste of him. He buried his hands in her hair, no longer holding her down. She used one hand to massage his balls as the other began to pump his shaft. The stranger had slowed his thrusts and was pulling his length out of her only to plung back inside directly after. The sound of her wetness and their skin slapping filled the room as he continued to use her hole. One finger began to gently circle her clit while the other worked the plug in and out of her asshole preparing it for entry.

"You gotta try this pussy. Never fucked anything like it." The second man pulled out of her mouth and the stranger out of her pussy. The swapped spots. She moaned as the second man began to tease her pussy lips with his spit slicked cock. He couldn't wait long though and soon was using a hand to part her pussy lips as the other guided his hardness to her slick, pounded opening. He slid inside her deliciously slowly, savoring the sensation as each inch of his cock was consumed by her slit.

"She's so fucking tight. My god." He was building a rhythm now as she began to lick the strangers shaft. Tasting herself on him wet her pussy even more, though she didn't think it was even possible to drip more than she already was. She licked every inch and sucked on his heavy balls before taking him in her mouth again. Before long the men fell into sync, a perfect rhythm in both her mouth and pussy.

"I think it's time for something a bit different." The stranger sat on the sofa, legs spread wide and pulled her into his lap, her back against the soft fabric of his black tshirt. He pinned her too him with one arm and used his free hand to yank the plug out of her ass. He immediately replaced it with two of his own fingers, spreading them wide inside her. Pulling the fingers from her as he guided the head of his cock to her tightest hole.

"Please, not my ass!" She fake-cried as he held her firmly and forced the head inside her. It was bliss. Her ass spread to accommodate his girth. He was much more gentle than she had expected, easing in a little at a time.

"Fuck you feel so good" He grunted into her neck as he rammed 3 fingers inside her pussy roughly thrusting them in and out. She moaned and bucked her hips trying to take as much of him inside her at one time as she could. Finally he was balls deep in her ass. He used the fingers inside her cunt to spread the lips wide.

"Get back inside her man. She needs it rough." He was buried in her instantly, pressing her even more tightly against the stranger. This was her biggest fantasy. It was finally happening, two men at once. Both holes stuffed. She was in heaven and wetter than she had been in her life. She was going to cum and she knew it. The other man was rubbing her clit as he pumped inside her furiously. The stranger pinned her hips against him as he penetrate her ass fully, deeply and hard. Both men began to fuck her harder and faster until all three were gasping for breath and on the edge.

"I'm gonna cum" The other man groaned.

"Do it. Fill her like the slut she is" The stranger said. That was too much. The other the full feeling of two cocks at once and the other man's expert teasing of her clit sent her over the edge. Her orgasm hit her like a tidal wave and her pussy tightened exquisitely around the other man's cock. This was too much for him and he exploded in side her.

"Ugh, fuck, yes!" He shouted as hot, sticky jets of cum pumped inside her pussy. He held himself still inside her as every drop emptied into her. The stranger quickened his thrusts in her ass and before long she felt him explode too. He filled her asshole with what felt like liters of cum.

"You fucking love being full of our cum don't you, you little slut." He said as the last jet spurted from his cockhead. He held her still against him as his cock continued to twitch inside her, softening slowly. Both men pulled out at the same time and the stranger threw her down on her sofa. Cum poured from her used holes as she lay in orgasmic bliss on the sofa. Neither man spoke again, they dressed and left her there, lying in a pool of their cum, both her holes stretched wide and exhausted. & t=462294

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