Melanie's Surprise

Melanie (Mel to her friends) is at the front gates of her stepmother's house, more accurately the mansion. A three-story estate she got 'received' from Melanie's father. Brandi, Melanie's stepmother, lives in luxury and does not need to work ever again. The result of catching Melanie's father cheating on her. Not just on any woman but Melanie best and now former friend. This catalyst event causes the divorce for Brandi and a fall out between Melanie and her father.

The only upside was that Melanie and Brandi grew closer than before as Brandi told Melanie the truth of what happened. At twenty years old Melanie is a stunning woman with light brown hair and dark blue eyes. Her skin is relatively pale in the hot sun as Melanie tries to shield herself from the hot sun with her sports cap. She is wearing a black Red Hot Chilli's T-shirt, jeans and sandals. Melanie tries the intercom by the gate, but there is no answer. Luckily she knows the code for the gate. Melanie keys in the cake, and the gate opens. Melanie walks towards the mansion, pulling her two luggage bags.

The reason Melanie is here is that her dorm room at the university had plumbing problems. A burst pipe has forced almost all the women to find other places to sleep. Melanie tried to call ahead but got no response from Brandi. Coming up to the driveway, Melanie notices two vehicles, a sports car and a van, parked there that she does not recognise.

They couldn't belong to any of her stepmother's friends. All upper-class type women of this neighbourhood, while these a. The answers Melanie wants are waiting for her within the mansion. She arrives at the front door and knocks. No response, a second few knocks that are louder this time. Still nothing. Melanie remembers that Brandi keeps a spare key underneath a loose rock at the front garden beside the front door. She locates the key and opens the front door.

"Hello? Brandi?" She calls once inside.

Receiving no answer, Melanie leaves her bags by the door. About to ascend the staircase to go upstairs and look for Brandi. Melanie stops after a few steps upward, hearing the backdoor leading to the pool open and close. Melanie hears activity in the kitchen. The kitchen is beside the lounge room, which has glass sliding doors to the pool area. Melanie enters the kitchen speaking but is cut short.

"Where have you been? I've been..." Melanie stops to gulp at who stands before her.

He stands at over six feet with physic like a supermodel. His black skin and muscles are glistening wet from a dip in the pool. His short black hair still maintains it's spiky look despite being wet. A towel dangles loosely around his neck and down his broad shoulders. Melanie eye's cast downward to the man's large semi-hard cock hanging loosely. She covers her eyes though peers at the stranger through her fingers.

"Oh my god! Who are you!? What are you doing here?!" Melanie cries out.

The stranger smiles while holding the towels. No embarrassment shows on his face, as he fails to cover himself up for Melanie.

"You're Melanie, right? I'm Tyler" he says.

"Okay, hi, Tyler. Could you cover yourself? Please?" Melanie asks.

Her face bright red and trying hard not to glance at Tyler's cock. Tyler chuckles but does so, as wraps the towel around his waist. Melanie stops covering her face. She gasps at seeing Tyler's cock tenting within the towel.

"Take a picture, if you want," Tyler says teasingly to Melanie while raising his eyebrows.

Melanie looks away from Tyler to speak. Melanie knows that she'll just keep glancing at Tyler's crotch.

"So, who are you? And what are you doing here?"

"Like I said, name's Tyler. I'm a 'friend' of Brandi" Tyler explains.

"Oh I see, that kind of friend," Melanie says, her voice a little sour. "Where's Brandi?"

Tyler cocks his head to one side. "Maybe you should leave. Might not be ready for this"

Melanie turns and faces Tyler; this time, she maintains eye contact with him. "Listen, Tyler. Don't treat me like a little girl. Now, where is she or I'm calling the police."

"Wow, you went there? Meet a black man and your first instinct is to call cops?" Tyler asks a little pissed while crossing his big arms.

Melanie crosses her arms, not bulging from her ultimatum. Tyler shrugs and walks over to the window that overlooks the pool area.

"There she is," Tyler says, pointing.

Melanie saunters to Tyler, keeping her phone in her hand. Hidden inside her pocket in case Melanie needs to call nine one one. As she comes close to Tyler, his scent of sweat makes her nostrils flare-up. Melanie tries to hide, taking a deep sniff of Tyler's smell. However, Tyler could see the effect he is having on her, as his smile widens. Melanie couldn't help herself to check out Tyler's chiselled body.

Melanie's body begins to react. Her pussy begins to moisten, and her nipples become erect. It gets worse for Melanie when she follows Tyler's finger. Beside the pool is an outdoor hut with waterproof lounges and seats. There Brandi seats naked on top of another black man riding his hard cock. Her tan brown skin glistens with moisture. Brandi's long brown hair, reaching to her butt, is wet. Melanie didn't know if Brandi is moist from sweat or a dip in the pool. Possibly both. Brandi is the same height as Melanie, with dark brown eye's. Her large E cup size tits jiggling widely. Melanie then notices the others. Realising she is witnessing, for the first time, a gangbang.

There were four other naked black men. Two of them seated comfortably, about a foot away from Brandi's fornication. They casually chat while sipping on their drinks. The other two were standing beside Brandi and her current partner. They were engaged in a game of rock, paper and scissors.

The smaller one with the shaved head is the smallest within the group, wins the game. He starts doing a victory dance while the loser flips him off, looking pissed off. Even though the man that won is the smallest in height, his cock is just as large as the other black men. The winner stops dancing and picks up a bottle of oil from a nearby table. Squirting a large dose on his hands and rubs it on his large cock.

"Who are they?" Melanie asks, not realising she is whispering.

Tyler does now answer at first. He approaches Melanie from behind and hugs her. She gasps, feeling Tyler's hard cock pressing against her butt. Melanie does not try to fight out of Tyler's hug. Strangely, she feels calm and relaxes in his arms. Tyler leans close to Melanie's ear to whisper.

"The guy your stepmom is riding; his name is Malik."

Malik has his hands behind his head, seating back comfortably as he watches Brandi ride his big cock. Malik has light brown skin, a ponytail and a goatee. Melanie cannot see Malik shaft but secretly wishes she could see it. The way Brandi is moaning in bliss from bouncing up and down the black cock. Malik has a broad smile on his face, his eyes gazing at Brandi's large bouncing tits in front of him.

"The guy behind them, about to fuck your stepmoms ass? That cocky motherfucker name is Caleb."

Caleb says something to Brandi; she giggles in response at whatever is said. Brandi wiggles her round bubble butt at Caleb, and he slaps both Brandi's buttcheeks at the same time. She moans in response but keeps wiggling her butt. Caleb lines up his cock with Brandi's asshole and thrusts forward.

Brandi cries out absolute pleasure as more of Caleb's cock enters her rectum. Melanie jaw drops at watching her stepmother being fucked by two large black cocks at the same time. Melanie has never seen a DP before, only on online porn videos. She is surprised how easily Caleb can penetrate Brandim even with the oil. This, obviously, not being Brandi's first double penetration.

Brandi is still trying to adjust to the large cocks inside her; however, Malik and Caleb have other ideas. Malik stays motionless in his position underneath Brandi. He brings his hands and grabs a handful of Brandi's large breasts. Grabbing her tits roughly, Malik pinches each eraser size nipple and begins to pull. Meanwhile, Caleb furiously fucking Brandi's ass. Raising each hand to slap her buttcheek's until they are glowing red. Brandi's is crying out in pain. Melanie worries that the two men have taken it too far now. Melanie misjudges the situation when hearing Brandi yell.

"Oh, my goddd! Fuck me with your black cocks. Come on! Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me."

On and on Brandi babbles on for Malik and Caleb to fuck her harder. Until she gets silent, Brandi's entire body shake as she has a thunderous orgasm. Brandi screams out as cums hard. She slumps her whole body forward on top of Malik, trying to regain her breathe. But now Malik and Caleb are close to their orgasm. They begin fucking hard in sync. When Malik pulls his cock back from Brandi's pussy Caleb enters fully in her ass.

When Caleb pulls back, Malik re-enters Brandi's pussy. Malik's thighs become wet with Brandi's pussy juices, as she has been cumming nonstop since her giant orgasm. Brandi's becomes cross-eye as her nerves go into overload from the pleasure of two black cocks fucking her holes. Melanie watches Brandi become almost knocked senseless from earth-shattering orgasms.

Tyler hands move from Melanie's shoulder's down south, feeling the underside of her breasts. While not as large as her stepmother's, Melanie's breasts are D size and impressive to hold. Melanie moan's as she wiggles her butt at Tyler hardon nestling between her buttcheeks. Her wet pussy becoming hotter than an oven. Tyler kisses Melanie on her neck's left side, leaving a trail of kisses from the neck upward to Melanie's left ear. She giggles in response, feeling ticklish there.

"Where was I? Oh yes, introductions. The guy who lost the bet with Caleb to fuck Brandi's ass? That's Jordan"

Jordan has short dreadlocks and the most tattoos out of all the men. While the other's men have a few on their body, Jordan chiselled chest, six-pack stomach and thick arms covered with many tattoos. He watches Brandi being DP about a foot away from the action while wanking his large black cock eager for his turn.

"The other two guys at the bar? They just finished nutting inside your stepmother's mouth. The big guy's Xavier and the other one is Isaiah."

Big did little to describe Xavier. He is about a half a foot taller than the other men, maybe more. With a short thick beard, Xavier could be a basketball player with his height and athletic build. Isaiah skin is the darkest of all the men. With thick black hair on the top and the sides of his head shaved clean. The two is relaxing from their recent orgasms and enjoying their alcoholic drinks. Unable to wait any Jordan stands and walks around the lounge to where Brandi is facing.

Grabbing Brandi roughly by her wet hair Jordan forces Brandi to take his cock in her mouth. Melanie gasps at now seeing her first triple penetration. The other two black men cheer with raised glasses at the sex-crazed display. Brandi opens her jaw wide to take the large cock. Moving her head back and forth to take the black cock. The blowjob isn't good enough for Jordan, as he plunges his entire cock inside Brandi's mouth and entering her throat. Brandi being physically and mentally exhausted, cannot escape. She tries by tapping Jordan on the thigh to pull back a little, but to no avail.

Jordan keeps his cock in Brandi's mouth and down her throat. Spit from Brandi's mouth drips off her chin and on the lounge armrest. Melanie is breathing quite heavy from watching Brandi, but also because of Tyler. Tyler has his hands within Melanie shirt to feel and grope her big tits. She lifts her arms and Tyler pulls Melanie's shirt off her. He starts to pinch Melanie's hard nipples while kissing and licking her neck and cheeks. Melanie bites down on her lower lip, to stop herself from moaning out loud and not wanting to alert the others of her presence.

Melanie realises that Tyler's towel has dropped to his ankles. Pleased by this, she moves her hand back to grasp his large cock. Melanie gives Tyler a handjob, which felt moist, while still keeping her attention on Brandi's triple penetration. Tyler unbuttons the top button of her jeans and slides his other hand down across her belly. Melanie hisses a little in anticipation, but before Tyler can reach the prize, he gets distracted by a commotion outside. Caleb is the first to cum as he calls out.

"Oh shit! Take it all, you slut"

Melanie should feel insulted upon hearing her stepmother called that. But instead, it makes her even wetter. A few more thrusts from Caleb and he then empties his load inside Brandi's ass. When Caleb's breathing is steady again, he begins pulling his shaft out. Brandi groans, with her mouth still full of Jordan's cock, as Caleb's cock finally exits her ass. His cock dripping wet from cum.

Melanie's eyes widen at seeing the how big of a gaping hole Brandi's asshole is from taking Caleb's black cock. A little trickle of cum leaks from Brandi asshole before quickly squeezing close. Stopping any more sperm leaking out. Malik had kept still while Caleb finishes his orgasm, and now he can continue towards his own.

Meanwhile, Jordan is thrusting his cock in and out of Brandi's mouth. Malik is next now, just as he cums, he latches his mouth to Brandi's right tit. Baring his teeth, Malik bites on Brandi's nipple as he cums. Brandi squeals as she too orgasms with Malik. Jordan decides to pull his cock out of Brandi's mouth so she can freely scream out in pain and joy. After both Malik and Brandi settle from their orgasms Malik gently get Brandi to shuffle off him.

He stands up, his cock slick with Brandi's pussy juices. Malik joins Xavier and Isaiah, where they greet him. Isaiah gives Malik a drink, and Xavier claps him hard on the back, knocking the air out of him. Brandi rests on the lounge, her arms and legs laid out in every direction. Brandi is laying rather than seating on the lounge. Dead tired but with a very a satisfied look that makes Melanie jealous.

"Nah ah, bitch. I ain't done with you." Jordan tells Brandi.

Jordan climbs up on the lounge, his feet on either side of Brandi. He feeds his cock back in her mouth. Brandi doesn't resist as she weakly brings a hand up to massage Jordan's testicles. Trying to make him cum quickly. She gurgles as the thick cock invades her mouth and throat again. Spit dripping off her chin and landing on her chest. Melanie can see Brandi use one hand on Jordan's balls while the other goes down towards her pussy. Brandi inserts two, then three and finally four fingers inside her gaping pussy.

Jordon groans as cums without warning in Brandi's throat, his sperm shooting directly into her stomach. Brandi lets loose a muffled scream as she too cums. Jordan finishes cumming and withdraws out of Brandi throat and mouth. He steps down off the lounge. Brandi looks to be in shock, her eyes in a faraway gaze and jaw still hangs open. Recovering, she brings the four fingers inside her pussy to her mouth. Each finger covered in Malik's cum and her pussy juices. Brandi starts to slowly lick each finger clean much to the delight of the black men who cheer and laugh at the debauchery scene.

Melanie couldn't hold it in any longer. Watching her stepmother being gangbanged brings Melanie to orgasm. Tyler can see Melanie about to scream out. Quickly he covers her mouth with a hand while the other finally reaches her pussy. Melanie lets off a muffled scream, her knees buckle and becomes weak.

Tyler holds Melanie upright to stop her from falling to her knees. He plunges to fingers inside Melanie's wet pussy. Her entire body convulses as she cums again, almost right away from the first one. This is the first time Melanie has had continuous orgasms. She pulls Tyler's hand away from her mouth, turning her head she leans upward and kisses him.

Tyler is a little surprised at first, but soon the two begin kissing madly. Melanie's tongue slithers into Tyler's and the two French kiss. Tyler slides his two fingers up and down Melanie's pussy lips. She shivers in delight but ends the kiss and pulls Tyler's hands away from her pussy. Tyler becomes worried the Melanie is having second thoughts until she faces him and speaks.

"I don't want to come again, yet. Besides it's time to return the favour" Melanie says smiling.

Melanie grasps Tyler by his cock and directs him to the kitchen, like pulling a leash. They circle the kitchen counter, where Melanie drops to her knees. In this position, if someone enters the house, they won't be able to see Melanie on her knees. Hidden away from view, she looks up at Tyler and gives him a wink. Tyler smiles back as he steps forward. Taking hold of his cock he slaps his shaft against the forehead of Melanie.

She giggles as Melanie moves closer begins kissing and licking Tyler's testicles. Tyler rests his cock on top of her head. Melanie pauses her spit polishing awestruck. Tyler's cock is so large it seems to eclipse over the top of her entire head. Tyler pulls his hips back, so Melanie is face to face with the head of the black monster of a cock. Melanie licks her lips and opens her mouth wide, but then closes it quickly. She is looking up at Tyler teasingly.

"Did you fuck my stepmom with this? Big. Black. Cock. Of yours?" Melanie asks with raised eyebrows.

Tyler smiles wide. "Before you arrived, I had just finished fucking your stepmom and cumming inside her"

Tyler leans down, closer to Melanie. "My cock's is still wet with your stepmom's juices."

Melanie gulps, the head of Tyler's cock is so close to her lips. The revelation from Tyler makes her hesitate. If Melanie takes his cock in her mouth, that would be like her licking Brandi's pussy. Tyler knew this would be a gamble, and he can see the debate on Melanie's face on what to do next. Lust overcomes reason as Melanie points Tyler's cock upward.

Putting her tongue and giving his shaft a long lick. From his ball sack, all the way to the head of Tyler's cock. Tyler breathes deeply to steady himself as Melanie licks his cock clean of Brandi's pussy juices. Melanie opens her jaw wide and takes Tyler's cock in her mouth. She bobbles her head frantically on the thick black shaft. Melanie didn't know what's hotter, the large cock in her mouth or sucking off her stepmom's pussy from cock. She also debated, which tasted better. Now Melanie's spit is covering Tyler's shaft.

"How's your stepmom's pussy taste?" Tyler asks mockingly.

Melanie pauses her licking, her eye's narrow and looks up at Tyler angrily. She tightens her grip around his cock painfully, using her sharp nails.

"Why don't you shut the fuck up and fuck my mouth already" Melanie demands as she opens her jaw wide.

Tyler chuckles and does so. He grabs a handful of Melanie's hair and pushes his cock in her mouth. Melanie's jaw strains a little from the head alone. When she feels Tyler's cock poking through to her throat, Melanie begins to panic. Melanie loves deepthroating dicks but has never done a black one before. Tyler is trying to push the halfway mark of his shaft inside her mouth.

Melanie leans back to try and escape, but the back of her head softly hits a draw behind where she kneels. Nowhere to back away to Melanie accepts her fate. Tyler pushes more of his cock until it enters Melanie's throat. She coughs and gurgles as spit forms at the corner of her lips. Melanie closes her eyes as she feels tears beginning to form.

But Melanie doesn't give up. She is breathing deeply through her nose as Tyler pauses. He has his entire cock inside Melanie's mouth and throat. Tyler's balls are resting on her chin. Melanie opens her eyes to look up, knowing that Tyler is pausing to give her time to adjust to his large cock, invading her throat.

Melanie blinks once at Tyler, and he nods back. Tyler goes at a slow pace, pulling his shaft halfway out of Melanie's mouth and then plunging it back inside her warm tight throat. Melanie has tears streaming down her face, and yet her eyes are ablaze with determination. Determined to take anything Tyler can dish out, she will take it. Tyler can see the change and decides to get serious. Increasing the pace of his thrust, until Tyler is throat fucking Melanie. Saliva drips from Melanie's chin on her big tits. Tyler's big testicles and even his thighs have become saturated with Melanie's spit.

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