Those of you who haven't read chapter 1 should do so to learn how my shy, conservative wife changed over night to a woman ready to try new things in bed.

So here we are two weeks before our 22nd wedding anniversary. 6 months since "the night" as we call that fateful October evening when everything changed in our sex life. 3 months after we agreed to free Jenn (but not me) of her wedding vows of monogamy, Jenn has still not even dated someone let alone had sex with them. I have not asked if anything is happening since Jenn made it clear she did not want me stage directing her sex life.

I wanted to do something special for our anniversary and a plan came to me as I was driving home from work one evening. I heard an advertisement on the radio for a dine and dance club that had "adult" entertainment during the dance band breaks. I phoned the number provided and talked to a very friendly person. She explained the adult entertainment was a female exotic dancer at the first break and a male dancer for the second show. I made reservations.

We agreed to take our special day off work, and I suggested we go shopping for some new clothes for Jenn to wear tonight at the supper club. It was fun to be out together on this special day. Later, when Jenn walked out of the fitting room, I knew we had found the perfect skirt. It was black with red trim and flared when she turned, she had a matching blouse to go with it. I said, "If you are going to dance in that outfit you will have to get some new underwear since everyone is going to get a good view of your panties when you twirl."

Once home, Jenn went right to work getting ready. I unintentionally interrupted her when she was trimming her pussy. This is not something Jenn has ever worried about before. She bashfully said, "I don't want to worry that I will be showing pubic hair."

I called a cab, we arrived at the dinner club at 6:30. We were shown a special table near the stage, "Because it is your anniversary." The hostess said. We danced and I enjoyed the attention Jenn was getting. I even saw one woman grab her husbands chin and turn his head away from the dance floor.

We were eating our meal (it was good not great) when a desirable female dancer came on stage. I don't think Jenn had ever been to a strip club and she was enthralled with the performance. After, when the band started playing their second set, we were interrupted by the attractive Master of Ceremonies that introduced the dancer.

Cheryl asked if she could join us and we agreed. Cheryl said, "You two are great dancers."

I replied, smiling at Jenn, "That happens if you get dragged out to dance lessons for several years." More than once I tried to avoid signing up in the fall but soon gave in to my sweet wife's wishes. I admit I always enjoyed the lessons once they started and we became quite good together.

Cheryl then explained that if they could find a willing member of the audience to dance with the male stripper it always pleased the crowd. She pointed out the participant didn't have to remove any clothing if she didn't want to, but the response was obviously better if she did. She said that since Jenn was not on contract while she could expose her breasts, she could not remove her panties. Cheryl told Jenn that Brian (the male stripper) would signal when she should remove items of clothing. Chery pointed out that while the dancers could touch hands, they were not to have any other body contact.

We asked to have a moment to consider and we soon agreed it would be hot to do/watch. I was becoming aware that my very conservative wife had an exhibitionist trait.

Cheryl gave Jenn a form to sign which laid out the agreement including the fact we would receive no payment other than our meal and drinks for the evening. I could tell Jenn was excited, and it seemed just moments before Cheryl was introducing the male dancer. Later before he removed his skimpy covering Cheryl introduced Jenn onto the stage.

They were fantastic together (at least I thought so) and judging by the response when she removed her bra in a very sexy way, the audience agreed. With her tits bare she started to slowly take off the skirt we bought earlier today. It was a slow very hot process and I started to feel an erection growing. I am sure other guys were the same. Jenn and Brian danced in a very provocative way for a few moments then they disappeared backstage. Later Jen told me Brian said, "You done good babe!" before he left with his girlfriend.

Jenn cleaned up and Cheryl met her to show her the way to our table. Jen got a cheer form those near by and Cheryl said, "I am proud of you, you are a natural."

Soon Jenn was anxious to leave. She said she was so hot she was afraid she would stain her skirt. The cab ride home was probably as obscene as the cabby had ever witnessed, as soon as we were home our clothes were off in a flash, we didn't need any more for-play before we were together. Jenn was soon screaming, "oh sweetheart, oh sweetheart," as she climaxed.

We had a very hot sex life after the strip club; one night after great sex I asked Jenn if she ever fantasized about having sex with Brian. She looked at me with that naughty smile and said, "I just did!" I was jolted with lust, I looked at her pussy leaking my cum and thought that could be Brian's cum. Why am I so anxious to give my beautiful wife's sex to another man?


It is now late August, almost a year since "the night" and still no sign Jenn was looking for a lover let alone seeing one. I would occasionally mention Brian or some guy we met that day at the restaurant or the Gym. If I did this during sex, Jenn admitted it made her horny.

Jenn arrives home from work after me most nights and when she arrived this fateful evening there was no doubt something happened that day. Jenn had an excited smile and gave me a deep lustful kiss. We parted and looking deep in my eyes Jenn said, "I think I have found him."

Playing along I said, "You found who?"

Jenn said, "The man I am going to give my sex to silly."

I felt the most powerful angst attack I ever experienced. I almost fainted. Next Jenn started to tell of her encounter as we walked to the sofa.

Jenn explained, "When I arrived at work the door and blinds were closed to my boss's office. I knew he was looking for a new sales representative, so I wasn't alarmed. Soon they came out into the office and George (the boss) started introducing Bill to the staff. When they came to my little office, George stepped in first and Bill winked at me as he followed George into my office. Perfectly timed so George would not see the exchange. When Bill shook my hand, I felt a tingle run through my body. After introductions, they left to meet others. Al, I had to visit the rest room to put a tissue in my panties I was getting so wet.

Later they came out of the boss's office and the boss headed for the washroom. Bill quickly ducked into my office and said he would like to have my cell number. I can't believe I pulled out a business card and wrote my personal cell number on the back of the card. At the end of my lunch break I got a call from Bill. He quickly said he would like to meet me in the park near our office to eat our lunch together on Wednesday. I told him I am married."

He said, "I know but I am not inviting your husband. Call me later this evening."

"Honey is it OK if I call him now?" Jenn asked.

I was speechless so I just nodded yes. Jenn went to the sunroom to call Bill; she didn't want a private conversation since she left the door open, I guess she just felt freer to talk away from my view. Jenn was laughing and flirting almost immediately, not her usual practice. I decided to prepare a supper and as I walked past the sunroom, I saw my animated wife smiling and talking to the man who could soon be her lover.

After supper we tried to watch some TV but we were soon undressing each other and heading to bed for very hot sex. Jenn was very wet, she wanted to be on top which pleased me because I could watch her beautiful, pointed nipples swaying with her breasts.

Jenn asked, "Who do you think I was imagining as we fucked?"

I said, "I haven't a clue?"


Wednesday morning Jennifer reminded me she was going to have lunch with Bill. She was careful to select an outfit that was a little sexy but not inappropriate for office wear. After lunch she phoned me very excited to tell me she has a date with Bill for this Friday evening.

Friday morning, I expected to have a little sex before we got up, but Jenn said she would prefer to wait until after her date. After Jenn left for work, I logged on to the cuckold chat line to post what was happening. I soon received several replies most of them very excited that I was already being cuckold by my wife. I was unconsciously rubbing myself through my underwear and before I knew it, I was making a mess in my shorts.

When I arrived home Friday after work, I was surprised to see Jenn was already home. When I walked into the bedroom Jenn was on the bed cleaning up shaving supplies. For the first time in her life Jenn had shaved her bush bare. I will never know if what happened next was intentional, but I think she teasingly let me have a glimpse of the final result before she headed to the bathroom. This girl is learning fast!

I was in the computer room when Jennifer stopped by on her way out. I was stunned! She looked sooo sexy. I went to give her a kiss and she stopped me with a raised hand saying, "Sorry I don't want to mess my makeup. Love you dear, I will call you later."

I went to the living room window to watch her leave and I had the strangest experience. I was excited, jealous and worried. On one hand I wanted Jenn to enjoy another man, yet I didn't. I felt like a father watching his daughter going out on her first date.

As usual I logged on to get some support (sympathy?) from my cuckold friends before I went to prepare a small supper. My online friends were as excited as me, they said they wished they were in my place right now.

Just then I got a call, it was Mary our daughter. She said, "Daddy is mom there?" I started to answer but she cut me off, "I know she is not because she is in the arms of another man right now!" She continued, "I went to Johnnies pub with friends after work and as I came out, I saw mom arriving in Johnnies restaurant parking next door. A man got out of the car she parked beside and went around and opened her car door. Mom, your wife of over twenty-two years, got out and immediately embraced this man. Not a little hug but a full-on embrace. Then he tipped her head back and kissed mom hard and long like he was going to take her to bed right there and then. Daddy what is going on; are you two getting a divorce or something?"

I said, "I am sorry you saw that, however, now you kids are grown up your mom and I are trying a different lifestyle."

What are you swingers or something?" Mary said.

"No, I responded, " it is a one-way thing I am going to stay monogamous."

Mary hung up on me. I didn't know what to do next when the phone rang. It was Mary. She apologised for hanging up on me and sarcastically said, "Get mom to call me if she gets home before 11 tonight."

After that call, my appetite diminished even further but I ate a bit and went back to my online friends.

Cuckold angst doesn't begin to describe the feelings one has while waiting for their wife to return home after a date, and I may not even be truly cuckold yet!

I received a text about 9 pm which only said, "All is well, love you."

I tried to watch some TV then I prepared for bed and decided I would text Jenn if I hadn't heard from her by eleven thirty. At eleven fifteen I heard her car entering the garage.

I ran downstairs like a puppy dog and arrived at the garage entrance as Jenn opened the door. Compared to how she looked when she left, she was a mess. She had virtually no makeup on and her hair was uncombed. I didn't care I grabbed her in my arms and kissed her like a long-lost lover.

At that moment I tasted something I was going to become very used to over the next while, I tasted Bills cum on her breath! My online friends had warned me, but reality is so much more powerful than fantasy. An electric pulse passed through my body. Another man probably had his cock in my wife's mouth moments ago.

After the embrace, my wife looked at me with a strange look then she said, "fuck me baby!"

Naked she pushed me back on the bed. This was a take charge moment, my wife wanted to be on top, she was in control as she guided my cock into her very wet pussy. Looking up at those beautiful tits, tits another man had been fondling less than an hour ago caused me to cum immediately. I was so embarrassed. Jenn smiled and said, "use your tongue;" and she moved up till her dripping pussy was over my face.

I don't need to remind you a man does not have much interest in licking his lover's pussy after it is filled with his own cum. On the other hand, once I started imagining it was someone else's cum I was soon eating pussy with a vengeance.

After I brought my beautiful wife to orgasm a couple times we cuddled, and Jenn started to tell how her evening went. I already knew the first part since Mary had told me about it.

Jenn said, "After we were seated at a rather secluded table, we cuddled for a moment, then we went for our first dance, a fast one, then a slow dance started and I melted into Bill's arms. I think I could feel his cock getting hard as I worked my groin tight to his leg. Talk about sex on your feet! As you know, I never did anything even close to this with you or any other man in my life. The thought that I could make this man, who is ten years younger than me, hard, was causing me to shake with excitement. Bill is not quite as good a dancer as you but that didn't matter, after a nice meal we danced some more before Bill suggested he would like to drive us to the river side park in his car. It was a perfect late fall night with a full moon. We parked and moved to the large (almost bed like) back seat. I had decided to enjoy oral sex with Bill, but I planned to save vaginal sex till our third date. When I finally exposed his lovely erect cock, Bill had already exposed my also erect titties. Without any further delay I took another man's cock in my mouth and attempted to do all the hot things I had watched people do on the videos."

In what seemed like just a couple minutes Bill was squirming saying, 'I am going to cum!'

I said, 'Cum in my mouth baby,' which he did big time, I couldn't swallow it fast enough.

Bill and I both seemed to know we were finished and after lying in the moon light for a few moments making small talk, we dressed and headed back to my car."

Jenn and I (Al) cuddled a bit then we washed up and by the time Jenn came to bed I was asleep.

The rest of the weekend was, as you can imagine, filled with hot frequent hot sex.

to be continued.ómo-te-sientes/?postID=25528

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