Miami Beach

We leave Fisher Island and start driving north. I want to show you Miami Beach.

There is a great hotel in Miami Beach called the The Villa Casa Casuarina.

It was the former mansion home Gianni Versace.

I think you would find the design, the artwork, the mosaics, the frescoes, all the intricate details very arousing.

When we arrived, our suite wasn't ready, so they invited us to have a little champagne in their beautiful courtyard restaurant called Giannis.

They bring out a bottle of Veuve Cliquot Brut "Yellow Label" and I order the Osetra Caviar with Creme Fraiche, Blinis , capers, chopped eggs and onions.

As you stand up and lean over to put together your blini, I catch a glimpse of your breast and my mind starts to think about a delightful afternoon.

You catch me staring and discreetly open your bra from its front snap.

Now you want to tease me a bit. Every time you stand up and lean over to enjoy a little more caviar, I have a full view of your breasts' and nipples.

Now as you sit down , I see your nipples' hard and poking out of your silk dress.

I am getting very aroused and a little tipsy from the early afternoon champagne.

The bell captain comes over and says our room is ready. There is only 10 suites and I tell him I know my way around.

We get in their elevator and I hit the second floor button.

It is a little outdated, but fits the décor of the Villa wonderfully. Very sensuous velvet quilted walls.

As it ascends, we here a creak and it stops. Apparently it is now stuck between floors. Someone gets on the intercom and tells us not to worry as they have called engineering. They will be there shortly.

But I have been longing for you since the first sip of champagne...and the peek at your delicious breasts.

I look you in the eyes and now you give me a very mischievous smile as you open the sash to your dress.

Revealing the black Agent Provocateur Iza lingerie.

I offer you a sip of champagne from the bottle, but it being our second one, you take it and put it down.

You step toward me and slide your hand down the front of my pants. I am already hard but because I am a little nervous about when the elevator may open, not as hard and swollen as you would like it.

You open my belt unzip the front of my pants, pull down my shorts and take my cock in your mouth. You give amazing head, as you suck and swirl with your tongue.

It doesn't take me long before you have me and my cocks' full attention.

I guide you up off the floor and turn you around facing the velvet elevator wall and press you against the cushioned quilted velvet wall. You are thinking I may want to fuck you in the ass, but I just want to get in your wet pussy.

I pull down your black thong and reach down with my hand to find you dripping, ripe and ready.

I maneuver the head of my cock in and you adjust yourself to take all of it. I think the possibility of getting caught has you insane with desire.

As I am fucking you from behind with you pressed against the wall, I am kissing the back of your neck and whispering in your you like getting fucked, tell me how much you like getting fucked, do you want me to fuck you harder, I love your wet pussy...and this talk appears to have pushed you to a grand finale you are coming and calling out yes... yes... yes.

And I release my load into your wonderful receptive pussy, when the elevator creaks and appears to be moving. We are flushed and disheveled and pull ourselves together as quick as we can. Barely making it when the door opens, the manager and engineer are standing there.

They are apologizing but strangely giggling as they look behind us. I think... did we leave a stain on the wall, or the impression of your body pressed against the velvet wall?

And I glance back to check and see nothing, but I look up at the opposite wall and then I notice the camera.

At your studio in Islamorada

I was extremely excited to hear that you have decided to set up a studio and shop in Islamorada. I am glad you have taken to the little artist village and the warm weather.

I walked in trying to be discreet. But I needed to, and hoped you were alone. I was acting like a customer, admiring what appeared to be some wonderful brightly colored silk screen prints. I always savored over the sweet juices from your body, and now I was luxuriating in the creative juices from your mind. The Koi Fish reminded me of the Yin and Yang sign, the dragonflies, the reptile and the flowers were all exquisite. This added dimension made me even want you more. I didn't see anyone in the studio.

As I was admiring the prints, you walked up behind me and got up on your toes and in your lovely accent whispered in my ear, "can I help you" as you reached around my front to grab my cock through my shorts. I turned around to see you were wearing a sleek printed dress, reminded me of leopard stripes.

I responded" you most certainly can, are you alone"? You told me that your assistant was out to lunch and would be back in around 20 minutes. I walked over a flipped the closed sign in the door. And walked back over to you. That little cock squeeze you gave me already had my mind heading in that direction and erection.

As I walked back over to you, I took you all in. Your lovely curves, your inviting ass and your nipples pooping through your silk dress. I pulled you to me and whispered in your ear "its playtime dear". I unbutton your first few buttons to give me access to your neck and ears. I notice you have on peach lingerie and I can now see your dark nipples showing through the light lace.

I grab your ass and pull you to me so that your pussy is rubbing on my thigh. I whisper in your ear that I want you now! I start kissing your ear, then your neck and now your lips. I am exploring your mouth with my tongue. I suck in you lower lip and give it a gently bite. I love the taste of you...but start my journey south. I unsnap your bra from the front and your luscious tits enjoy their freedom. I start kissing your tits and your nipples. I have learned that you like when I cover my teeth with my lips and give them little bites. I see they have become erect and start wondering if your clit is growing as well.

I reach up under your dress and into your panties. And delighted to find that you are very moist as my finger slides in so easily. While I am kissing your neck, tits and nipples, my finger finds its way too your clit, first, but then up and across your G-spot. I have come to know it well. The only way to describe it , is that it feels like a soft acorn.

Now you are moaning and breathing extremely fast. I think I may have brought you along to quickly. And now survey the room for a place to fuck you. Anything, a table, a workbench...I would even fuck you against the wall, but I rode my bike the 25 miles to see you. When fortunately, I notice a leather recliner not for from the window to the shop.

I walk you over to the recliner and slip down my shorts. And pull off your panties. I sit down in the recliner and tell you to suck my cock. I took a shower before the bike ride, but I am little concerned about the impact of the ride on the taste of my cock. But as I look down at you, it appears you are enjoying it even more. You lick my shaft up and down. Then put the tip of my cock in your mouth. Sucking gently and circling it with your tongue. And then you down the whole thing, and it feels like I am in deep in your throat as you let out a little gag. But you are determined and continue taking it all, then a little gag reflex.

But I have had enough and need to bury it deep in your juicy warm pussy. And pull your head up and tell you to stand up. I stand up, but you push me back in the recliner. And you mount my cock. I feel it slide in and you contract your muscles around its head. Almost pushing it out. But I need to be deeper and push my hips ups. Maybe a little to fast and hard as I hear your gasp.

But you loved it and push the recliner back. This is a little different for us but reminds me of the first time we met. You start raising and lowering your self up and down on my cock. And with the new angle, it is hitting your clit just right. And you continue to grind on my cock,, and now you are whispering in my ear are you enjoying your little Scottish wench. Now I am lost in my lust and know I am going to cum too soon, and need to get you there quickly. I reach around to your ass and lubricate my finger with your soaking pussy juices. I slide my finger into that new erogenous zone that you have learned to connect with. And I can feel those muscles loosen inviting my finger in further.

As I slide it in all the way, working it simultaneously with the rhythm you are creating on my cock. And we both explode, our eyes squeezed shut and trying to breath as we make these moments of ecstacy last. When the little bell on the door rings and your assistant walks in.

And I wonder how you are going to explain this?ème-synchronisation-contacts/ & t=48688 & p=154612во-что-вы-сейчас-играете/

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