It's been some time since my last business trip to Europe but I won't forget it in a hurry. My company had booked my hotel without realising it was in the city's "red light" district. Opposite my hotel was a sex shop selling porn, sex toys and sexy clothes. I couldn't resist a visit. I was in the shop browsing hardcore porn magazines when I heard a woman's voice behind me.

"Do you like seeing women like that?"

I turned and there behind me was an attractive woman looking mid thirties, a little younger than me, with dark brown hair down just below her big loop earrings. She was in a boob clinging pink woolly top and black leggings that looked like they'd been sprayed on and making it obvious she had a sex bomb figure and legs.

"You're in our hotel aren't you?" she said. She glanced at the picture I'd been ogling, of a spectacular big titted leggy blonde teen doing the splits nude on a thick sheepskin rug. "Would you like to see me like her? Why not come and join us in our hotel room for some fun." As she spoke she got so close to me her big breasts brushed against me.

She was there with a man and I remembered I'd seen him before in the lobby of the hotel having a drink with her. They introduced themselves as husband and wife Mark and Jane, spending a few days on a city break holiday. I was far from my wife back at home and my sex life had been mediocre of late. This seductress was making an offer I couldn't refuse. A few minutes later the three of us were up in their hotel room. It was bigger than mine with a huge double bed.

"I'm going to change into the sexy underwear I bought in that sex shop," Jane said. "Be ready for me boys!" With that she went into the bathroom to change.

Mark obviously knew what his wife meant by being ready. He stripped to tiny thin white silk briefs which looked as if he'd got them from a sex shop too. He said Jane had got them for him and she liked the way it showed his sex kit off. Its tiny pouch barely contained his penis and balls and the thin taut silk showed the outline of his already erect shaft and its head in perfect detail. I was just in simple blue high street store cotton briefs, but they were bulging as much as his in anticipation of Jane emerging from the bathroom.

While we waited for Jane Mark got a bottle of wine out of the room's minibar, he switched on the room's big TV and tuned it to the porn channel. It was showing a movie about four students, two boys and two girls with porn star looks and bodies, heading to a beach for some fun. They were splashing together in the surf with the camera zooming in on the boys' tiny speedo swim trunks bulging over stiff young cocks, the girls' microscopic bright coloured bikini bottoms and big bouncing breasts when the bathroom door opened and out came Jane.

She was in a tiny purple bra, thong and suspenders set with sheer black seamed stockings. The cups of her thin strapped bra only just slung her breasts. Her thong barely covered her sex mound and was see through to show the shadow of her dark bush through with just a thin gusset nestling in her bum crack.

"Like my undies?" Jane asked, rhetorically. She did a slow twirl to parade her underwear then got on the bed and sprawled with her legs spread wide, arching her back to thrust her breasts forward. She looked at me. "Do I look as good as that girl in that porn mag? But as well as just looking at me you can play with me." To make her point Jane momentarily pulled the front of her panties aside to show me her vagina pulled open by her spread legs and ringed by almost black pubic hair. "But if you want to be a naughty boy with me, first you've got to show me what you've got."

I slipped my briefs off and stood there thrusting my hips toward Jane, showing her what I'd got. I knew I had nothing to be ashamed of. My seven inches of fully erect muscle were arching up in front of me from my thickly haired balls to my big deep pink erection swollen cock head.

Jane purred with approval then with her breasts swinging she crawled across the bed to me. A shock of sex pleasure jolted through my body as she lightly fingered my cock and balls, ruffled my pubic hair and ran her fingers between my spread legs. Then an even better shock ran through me as she took my cock head between her lips and massaged it with her lips and tongue.

I glanced at Mark. He'd stripped naked too. His cock was hard up too gleaming hungrily under the lights and his balls were smooth shaven and hairless. He was fingering his shaft. The way he was grinning at the sight of his wife playing with another naked man's sex kit I realised he was into voyeur sex.

"Get that sexy underwear off her and have a good play with her." Mark said, as if I needed any encouragement.

Jane smiled at me from the bed and spread her legs a little wider. I decided I'd treat her husband to a show.

"Get those legs wide and stick those tits out for me, whore!" I said, thrusting my erect penis toward Jane.

"Ooooohhh! Naughty boy!" Jane gasped in mock shock, with a big grin.

A moment later I was on the bed with Jane. I played with her in her underwear first. I started by exploring that exquisitely erotic zone of bare thigh between her stocking tops and panties with my hands and lips. I got her on all fours with legs wide then from behind her I ran my fingertips slowly down the thin gusset of her panties nestling between her gleaming smooth bum cheeks till she was moaning with the sex pleasure of my fingers caressing her sex mound and stroking her vagina lips through the thin lace.

Mark watched our every movement, fingering his cock as he watched. I stripped Jane slowly, letting my hard penis brush against her, especially her breasts, bum, thighs and cunt. She ran her hands over my naked body too and teased my cock and balls as I undressed her. I left her stockings till last. Jane lay back on the bed spreading her legs and lifting and folding each leg up in turn for me to slip her stockings off. I gave her hairy pussy a little fondle and a kiss, getting an excited little cry from her, before I slowly removed each stocking, savouring every inch of the soft warm smoothness of her long legs.

"Pose for me, whore," I said when I'd tossed her last stocking aside and got her nude. "I want to see you as hot as the sluts in that magazine." Jane's grin and Mark's grunt told me that suited them too.

My taste in porn is quite strong. On the screen the boys and girls were nude tossing a ball around. The boys' erect penises were swinging stiffly, the girls' firm young breasts were bouncing, and they were showing off neat cunt bushes between their long tanned legs. I wanted something hotter than that. I got Jane to pose on the bed in the kinkiest poses I could imagine, in all the poses I'd wanted to see my wife in but never dared ask her to do for me. At my command Jane squatted, sprawled, knelt, did the splits like my magazine teen, spread her legs straining wide, thrust and bounced her big breasts, showed me her favourite sex and masturbation positions, and lots more.

And as Jane posed I didn't just enjoy her naked body with my lustful eyes. My hands were all over her, my hard cock was constantly prodding her and as I leaned close to her she fingered, kissed and licked my cock. Mark's face told me even he was astonished at some of the things I got his naked wife to do, and his almost vertical penis told me he was enjoying the show as much as I was. I could tell my fingers and tongue on Jane's excited juice sodden pussy and aroused nipples were getting her hot too.

Suddenly Jane squirmed out of my hands and sprawled on her back with her legs spread so wide her naked body was almost upside down T shaped.

"Wank over me!" she said excitedly.

"Go on! Jack one over her!" urged Mark, forming his thumb and forefinger into a ring and bobbing it as if I didn't know very well what "wank" meant.

My cock was straining hard and I was frantic to masturbate. I got astride Jane's spread leg so my cock was aimed over her and my balls were brushing her thigh. I hadn't done bukake over a real live naked girl since wild parties in my student days and I'd never dared ask my wife if I could wank over her. Of course I'd wanked over countless nude women in porn, but that bears no comparison to masturbating with a real live naked woman for my spare hand to enjoy as well as ogling her.

I had a long fondle of Jane's body, playing with her cunt and thighs and reaching down between her legs to tickle her arse and bum crack with my spare hand as I teased my penis to the peak of erection stiffness and sensitivity. My penis head was wet with pre-cum and my shaft felt hard enough to snap by the time I started to masturbate in earnest. I braced myself, thrust my hips forward over Jane's thigh and treated myself to full length, smooth rhythmic strokes and tugs pulling my foreskin with my hand sliding right over my cock head. Jane's excited eyes were locked on my pumping hand.

Astride Jane's leg like that I was perfectly placed for her fingers to reach between my own legs to caress my balls, reaching under me to tickle my own arse and stroke my inside thigh tops. Jane really knew how a guy likes to be touched. Her big breasts quivered with the pounding movement of my hand.

I edged, unable to stop myself grunting with the exquisite sex pleasure as I held myself almost painfully on the brink of a cum. Finally after minutes of exquisite pleasure and with my spare hand cuddling Jane's pussy my penis exploded in a superb cum. I involuntarily shoved my hips forward and my semen fountained over Jane's belly, thighs and cunt catching in her dark pubic hair. I stayed astride Jane's thigh afterwards panting and with the last of my semen dripping from my still mostly erect penis.

"Now its my other boy's turn!" Jane said, looking up at her husband and reaching her arms toward him with an edge of excitement in her voice.

Having said that Jane rolled so she was on the edge of the bed next to me. She got on all fours, spread her legs wide and stuck her bottom up. Her big breasts were swinging so her nipples brushed the bed. She reached between her legs and her fingertips peeped out below her bum crack as she played with her pussy. My semen was still glistening in her cunt hair and trickling down her thigh. The look she gave her husband over her shoulder would have left no guy in any doubt whatsoever what she wanted - hard cock from behind.

I'd got off the bed as Jane got into position. But then she looked over her shoulder at me.

"Pleasure me!" Jane gasped. Her bottom quivered as she strained her legs even wider, fingering herself between her legs to make the message clear.

"Get her hot for me! You know what women like don't you?" Mark said, grinning at me. He wanted to watch me finger pleasure his wife.

I knew exactly what women want. Before we have sex my own wife likes to masturbate herself hot so she's hot when my cock slides into her and climaxes quickly and explosively. Better still she likes me to finger her hot myself. Jane's big round bottom was gleaming under the lights and I started there. She moaned softly as I stroked her soft smooth bum cheeks and tickled her slowly down the valley between them, my caressing hand working its way down toward her pussy from behind. My hand reached Jane's thighs and I stroked the inside tops, which my wife finds so sensitive. Jane's bottom quivered with sex pleasure and she spread her legs wider in response.

Watching the boys and girls on the screen, feeling female flesh and juice moistened cunt hair against my hand and feeling my cock and balls brush against Jane's naked thigh my penis was rapidly swinging up hard again.

I began smoothly stroking Jane's juice sodden vagina lips from behind. My penis was swinging with the movement of my hand between her legs and smearing residual semen over her thigh as my penis head brushed against her. I paused from time to time to play with Jane's swinging breasts, reaching down to cup my hands under them and tease her peaking aroused nipples. I could tell Jane was getting more and more excited. Suddenly she began to tremble, gasp and give little squeals. She looked up at Mark.

'Want! ... Now!" It was time for me to get out of the way and leave it to Mark to finish the job.

Mark's naked cock was up at sixty degrees, bending back on itself with stiffness, with its veins up and its deep pink head almost glowing. He'd been fingering it while I pleasured his wife and it looked ready to explode. An instant later he was behind Jane standing between her spread thighs with his cock head poking between her bum cheeks. He had a brief fondle of her bottom and thighs before his hand slid between her legs to her pussy. Jane's excited cry told both Mark and me that she was hot and ready and now wanted cock, not just a hand, between her legs.

Mark obliged. He held Jane by her hips and grunted with pleasure as he slid in full length till his bush was against her bum. Watching Mark pump Jane powerfully, rhythmically, getting her breasts swinging with his thrusts, slamming his hips against her bum and thighs, hearing his animal like grunts and Jane's excited squeals was far more interesting than any action on the screen could be.

I'd done my job well and Jane didn't take long to climax. She shrieked, her whole body tensed, her back arched and her breasts swung as she involuntarily thrust her hips. She squealed as she juddered with the pulses of her orgasm. Mark held his wife tight and kept pumping her through her orgasm and as she relaxed afterwards. A minute or so later he grunted, his fingers dug into Jane's soft flesh as he pulled her against him and with one last hard shove of his hips he pushed Jane forward across the bed. Then his face twisted, he made that "Nnnnnngggghhh!" noise every guy seems to make when he cums, and his body jerked as he filled her.

In fact though I'd seen it lots of times in porn that was the first time I'd ever watched a couple having sex for real. Like all boys I'd heard the squeals, giggles and grunts from my parents' bedroom and tried to spy on them shagging but I'd never succeeded. The furthest I'd got had been when I'd found my parents "private album" of photographs, with some of the pictures of them together they'd taken with the camera self timer. I'd wanked myself sore over them.

But that wasn't the end of it. Mark staggered back from Jane with a strand of semen dangling from his swinging penis, leaving Jane still on all fours on the bed. Jane looked at me and her hungry eyes met mine.

"Does my naughty boy still want more?"

Jane licked her lips and still on all fours turned to face me. My cock was up every bit as iron hard erect as it had been before.

"She sucks hard," Mark said. "Let her treat you to one."

I'd already got the message without Mark's encouragement. I certainly wanted more of that! His grin told me he was looking forward to some more voyeur thrills. I find it hard to get my wife to suck me off so I certainly wasn't turning an offer like that down. I got onto the bed and into my favourite masturbation position, kneeling wide legged with my erect penis thrust forward. Like that I love the heavy feel of my erect cock sticking straight out. Also in that position if I'm masturbating with a woman or if she's hand jobbing me she can reach under me to tickle my inner thighs, arse and balls.

Jane crawled toward me across the bed. Mark moved round to watch us. There was a big wall mirror behind Jane treating me to a view of her bottom, the backs of her legs and her pussy peeping out between her bum cheeks from behind as well as the action on screen. I was getting a voyeur's feast!

Jane started to lick my penis head all over, reaching up to caress my balls as she did. After a few moments of that she took just my cock head into her mouth and massaged it with her lips and tongue, looking up at me with her big brown eyes. She started rocking back and forth on the bed. Her tight wet lips slid full length up and down my shaft from my pubes brushing her nose to her lips riding over my knob so she was just kissing my tip, and catching the ridge of my cock head deliciously, and sucking on the up stroke. I ran my hands through Jane's hair and over her bare back and shoulders. There's always something erotically arousing about the feel of a woman's bare flesh, even when it isn't her legs, boobs or bum.

I could feel my cum starting to rise under the smooth steady rhythmic friction of Jane's lips. I guess Mark must have guessed seen from my grunts and the way I was thrusting my hips that I was getting frantic. Moments before I came, to my amazement I felt Mark's hand on my backside. He briefly caressed my bum cheeks then slid his hand down my bum crack, then right under me tickling my arse and stroking the inside tops of my thighs before his hand lightly cupped under my balls. Mark knew how a guy likes to be touched too!

It had been a long time since I'd had another guy's hand on my sex kit. At my boys' school, eighteen, hormonally supercharged and sex obsessed like almost all the other boys, I'd had my "wank buddies." Crammed in a school toilet cubicle, in the bushes, or naked in dormitories I'd masturbated and hand jobbed with other boys. I guess I should have been shocked by Mark but at that moment with my straining penis about to explode into his wife's mouth I didn't care whose hand was between my legs finger pleasuring me. The novel experience of tight lips on my shaft and light fingers on my balls, arse and inner thighs was exquisite.

I came moments later spurting a delicious load into Jane's mouth. I pulled her face hard against me by her shoulders with my hips involuntarily trying to ram my jerking shaft as far down her throat as I could. I stayed there for a few moments with my still hard penis thrust into Jane's mouth and Mark's hand cupped under my balls. Then Jane's tight wet lips slid smoothly off my cock head sending a last dollop of my semen spurting over Mark's hand.

"Hope you didn't mind the helping hand," Mark said with a grin that told me he'd enjoyed having his hand between my legs too. I didn't reply but guessed the look I gave him said it all.

We emptied another bottle of wine as we watched the movie to its raunchy, semen spurting, multi-orgasm conclusion with all four of them wrapped round each other together on the sand. Then I left Mark and Jane to themselves and to make good use of that bed as their kissing, exploring hands and Mark's straining hard penis assured me they would.

Back in my own hotel room, after a shower I spread my magazine on my bed and briefly savoured my big titted leggy blonde teen on her sheepskin rug. Kneeling in my favourite favourite masturbation position again I paid tribute to her and some of her young companions in the magazine pages. But even with my eyes locked between my young teen's legs, when I shot my semen across the bed in my mind it was Jane's tight lips round my straining penis not my hand, Mark's light fingers were on my balls, and in the moment before I spurted the memory of a schoolboy's hand round my stiff young shaft flooded into my mind.

As I left them Mark gave me his phone number, telling me to call if I ever wanted some more. The look he gave me left me wondering if Jane was included in the offer. I still remember that night vividly, but if I've forgotten any of the fine detail I've added what inevitably would have happened. Straight after I got back home lockdown started so haven't called Mark. But when I do that will be another story. & p=33507490

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