Author's note:

This was my first ever story and it was inspired by someone I used to see on the train. It's not a quick and dirty read -- more of a slow burn that allows your imagination to make up the rest. It was also my intention to write a story with no graphic sex scenes. Thank you for reading.

Beautiful stranger

Day 1

My daily commute to work was always the same. Out the door by 7:40 a.m., on the station platform by 7:55 a.m. to catch the 8 a.m. train to the city.

I had been undertaking this journey now for the past three months, ever since I changed jobs. Nothing much happened from day to day. Most people, like me were too caught up on their devices to take much notice of each other.

However, on one beautiful, crisp spring morning, I felt wonderfully alive and walked with a bounce in my step, smiling up at the blue sky.

As I entered the dim underpass to the train station, I noticed a man ahead of me; tall, with broad shoulders and dressed in a slate grey suit, with shiny black leather shoes. In his hand, he was gently swinging a black rucksack.

It was the confident walk and his hair that drew my attention: chestnut brown, slightly too long for a corporate worker and tousled as though he had run his fingers through it too many times. I couldn't see his face as he was striding in front of me too fast.

I didn't give the stranger any further consideration, until I was standing on the platform station and saw that he stood only five meters to my right. I casually observed his profile: his straight nose, his pouty lips and the beginnings of stubble on his face. I wondered if he had bothered to shave that morning and I had a sudden inexplicable urge to rub my face against his cheek. This stab of longing caught me by surprise.

As the train arrived, I followed the stranger into the same carriage and turned left as he did. This was the section usually reserved for elderly passengers or parents with strollers.

He ignored the vacant seats and stood with his back to the connecting doors of the carriage, facing towards the passengers and me. When I saw his face full on for the first time, I was mesmerised by its perfect symmetry. He really was breathtakingly beautiful. His eyes stayed down and locked on his cell phone so it was impossible to tell what colour they were.

There were two rows of seats facing each other and I saw that only two spaces were vacant. I squeezed myself between a teenage girl, dressed in a school uniform and an older gentleman, wearing a brown suit. Both were peering down at their cell phones. I took a book out of my bag, as a distraction from the beautiful stranger.

From the corner of my eyes, I could see the stranger had dropped his black rucksack in front of his feet and his jacket had been removed and was hanging loosely over one arm. He wore a crisp white shirt with a collar and a dark blue tie. His shirt stretched tightly across his chest and taut stomach. I wondered if he worked out and whether his rucksack contained his gym gear.

I started to read my book, but my thoughts kept drifting back to this man. He took no notice of me or anyone else on the train and his aloofness intrigued me. As we pulled into my stop, I got up and stole one more glance at this beautiful stranger. He did not look at me and I left the train to go to work.

Day 2

It was another bright, glorious morning. The sun filtered down through the branches of the tree that I was standing under, on the station platform.

I scanned my surrounding area. As I looked to my right, a thrill ran through me when I spotted the stranger again.

Today's suit was navy, paired with another stark, white shirt. Strange, he didn't wear a tie today and the top three buttons of his shirt were undone and I could see the dark hairs on his chest. Looking at them, I wanted rip open his shirt and lick his nipples. Nervous fluttering sensations began in my stomach as I stared as his beautiful face. He was looking down at his cell phone again.

As the train pulled up, I walked quickly past him and looked up at him. He did not glance at me and was too engrossed on his phone. I got on the train hoping he would be following and I could observe him again.

There was still a seat available in the same section of the train as the previous day so I sat crammed between two new people: a young professional female, like myself and a serious looking older gentleman staring vacantly ahead of him.

The stranger took his position at the back of the carriage again, leaning on the connecting doors, rucksack by his feet.

His face showed very little emotion as he looked at his phone. I watched his hands as they typed and I liked that they were big and slightly tanned. His long, thick fingers moved fast and rhythmically across the screen of his phone.

I wanted those fingers inside me, pushing hard while my inner muscles clenched around them.

The train stopped at the next station and a huge stream of people came in, including a young mother with a toddler in a stroller. No one stood up so I quickly rose and asked her if she wanted my seat. The lady thanked me and sat down, dragging her large stroller to her feet.

I moved towards the main sliding doors of the carriage and held onto the handrail. I glanced towards the stranger and noticed him looking at the toddler, with a small smile tugging at the corners of his mouth. The effect was devastating and I wished his smile were directed at me. He suddenly lifted his eyes and looked at me; the smile faltering from his lips, then he returned his attention back to his phone.

I felt dizzy when I saw the colour of his eyes for the first time. Vibrant blue so dazzling they reminded me of a stunning tanzanite ring that my mother owned. When we locked eyes, I felt a surge of electricity run through my body.

As I got off the train, I looked back into the carriage, but the beautiful stranger barely glanced up and did not notice me leaving at all.

Day 3

He was there again today, waiting in his usual spot, by the benches for the train.

He was back to wearing his grey suit, with a pale pink shirt and no tie. I wondered what place he worked, that allowed the men to go without a tie.

As the train approached, I desperately wanted him to notice me so I walked confidently past him. My heels made a click clack sound on the tarmac and I hoped he heard them.

The train doors opened and I stepped into the carriage, but soon realised my mistake when I turned my head and didn't see him behind me. Instead of following me, he had taken the next carriage along. My heart sank in disappointment as my plan had backfired.

As I walked towards my usual seating area, I peered into the adjacent carriage to locate him. I got close to the connecting doors, which suddenly sprang open and there he was, standing right in front of me. His hands were still reached towards the button, where moments before he had pressed it to open the doors.

Our gazes connected and I saw his eyebrows lift slightly. A look of surprise or was it recognition? I held my breath. He gave a faint smirk and looked back down at his phone as though dismissing me. The doors closed between us and I let out my breath, heart beating wildly.

My legs started shaking and I felt liquid pooling between them as I thought about those intense eyes staring at me, while he pushed himself inside me. I moved away to take a seat and spent the remaining journey wondering how I was going to get close to him.

My favourite part of the day is secretly watching this stranger during my journey and imagining his voice: his touch, his scent.

When I got off the train, I peered into his carriage and hoped he would be looking out for me, but his attention was still on his phone.

Day 4

I was in a panic this morning. I left the house and was out the door, before I realised it had started raining. The dark sky made the world appear like a black and white movie.

I ran back to my apartment and grabbed my umbrella quickly, knowing that I was going to miss the 8 a.m. train.

My panic intensified when I realised I would not be seeing the stranger today. I ran through the underpass and to the station. I almost took a tumble as I raced down the stairs to the platform. As I gathered my breath, I saw the platform was filled with more than the usual number of people for this time of the morning.

I squinted at the timetable on the screen and realised the 8 a.m. train was delayed by ten minutes. The rain had disrupted the service.

Relief surged through my body and I looked left and right expectantly, but I couldn't find my beautiful stranger. It was just a sea of umbrellas, heads all hidden. My disappointment was palpable and I took out my phone to check my emails.

When the train arrived, it was already packed with commuters. The windows were misted up from the steam of the rain. Head down and still looking at my phone, I was carried with the surge of people towards my usual carriage. People were closing their umbrellas and trying to avoid poking anyone's eye out.

It wasn't until the doors of the train opened, and people started to step out that I looked up and recognized the dark, tousled hair ahead of me, moving into the same carriage. My heart started pounding and my breasts began to feel heavy.

This time the stranger could not stand in his usual spot; there was already someone there. I saw him move to the closed sliding doors opposite the open doors. He leaned his back on the glass partition that separated the seats from the sliding doors, dropped his umbrella by his feet and took out his phone again.

I managed to manoeuvre myself in front of him, with my back facing him. I was now closer to him than I had ever been and I was hyper aware of his presence. I could even smell his skin. A musky undertone, mixed with sweat. I wanted to put my nose against his neck and breathe him in.

I had nothing to hold on to so when the train jolted to a stop at the next station, I tumbled backwards and ended up smack into the stranger. He didn't even have a chance to catch me and I was mortified. Red heat of embarrassment crept up my face and I mumbled an apology, but didn't look round as I righted myself.

No words were spoken from his lips. I stood stiff and unmoving in front of him for the next few stops, while my insides were hot by our proximity.

As the train arrived at my destination, it jerked violently to a stop and this time as I fell backwards, a pair of strong arms reached out to hold onto my waist. He didn't let go straight away, but pulled me closer to him and I felt fingers move up ever so slightly to stroke the sides of my breasts. I bit my bottom lip to stop myself crying out and warmth spread between my legs and up to my breasts. I was trembling with the need to turn around and grind myself against him.

I pushed myself away from him, walked quickly from the train and I didn't look back. In those seconds of being held against my beautiful stranger, I realised he had noticed me after all, for I had felt the hard press of his erection between my ass cheeks.

Day 5

I set my alarm extra early to make sure I would not be late for the 8 a.m. train.

I got to the station platform with ten minutes to spare and did not see him anywhere. I walked back to the bottom of the stairs and stood there, heart sinking.

As the minutes ticked by, my disappointment started to rise, until I looked up towards the overhead walk way and saw a familiar face appear. As he sauntered down the stairs, his eyes fixed on me so intently, that my body lit up and I felt like a bitch in heat.

There was a fire in his gaze that made me quiver and once he was in front of me, he stopped for a second, but didn't say a single word. He then turned and walked away, but his hand reached out and stroked my fingers. I almost jumped from the electric current I felt shooting through my hand and straight to my sex.

I followed him as he strutted to his usual place to wait for the train. I took a gamble this time and walked until I was standing side by side with him. He took out his phone and ignored me again. I felt frustration building inside me and I wanted to scream.

As the train pulled up, we started walking in sync towards the open doors and then I felt his hand cup one of my ass cheeks. I wanted to turn and weld my mouth to his, but I kept on moving forward. He didn't let go of my ass, but slowly rotated his thumb in circles to caress my right cheek, while pushing me along, until we were in the carriage. He gave my cheek a final pinch and went to stand at his usual place.

My ass felt abandoned and cold without his hand to warm it. But inside, my body was vibrating with desire and I had to sit down, far away from him. If I got too close, I was in danger of molesting him in front of everyone.

When I got up to leave the train, I stared at my beautiful stranger. This time, he looked up and his heated stare made me want to self-combust.

It took all myself control to make myself get off the train and go to work.

Day 6

My legs were shaking as I left my apartment this morning. Even the brilliant sunshine and crystal blue sky did nothing to calm my nerves. My stomach had constant butterflies and I could not stop the heavy ache between my legs.

As I walked through the underpass, someone suddenly grabbed my hand from behind and yanked me backwards. Fear almost paralyzed me.

As I turned, I found myself looking into the eyes of my beautiful stranger and my heart almost stopped. His gaze was fierce and angry. He pushed me against the wall of the underpass and the realization hit me, just before his beautiful mouth touched mine; that he was furious with me and his brutal kiss felt like an attack on my lips.

Instant sparks flew as his tongue pushed into my mouth and his hips made contact with my pelvis. His onslaught was hard and furious, but instead of being repelled, I welcomed it. I returned his kiss with the same level of ferocity, as a week of unspent desire came hurtling out of my body and I wanted him to feel it.

I grabbed handfuls of his hair, while he destroyed my lips with his clever mouth and tongue. His erection was huge and he rocked himself against my clit with such force that I felt my orgasm building.

It felt like minutes that we were locked in this battle, but it must have only been seconds before he tore himself away from me. His face looked tortured and he stalked off to the station without glancing back.

I was out of breath and dizzy with desire. I followed slowly behind and just managed to make it to the station platform as the train opened its doors.

I saw him step into a carriage and an invisible string pulled me along behind him. Confusion clouded my brain and I didn't know where to sit or stand. He was in his usual place and was holding his rucksack in front of him as a shield. His hair was messed up from my hands and his face looked menacing as his eyes scrutinized me.

The air between us crackled with sexual tension and I felt too overwhelmed. I turned away from him and sat in a different section of the carriage, shaking and feeling unstable. My breath was coming out in short puffs and it took the whole journey to get myself under control.

I got off at my stop and this time, I was the one who didn't look up, but I felt his burning stare following me even as the train moved away.

Day 7

I woke up this morning feeling elated. The stranger wanted me, but he was furious; furious at me for making him notice me and furious that he could not control his desire for me. It made me feel invincible and finally in control.

As I neared the entrance to the underpass, I stopped short. There, leaning against the wall was my beautiful stranger. He was looking at his phone again and there was a frown on his face.

The sun shone down on him like a spotlight and his chestnut hair was shimmering with glints of golden streaks.

He was not wearing a suit today. Instead he had on a faded pair of blue jeans and another white shirt. He looked so delicious that I wanted to lift up his shirt and trail my tongue down from his chest to his groin.

He looked up and caught me watching him. His lips tilted up at the corners in almost a smile. Casually he put his phone in his back pocket and walked towards me with careful deliberation; his stunning eyes never leaving my face.

When he reached me, he trailed one of his fingers over my lips and pressed it inside my mouth. Still staring at each other, I sucked hard on his finger and my insides clenched with familiar desire for him.

In his intense gaze there were unspoken words about what he was going to do with me once we were alone.

He took my hand and led me away from the station.

The End & f=815 & t=1308314

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