by Richard Williams, copyright 2021.

PAY IN GOLD - Finale

Dear, sweet Chloe,

Ela/Vhyirmat continued her past-life story. Once again I wondered if she would need another dose of that special lunar sex treatment but once she felt the urge to tell, she kept on to the climax.


She could not help but think of her African lover's large hands as she rode along - the long, experienced fingers that pleasured her so as they gently probed her wetness, and the soft, sensuous lips that almost audibly begged to be kissed without a word being spoken... all wrapped in a respectful but enigmatic way of speaking. It was the summer break for the cadets now; the others were home with their families and friends, but he was too far from home to make that homecoming journey. Auntie proved to be even more open-minded than Ela/Vhyirmat had thought and welcomed him in her home. Of course, she was mostly off for the 1914 naval maneuvers with her admiral. Ela/Vhyirmat welcomed him into her bed. Sophisticated though he was, there were times when Auntie was away, and she commanded "up periscope" and they then spent a few minutes watching Marie and Jim. Once those two had a pillow fight, something that had been missing in the Togolese education. He and Ela/Vhyirmat tried doing it but after a few swings she was in his arms and pressing her wet heat against the power of his rising Black manhood.

Thinking of his touch again she shivered and squirmed in the limousine's leather seat, her silky, underthings clinging to her with the dampness that came every time her thoughts turned to the physical expression that they had shared in the past. She closed her eyes and leaned back, allowing the memories of his last visit to flood every cell of her body with a need so powerful that her head swam.

Now she had to close the door on those thoughts. She was on her way in Auntie's new limo to Marquardt to meet Hermann the banker's son. That's how Auntie always referred to him. He and his father had only intermittently attended the Zufluchtsort but never apologized or explained their absences. That is till now. When they had last met up Ela/Vhyirmat had teased him about their "secret other life" and eventually he promised to let her in on some of the secret. Perhaps he was influenced by the mental flood of sexual fantasies induced by Vhyirmat's goddess-delegated powers. Whatever!

Jim Royster kept a steady hand on the wheel as they bumped along a country road. Auntie's driver and his horse had retired. No more complaining about the "auto-mobile" problems. Jim could fix anything. They passed a gasthaus where a few patrons were outdoors drinking many beers; Auntie's luxurious car did not draw too much attention except for one sarcastic appearing farmer who leaned over to his neighbor and said something that evoked bitter laughter. Ela/Vhyirmat knew that wealthy people from Berlin were buying up country land for their country estates, mimicking what the royals had done before them. She was glad that guessing about whatever was said got her mind off of her African lover.

Resetting her thoughts to Hermann, her lips parted, and, in her reverie, his lips seemed to descend to hers. She could smell the different scent of him, feel his arms wrapping tightly around her, pulling her to him, his tongue slipping into her mouth. The flower of her sex fluttered in response and her hips rocked imperceptibly against the firm leather upholstery. The banker's son had the potential to be a great lover but was too focused on his work, she mused.

They drew up in front of the small Landesbank. It was mid-afternoon - time to close for the day and do the bookkeeping. Jim, in his trim chauffeur's uniform, winked at her as he properly assisted her alighting from the car.

"I don't know how long I'll be here, Jim. Why don't you walk back to the gasthaus and then come back in an hour or so? You can practice your German on the innkeeper's daughter!" Ela/Vhyirmat did not know if the innkeeper even had a daughter but both teased and complimented Jim on his progressing language skills.

"Es klingt gut," he responded with a Berlin saying and closed up the limousine.

Ela/Vhyirmat opened the door of the bank. There was a young clerk locking file cabinets and straightening things up. A woman about his age wearing a modern shift - mass-produced for a big department store - waited anxiously. Berlin manufacturers paid sketch artists, Ela/Vhyirmat knew, so they could copy Paris originals within days of their showing.

"Ein moment, bitte..." the clerk addressed Ela/Vhyirmat. She explained that she was there to see his superior. He paused in his straightening and went to a back office. The young woman kept anxiously twisting her handkerchief.

"The Unter-Direktor will be out in a moment," the clerk said when he returned. He returned to nervously straightening things. The young woman looked frustrated. And then, as readers familiar with goddess-delegated powers understand, they both blinked. Ela/Vhyirmat enjoyed watching as the thoughts they had been hiding from themselves bubbled up to the surface. Under her direction he reached out and engulfed the young woman in his arms, dropping a leather case that he had just picked up. Her heart pounded as he pressed her to his chest and the familiar scent of him filled her senses. No words were necessary as they stood there in each other's arms, Ela/Vhyirmat fading into the background - not existing at all for them.

A long, passionate kiss brought the erotic visions again into the young woman's mind. She swayed into him, pressing her body tightly to him, feeling the beginnings of his erection poking through their clothing, telling her that he too had been having the same sort of thoughts as the ticking bank clock brought him closer and closer to her. He shivered and pulled away finally, bending over to retrieve his bag, his crooked smile melting her heart as it always had. He grabbed his hat.

"The Unter-Direktor will be out in a moment," he hurriedly repeated, pulled the door shade down and they were gone in a flash. Ela/Vhyirmat wondered if she had overdosed them. Hermann must have heard the commotion or the door closing. He came striding up the hall from his office.

"I had some business to attend to," he half-apologized. "But now you may come back this way. It's a long trip from Savignyplatz and I have all kinds of refreshments in my office." And he did. Ela/Vhyirmat began to wonder how much entertaining he did. The bank itself looked as modest as the surrounding farms. His office furniture, though, looked as new and overdone as anything inspired by the younger Kaiser Wilhelm's reign.

Ela/Vhyirmat deferred to his choice of wines; he seemed to know a lot about them. He also seemed to be avoiding the subject of the secret that he felt compelled to share with her. Was he teasing her? The wine blurred her thoughts for a moment and then she focused on Hermann's desktop. There was a photo of his fiancé and some account documents. And next to the new telephone instrument there was a piece of paper with scribbled notes. She thought she recognized a name on the paper.

"I can tease, too," she told herself and rose unsteadily as though affected more by the wine than she was. He rose to catch her as she fell toward the desk, spilling the last drop of wine.

"Here, I'd best dab it up!" she insisted. He insisted that she need not. But in the moment that she was over the desk she saw the name: Major von Guten-Zuviel.

Ela/Vhyirmat looked into Hermann's eyes and easily slipped off the layer of conscious thoughts that kept his libido in check. He blinked.

"Let me show you something exciting!" he proclaimed.

In seconds he led her into the still open vault. He kissed the back of her neck as she fumbled for a hand hold for the step up, making it hard for her to pay attention to the task at hand. Shaking hands finally connected with the railing and she stepped inside. He followed and immediately began dimming the lights. As he leaned forward to adjust an incongruously placed feather tic draped over some crates, her hand snaked between his legs, running up his inner thigh, cupping his balls. His quick intake of breath as she touched him intimately let her know that he was as anxious as she.

He turned in the cramped area and kissed her hard, his tongue filling her mouth, already panting. His hands felt for the buttons on her blouse and began quickly unbuttoning them. She didn't resist, but lay back, mewing her urgency. The soft fabric fell away and revealed the green lingerie that she knew enhanced the redness of her hair. that she had worn especially for him. Kneeling on the crate in front of her, still fully clothed, his hands fumbled with the Paris silk. Her breasts rose and fell as he lifted it off of them and it fell to the bed. He looked at the proud nipples, and up into her eyes - eyes that smoldered with desire - and set to work, tonguing one nipple and then another, pressing her breasts together and inhaling her scent. Her skirt had ridden up around her thighs, and his fingers pushed fabric aside and dove beneath the matching green pantaloons, wet with her juices, finding the curly hairs dripping wet and her sex so slick and hot that he knew she too was ready. She spread her legs wide, welcoming his probing fingers.

"I want you now," he said, unbuttoning his pants. "I can't wait." His hard cock sprang forth, and, without undressing further, he lunged forward and blissfully drove his shaft into her waiting sheath, the warmth of her, the silkiness of her skin and her own obvious urgency driving him wild. Her hands clutched at his ass, pulling him as far into her as he could go.

"Oh God Hermann, yes...fuck me. Fuck me hard," she whispered, stifling a scream. "Oh, like that Lover. Just like that. You know what I like."

He slammed into her, her hips rising and falling on the ersatz bed, meeting each of his thrusts with equal intensity. Her unfettered breasts bounced against his chest.

The rough fabric of his pants scraped her inner thighs as he moved, but she found it all terribly exciting. They had never done anything quite this spontaneous - had never made love nearly fully clothed. Their lovemaking in the Zufluchtsort was always passionate, but tender and sweet with foreplay that had them spiraling slowly up to a point that necessitated their coupling, but there was little time today, and it had been so long for both of them...

"Mein Gott, mein Gott," he panted over and over as he plunged in and out of her, "...Ohhhhhhh, Ela you feel so good."

His body shook and it felt as if his cock had grown twice the size that she remembered it being the last time that they had made love.

The vibrations began deep in the core of her, and an orgasm slammed into her, taking her breath away. She shivered and panted, calling his name, oblivious to anything else besides the man who was making her feel so wonderful.

He continued to drive into her, and she had orgasm after orgasm, losing all sense of time or place. Finally, with a mighty thrust, his seed burst into her, triggering another string of orgasms. With a soft moan he collapsed on top of her, raining kisses on her face. His hands, so rough and demanding before, caressed her gently as his lips sought hers. For many moments they stared in each other's eyes without words. What could they say about what had just taken place?

"Mmmmmmm," she sighed, rubbing her cheek against his like a contented cat.

He rolled off of her and lay down beside her, his eyes never leaving hers.

"That was marvelous," he whispered - when he could finally catch his breath.

She nodded her agreement, again running her hand up his inner thigh, reaching into his pants and cupping his now flaccid penis, holding it gently in her palm. She was surprised to feel it responding as she caressed it.

She released him then and tugged his pants down his slender legs, wanting to feel his flesh full length against hers. He arose just enough to unbutton and slide his shirt off and tug his undershirt over his head. His shoes and socks joined the tangle of clothing on the floor, and she took the remainder of her clothing off. Soon both of them were naked, and he reached for her, welcoming her into the shelter of his arms.

The musky scent of sex lay heavy in the small vault. They caressed every inch of each other's bodies lazily, first with hands and fingers, and then with tongues, marveling at the fact that once again, so soon, his erection had begun to spring up. Her tongue drifted downward, tasting the salt of the combined sweat that their earlier lovemaking had left on his body. The taste was not objectionable. Mixed with the honey of their love, it was quite pleasing. Her tongue tarried on his belly, making slow circles around his belly button as she watched his erection grow.

She laughed a bit, with pure joy, enjoying the sensual sensation of sight, and taste, mixed with his murmurs as her lips drew closer to his bobbing cock. She loved watching it lengthen, knowing that her ministrations were the cause - knowing that he was picturing in his mind other times when she had taken his cock in her mouth and made him cry out with pleasure. He had told her that no one had ever known what he liked as well as she did - that no one had ever pleasured him as well. She wasn't certain that it was true, but she did know how much he loved it when she teased him as she was doing today - coming closer and closer, just barely grazing his cock many times before finally engulfing it with her mouth. It seemed larger than ever before.

He swelled in her kisses and she took his excitement and turned it into deep satisfaction. Ela/Vhyirmat looked up and watched his eyes grow wide as he felt the surge flowing through his fully engaged body. He would be unable to resist her desire to learn the secret that he had promised to share.



Three shipping cases of the glittering stuff packed with some sort of printed booklets that Hermann proudly showed off.

"But," Ela/Vhyirmat sweetly asked, "what is it doing in your bank?" She almost said "small bank" but realized that might not be diplomatic.

"Do you remember Major von Guten-Zuviel?"

"How could I forget him?" she replied, thinking of the swaggering military man.

Hermann took that as a favorable comment. His face still glowed from the pleasures they had shared but she could see that he was beaming anew.

"He asked for my help with a special transaction." He paused theatrically, "an international transaction." Emphasis on the word "international".


"Yes. In the Ottoman Empire. For 'friends' of the German Empire." Why he was telling a subject of His Britannic Majesty all this was easy to understand: she was just a woman and his thoughts were in a haze. And there was another reason.

"The major suggested that you and I accompany the shipment."

"Why not you and your fiancé?" She pointed at the framed photo that they had

knocked over in their passion.

"The major is a clever man. He said that it would be better to have a couple traveling with the cases who had an apparent motive for keeping secrets. Think about it." He added "the major is a big follower of the goddess Lofn." Ela/Vhyirmat remembered that Lofn was responsible for expediting forbidden relationships, which might explain Hermann's commanding burst of sexual energy.

"Constantinople? I've never been east of Karlshorst. When do we leave?"

Hermann leaned over and kissed her. Well, she thought, never east of that Berlin suburb in this life anyway.

"It's a secret but it will be in a few days. Will you be ready?"

"Yes!" Hermann embraced her and then swung her around the room.


Hermann escorted her to her car. It was late and she hoped that Jim had come back from the gasthaus so they would not have to walk back there to find him.

"This is Helga," Jim said. A raven-haired farm girl scrambled to straighten up her clothing and climb out of the back seat of the car all at the same time. Jim calmly finished buttoning his pants and then slid out to join her.

"She's the innkeeper's daughter. Helping me practice my German!"

Ela/Vhyirmat smiled and silently evoked a feeling of peace from the goddess. Apprehension faded from the girl's face, replaced with a smile. Disapproval faded from Hermann's and was replaced with a smile.

"May we give you a ride back to the inn? Jim is very skilled."

"Yes." Ela/Vhyirmat was not sure if Helga's firm 'yes' meant skilled driver or skilled lover.

Hermann and the country bank were out of sight by the time they dropped off Helga. Jim skillfully drove them back into Berlin. It felt good to be in his responsible hands.


"Before I go upstairs there is something that I want to tell you," Jim said. "It'll take a minute."

"Let's sit down in the parlor." Her legs were still trembling a bit from Hermann's virtuoso performance.

Marie arrived with tea.

"While I was in the gasthaus tonight I overheard three men talking about a job that Hermann - your banker - hired them to do." Ela/Vhyirmat raised an eyebrow. Jim continued.

"In a couple of days they're going to move some heavy crates from the bank to a station in Berlin, I think it's Goerlitzer Bahnhof. They don't know why but it's something to do with Major von Guten-Zuviel. And he mystified them by making some comments about the goddess Lofn. I think she's a Norse myth."

"Yes," murmured Ela/Vhyirmat, not clarifying whether it was 'yes' to the name of the Norse goddess or 'yes' that she was a myth.

"Jim, Marie, I want to talk with both of you at breakfast tomorrow. We'll have something important to discuss." Ela/Vhyirmat spoke in a businesslike tone.

Feeling wonderfully tired after Hermann's attention, Ela/Vhyirmat thought she would sleep well but in the depths of the night she felt the dream call of the goddess. Nymphs and satyrs beckoned to her, fruitlessly offering varied pleasures as she strode toward the temple. When the dream faded she did sleep well, confident in knowledge of the goddess' plan.

After Marie had spread out breakfast, Ela/Vhyirmat wrapped herself in her favorite dressing gown and between sips of the imported English breakfast tea she explained the situation. First she summarized the plot that they had accidentally uncovered, including information gleaned from her dream.

She described the gold in the packing cases destined to buy someone's favor in the Ottoman Empire. Possibly to buy 'friends' for the German Empire. And in her own words she relayed what the goddess said, that it would be part of a conspiracy organized by Major Guten-Zuviel intended to buy war.

The pair sat there quietly for a minute or two as they absorbed this new information that explained so much. The clock seemed to tick louder than usual.

"Will you help me stop this? Love breaks man-made barriers to peace. I don't intend violence." To herself she added the reminder that as an agent of the goddess she must BE the change the goddess wishes for the world.

Both expressed a willingness to help, but how?

"We need two more strong men, men with courage who are able to move the gold, men who we trust intimately." As Ela/Vhyirmat had surmised, Marie offered Wolfe, the poet. He was home on leave. She had run into him in the Konditorei and she could not help but enjoy thinking of how much the military training had strengthened him. She licked her lips as she thought of the possibilities with him.

"Jim will be in charge of transferring the gold. Do you know where you can get some firebricks?" Ela/Vhyirmat queried. Jim nodded. She was not sure he was happy about Wolfe turning up, but no doubt realized that he would have to go back to his regiment soon.

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