"The last man I did this to was so stimulated that all I had to do fuck his ass a few strokes, and his penis started coming without any touching." She finished.

And so did I. At that moment, I brought Maries hand u to my mouth and I moaned, pretty loudly. And consequently the talking stopped. And as they all watched me, I began to have an orgasm right there. I came with a groan and squirted 3 big ropes of semen, followed by a few more smaller ones. My hips were bucking and Marie was lightly slapping my ass as I came.

When I came back down to earth, Morgan stood and walk towards me and turned around to the other ladies, held up her hands and yelled a "Voila" as if to say this was all in a days work. There was some clapping from the ladies,

Marie said out loud in Spanish and French that Morgana had been bragging that she could bring a man off just by talking. I guess I had been the guinea pig.

So Morgana came close and put her hands on both of my cheeks (on my face) and kissed me on the lips. My mouth opened and she and I French kissed for 4 or 5 seconds.

"Good boy" she said with a smirk.

"Merci, Mademoiselle" I said in decent French.

Someone came up with a towel to clean up and I took it from her. It was my mess. I got down on my hands and knees and saw to my mess. Morgana reaped down and spanked me a couple of times complementing me on my neatness.

I needed to lie down or at least sit down. They lead me to Morgana's lounge chair and bade me lie down, so I did.

What a feeling. I was so naked. I was in the sun on the sea, laying down with my eyes closed while the women chatted and talked in French and Italian.

Someone brought me a liter of water and I sat up and drank it down. Then I dozed a bit until Marie came over and sat at the edge of the lounge chair and kissed me and stroke my hair. I woke to her smiling face and beautiful eyes close to my face.

"Are you hungry, naked boy?" She asked.

I was indeed. On the lower deck they had pulled out sliced meats, olives, cheeses, wine, baguettes, olive oil, and croissant. And we all set to with a gusto.

Morgana offered me some wine and some cannabis. I accepted the wine but declined the cannabis.

Morgana asked me why I don't partake.

I laughed and answered. "Well, I avoid cannabis because when I smoke it, I seem to end up naked. But I guess I am already naked..."

They all laughed.

Marie asked me what I had left on the beach and if anything was valuable.

"All I left" I said, "was a towel, my speedo and flip flops. My wallet and papers are in my hotel and the key, I left at the desk."

Marie asked "So then you don't mind hanging out until tomorrow on the boat? You don't mind staying with me tonight here? We can take you to your hotel tomorrow. But I guess you will have to be naked for quite a while"

My "I WOULD LOVE THAT!" Was so quick and emphatic, she laughed. So did everyone else.

We swam in the ocean, tried to fish (without success), I talked to everyone and worked on my French. Told them about Arkansas, and learned about their homes. It was most pleasant. The day passed into night in this manner.

At about 23:00 local time (11 PM), Marie led me to her cabin which was really just the galley where one of the benches converted to a good sized bed, big enough for two people. There were a fe other cabins as well and some of the ladies slept oN deck, wrapped in blankets. The weather was no cold.

"Would you like to sleep with me, Nino". She asked. Oh yes I would!

Marie got out her suitcase and started getting some things. She had an extra toothbrush, some mouthwash, which I used, and she pulled out some more clothes for herself as it was getting slightly chilly, maybe about F 69 or 20 C. She pulled off her bikini (She had a full but manicured bush. She was truly lovely) and she put on a T shirt and a sarong. Then she pulled out a few more things that looked Lacey and feminine.

"I saw how you reacted." She said. "When Morgana talked about her men wearing panties and frilly lady's things, you got very excited. I thought maybe you would like to wear some of my things to bed. No one will judge you here."

She held up a pair of lacy black stockings and a garter belt to hold them up. She held up a red camisole in silk. She asked if I would like to wear them? I nodded most eagerly.

She helped me with the garters and stockings and the camisole. I could not believe how they felt. I could not keep my hands off myself. I was hard again in no time.

Marie said she would be right back and she went out of the galley door. I was simultaneously afraid someone would see me dressed like this and also wanted that to happen more than anything. She came back with Morgana, as well and Francesca (of the tiny thong) and Valeria the owner of the boat. The latter two had sheets and a blanket. Morgana had the heels she had been wearing earlier. She had donned a baggy sweater that came down to about halfway cover her still naked ass. So sexy!

Francesca literally whistled at me in my frilly clothes with my erection out for all to see. Then Valeria laid the bedding down and kissed Marie good night. Then she did the same to me and smiled. Francesca followed her. Then Morgana asked my what size shoes I wore. I quickly calculated my size from USA size to Europe size.

"Size 41". I said.

"I thought so." Morgana said. "Here, these will fit you. And I bet they will look nice with your new outfit."

Then she knelt down and gently lifted first one foot and then the other to slip the sexy heels on my and then she buckled them. I felt very sexy. Morgana then shocked my by quickly taking my erections and stroking it up and down a few times. It made me make an involuntary noise!

Then she rose and wished us a good night.

I helped Marie make the bed, and she took off her clothes and got in. I started to do the same but she stopped me.

"Wouldn't you like to wear these things while we make love?" She asked.

"Yes,! I would!" I said.

We both got into bed and started kissing. Very quickly, Marie pushed me down on my back. Then she climbed up onto my face, with herself facing my feet. Her pussy and ass were right in my face as she lowered herself down. And Then I went to work.

My first girlfriend taught me how to perform cunnilingus. She was a very good teacher. And I soon had Marie crying out in ecstasy: twice. And I could hear the obvious sounds of sex coming from outside on the back deck. I imagined 2 of the women out there giving each other pleasure.

After, she had come twice, Marie got off of me and reached for her hand bag. She pulled out a small vibrator and clicked it one. The Buzz was very suggestive.

"Nino" She began. "I want you to take me from behind. I want to have you fuck me like this. And, Nino, you have a fairly small penis, so I want to use this on my clitoris while you fuck me. I think it will make me come faster. I want us to come together. Is that ok? I don't want you to feel inadequate."

"Of course!" I said. "It's fine. I want you to feel good. I want you have as many orgasm as you want." What I wanted most was to hear her come again. She sounded so lovely and sweet when she was coming.

She got into position and so did I. We made love in this way very hard and fast. Within 3 or 4 minutes we both started moaning. It was very gratifying that she came at the same time as I did.

We collapsed together in a heap. Eventually we rearranged and made spoons. And we fell asleep this way. Sweet sleep.

The next thing I knew, I smelled coffee. I heard female voices.When I opened my eyes, I saw morning sun. I was on my stomach so I lifted my head. I looked back behind me and realized that I was still wearing my outfit. Camisole, stockings and garters (no panties) and even the Stilettos. I looked back up to see Marie, Francesca, and Valeria looking at me.

Marie was in a T shirt and nothing else. Valeria was wearing a pair of panties and a short T shirt. But Francesca was naked. She was trim and young and athletic and completely unconcerned that she was naked in front of me.

"Nice ensemble". Said Francesca in Italian, which I understood.

"And you." I said in the best Italian I could. "You look absolutely stunning". I finished in English. And with a smile, she handed me a cup of Press coffee. I sat up and sipped. It was very good.

Strangely I was coming over a bit shy, when Marie ruffled my hair and kissed me on top of my head. I knew they all had seen me naked yesterday. But now I was wearing lingerie and stiletto heels. But then I decided to go with it. Besides I liked wearing this gear. So I got up to stand at the counter where the ladies were. Walking in the heels was tricky. I leaned on the counter and drank my coffee. I was waking up and becoming more aware. And I was enjoying looking at these women in their T shirts, some in panties, and one lovely little nymph so naked and pretty.

Francesca came over and stood next to me. She was almost painful to look at. Blond and tan, lithe but with real muscle under her skin. I never was attracted to smaller butts but her's was so perfectly formed and muscular, it was distracting.

"How did you sleep?" She asked in accented English.

"I slept well, but did not get enough sleep." I said.

"Yes, I think we heard you not getting enough sleep last night." She said. "You look very pretty, this morning."

I actually blushed and mumbled a 'thank you'. She laughed and patted me on the ass.

Marie said (I think) in French "Let's go up to the deck and drink our coffee." So we took our coffee and the other French presses, and well as some extra cups, and walked out to the rear deck. There were still a few people rolled up on blankets, on pads oh the deck, so we were quiet. We went to the upper deck. There were people awake and we said hello and poured coffee.

The women up top there were looking at me quizzically one one of them said something in French and Marie answered.

Marie translated. "Cecilia says that this is an unusual outfit for a young man. She wonders if you are feeling embarrassed. She asks if you are a...what is the word..."Sissy? She would like to hear what you have to say for yourself."

I decided not to be embarrassed and just be me.

"Well, when I came onto the boat yesterday, I was completely naked. Now I am not. So I guess its progress"

Marie laughed and translated. When she finished, the ladies all laughed.

"Last night," I went on, "Marie asked me to put on these clothes. Morgana gave me her shoes. And I really liked wearing them. They felt sexy. So maybe I am a sissy. But it feels natural to me to wear this. My regular underwear is so boring. Why should women get to have all the fun?" I finished telling them.

You might think this would be embarrassing to admit to being a sissy and liking to wear stockings and heels. But I had been loved up by a beautiful French girl, giving her three orgasms, I had been flirted with and exposed by a dozen women and had been moved to orgasm but a dominatrix who used only her voice. As far as I was concerned, there was nothing wrong with this picture.

Marie translated what I had said and there was laughter when I heard the French word for "Naked" and then thoughtful oohs and aha's when she translated the rest of what I said.

We sat drinking coffee and chatting, me trying to follow in Italian French, and trying to answer in the appropriate language. It was pleasant.

Morgana came up the ladder in a sarong open at the hip. Her breasts were bare. She greeted the crowd, came over to Marie and kissed her and did the same to me. She made me stand up so she could see me. When I stumbled, she announced that she would teach me to walk in the stiletto heels. So she did. It was difficult but I was getting the hang of it.

This seemed to be better entertainment than TV as all of the ladies who were awake came around to watch. One lady, I forgot her name, told me walk on my tip toes. So that most of my weight was on my toes and not the heels. This really helped.

We finished out coffee and Marie took me swimming. I went ahead and took off the stockings, garters and camisole and heels, and me and Marie dived in. She had gotten naked. And that was fine with me. Some of the other ladies joined in.

After a time, Morgana took off her sarong and joined us in the water. I was swimming with 6 or 7 naked or nearly naked European women. How had I scored such a jackpot?

Marie was swimming with me and hugging men and wrapping her legs around me. I got my usual boner. So that when we all got out of the water, I was fully hard. The ladies all noticed.

Morgana spoke up. "My boy! You seem to be hard most of the time. Is this a state that you exist in all the time? Or is it the sun?"

"Truthfully Mademoiselle" I answered. "I have never been around such lovely creatures as you ladies. Each one of you is more beautiful than the next. And there are also you and the lovely Marie. You both are very distracting, Mademoiselle. Just look at Marie's eyes and her round ass. Perfect."

"You are such a courteous boy, Nino." She said. "Yes, I agree. Marie is a beauty."

After a leisurely breakfast, Marie suggested we need to discuss how I would get back to my hotel. She mentioned that my stuff that I left on the beach would likely be in the lost and found at the resort. So She suggested that I ride with her on the wave runner to the dock at the resort.

Someone suggested that they lend me some clothes. But the only thing available and not being used were bikini bottoms or panties. So I asked the ladies (with Marie translating as needed) what would be weirder? Will it look stranger if I and wearing a bikini bottom, a pair of panties or if I were naked?

"Keep in mind," Marie said. "He will likely be obviously erect. He always seems to be. And the unofficial "nude" section of the beach is over to the South, not near the resort."

Since the bikinis were rather small, I opted for panties. Marie had two pair in her bag and she brought them out. They were La Senza brand, which I was not familiar with. One was a very sheer black pair of boy shorts and one was a bikini with full back which were pink and had lacy frills around the leg holes and on the sides. The black ones were fairly indecent as you could see right through them. The pink ones were more demure but more obviously feminine. There was no doubt they were ladies panties.

I put the pink ones on and all the ladies voiced their approval. And with that it was time to take my leave.

Francesca, still naked, went down with Valeria to get the Wave-runner ready and unmoored. I began to say my goodbyes. I called the ladies by name when I could remember them. Otherwise, there was much kissing on cheeks and hugging and a few slaps on my pantied bottom. When I got to Morgana, she put her hand on my chin and pulled me into a warm hug. I was enveloped in her loveliness. She smelled of clean sweat and lavender. Her hand drifted to my bottom. And she squeezed it. Then she said a quick "pardon me" to Marie and kissed me on my mouth. It was quite a kiss, with our tongues exploring each other,. As the kiss continued, I pushed my already hard penis into her, just above her vagina. Then we broke off. I had to adjust my boner because it was pointing straight out.

"Marie has my number." Morgana said. "When you get back to your phone, have her input it for you. Then next time you are in Paris, we can have lunch, or...." She left it unfinished.

Marie and I got down on the lower aft deck to launch the wave-runner. Francesca was holding the line. She smiled at me. She was so casual and unfazed about her nudity. But Maybe that is because she looked like a roman statue of a goddess.

Francesca Embraced me, and kissed me lightly on the lips.

"It has been interesting having you on the boat". She said in Italian, slowly so I could follow. "It never occurred to me that I would find a sissy boy attractive. But you are so sexy in your panties, I woke up this morning wishing I had seen you before Marie. But all is fair in live and war. And besides which, Marie is one of my best friends and I love her. I am glad you made her happy last night."

What could I say to that except "Thank you!"

Marie got on the watercraft and started it and I got on back. We sped away waving to the boat.

I was very tight against Marie's ass in her bikini. I reached my hand down and slipped it into the front of her bikini bottoms and I rubbed her clit while we rode. Cried out in ecstasy before we reached the dock of the resort.

Marie tied off the wave-runner to the dock and, with some trepidation, I followed her into the resort.

There were people in swim suits all around. So maybe that is why no one noticed me right off. But it was a strange feeling walking around in panties in public. And if course, I was sexually excited about it.

We walked up to the counter. The young woman behind the counter was eyeballing me something fierce. She pointed to me and saids something in Croatian, which Marie did not speak. She repeated in Italian, which most Croatians speak.

Marie laughed and answered in Italian. The desk clerk slowly smiled and nodded.

Then she looked at me and said "Room?"

I answered "212." And the desk clerk handed me my key.

Marie explained what had transpired. The clerk asked why I was wearing panties. Marie had told her that she liked a man who was in touch with his feminine side. So she was training me.

We got up to my room and Marie looked around and said it was a nice room.

"The beds are particularly comfortable" I said as I lay across the bed on my stomach. I humped the bed a couple of times and she laughed.

She took off her swim suit and joined me on the bed. I asked her if she remembered her position last night, with her sitting on my face while she faced toward my feet.

"Yes, Nino, I remember." She said giggling. "You want that again?"

"I like seeing you from that perspective. You are so beautiful and you smell so lovely and taste wonderful. I like to hear what you sound like when you come." I told her all this while she arranged herself.

As she lowered herself on my face, I inhaled her aroma. Then I went to work. I brought her to orgasm in about 4 minutes. As She was fgnding on my face, I reached down to my panties and started stroking my penis through the thin material of the panties.

As I did this, Marie spoke to me.

"This is such a sexy sight I am looking at. You are masturbating through your panties. It's so hot, I think it's going to make me come soon."

She started increasing her tempo and I was getting pretty excited too.

"Ooh!" She said. "You are making me crazy. You little sissy. Your penis is so small and you are getting excited from my panties. Eat me, my little naked sissy boy. Let me see your little penis cum inside my panties!"

And that was all it took for both of us. We both came together yet again. The front of the panties became soaked. And Marie poured out to me. We both rested, breathing hard. And while I caught my breath, I had the beautiful sight of her ass and pussy right above me face. I think I was falling in love with her.

After a time, we stirred ourselves. Marie got a wet towel for me to clean my face off and then she cleaned my penis.

"Would you like to keep my panties, Nino?" She asked coyly. "You can wear them and think of me."

I was very grateful for this and accepted.

She, then asked me for my phone and she input Morgana's phone number in Paris.

"Well, Nino," she said. "I guess this us goodby. I am so glad I met you. And I am going to miss you."

As we embraced, I began to cry a little. I tried not to, but as I said, I was falling in love.

"Shhh, Nino" She soothed. "It's ok. Don't cry. We had fun, no?"

She was right. We did have fun. And she lived in Europe, and I lived in the southern USA. I was only in Croatia for another day. It was what it was.










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