This is a short work of erotic fiction containing furry, or anthropomorphic, characters, which are animals that either demonstrate human intelligence or walk on two legs, for the purposes of these tales. It is a thriving and growing fandom in which creators are prevalent in art and writing especially.

Please note that all characters are clearly over eighteen and written as such in all stories.


Christa and Ernesto had always been close, friends with benefits but not really, dating for a while... The dragon anthros didn't know what they were when it came to their relationship but they knew they were happy with it. Happy enough with their friendship to see their black and white tails twined together as they set down in the UK, her tail fluffed up with a blue ridge running down the spine and his with a tight layer of plate-scales that took the place of low-lying spines running down from the back of his head. With his black and yellow colouring sharply contrasting her white and blue, they made quite a pair but found their way with little trouble to their budget apartment in London. For those that worked in security, it was, at the very least, comfortable enough to get them going, though the bedrooms were a little tighter on space than they would have wanted.

For the moment, however, Ernesto was alone while Chris ventured out, enjoying a drink or two with the locals while she had the chance between shifts. Her work was demanding and had picked up considerably with her credentials, setting her up well to progress but, truth be told, it was demanding and gruelling at the best of times to act as a bodyguard. Always being switched on... It was no wonder that a dragoness had to cut loose too from time to time!

And, oh, how she had found a male to cut loose with to have her need tickled that night. He was no stud, a little younger than her in his early twenties, but a zebra with stripes that could not have helped but to catch her eye. With a drink or two in him, he'd been suave and flirty and told her all the wonderful things that he could do with his paws. Though she'd had her fair share of flings, one more could not hurt and the dragoness' interest was piqued as his lips tickled her neck.

"Oh... Oh, well, you'll just have to come back and show me personally then, sweetie..."

It was like her, of course, to be forward but the zebra did not quite seem to have been expecting that, even though he had gone along with her, as quietly as a lamb. Chris kissed him deeply, her long, draconic tongue tangling with his, the taste of whisky on her breath mingling with the beer on his. A little older, her tastes were more refined but that was something that the zebra, Michael, would have to learn as she took him back to their rented flat, paw in paw and lusts aroused.

Ernesto looked up as they entered and the zebra flinched to already find someone there.

"Oh, hey..." He mumbled, glancing at Christa. "Er, you didn't say..."

"Oh, don't worry - he's just a friend!" The dragoness grinned. "Pretend he's not here."

Yet the zebra could not pretend that he was oblivious, mumbling something that no one caught as he shifted his weight back, gaze sliding towards the door. Chris turned him back to her, her paw boldly sliding down to grope his sheath and balls through his jeans, though they were of a tighter fit than what she was used to seeing on males. Maybe they liked those when they were younger? She purred, licking and nibbling at his neck as he shivered. It did make his butt look rather good...

"Really now, don't be nervous, baby," she chuckled, brushing the fluff of her tail around against his thigh. "I'm sure you know what you're doing..."

Michael swallowed hard and shook his head, brushing his short mane back with his fingers.

"Oh, uh..." His eyes darted about. "Yeah... Yeah, hun. I'll be back in a minute. Just going to, uh, go freshen up...for you..."

To say that his speech was clunky would have been an understatement and he practically fled to the bathroom, black boots flicking up where his hooves kicked in his wake, ropey tail swinging behind. Ernesto eyed him up, a beer in his paw, shaking his head slowly from side to side.

"You do know how to scare them off..."

Christa huffed, though the drake grunted through the sofa cushion that had, all of a sudden, connected with his face.

"He doesn't know what he's doing, does he? He says he's fucked so many or "done the deed"," she growled, making air quotes with her fingers, "with so many... But it's all nothing, isn't it? I don't know why he's bragging himself up so much!"

Ernesto laughed, tossing the cushion lightly back to her.

"Yeah, yeah... So, you want my help kicking him out?"

She dithered, tipping her head back and forth.

"Hm... No. I want to see what he's packing, even though, well, yeah... I don't want someone inexperienced. But it's been a long time since I've had a horse and he counts!"

Ernesto laughed but the bathroom door opened back out into the living area to reveal a blushing zebra who still seemed to desperately be striving to hide his embarrassment, inexperience oozing from him.

"Aright... You ready...babe?"

Ernesto flinched. Even his language was cheesy. But if Chris wanted to get a story out of it and at least a thick length of dick to play with, who was he to judge? He took his fun where he could get it too while he got the lay of the land in London.

Chris blew him a kiss.

"One moment..."

If she was to freshen up too, she would have to leave him with Ernesto and the dragon was already in motion, pouring a beer for the trembling zebra who was a little unsteady on his hooves already.

"Come on, get your boots off. You don't look right."

Michael shook his head. Ernesto frowned.

"Worse than I thought... Are you really okay over there?"

"I... I..."

Yet the zebra could not get the words out as they stuck in his throat, heaving and swelling, striving for a release of some kind that simply would not come.

"I've never done it before."

"Oh... Oh."

Well, that made sense but didn't bode well for Chris. If she'd wanted a guy to "rock her world"...that wasn't what she was getting, the zebra twitching, staring down at the beer in his paws as if he had never seen it before.

Ernesto sighed. It was impossible to not feel sorry for him. Though sex wasn't exactly rocket science either...

"Look, you've just got to focus on her, let her lead you, make her feel good," Ernesto said, though giving him such tips at that stage was futile at best. "If you need help, well... Tap on the door, okay? Yeah, I know, that's weird, but me and Chris..." He fished for the right words, what would sound right to the nervous, fidgeting zebra. "We had a thing, alright? I know what she likes, she doesn't care as long as she has a good time with it. So, you got that?"

It had turned sharply into a rather one-sided conversation and the zebra nodded minutely, chugging his beer, head thrown back comically. It would not soothe his nerves but it would take the edge off and, to say the least, make him hold off climax a little longer, which could only be a good thing, he thought. Without any experience to go on, even as Chris re-emerged, he could not say still.

Chris fluttered her eyelashes at him, a little tipsy herself but freer than she had been in weeks. By gods, it was good to lose that bra! And would make things easier for her zebra friend to get to, she supposed, though it was comfort that drove her to make that kinky revelation available to him.

Taking her lover for the night by the paw, she led him into her bedroom, the room dressed simply and the lamp already on. She kissed him, taking the lead, his paws resting on her hips, trembling a little, Michael desperate for something to do but not really knowing. How could he when it was not something that he had ever done before? Even that was becoming swiftly clearer to Chris as she had to move his paws for him, bringing them up to her breasts, letting him feel the smooth rounds, how her large, scaled breasts tugged down softly under their own weight.

"I know you can do more than that with them..."

Yet the zebra was frozen in indecision, letting her take the lead again, pulling her shirt off to expose her breasts, the nipples perking up lightly in the cooler air. She kissed him again but didn't get as much of a response as she had expected, though the taste of a familiar beer that Ernesto liked lingered in his mouth.


She'd wonder about that later as she drew him to the bed with her, though everything seemed to come from her paws. Rather than their bodies coming together in carnal bliss, she had to guide and lead everything, getting even his tight jeans off, which was a trial in itself. Still, Chris somehow managed to clumsily get them both naked even without the zebra's help. His cock, unfortunately, hid away in its sheath even when freed from his underwear, only the very tip pushing out from his sheath with a nice, full pair of heavy balls behind. Chris murmured, licking her lips. Maybe that would make up for things? When it was out, of course...

Alas, it was not to be as the zebra muttered something and juddered off the bed awkwardly, stumbling over his hooves.

"Michael? Michael, where are you going?"

But the zebra was tapping on the door with a look of such desperation that she could not fathom quite was going on until the door opened, revealing Ernesto. With a smirk that was just for her, the drake raised the ridge of an eyebrow. Chris grinned.

Sly one...

"Alright... Chris, you don't mind if I join you two, do you?"

Of course, she did not mind, but she put on a show of being surprised, giggling and covering her lips with her fingers.

"Oh goodness..." She turned away, though the blush in her cheeks and down her neck was from arousal, not embarrassment. "When's the last time we were together like this, Ernesto?"

It was only the other day so the drake did not answer as he stripped, showing off the tapered pink length of his smooth-skinned erection. It was a fair size and almost matched the zebra's, though an equine was thicker around with a different-shaped cock to him: it wasn't fair to compare either of them. The zebra, however, was still tucked away as the dragoness' fingers ached to tease that velvety sheath, his cock pushing out a little more but his trepidation obvious.

Michael flinched and muttered.

"Er, I'm sorry, I'm really not... Oh, fuck..."

Chris' eyes narrowed in a frown, though she didn't let it slip to her lips. He was slow to get hard... That was strange. But what one did with their prick mattered too as Chris scooted to the edge of the bed, Ernesto encouraging Michael to kneel before her with him. He was not hard yet and that could come in time, his length swelling as Chris licked her lips, already anticipating all that he had to give.

"It's okay... Look, I'll show you."

Showing him was the least of it, however, as Chris huffed and relaxed. She'd never thought that she would end her strange kind of night with two males between her legs but that was hardly something that she was going to worry about, not in that moment. All she had to concern herself with was the push of Ernesto's fingers inside her, the dragon knowing her body so very intimately after the two of them had been together so many times over.

"Oh... Ohhh..."

She moaned a little more loudly than usual and rocked her hips up, making it more obvious what she liked. Something was going on that she didn't know but the dragoness was there to enjoy it as her lover teased her, sliding his fingers deep, careful of his claws. His fingers curled up against her G-spot, murmuring to Michael just where it was, so he would know for next time, her body reacting and bucking as if she was not even in control of herself.

"Relax, Chris, we'll get you there."

Ernesto took control easily, a smirk on his lips, muzzle dropping as he taught the newbie, a zebra who, for sure, would have a lot to offer the ladies (maybe even the males too) with a little more experience under his belt. If he'd not made a fool out of himself, maybe he would have had his first time already but that was not a thing to worry about, not then, not when everything was progressing around him. He could learn on the go and Ernesto let him take his place, the zebra's tongue hesitantly sliding around the exposed nub of the dragoness' clit, unsure of his position even then.

"Ohhh, yes," Chris breathed. "Lips too, honey..."

She had to be gentler than usual, the two dragons guiding the zebra in making her feel good, though it was Ernesto's fingers that had to slide into her. Pushing and thrusting, they sank in to the knuckle as the zebra learned to work with his lips and tongue, closing his lips in velveteen softness around her clit and suckling it between them.

The effect on the dragoness was electric, toes curling and flexing, tail thwapping the side of the bed. It was too much for her too quickly but, to be fair to him, it was a start, her fingers moving over his ears, sliding through his mane.

"Gentler, stripes, gentler..."

Michael shivered. She'd given him a nickname. Did that mean that she liked him? The zebra could not say as the dragoness thrust and bucked against his muzzle. Was he doing that to her? Making her feel good? His chest puffed out and his cock throbbed, drooling pre-cum, even though that side of his pleasure above his learning was yet to come. Michael pressed in, lapping and swirling his tongue around her clit, letting it play over the soft bud of flesh, Ernesto's fingers sloppily driving into the slicker and slicker mess of her pussy.

"Here, now you try... I'll show you how to make her cum, she'll really scream for you!"

Michael grunted and tried, his fingers shaking, sliding them into the velvety heat of the dragoness' pussy, deeper and deeper, wanting it too. His cock pumped up a little fuller with blood, getting into it, though that was easier than ever when he didn't have to think too much about what he was doing. His stomach may have churned with nerves but he fingered her slowly, following Ernesto's guidance, his fingers sliding back and forth and even managing to curl up against her clit.

"Oh..." Chris groaned, rolling her hips eagerly up to Michael. "Yes, that's it, unnff... More... Come on!"

Ernesto egged him on too and Michael's ears pricked, thrusting and grinding, needing it too, his breath panting hotly in his nostrils as they flared and twitched. Her scent had an effect on him as he got into it, Ernesto grabbing his paw to adjust his angle just a little, although it would not be long before the dragoness reached her high, even then. Not that Michael was clued-up enough to know that her short, sharp breaths meant that she was "getting there".

He'd learn. In time.

The drake knew when she was close and took back over to tip her over the edge at just the right moment, the dragoness' cries filling the bedroom as she climaxed. He held the zebra down to keep his lips where they needed to be, even if he knew for himself that it felt quite as if Chris was about to break his own nose sometimes when she was really wrapped up in ecstasy. He had to do it though if he was to please her, the dragoness grinding and humping, taking her pleasure in as coarse and as crude a fashion as normal. Her juices flowed readily, overly productive, her pussy as well-prepared as she ever would be for the thick meat of Chris' cock.

Ernesto took the lead, however, letting the zebra rock his weight back.

"Like this... Slow to start..." He grinned. "But Chris likes it hard too!"

"Mmmph, you..."

But anything more Chris had to say was lost in a moan as the drake penetrated her, smoothly pushing in as the full length of his prick disappeared into her. The undulating length was smooth and enticing, even to a male who, very much, was just interested in the ladies at that time, the tip questing deeper and deeper as the thickness stretched out Chris' sex. The zebra's jaw dropped and he groaned but the warming up was to be all Ernesto as he thrust and ground, showing the zebra how to move his hips, what she liked the most. It was hard to get words out in the heat of the moment but he could only hope that it was conveyed to the zebra as his need grew and grew.

He could have lost himself in that moment if not for Chris tapping him, shaking her head, sliding her gaze to the zebra. The drake grumbled as he slid out, his cock coated with her juices, but acquiesced to the zebra, the bed at just the right height so that he did not have to bend his knees too much.


Ernesto was bold enough to grasp the zebra's cock and guide his flat tip into Chris, their moans filling the air. He was finally fully hard and ready to go, his dark-skinned cock aching for her, aching for something. The medial ring was defined and the tip glistened with a drop of pre-cum, flatter than Ernesto's was but a new taste for Chris that she had not had in a long time. It was that first penetration that was the most difficult and the zebra found a clunky, uncommon rhythm after that, guided by the needs of his body. It helped that his cock was smooth and not ridged, the medial ring even softly gliding into her, painting his dark length with her cream.

He thrust and thrust, losing himself in the moment even as Ernesto took his pleasure too, Chris laying her head all the way back on the bed so that he could push his cock into the length of her muzzle. The males used her body as she relished in the attention, though Michael was too caught up in thrusting to learn more about her body, what felt good. That would have to come later, a little later, Chris rising and falling on waves of passionate ecstasy, the zebra thrusting and humping, so close already to spending himself inside her. Yet she was already on a knife-edge as she cried out her delight, clinging to both males as she climaxed again, Ernesto's grunt ringing in her ears.

Her pussy massaged the length of the zebra's ungainly, thrusting cock but that was too much for him as he lost control, braying as he seeded her. Ropes of thick spunk flooded her pussy but the zebra was quick on the draw, for his first time, and quick on his orgasm too, Ernesto rumbling a growl as the last of them to reach his high just as Chris was softening into the afterglow of hers. His cream poured down her throat as she gulped reflexively, not wanting to let a drop go to waste, her night saved by her long-time friend and lover who always seemed to know just what she needed.

"Oh... Sorry... I know..."

Michael stuttered but Ernesto clapped him on the shoulder, baring his teeth in a wicked grin. It was hard not to be happy when a dragoness was swirling their long tongue around one's cock, after all.

"You did great! But she'll be ready to go again soon..." He chuckled. "Ladies don't need time to recover like we do."

Nodding, Michael shivered, panting in a flutter of nostrils, though there was little that he could do but regain control of himself, his soft cock easing reluctantly from the heated bliss he had found there. He guessed he wasn't a virgin anymore? The zebra grinned, teeth showing as he nickered and bobbed his head with glee. Chris moaned, Ernesto's cock slipping from her lips, her eyes half-lidded with smoky lust.

"Now you know what to do..."

But Michael still had so much to learn.

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