One of those DAYS, I thought. My carefully constructed "to do" list had barely been touched. I had a nice, fat, assignment dropped on me right before lunch.

"It's urgent, Maureen. That means today."

Yeah I know, dumbass, I thought. Of all people, Sean had the ability to irritate me by just being near me. The fact that his recent promotion elevated him above my level seemed to make him gloat around me. I didn't report to him directly, but as an officer of the company, I had no choice but to drop what I was doing when he gave me an assignment. I wouldn't put it past him to fake the urgency of this, I muttered.

He could have just emailed it to me like anyone else would have. But, no, he walked over to my desk right before lunch to deliver the assignment personally.

There was no love lost between us. We were both competitive, intelligent managers who were leaders in our respective groups. Lately, our paths crossed more often, as we were asked to lead larger projects. This led to us occasionally competing for the same resources, and unfortunately for me, Sean often got what he asked for.

"I told Henderson that it would be done today."

Great, I thought. The CEO never forgot a due date and accepted no excuses, short of your own death, for not completing an assignment.

"Got it, thanks."

My sweet smile was as fake as it could be. I didn't even attempt to hide the look on my face.

He leaned in, speaking directly into my ear.

"You know I mean business, right? I expect your usual 'perfection'," he spat.

With that, he was gone.

At two o'clock that afternoon, I received a call from HR. Now what, I mumbled.

"Hello, this is Maureen Conley speaking."

"Maureen, sorry for the last minute notice but Michael wants you to join him and his staff for an urgent meeting this afternoon. They're waiting for you at Castlebrook. I'll have Debbie arrange a car in 10 minutes for you."

A forced, 'thanks', was all I could muster. I hung up and took a quick look at my hair and makeup. A fresh swipe of cherry-red lipstick made a big difference as I smiled to myself.

'Might as well make the best of it,' I thought. 'I'm sure there will be cocktails.'

As the driver dropped me at Castlebrook, I stood up straight and walked in in my usual professional manner. Often the only female at staff meetings, I was used to having the men stand up when I entered the room. My chair was always pulled out for me. I rather enjoyed wearing something a little sexier when I knew I was to attend a staff meeting, although today I was wearing a navy suit with a skirt and light gray blouse. I wore simple pearl earrings and pumps. Not necessarily sexy, but definitely professional.

I opened the door to the conference room. The large oak table in the center of the room was surrounded by twenty or so high-backed chairs. It was straight out of a movie; with pitchers of water, leather notebooks, and fresh flowers in crystal vases.

I glanced for my boss, who strangely wasn't there. Neither was his boss. I then noticed that no one stood up with I arrived.

There was no empty seat either. Odd, I thought.

The lights dimmed. I felt my heartbeat quicken as I stood there, wondering what to do. I felt beads of sweat trickle down between my breasts.

"Hello," I offered, as calmly as I could.

Not a word.

I heard what sounded like music. At a staff meeting, I wondered? I noticed the men's ties were loose, and most had their jackets off. Kind of an informal staff meeting I guess?

As I moved toward the table, my purse and my briefcase were taken from me. In the same moment, arms lifted me up off the floor. In disbelief, I heard the music get louder and I heard someone say, "Let's get this show started!"

Show?? What show?? Get what started??

I was set on top of that huge table. I couldn't get free since the arms were still holding me down. I was pushed to the very end of the table, where the CEO usually sat. Instead, it was Sean sitting there.

I blinked hard. WTF was Sean doing there in the CEO's place?

He enjoyed my obvious discomfort. "Bring that bitch here," he barked. I tried to force myself to stay where I was on the table, but it was no use.

"Sean, what the hell is going on here? What are you doing?"

That wicked smile of his.

He said nothing, but pulled me by my legs closer to him. My skirt was pushed up on my legs, and he forced my legs on either side of him. I was pinned in place, inches from him. I was sure he could smell my sweat and sense my discomfort.

One of them men holding me on the table asked Sean if he was ready.

"Oh yeahhhh," he said. Now I felt fear. Before it was confusing and unsettling, not knowing what was happening. But now, looking onto Sean's eyes, seeing the signs of alcohol and smelling the scent of a cigar, I realized that I had been brought to a male-only celebration of sorts. Sean was sitting at the head of the table for a reason.

"Take off her blouse."

My jacket was taken, as was my silky blouse. I was bright red with embarrassment as the men undressed me. The whole time, Sean never broke eye contact, thoroughly enjoying my predicament. I felt a strong sexual undertone from him that I had never felt before. I only saw him as a hostile coworker of sorts, an immature guy who made decisions based primarily on his ego, not necessarily for the good of the company.

What I didn't know was that he was being celebrated for completing a project that stood to make the company millions. A project that my team and I did the development for. As was his nature, he finagled a way to take credit for months of my hard work, and turn it into another victory for himself.

The CEO spoke up, from the other end of the table.

"Sean here completed the Liberty Towers Project, and came in under budget. This is the most lucrative project we've ever had and he's deserving of a new office, new title and just about anything he could possibly want."

My jaw dropped and I sat inches away from my only enemy, unable to hide my disgust as well as my indignation that HE was getting accolades for MY work! I knew he contributed NOTHING to the project!

My attitude got the better of me. "WHAT? Sean had nothing to do with the Liberty Towers Project! I did that! That was MY project and you know it!" I screamed right at him, tiny drops of my spit landing on his face.

Not one person believed me. "Dan will tell you! He signed my status reviews and approved our overtime to get this done!"

But Dan wasn't there to back me up. Neither was Roger, his boss.

"How dare you, how DARE you take credit for my work!!"

If I was trying to get under Sean's skin, it wasn't working. The entire room seemed to be under Sean's spell. My impeccable reputation out the window, as I pleaded once again.

"I'm telling you!!"

I was forced flat on the table, my legs still straddling Sean. His hand took my panties aside and he shoved a cigar up inside me. "AHHH," I cried out. "Stop it!"

He took his time using that cigar as a dildo, fucking my pussy with it, the sounds of my wetness loud enough for them to hear. He smiled as he brought that cigar to his mouth and sucked my wetness from it. "So good, slut," he purred.

Someone else wanted a taste. Sean fucked me harder with it now, my slurping even more obvious.

He passed the cigar around. While someone else was licking my juices from it, Sean took three fingers and shoved them up inside me. "I knew you'd be wet and horny for me. You are such a fucking slut. Always trying to one-up me, but you never will. You'll never get the better of me, cunt."

The shame stung so badly. I was mortified to be exposed on the table, while Sean took full advantage of his position to humiliate me as much as possible.

He made me roll over and had my head at the end of the table.

"You know what to do, baby."

In absolute horror, I scrambled to get up. There was no way I was going to let this go any further. I could not believe he got away with what he did, but I was damned if I was going to have his cock forced down my throat.

Fists in my hair, yanking my head down. I fought to keep my head up, but before I could resist, I could see that he dropped his pants in front of me.

* * *

Cheers filled the room, as my head was being forced down right in front of his cock. Sean was as proud as a peacock, his thick cock massive and hard. He put his hands on my head, and in a soothingly seductive voice, said, "You want this, don't you baby? You've always had a thing for me, I know. Well, here's your chance to have me." His laugh was evil.

I could feel his precum on my lips; which I'd forced closed. I turned my head away, not even wanting to look at him. Now in addition to the hands on my head, there were hands on my shoulders, taking away my ability to balance myself on the table. I was pinned in place and like it or not, I was being forced to take the cock of my worst enemy in front of the executives where I worked. Could this get any worse??

Oh yes, it could and it did.

Sean's cock was easily the hardest, thickest cock I had ever had in my mouth. His balls were smooth and he had the physique of an athlete. If circumstances were different, I would have been very attracted to him. I would have LOVED to be in the position to have his dick inside me.

But my brain was sending all kind of mixed signals .. I was wet and aroused in spite of my humiliating position; I was desperately trying to fight taking his cock, yet I wanted to take it deep and please him; I wanted the men to see me sucking a cock and get hard watching. Yet I cried out, "No!!" as loudly as I could.

But it was no use. He shoved his cock past my lips and I gagged. He wanted me to take him, and take him I did. I moaned and hummed and he threw his head back. "Yeah that's it, take it deep. Oh fuck yes ..."

His heads on my head, guiding his cock in and out of my mouth. My waiting, hungry mouth. At that moment, I was determined to be the very best slut I could be. He was obviously enjoying it and it was as if we were the only two in the room.

Soon, he grunted loudly, and uttered that he was going to cum. He thrust deeper into my mouth, down my throat and he started pumping his cum down my throat, then on my face and even in my hair. He gave me so much cum, I couldn't believe it. The room was silent as Sean kept cumming, grunting and slathering his cum everywhere.

I tried not to think about what I must look like; my blouse off, my lacy bra exposed, my hair a sticky mess, his cum on my face.

There was an awkward pause, when Sean lifted me off the table and drug me across the room. His demeanor changed instantly as he pulled me into the small office across the room. He shut the door.

We were in the office, but we were not alone. His boss and the CEO were also inside. My mind went blank as I tried to piece together what was happening. As if the afternoon wasn't strange enough, it was about to get even more so.

"Maureen, we know that you and your team were the ones who did the development on the Liberty Towers Project."

My jaw dropped.

"We know that you deserve the promotion, and the praise. But you still need to earn it."

"Whh why?" I stuttered.

"Why? Because we need you to do something for us, and then we'll consider doing something for you."

Again, my indignation rose inside me.

"Well if you know I did the work and we got the bid, then why do I have to "earn" it again?"

The three men smiled. Sean took a fistful of my hair and spoke directly into my ear. "Baby, you gotta earn it because I said you gotta earn it. And to keep it, you gotta follow the rules."

His smile sickened me, even before I knew what he was going to say.

"You will have objectives every week. You will report to me every Friday and we will, let's say, review your progress. If I am pleased with your progress, you get to keep your new position for another week."

"And if I don't?"

They smiled.

"You will."

"Look, I don't know what yo..." SMACK!

A hard slap across my face snapped me right out of my protest.

"I said, you WILL. Failure is not an option. That is, *if* you intend to keep that lucrative new position. I'm confident you'll agree."

With that, Sean took his fingers to my nipple and pinched it then twisted it. He leaned in and bit my neck, leaving a mark. I willed myself to not react, but my body betrayed me. My breathing quickened with my arousal, and I was glad he couldn't tell that his touch made me wet again. My relief was short-lived, however, as he hiked up my skirt and yanked my panties down. Within a few seconds, he knew exactly what the effect of his nipple twist and bite had on me. He had me nailed and we both knew it.

"So, there's no problem then, right Sean?" The CEO, with his usual efficiency, got the confirmation he wanted. "Wrap it up."

The CEO left the office and I was there with Sean and the VP. Sean, once again all business, outlined the plan. I was to be summoned to his office at anytime, and expected to perform oral sex, intercourse or even anal upon his demand. I was not allowed to hesitate or refuse. Upon his discretion, others may be invited to participate or simply watch.

I was to be obedient in meetings, and was to defer to him whenever he gave me an assignment. He would dictate my attire. Any failure to comply on my part meant immediate punishment. Exactly what said punishment would be was not shared with me, but the men exchanged a knowing smile. A chill went through me as I mumbled, "Yes."

"I didn't hear you."

"Yes," I spoke up a little louder.

He grabbed me by the chin and forced me right up to his face. "It's Yes SIR, and you are my slut. Do you understand? When I am addressing you, you will be referred to as Slut, Cunt, Hole. Never by name."

"I will not tolerate your attitude, nor your disrespect. When you want something, you will request it, and you will be prepared to do whatever I decide you will do. There are no excuses, no second chances here. If you want to keep the new position, you will do what you're told in the way I want it."

Fuck ...

He made me obey. I knew what we wanted and I fought within myself before I answered him


I looked at Sean, then the VP, then back to Sean again. "Fine."

"Not good enough. You're trying my patience."

I cleared my throat and drew upon my inner strength. "Yes, Sir, I will do what you've asked. I want to keep the job."

He smiled. "Now that's better, cunt."

We left the office and re-entered the conference room. None of the executives were there, but I would have preferred that they were. Seven men stood before me.

Seven black men. Seven men who appeared to be homeless and unkempt. I felt the hair on the back of my neck stand up. I pushed aside the horrid thoughts that were forming in my mind.

Sean walked ahead of me with that confident swagger. "Slut. Your first assignment."

Two of the men walked toward me. They grabbed an arm and lead me back to the table, and forced me to my knees. The VP stood behind me, his hands on my shoulders. Sean took a seat and turned his chair to face me.

The first man smelled of body odor, cigarettes and cooking oil. Oh my God, he's a fucking cook here! He unzipped his pants, revealing a semi-hard cock and brought it to my face. The VP said in a low voice, "We saw how good a cocksucker you are. Show Stan here what those pretty lips can do."

"Nnnnn NO!"

Sean calmly smiled at me. "What did you just agree to? What did my slut promise me? Show Daddy how much you want to keep that new job, baby."

Old Stan smiled, his teeth gross and his entire being disgusted me. I began to cry. "Sean, isn't there another way? Please, I'm begging you!"

The VP reached around and slapped me again.

Sean's smile disappeared and in a low voice, almost a growl, said "You were told to call me what exactly?"

At that moment I knew I was screwed. I whimpered, "Yes Sir" and turned to face Stan. I gagged repeatedly trying to force myself to take this disgusting creature's cock in my mouth.

The other men were hooting and cheering as I sucked him. The shame I felt was more than I thought I was capable of feeling.

And then, the second man unzipped ...

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