Amy looked at me with a look of shock.

I said, "Well? You just going to leave it hanging there or help him out?"

Amy moved over to me and said, "Babe, I am not going to put some random cock in my mouth."

I said, "well, at least jerk him off. Look, poor guy is already dripping."

Amy looked at me, and her demeanor had changed, just like that.

"Go get some lube; I might as well give him the full treatment, right? Massage his cock and balls." Amy said, now in her husky horny voice.

I loved how my wife could go from Zero to light speed in a blink of an eye.

I turned to go buy some lube, and I said, "Lock the door behind me this time and make sure it is me. I will knock three times."

"OK, hurry up," Amy said as she brushed her hand across the cock, sticking out of the wall. There was a very audible grunt of pleasure from the other side.

I went back out to the counter. The guy behind the counter was smiling this time and said, "back for those condoms?"

"No, just this bottle of lube will do," I said.

He rang me up and said, "here, these are on the house." He handed me a strip of ten condoms.

I just grabbed them, wanting to get back to my wife.

As I walked down the hall, an older man came out of the room next to ours. It had to be the guy who had his cock sticking into our booth. As he passed me, he whispered, go into booth 7, you won't be disappointed; there is a total whore in booth 6.

I followed him until I got to the curtain and watched him; he went up to every guy in the store and said something while motioning to the booths.

I thought Amy is in for a surprise. I think we both are, for that matter.

I knocked on the door three times, and this time Amy asked if it was me.

I heard the door unlock, and I opened and walked in to find my wife standing there with her top and bra off.

Surprised, I said, "wow, what did I miss? You couldn't wait for the lube?"

Laughing, Amy said, "I just barely touched him, and he popped off, shot his load all over my blouse. Poor guy."

"Poor guy? Really, he just got a hand job from a stranger and didn't even buy you a drink," I said, laughing.

"Oh, it wasn't even close to a hand job; seriously, I didn't even have my hand wrapped around his pecker; I hadn't even completed a full stroke when he popped. It was more like a handshake job." Amy laughed out.

Amy said, "get your pants off; I need to suck your big cock."

As I undid my pants, I pointed to the wall, and there was another cock sticking through the hole the first guy had stuck his cock through.

Amy smiled and said, "Oh, another customer, where's the lube?"

I handed her the lube, and I sat down and watched my wife squirt a glob of lube on her hand and begin slowly massage this new cock. Amy gives excellent hand jobs. I love them, and she knows I do, so she is never shy about pulling my cock out and stroking me or sucking me off.

She looked at me and said, "Wow, this guy is hard as a rock. What a nice fat head on this cock."

She wasn't lying; the head on this guy's cock looked like a giant mushroom. I chuckled to myself. It looked like one of those skinny mushrooms you get in Pho. Thin stem with a big fat head.

Amy was getting into it. She was getting flushed and squeezing her legs together. I knew she was already wet, and it looked like the bus to slutville was about to depart.

She looked at me and said, "here it comes, babe," and she leaned down while continuing to stroke this guy's cock and rubbed the head of the cock over her tits.

That got Amy's desired result, and the guy came all over her tits. Her favorite place for cum other than her pussy or mouth.

The guy withdrew his shrinking cock from the hole and mumbled a thank you through the wall. We heard the door open and some mumbling in the hallway.

Amy was buzzing now; without saying a thing or looking at me for approval, she unbuttoned her skirt and let it fall to the floor while slipping her panties off as well.

She was now standing in the booth stark naked except for her high heels. She looked fucking amazing. I glanced down at her panties, lying on the floor between her feet, not surprised to see them completely soaked.

She looked at me with fire in her eyes and bent over to kiss me. At the same time, she wrapped her hand around my cock and gave it a few long, firm strokes. Her hand was still slippery with the lube from the hand job she had just given some stranger.

Not realizing her bare ass and pussy was now directly in front of the hole in the wall, or maybe she did, I wasn't sure. But as she kissed me, Amy squealed and stood up.

I said, "you OK, baby?"

She looked at me and said, "my next guest just poked into me."

I looked at her with a questioning look.

With her slutty husky voice, Amy said, "Oops, I guess I shouldn't stand with my cunt so close to the hole. My new guest got it in on the first try. Good aim on his part."

I thought, good aim, or was it my wife's pussy was swollen and soaking wet and put up no resistance to being penetrated.

She turned around and gave the cock sticking through the wall a playful little slap and said, "that was very naughty of you. You don't go in there without asking; I don't care how wet and inviting it is."

Amy was in a very playful mood, giggling as she attended to this new cock.

She then proceeded to give this cock a very forceful hand job. Pulling on this cock very hard. Amy reached through the hole and squeezed his balls so hard I swear I heard him grunt from pain and not pleasure.

Amy looked back at me with that devilish smile and said, "Am I doing a good job, baby? You enjoying the show?"

I just smiled and watched as she continued to stroke this mystery cock.

She smiled and said, "this one is ready."

I expected her to lean down and rub it all over her tits, but she didn't. She just jerked him off until he shot his load on the floor.

She said, "We should have brought a towel or something with us. It is getting slippery in here."

I looked around, thinking we couldn't be the first people to need a towel or tissue. Sure enough, behind the love seat was a big box of paper hand towels.

I grabbed a handful and handed them to Amy. She dried off her hands and tits and then moved over to me to kiss me again. But this time, she turned her back to the other wall, the wall that we hadn't had a cock poke through yet. Not sure if she thought only the one wall had a hole in it or not, but I figured both walls had holes in them.

She started kissing me long and deep. Amy slowly kissed her way down my chest until she took my cock in her steamy hot mouth. Her ass is firmly planted against the opposite wall now. I thought, what is the chance she has her ass directly in front of a hole on that wall.

She had my cock halfway down her throat when I felt her tense up and grunt. She sucked me harder into her mouth, and I felt her start to shake. She wasn't shaking from my cock; it didn't take a genius to figure that out.

Then she stood up and pulled away from me and the wall.

I looked at the wall, and there was a very large black cock sticking out of the hole.

Amy looked at me, and I could see it in her eyes. I knew she wanted it back in her pussy.

I am a very proud 7" long and above average in girth. In our lifestyle play, we have come across two well-endowed men, and Amy wasn't shy about spreading her legs for them but always asking me for permission first.

Amy looked at me and, in her husky horny voice, said, "Babe, I want it, but no way is it going in my cunt again, bareback."

The bus had just stopped at slutville. Amy only uses the word cunt when she is in heat and needs to fuck.

I smiled at her as I reached down and grabbed my pants.

I pulled out the string of condoms and said, "It looks like you are in luck, my love."

She slapped me and not in a playful way.

"You think I am a total whore, don't you? You planned all of this. Who does that cock belong to?" Amy questioned.

I grabbed her and hugged her, and said, "babe, I didn't plan anything; the guy at the counter put them in my hand when I bought the lube, he said, trust me, you will want them if you are buying lube already."

"Oh my God, how many men were out there when you went out there?" Amy asked, her horny slut tone now gone. She wasn't in slutville anymore.

I said, "Well, there were three or four guys, and that first guy, I watched him go out there and tell all the other guys. But there weren't any black guys, so he must be new."

Amy was shaking now, unsure if it was from excitement or realizing things were getting out of hand.

She looked at me and then the big cock, and I could see wheels churning in her head.

Now there was another cock sticking out of the opposite wall.

Amy, now faced with a large thick black cock sticking out of a hole in one wall and an average length but thick white cock sticking out of the opposite wall wasn't sure what to do.

"What do you want to do, Babe? We can leave right now." I said.

She looked at me and said, "Am I seriously this big of a slut?"

I just shrugged my shoulders and said, "It is up to you. I love seeing you happy."

She grabbed the condoms from my hand and opened one.

Babe, come finger me and keep me open while I put this on this beautiful black man meat." Amy said.

It wasn't much of a surprise as this was one of Amy's fantasies to be taken by a black cock. Not necessarily in a porno booth, but any port in a storm and her port was open and ready for it to dock. Amy unrolled the condom and began putting it on the black cock, but it immediately withdrew back into the hole.

Amy giggled and said, "oh dear, I scared him off. He's a shy one."

She turned to the other cock and grabbed another condom, and began putting it on him. As she unrolled it down his shaft, I heard Amy say with a huff, "seriously? Already?"

The guy blew his load while she was putting the condom on. She turned to me, and she had a look of total frustration on her face.

Then her face lit up. I looked back to the other wall, and the long fat black cock was back. He had put his own condom on.

It looked funny, though; he left at least 2 inches of it hanging off the end of his cock. I thought he was in such a hurry to put it on and stick his cock back through the wall he didn't get it all the way.

Amy looked at me and smiled. She had a look of, "are you sure" on her face.

I slapped her on her firm runners' ass and said, "go get 'em Babe. Show him how a hot white girl fucks. You can suck me at the same time."

'MMM, I am your slut babe, and only yours." She said, her husky fuck me voice had returned. Slutville was open and taking all cummers; I laughed to myself.

She moved over to the wall and bent over, reaching back between her legs and guiding him. When he was halfway in, Amy's eyes shot open, and I knew he was stretching her hole. She loved it.

She pushed back against him so hard to drive him home; I thought she was going to knock the wall down.

I heard the owner of the cock grunt out, "fuck, that is a tight cunt."

"That's right, stud, fuck this white cunt. She wants it good and hard." Amy grunted out.

Hearing Amy refer to herself in the third person; I knew she was on fire, especially when she starts saying "cunt." She only says it when she is in heat and ready to cum.

There was no doubt everybody in the hall heard her. There was cheering and whistling from the hallway. I am sure they all thought they would be next.

Amy was slamming her pussy back and forth on this big cock. She had her hands on my knees as she tried to suck my cock.

But the fat cock stretching and pounding her pussy was taking all of her concentration not to let it slip out. She was bucking her hips for all she was worth.

She only had him in her a few strokes when she tensed up, her legs started shaking, and she dug her fingers into my thighs.

I said to her, "ride it, babe, cum long and hard on that big black cock buried in your white cunt."

She started grunting and was now drooling on to my cock. No longer able to hold my cock in her mouth.

She was having an earth-shattering orgasm, and it was going on and on. I thought she might faint; she was shaking and sweating so hard.

The black cock owner grunted, "take this black load in that dirty white cunt, you horny bitch. Your man's cock can't fuck you this good."

Amy stopped for a split second and grunted out, "you black bastard, that's right, he doesn't fuck me like this, he fucks me much better, now shut up and fuck my white whore cunt."

Amy's head was now resting on my shoulder, and she whispered in my ear, "I love you, babe, thank you for this."

Amy went back to slamming her pussy onto the fat cock sticking out of the wall.

She moaned into my ear, "Oh fuck, I can feel him shooting his black cum into my cunt. Fuck, it feels like a fire hose in there."

Amy and the mystery man stopped moving to catch their breath. Amy slowly pulled off the big cock, and I saw why he had left so much of the condom hanging off the end of his cock.

"Shit, that is a lot of cum," I said to Amy.

Amy turned around and saw the load of the cum in the condom and looked at me. The huge black cock had deposited so much cum in the condom it looked like it had a water balloon hanging off the end.

Amy's eyes still full of slutty lust, said, "mmm, that would have felt so much better without the condom."

I smiled and started to say something, but she cut me off and said, "don't you dare, you know I would right now if you said it."

I pulled her to me and kissed her. Then I told her what a lucky guy I am to be married to her.

She said, "Yeah, what a lucky guy, sure, married to a whore that can't keep her legs together."

"Stop it; we do all of this together," I said.

Amy, at times, gets to feeling guilty afterward when she gets out of control and slutty. I always reassure her how much I love her, and I love seeing her let go and enjoy physical pleasure.

I said, "babe, does it turn you on seeing me fuck other women?"

"Oh my God, yes, I love it; it is a total turn-on. It is what I think about when I masturbate. You putting your fat cock into one of my girlfriend's cunts and pounding them until they cum," she said.

I said, "well, it is the same for me, watching you fuck other men."

Amy looked at me with a quizzical look on her face; I was sure she didn't believe me.

Another cock quickly replaced the black cock, and the hole on the opposite wall now had a cock sticking out of it as well.

She looked at me and said, "I want you in me right now, babe."

Looking at the two cocks sticking through the two walls, Amy said, "well, I can't just leave them like that, can I?"

I said, "that would be mean," and laughed.

She moved the chair in the middle of the two cocks and told me to sit down. She grabbed the lube and squirted some on each of the two cocks.

I did as she instructed. Amy then turned her back to me and reached down between her legs, grabbing my cock. Amy then slowly sat down in my lap, guiding my throbbing member into her freshly fucked pussy.

Once my hot slutty wife was fully impaled on my cock she reached out with both hands and began stroking each cock sticking out of both walls.

One guy grunted and moaned out, "hand job? I want that white cunt, you bitch."

Amy slapped his cock really hard and said, "no more for you, asshole, go fuck your own hand."

The guy said, "I am sorry."

But Amy didn't touch him again. She focused on the other cock. Amy was slowly grinding her hips back and forth in my lap. I love it when she does this; I could feel every inch of her pussy, well, every inch that my 7" cock reached anyways.

She leaned back into me and said, "babe, is it OK if I give this cock a little kiss?"

I said, "sure, sweetheart if you want, but there is lube all over it."

"Oh, like you didn't know, you bought edible lube, right." She said

I watched as Amy leaned forward and slowly licked the mystery cock from balls to head. As she did, she began grinding down onto my cock harder.

I had my hands on her tits and pinched her nipples now; I knew this drove her wild.

She was working her pussy back and forth faster and faster now. I was in heaven.

I heard the mystery guy grunt out, "fuck; your mouth is hot, suck it, baby."

I had stopped watching Amy licking the mystery cock and missed it; she had put it into her mouth and started sucking down her throat as far as possible.

I pinched her nipples, and it snapped her halfway back to reality, and she immediately took her mouth off his cock.

She went back to stroking him, and she grunted to me, "here he cums, babe."

She leaned into him, and I removed my hands from her tits, as she was now aiming his cock head at her tits and rubbing her nipples with it.

I felt her pussy tighten up and knew she was about to climax again.

She was grunting and moaning as she said, "Fuck that cunt, this whore wants your load, fuck her like the dirty tramp she is." Amy knew how much it turns me on when she talks like a whore.

Amy exploded with another body-shaking orgasm as the mystery guy shot his load onto her tits. I blasted my load deep inside my wife's pussy at the same time. Amy was still shuddering from her orgasm as she continued to sit in my lap with my rod still buried inside her hot pussy.

She was leaning back against me and said, "I love you, baby. You still fuck me better than anybody. I wasn't lying when I told that black cock that."

I let out a laugh and said, "Babe, you don't need to lie. That big cock that was just in you sent you to another world."

Amy stood up, pulling off my cock, leaving a puddle of cum on my balls.

Amy turned around and, with a stern look on her face, said, "Yes, I love a big cock in my cunt, love the physical orgasm a big cock stretching my cunt gives me, but when you are in me, the orgasms you give me isn't just physical, it rocks me to my soul. You rock not only my vagina but my heart too. Those big cocks don't compare to that, my love."

Amy had tears in her eyes as she talked.

"I said it before; we can stop all this swinging stuff if you want. I am perfectly happy only spreading my legs for you and your fat cock, Babe," Amy said.

Just as she finished saying that, her phone chimed. I thought, who would be texting her now? It was close to 0100.

Amy immediately checked her phone. She got a smile across her face as she did.

"Who is texting at this time of night?" I asked.

"Oh, it was Amanda; she said she and Keith just wanted to say how much fun tonight was, and we need to do it again," Amy said, smiling.

I knew that smile; Amy had a devilish smile on her face. Amanda and Amy were up to tomfoolery of some sort or at least sharing a secret of mischief.

Just then, there was a knock on the wall that the big black cock had poked through.

Amy and I both looked in the direction of the hole, and a hand was sticking through it. It was motioning to come closer.

I looked at Amy with a smirk on my face and said, "Babe, you are requested at the fuck hole."

Amy looked at me with that mischievous smile and said, "Ah, Babe, that is a lady's hand. I think YOU are being requested at that fuck hole."

Amy's response caught me completely off guard. I looked at the hand closer, and sure enough, it was a woman's hand. Its nails were immaculate, and it had a wedding ring on its ring finger. So, it was either a woman's hand or a guy with a tiny feminine hand.

I was standing up now, and Amy slapped my ass and said, "Don't keep her waiting, stud."

I looked at the hand, and it was very slowly motioning for someone to come to it.

I looked at Amy, and she said, "Babe, get over there."

To be honest, I wasn't excited about sticking my dick in a hole, not knowing who was on the other side. But Amy was now physically pushing me towards this mystery hand.

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