Jazzy wiggled her bulging chest at each passing car. Wearing bright red lipstick, stiletto heels and a tight, thigh-high florescent green dress Jazzy was on the prowl.

A guy stopped. "What ya selling?"

"You a cop?"

"Fuck no sugar. I'm just looking for a blow. How much?"

"Head's a hundred," Jazzy said, glancing around. "Show me your cock, so I know you ain't a cop." The guy pulled out a long black throat-chocking prick. "Okay, drive to the alley."

Five hours later, she'd turned six more tricks. Three BJs, two twat twisters, and one up the ass. The last john was a fat guy with a fat prick who shoved a dildo up her cunt as he reamed out her asshole. But he paid extra.

Jazzy was sore, but happy.

Now rent was due, she needed more money. Pulling out some worn pom-poms, Jazzy jumped up doing her old high school cheerleading routine, showing her hoo-haa to the traffic.

A rusted pick-up pulled up." How much you charging, sweet-tits?".

"You a cop?"

"Do I look like a cop?" The dusty and paint-covered man smiled.

"Show me your prick." He did. "What ya want?"

"Piece of tail."

"Pull around the corner." Jazzy walked around the corner swaying her bouncy ass. Butt wiggling was good for business.

As the man humped her, Jazzy stared up past his head at the elm trees waving in the wind. The man grunted and humped her pussy hard. Jazzy let out a sigh, not from the fucking but because the trees reminded her of home.

This john was longer than most, and his prick banged against something deep inside her hole. He let out one long moan before filling her crack with cum. Like a good whore Jazzy waited for him to roll off of her before moving.

The used condom flew past her face and out the window. Watching as the john pulled his jeans up, Jazzy thought that he was kinda cute. Muscular with a sweet face. The guy reminded her of Uncle Ross.

She smiled at the thought before pulling herself up to leave. Jazzy smoothed down her dress and headed out to the street. The john didn't even look her way as he drove past.

Jazzy heaved a sigh. Why would he look? A used whore is worth less than a used condom. Jazzy returned to her spot to pace and wiggle, and wait for another customer.

A beat-up Chevy drove past her twice before making a U-turn. Pulling alongside her, she saw two Puerto Ricans staring at her ass.

"Chica, how much for fuck-suck?"

"Two bills for a fuck, hundred for a suck." Jazzy leaned forward, letting her tits hang out. The car reeked of weed, and Jazzy noticed a third guy in the backseat. "Hundred each."

"Com'on Chica, give us a break. Por favor... maybe a group rate? How 'bout hundred-fifty for all three of us?" He asked with a toothy grin. Jazzy shook her head.

"Okay lady. Two suck and one fuck for a hundred-fifty. That's all money we have, okay lady?"

She was stunned at being called a Lady. Jazzy thought about it for a moment and got in the car. They handed her a baggie of wadded up tens and twenties. "Pull into that alley."

In the alley, the enthusiastic guys scrambled around the car and shoved Jazzy on her back, spreading her legs wide. A guy named Hector pumped her pussy, while another guy fucked her mouth, and a third guy, Loco squeezed her boobs while flicking her nipples with his tongue.

These guys were like horny minions.

Someone yelled in Spanish. Jazzy's arms were pulled above her head by the man fucking her pussy. She felt something wet in her crack as his cock jerked. Dammit, Hector wasn't wearing a condom!

Her arms were held in place as the prick in her mouth spewed. Jazzy swallowed down all the cum, just as the limp prick in her pussy slip out. But before she could speak, another prick slammed into her pussy.

The bastards didn't pay for TWO pussy fucks.

Jazzy looked between her legs to see Loco. And Loco pounded her pussy so hard the old car bounced. Then Jenna felt another cock pushing into her mouth. She could taste sperm and pussy juice on his cock, and she knew it was Hector.

After the guys spewed, they traded places again. Jazzy knew they wouldn't stop until every prick had fucked her mouth and pussy. It wasn't the first time she'd been abused and used.


Jazzy closed her eyes and thought of her brother, Buck. How many times had he done this to her? In high school, her older brother would drag her behind the gym, strip her clothes off. Then hold her down, and pimp her out.

He'd charge his friends to fuck her pussy and mouth. It was Jazzy's first, awful experience in paid sex, and a preview of her sex career.


After the last guy shot his load, Jazzy pushed down her skirt, struggled to her feet and slapped two of them. She was pissed, and they knew it. They whispered to each other in Spanish, and pulled out a bag of wadded up five-dollar bills.

"Here you go pretty lady. You fuck muy good!"

Taking the big bag, Jazzy was so pleased she almost peed her panties.

The next day, at Truckstop 66. The place was buzzing, and Jazzy got 'dates' one right after another. It was like prick fishing in a barrel!

Jazzy just finished one truck-fuck and hadn't even climbed down when the trucker next to her yelled out. "How much for a piece?"

She rattled off the price, and he held open his door. Jazzy climbed in as the guy goosed her butt. The guy paid extra to fuck her ass. After the john finished, Jazzy stumbled out of the truck pulling up her sticky panties.

She'd fucked four pricks in three hours. It was a sore but profitable night.

There'd be two more 'dates' before she got a break. Six dates in less than four hours left her sore and sloppy.

Jazzy went to the restroom to freshen up her twat and fix her makeup, especially her red lipstick. Sucking cock really wears off lipstick.

The place was still busy, and it didn't take long before someone approached her. She followed the john to his truck, climbed into the bed behind the seats, and spread her legs for a fuck job.

But the john had trouble getting hard, so Jazzy sucked his prick until it was stiff. Usually, that cost extra, but the faster he shot his load, the faster she could go on to the next john.

After three more pussy fucks, and another assfuck, Jazzy walked bow-legged to the restroom. Her holes needed a breather.


Smoking a cigarette on the toilet, Jazzy thought about that innocent summer. Before her brother pimped her out to his friends. Back when she was Jasmine Jones. High school senior and State Champion Cheerleader.

Uncle Ross came to stay with them. Ross was in the Navy, and he always stayed at her parent's place while he was on leave.

Jasmine so was happy, she hadn't seen Ross in years. Her uncle was dark and handsome, and built like a bronzed bull.

And he treated her like a princess.

On Friday they went roller skating. Ross kept telling her how pretty and sexy she looked. Girls love that shit. Later they sat together to watch a movie.

Uncle Ross seemed like a father to her... until she felt his hand on her leg. At first Jasmine, didn't worry about it. Then his hand crawled slowly up her thigh...

They had a blanket over them, so no one saw. Jasmine sucked in a gasp of air as his finger touched her pubes. Ross leaned over. "Jasmine you're so soft and furry." Then she felt his finger on her slit.

Jasmine froze as his finger rubbed along her tender pussy lips. She breathed a sigh of relief when he pulled his hand away. But then Uncle Ross unzipped and put her hand his boner.

"Play with it," he whispered as his finger pushed into her hole. Jasmine squeezed his pulsing cock a few times as her uncle fingered her pussy... And her body trembled.

"Niece meet me in the backyard, for something special." He kissed her cheek and left. Jasmine wasn't sure about this, but curiosity pulled her to the backyard. Ross was on the brick wall, smoking.

Her uncle saw her and smiled, crushing out his cigarette out in his hand. They tongue kissed and Jasmine didn't know how it happened... But soon, Uncle Ross had her naked and spread in the grass, with his prick pounding into her slit.

Uncle Ross was BIG. Jasmine groaned, feeling her pussy flesh rip as his fat prick thrust in and out of her hole. It hurt, but Jasmine liked his hard cock. She watched her uncle's face grimace like he was dying.

And a minute later, uncle shoved in deep, and she felt his cock jerking, filling her pussy with cum. They kissed for a moment. Uncle Ross helped her dress, and they went back in the house.

"This is our secret, okay?" Uncle smiled. "So don't tell anyone, or I'll get in so much trouble." Jazzy knew this was uncle's way of saying, "Thanks for letting me fuck you."

Ross stayed with them for a few months, and they screwed every day. He liked to catch her in the shower. They'd kiss, then he'd push Jasmine to her knees, pointing his cock her lips. "Here, Head Cheerleader."

She knew what Uncle wanted and eagerly sucked him off.

Once he left Jasmine, felt empty inside. She missed sucking his prick, and she missed having a constantly sore pussy.

A month later, Ross returned on leave.

And they went straight to her bed. Uncle's cock seemed bigger and stretched her tender walls even more. Digging his fingers into her butt, Uncle Ross fucked deep and hard inside her until he spewed and then collapsed on her tits.

She felt his sticky cum slowly dripping out of her sore crack. Once his breathing slowed, he rolled her over. "Niece, today's my birthday. So I want something special." He goosed her ass.

Jasmine wasn't sure what was special about her butt-hole. But Ohmygod, she soon found out!

Uncle placed the head of his cock at her anus and pushed. "Wait, don't!" But his prick pushed deeper into her ass. And she screamed into the pillow.

"Are you okay niece?" Jasmine nodded as his prick stopped fucking her bowels for a few seconds.

Then uncle humped her ass deeper. Jasmine couldn't believe how nasty it felt. As he pumped her ass, he reached down and fingered her clit.

"Oh... Uncle Ross... hurry up... please." He fucked faster and Jasmine saw his face grimace. It looked like he was in agony, but after a few minutes Jasmine felt his prick jerking, filling her ass with cum.

After he pulled out, Jasmine wiped the tears from her eyes and looked back.

"D-did you like that Uncle?"

"Yes niece. Your sweet ass was a great birthday present." He kissed her with a sucking kiss.


That day Jazzy posted an escort ad on the internet. Twenty minutes later, she met a guy in a parking lot. He wasn't a nice guy.

"Move your ass, slut!" The fat man shouted as he pumped. "I ain't paying for dead-fish pussy!" Jazzy began to rotate her hips. After a few more pumps he grunted, and filled her with cum.

"I gotta go bitch." The guy struggled to pull his pants over his huge ass. Jazzy got out of the car, and waited until he was gone before lighting up. She needed a smoke, bad.

"Are you working, missy?" A voice boomed behind her. She turned to see a tall man wearing a cowboy hat, smiling down at her from his pick-up. It was like a scene from a western.

Jazzy wanted to tell him no, but he was cute. She smiled. "Whatcha lookin' for studly?"

"An old fashioned fuck."

"Two bills, and you ain't a cop are you?" He shook his head, looked her up and down. "Guy I need to see your cock first."

"Sure missy, hop in my truck and I'll show you Big Duke." Jazzy climbed in. Soon he had her top up and her skirt off. Jazzy spread herself on the seat, bending her knees up to make a comfortable fuck-saddle for the cowboy.

He whipped out Big Duke and shoved into Jazzy's pussy. The fat cock made Jazzy moan like a virgin. The john loved it. He fucked her hard, and the truck cab filled with the sounds of humping flesh.

Groping her tits, the john thrust deeper, rocking her up and down on his prick. But her hole only there to collect his cum. Jazzy gripped his neck and wiggled her hips. With a groan, the big guy spurted and collapsed on her tits.

The cowboy sucked her tits for a moment before pulling out.

Looking in the rearview mirror, Jazzy dabbed on lipstick and felt the usual wetness of cum leaking out her crack. She fixed her face and hair, trying not to look too whorish.

The cowboy watched as she tucked her tits back in her top and pulled on her panties. Jazzy noticed him watching and smiled. He was one of the nice ones, not a kinky.

"What's your name missy?" He asked, pulling on his boots. Jazzy ignored him. "Your name honey? I know you got one.

"Okay, it's Jazzy Jizz. I used to be a porno actress, even made a movie. Hey, maybe you saw it? 'Hot Jizz With Jazzy?'"

"Nope sugar, but that's a mighty pretty name." He smiled. "You been working the streets long?"

What's with this guy? Most johns saw her only as a hole to fuck. "Not long, maybe a year."

"You like it? The screwing." Jazzy wasn't sure how to answer.

"Yep, I guess so."

"Good. I wouldn't wanna ride a gal who didn't enjoy it." He smiled. "I'm Cody."

Cody was her younger brother's name. The nice brother, the one who didn't pimp her out. And that name, Cody, made her think of home. She kinda missed sleeping in her own bed. Jazzy slipped out of the truck.

"You looking for some company?" Turning around, Jazzy saw a skinny guy in shorts and flip flops.

"Whatcha have in mind?"

"How much for a blow?"

Jazzy told him the price, and the guy showed her his prick. Then he pulled out every crumpled up bill in his pocket. She figured he must've really wanted it to give her almost all of his cash.

In his car, Jazzy noticed a car seat. This jerk probably had a young wife and baby at home. And he was out on the street picking up hookers. Jazzy almost told him no but figured what the fuck.

Looking back at the guy, she noticed he had his cock out and up. Bending forward, Jazzy took it inside her mouth. He didn't last long and soon fired volleys of cum to the back of her throat.

Like a good whore she swallowed down every drop. She waited until he finished before lifting her face from his lap and was startled to see a man across the parking lot, watching them.

Wiping her mouth, Jazzy slipped from the car and walked in the opposite direction.

"Wait!" The guy called. Jazzy kept walking, but he caught her. "I guess you're a working girl, right?"

"No shit Sherlock!"

"That's what I want. How much for what you just did to that other guy?"

"One bill."

"Great, let's go to my van." Jazzy followed him. She had a funny feeling as the john slid open the side door and moved aside for her to get in.

"Money first guy."

"Okay here," he handed her cash. "I'm surprised you didn't ask if I was a cop." The guy pulled out a badge. "You're under arrest."

Shit. Shit. Shit. Ninety days in the hole.


When Jazzy got out of jail she was done with whoring, and decided to go home. Back to the life she had before. Back to Jasmine Jones. Back to her old bed and her cheerleading outfit. It still fit.

Jazzy even found her grade-school lunch box, full of naked Barbie and Ken dolls.

Nothing was the same, and nothing had changed. In this corny town, she could start over. Maybe be a born-again virgin. Ha!

Then her old high school called. Fremont Union High School. Good ole 'F.U.'

They asked Jazzy to coach the girls cheerleading squad, since she had lots of experience. Sure. She taught the girls how to fucking cheer. And Jazzy's experience taught them other things too. Practical things...

Like when you meet a nice boy—Always get the money up front!

Saturday, two weeks later. Like fucking magic her handsome uncle appeared beside her bed. Ross was on leave from the Navy. He had that same, wicked gleam in his eyes and a delightfully large lump in his jeans.

He rubbed her tits. Jasmine whispered, "Oh my Uncle Ross, you look VERY happy to see me."

"Yep. We're both happy." He grinned, pointing to his throbbing lump. "Jasmine honey, has anything changed since our last um... visit together?"

"Nope. Not a fucking thing Uncle Ross, I'm still your sweet, innocent niece." Jasmine pulled back the blanket, kicked off her panties, and spread open her dragon-tattooed pussy.


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