He stood in the doorway, looking at her. Her arse cheeks looked so inviting in the loose, short pink pyjama bottoms that she wore. The top, a thin loose matching one with tiny straps, he knew would clearly show the shape of her tits. He felt his cock stirring.

Even after a year of being together he still sometimes couldn't believe he'd landed such a beauty. Nor could he believe he had a girlfriend with such an unquenchable desire for sex. Of course things had calmed between them after the initial non-stop fucking of their early weeks but it was still true that they fucked, or at least did something sexual leading to them coming, at least 5 times a week. He'd never known anything like it.

He walked behind her and gently encircled her with his arms.

'Hello' she said, responding to his kisses on her cheek and neck. 'You're up early.'

She felt his semi-hard cock between the cheeks of her arse and giggled, 'or should I say you're both up early!'

'Are you hungover?' she added, thinking of their slightly wild night with her 2 female colleagues and their partners.

'Not at all' he said and she laughed at the obvious lie.

He leaned in further and started to kiss her neck more, gently blowing, kissing and biting in turn. Her moans, quiet and breathy, were a turn on for him and he slid his hands up over her tits, grasping them through the material of her top. She pushed her arse back against his hardening cock.

'Are you not hungover then?' he asked.

'No darling. You may not remember but I started drinking water about 3 hours before you went to bed' she replied, then added 'And I'm fucking loving what you're doing to my tits.'

She had always had a high sex drive but since meeting him it had gone through the roof. Her previous lovers never wanted it as much as she did but his desire, willingness to experiment, enjoyment of the thrill of risk and of course his oversize cock were perfect for her.

As he continued to kiss and touch her images of their past fun and games ran through her mind, almost a slideshow. These images often came to mind when she used her toys or fingers on herself and now, as his hands and lips turned her on, she watched the pages in her mind.

Her sucking him off on the top deck of a night bus home.

His discretely using his fingers on her on a tube platform, with dozens of people with metres of them. One arm around her, he had held her as though she was crying but the small jerky movements of her shoulders weren't from crying, it was her orgasm, intensified by the closeness of strangers.

Fucking against a tree outside the hotel where hundreds of their colleagues were enjoying the Christmas party.

Him fucking her from behind in the porn booth in Amsterdam then the man manager kicking them out.

The night they shared with her old school friend Louise, and the joy of Louise's tongue on her clit as he fucked her.

And so on.

He moved a hand under her top, fingers finding a stiff nipple, pinching and then twisting it, hard. Her moan was loud and she shuddered, her own hand reaching behind her and between them both to rub the stiffness of him.

'Mmm you've found something you like the feel of in my trousers?' he asked.

'You know it baby' she said, 'and I'm thinking maybe you'll let me suck that cock for a while?'

'Fucking love you to, once I've got my fingers wet from you.' His voice was thick with lust.

His free hand moved down, into the waistband of her shorts, over the neatly trimmed area of her pussy and she parted her legs for him. Her wetness turned him on even more, his finger sliding easily inside her, before he used it to gently draw shapes on and around her clit, at times barely touching, as she pushed her hips down, desperate to increase the contact.

He continued to kiss her neck, enjoying the sensations his fingers brought from her. He turned her around to kiss her lips, their eyes meeting, and returned his fingers to her clit and pussy, while she reached inside his trousers for his hard cock, gripping it and enjoying its throbbing hardness, the sensation sending pulsing waves of excitement through her.

She started to wank him as he fingered her pussy, her soaking wet pussy, and he pushed first 1, then 2 then 3 curled fingers into her, fast and deep, his fingertips rubbing hard on the front wall of her. She moaned as he fingered her, her breathing was short, sharp gasps. He kissed her, their tongues clashing, and he felt her wetness increases as his fingers continued to fuck her.

They both knew what would happen, and it did, and he heard her moan as he felt the hot gush of her cum over his hand, he whispered in her ear, telling her what a sexy fucker she was as he then pushed his wet fingers into her willing mouth. She willingly sucked on them, tasting herself as the final spasms in her pussy caused her to groan with pleasure.

She kissed him and continued to tug on his stiff, throbbing cock. She dropped to her knees and kissed his huge bell end, her tongue getting to work on it straight away. She sucked him in, 3, 4 then 5 inches of his cock in her mouth, then she went further and his cock slid into her throat and it was his turn to moan, which he did, loudly. She pushed her head forward onto his cock and when she finally withdrew it, the thick shaft dripped with her saliva.

She continued to suck him, licking the hard meat all over then taking his balls into her mouth one by one to suck on. She slapped her own face with his cock, then stared into eyes as she sucked him again. After another minute or so of sucking his dick she pulled off him and looked at him.

'You going to fuck me then?' she asked 'I'm loving sucking your cock but I need it in me now.'

'You'll get it but I want to taste you first' he said, and it was her turn to moan.

He pulled her up and told her to sit on the worktop. She willingly did so, having already discarded her pyjama shorts. He looked at her pussy as she opened her legs wide, pleased to see the lips glistening with her pussy juice.

He knelt before her and moved his mouth towards her, kissing the inside of her thighs to heighten her anticipation. This close he could see how wet she was and could see her clit which almost seemed to be throbbing with her excitement.

'Please! Don't fucking tease me!' she said and tried to pull his face into her.

He resisted, but gently ran his tongue up her pussy lips, loving the taste of her. 'What is it you want?' he said, as if he didn't know.

She knew this game and, despite her desperate desire to have his mouth on her, she loved it.

'Lick my clit please' she said.

He immediately ran his tongue gently over her clit and she cried out in pleasure, feeling his tongue setting off spasms in her pussy.

'Like that?' he asked innocently.

'Yes you fucking know it now more please!' she responded. 'Come on and tongue fuck me!'

This time there was no teasing and his tongue started to lick from her pussy lips to her clit and back then he pushed it into her, doing as she asked and fucking her with his tongue. He moved it back to her clit and took the area into his mouth, feeling her hand on the back of his head pushing him in for more contact.

'Oh I'm coming' she whispered in a strained voice, 'oh holy fuck that's so good please don't stop oh I'm fucking coming NOW!'

He felt her clit and pussy throb on his mouth and struggled to keep his tongue on her as she bucked around, but her thighs clamped his head in place and he was loving her taste.

As her orgasm subsided she eased herself down onto wobbly legs and grabbed his cock again, kissing him at the same time. She could taste herself on his lips, and she wanted him so much.

He turned her roughly, pushed her forward over the worktop, one hand grabbing her hair the other slapping her arse.

'Fuck me' she said, 'come on I want it, I want that fucking hard cock in me now.'

She knew her dirty talking turned him on, and that knowledge turned her on more. She felt the end of his cock, always so big for her, poise at the entrance to her, before in one thrust he buried it into her. The size of him, long and so thick, filled her and she moaned loudly, breathing 'fucking hell' as he started to thrust.

She felt his hand push her head down, then grab her hair and pull it, roughly. His thrusts were quick and deep and he told her good it felt to be inside her.

'I love fucking you, ramming my cock into your soaking pussy' he said.

She knew she shouldn't like his language but it turned her on and the coarseness of it caused her to feel the first twinges of yet another orgasm. She knew this wasn't love making, this was fucking. Nothing more and nothing less.

He pulled her hair harder, loving her moans of pleasure, talking to her, telling her how wet she was, how tight it was on his cock, asking her how it felt, knowing she could only barely speak with the pleasure of it.

'Clit' she said, thrusting her hips back onto him.

'Why?' he asked, knowing the answer, slowing down. 'Tell me why.'

'I need to cum, please, oh it's so fucking good please I want to cum again.'

He reached his hand around, touching her there briefly, just long enough to coat his fingers in her wetness, before moving the wet fingers to her lips for her to taste. Her moans were greater now and he fucked her harder, she was loud and demanding and they both knew she wouldn't need his fingers to get her to cum. His cock slid into her wet fuck hole, filling her completely, his heavy balls banging against her as he did so.

The change in her breathing and her sudden silence told him she was starting to cum, then she moaned loudly as she thrust back on to him, before loudly telling him 'I'm going to cum!' She was fucking herself with his cock, using his meaty dick for her pleasure, feeling the intense sensations all around her clit and the feeling washed over her again and again as she came.

The sensation was too much for him and, as she peaked, he felt the tingle in his balls and knew he was coming. His increasing thrusts extended her orgasm and, when she felt the huge spurt of his cum inside her, she didn't know if she was having the longest orgasm or repeated ones, and didn't care. She continued to feel mini shockwaves as he slowed and then stopped. Their breathing was fast and their hearts beating madly as they stood, joined, unable to move.

Eventually he pulled his now semi-hard cock out, watching his cum start to ooze out as he did. Her fingers were ready, as they always were, and she caught his cum on them then sucked on them, loving the taste of his seed and and smiling at him.











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