Author's Note: This is a side story, featuring characters from the Sex Wizards series! Since the main story is in a couple of plot filled, non-sexy chapters, I thought I'd post this side story. A couple of anonymous requesters here on Lit are the reason this story exists, so if you guys have any characters/prompts you'd like to see fulfilled, leave me a comment! As requested, here is Olbric and Cancassi attempting divination. Problem is, neither of them are divination wizards, so Margeurite got to join in, too. Enjoy!


"Give divination a try," they had said.

"It'll be fun," they insisted.

Well, Olbric had learned two things in the past few minutes. It was that divination was certainly not fun, and Cancassi was a dirty liar.

As soon as the silvery substance had closed over his head, he was struck by how bad of an idea this was. The stuff trapped him like stone, not an inch of give anywhere. But worse than that, it closed him off from the rest of the world. Blocked his ears, covered his eyes, gagged his mouth. He couldn't twitch, couldn't even wiggle a toe. Yet the longer he was in it, the more it felt like the silver wasn't just holding him, but crushing him.

Ten minutes was what he'd agreed to, but hindsight came fast to kick him in the ass. He should have said 5 minutes. Or none, actually, because he was just a few seconds away from completely losing his shit.

His chest heaved. Panic crept at the edges of his mind. Then, he started hearing voices. A slow-building cacophony that murmured at him, all vying for his attention like the inner monologue of a madman. Except one of the voices, he recognized.

His ama was barely a whisper in the din, but the jolt of hearing his native tongue hit him like an open-handed slap to the head. It had been a year and a half since he'd last heard it. A year and a half since he had seen his home.

The retaliation overwhelmed him all at once, and trapped in the silver, he had nothing to distract himself from the hurt. Couldn't quip to hide it, couldn't obfuscate to take his mind somewhere else, couldn't push it away. He just had to experience it, deal with it, and he felt tears build under his closed eyelids.

Then, a soft hand slid up between his legs to cup his balls, and he yelped in surprise. He jerked so hard that a muscle in his leg started to cramp and commenced completely, utterly losing his shit. He shouted into the gag of silver, a long string of muffled swears and pleas, but at least the pain distracted him from everything else. It radiated up his left leg, stretching all the way from his knee to the arch of his foot.

The silver was pulled from his mouth a second later, and he wasted no time. "Stopstopstop, ow ow OW, leg cramp, ah - fuck me - Stop!"

The silver released his head, and the first sound that greeted his unblocked ears was Margeurite's laughter. The silver sloughed off of him, but not nearly quick enough. He tried to step out of it, only to find that his legs were still trapped. Thankfully, Cancassi was there to steady him before he fell and snapped his legs at the shins.

Finally, the accursed pillars released him, and he slid to the floor, holding his leg up as the cramp worked its way out. Behind him, Margeurite was still laughing, though Cancassi crouched beside him, looking amused. "Are you alright?"

"Just dealing with my leg trying to revolt," Olbric hissed through clenched teeth.

Marguerite hovered into his line of sight as she knelt next to him. "I apologize for laughing. I have never heard a stop quite like that before," she said through a grin.

Olbric swore and kneaded the muscles in his leg. "I'm going to go ahead and file divination under 'not my kind of magic.' That was terrible."

The muscles in his leg finally relaxed, and he laid back with a groan. The cold stone felt so good against his heated skin that he didn't care that he was laying naked in the middle of the floor. After all that, he needed to spread out, feel the air and space around his limbs.

"It is certainly not for everyone," Margeurite said, amusement still coloring her voice. "Can I get you anything?" Her fingers stroked through his loose hair, brushing it behind his ear.

Without warning, tears welled in his eyes all over again. The simple touch was achingly familiar. Something straight out of his childhood. Even though men in Cairish weren't supposed to grow their hair long, he had always kept his just on the right side of acceptable. It made his father furious, but his ama had always loved it. She used to play with it as she sang him to sleep. After hearing the echo of her voice in the silver, he felt like a raw nerve.

Olbric lifted his hands to cover his face as the hurt grew, like a flame burgeoned by a stiff breeze. He wanted to hide it, close himself off until he could get it under control again. But Cancassi didn't let him. Their long-fingered hands grabbed his wrists and pulled them away. "What's wrong?" they asked gently.

Olbric shook his head and weakly tried to pull his hands free, but Cancassi held tight. "Nothing - it's nothing."

"You are a bad liar, Olbric," Margeurite pointed out. "Did something else happen in the silver?"

Olbric drew in a shuddering breath as he fought back tears. Talking about it couldn't hurt any more than feeling what he was feeling, could it? Hell, maybe it would even help.

"I heard my mother's voice," he said at last. He gave a wet, bitter laugh. "It just made me realize how long I've been away from home. How much I miss her."

Margeurite tsked sympathetically and cupped his cheek. "I'm sorry, Olbric," she said. "Is there anything we can do?"

Olbric sighed. "There's nothing for it, is there?" he murmured, though his grin wavered like the fragile thing it was. "No matter much how I miss her, I can't go home." Truth be told, he'd probably never see her again.

A weighted silence descended, heavy with unspoken pain. Margeurite continued to stroke his hair, her fingers gentle. "Dream walking lets me check in on my sisters," she admitted, breaking the quiet. "I can't talk to them, but it is something, at least."

Cancassi pulled Olbric's hands up and brushed his fingers with soft lips. "You know, part of why I wanted to try divination was to see if I could get a glimpse of Maevan," they said. "Haven't had any luck yet, but I'm working on it."

Olbric swallowed and clenched his eyes shut. They were all strangers in a strange land, weren't they? Each one of them so very far away from home. At least he wasn't alone with that particular hurt.

"You know," Margeurite said. "If you heard her voice in just a few minutes, you might be able to get Sight of her if you'd like to try again?"

Knowing that made the reality of his failure sting worse. "I-I can't," he said, shaking his head. "It felt like the silver was trying to crush me. I couldn't breathe."

Cancassi let out a sympathetic little noise before they leaned down to press their lips to his. He returned the kiss through a sigh, some of the hurt retreating. At least at the Crux, he was accepted for who he was, which is more than he could say for his home.

Cancassi smiled down at him when they parted, one long finger dragging down the bridge of his nose. "Well damn, I was rather looking forward to plundering you," they said. "But I barely even got to touch."

Olbric chuckled quietly. "Sorry to put a damper on your plans," he said. The Maeve had a unique gift. They could pull him out of a mood and put him into a different one very effectively. Margeurite had been nice enough to give him an introduction to divination, but maybe she'd be willing to try and cast something else with them? God knew he agreed to this to get an orgasm strong enough to give him visions, and even if he had failed the vision quest part, he sure wouldn't mind the orgasm.

"You know... we could try putting you only part of the way in," Margeurite suggested. "I have never tried it before so I do not know if the spell will work, but... the silver has a way of surprising you."

Hope welled in his chest. If he could even get a glimpse of home, it might be worth it. But the feel of the silver crushing the air out of his chest was still fresh in his mind. "How much would it have to cover?" Olbric asked warily.

Margeurite shrugged. "At least your head, I would say. And maybe your arms and legs to keep you grounded. How much are you comfortable with?"

Olbric looked up at the pillars with a sigh. His stomach squirmed uneasily when he realized he was actually considering it. The sound of home had left him aching to hear just a little more. Besides, he could endure a flogging for hours, had been caned until he bled - a few minutes in the damn silver should be nothing!

"Leave my hands free," he said. "I need a way to stop if I can't speak."

"Done," Marguerite agreed. "Can we put you in a little bit to see what you're comfortable with? I will not cover your head until I have your permission."

Olbric let out a breath, his nerves already thrumming. "Alright. Give me a second." He got to his feet and took a second to push the unease aside. He stretched, working out the muscles of his legs before moving onto his arms.

All the while, he felt Cancassi's copper gaze boring into him. He smirked over his shoulder before bending at the waist to give a full view. Margeurite rolled her eyes but Cancassi's smirk just grew more pronounced.

"You are looking for a plundering, aren't you?" they teased.

Olbric chuckled as he straightened, shooting a coy look over his shoulder. "Who, me? How dare you."

Cancassi's laugh sounded like bell chimes. They draped their arms around his shoulders before pushing him back between the two pillars, their hands soft against his bare skin. "My desire to plunder you well and thoroughly won't supersede your comfort level. We'll drop it the second you say so," they promised before nipping at his ear lobe. "Though if you stop, I'll just have to take you back to my room to finish the job."

Olbric shivered as they pulled away. Well, if nothing else, at least he had that to look forward to. He drew in a breath and raked his hands through his hair, pushing it behind his ears. It'd be long enough for him to tie it back soon - a day he was very much looking forward to. This awkward in-between phase was driving him mad.

Margeurite put her hand on the pillar. "Ready?

Olbric sighed and shook his limbs out like he could jog the nerves out of him. "Okay. I'm ready."

Margeurite smiled. "We're right here," she promised. Under her hand, the silver trickled out from the pillars to wash over his feet. It locked him to the floor, and he swore before grabbing onto Cancassi for support. Even without the wretched stuff covering his head, it still had a way of putting him off balance.

The silver creeped up his shins and over his knees. His chest tightened with fear, but stubbornness made him hold on until it was halfway up his thighs to keep him from falling over and hurting something. "That's enough there," he said, voice tight.

Margeurite kept her hand on the pillar, but stopped the silver's steady creep. "Can I try your wrists? I'll keep your fingers free," she promised.

Olbric let out a long breath. He shook his arms out again before letting them fall to his side. "Okay."

Under Margeurite's precise control, the silver reached from his thighs to his wrists, encircling them before creeping up his arms. His hands were kept free, which made it a little easier to relax. He let the silver get to his shoulders before he stopped her again.

Olbric tugged against the strange substance, but without it fully covering him, it felt like there was the tiniest bit of give. The silver didn't cover his chest either. It almost felt like an abjuration bind, though the silver held far stronger than ropes could. It held him stable without crushing him. This, he could handle.

"That's alright," he said as he let out a small breath of relief. "But keep my feet on the ground, please."

Cancassi chuckled as they stroked his chest. "You don't like the floating disorientation? I kind of liked the floating disorientation."

"Says the Maeve who smokes skunkweed for fun," Olbric shot back.

"That's because it is fun," Cancassi said.

"If you can call insatiable hunger and paranoia a good time, then sure Cass. Go off." The one time Cancassi had convinced him to try it, they'd snuck into the kitchens, stolen a loaf of bread, a bottle of wine, and a whole block of cheese before devouring all of it. Then Olbric had spent the rest of the night convinced they would be kicked out once the rest of the Crux found out about it. The empty wine bottle was found in the alcove of the Illusion tower, but it took a couple days more to trace it back to them. Arlon hadn't kicked them out, obviously, but he did give them both a stern Talking To about the risks of drug use and casting.

Margeurite did something with the silver, and Olbric yelped as it forced his legs to bend. His knees came to rest in the air above the ground, like he was kneeling on some invisible support. "How's this? At least we can save your knees from getting sore."

"Fuck me, at least warn me before you go all puppet master!" Olbric said.

Margeurite chuckled, but her hand stayed on the pillar. "I'm going to move your arms," she said obligingly before she kissed his temple, her horn brushing his cheek. His arms were pulled behind him, wrists held near the glowing magiline pillars by the immovable silver. It forced him to lean forward, his head hanging.

"Oh now that's a pretty pose," Cancassi said as they circled behind Olbric. His ass was on full display, held up by nothing but the silver around his legs, trapping him there. The thudding of his nervous heart didn't do anything to stop the rush of arousal that shot through him.

"Is that a good enough plundering position?" Margeurite asked, amusement coloring her voice.

Cancassi let out a musical little hum as their hand trailed over Olbric's hip. The not-so-innocent touch made his skin shiver. "That is an excellent plundering position."

"Don't say I've never done anything for you," Olbric said through a smirk. The silver didn't cover him enough to stop him from waggling his ass at the Maeve. Cancassi chuckled before delivering a sharp smack to his right cheek, and the spark of pain immediately put him in a mood. The anxious nerves took a half-turn towards anticipation.

Margeurite let go of the pillar, and Olbric relaxed a degree further when he realized that they were done with it for now. Her hands cupped his chin and lifted his head. "How do you feel?" she asked, her thumbs stroking down the lines of his jaw.

He quivered under the touch, and even though he was half expecting it, he still yelped when Cancassi indulged in another stinging swat against his ass. A giddy little laugh bubbled out of him. "Better now," he admitted. "Though I think I'll need some warming up before I'm ready to let you cover my head."

As if on cue, Cancassi slapped his ass again, harder this time. Olbric couldn't stop a moan. He could feel the heated outline of every one of the Maeve's long fingers left on his skin.

"Ah," Margeurite chuckled. Something mischievous passed over her face. "You are making an awful lot of noise, though. I think I should quiet that mouth before Cancassi reddens your skin proper, don't you?"

Olbric groaned as her hand touched the pillar again. But his thumbs were free to stop, his eyes free to see. Going with a gag wouldn't be so bad, would it?

"We both know he won't shut up otherwise," Cancassi pointed out before cracking another harsh spank against his ass.

Olbric jerked with a shout, the pain going right to his head. He felt giddy with it, like he'd just swallowed a mouthful of fine wine, and he craved another taste. "You're right," he said, breathless. "You better shut me up."

Margeurite smirked before she reached out to touch the pillar to his left. He felt the silver at his shoulders creep up his neck. It held him like a posture collar, keeping his neck straight before it rolled over his chin and pushed into his mouth. He gasped as it pooled between his teeth, forcing his lips to open invitingly.

Margeurite grinned as she traced his lower lip with her free hand. "Is that alright?" she asked.

Cancassi spanked him again, making his skin tingle with the sting of it. He jerked, but the extra hold of the silver around his neck well and thoroughly trapped him. He couldn't nod his head, but he could still breathe, still see. He let out a muffled little "uh huh" around the gag of silver.

Margeurite beamed at him even as her thumb found its way into his mouth. It was a special kind of torment not to be able to suck on it. "Good boy," she purred. "Let's get you warmed up."

Olbric heard Cancassi's musical little chuckle and braced himself. Their hands had always looked so delicate, but in spite of their willowy appearance, they hit hard when they slapped against his ass again.

Olbric grunted into the gag when another hit fell, barely giving him a chance to catch his breath. Heat throbbed in the spot only to jolt hotter as Cancassi struck again and again. Every nerve in his body came alight under the attack. His head swam even as his cock hardened.

"Skies, you are such a pain slut," Margeurite murmured even as she pulled her wet fingers from his mouth and reached down to grab his length. Olbric let out a muffled whine of need as he vainly tried to thrust into her hand. She kept her touch maddeningly light, and for a second, Olbric was so concentrated on trying to coax her into doing something that he almost forgot about Cancassi.

The Maeve was quick to remind him of their presence with a sharp slap. Except whatever they struck him with was most certainly not a hand. It smacked hard and solid before another landed in quick succession. He wasn't sure how the Maeve snuck a paddle in without him noticing, but he was grateful they did. They heated his skin with a few more strikes before those long fingers grabbed the sore mounds of his ass.

He tried to pull away, but he couldn't do much more than wiggle. Cancassi's weight settled against his back, and he felt their lips brush the shell of his ear. "Feeling warmed up yet?" they purred. As if to assure that he was, one long finger trailed down to tease at the pucker of his hole.

Margeurite pulled the silver from his mouth to allow him to answer. He gasped, trying to get a lucid thought together. The ovisari was not helping on that front as her free hand stroked leisurely down his shaft. For anyone else, the moment of reprieve would have been welcome, but Olbric would have preferred the continued reddening of his ass to this slow, teasing torture.

"Alright, alright!" Olbric moaned. "I surrender."

Margeurite chuckled as her thumb stroked over the head of his cock, wringing a desperate little groan out of him. "Are you sure?" she asked.

Cancassi chose that moment to slide their finger into him, sealing the deal. Olbric swore under his breath, a full bodied shudder rushing through him. "I'm sure," he said.

Margeurite smiled and pressed a kiss to his forehead. "How long?" she asked.

Cancassi slid a second finger into him, making it damnably hard to concentrate. "How long did I manage the first time?"

Margeurite hums. "Three minutes, I think?"

"That's it?" It had felt like a lifetime.

Margeurite chuckles. "You can stop whenever you need to," she said. "But how about we don't go longer than half an hour. I don't want to push you too far today. You're already doing so well," she purred. Her hand pressed against the pillar. "Ready?"

Olbric moaned as Cancassi scissored their long fingers, stretching him gently. "Ready," he panted. He hoped to God he wasn't lying. If he had to stop before finishing, he was sure his balls might actually revolt right off his body.'s_Dirty_Mike & t=75218 & p=199251#p199251

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