"Got a story there?"

"Drama." Ellaria sighed and ran a hand through her hair. "It's complicated. I hope that catkin knows what she's doing, Fey is, uh, special, she does everything on the... big side of things."

"Oh certainly, she's incredible. So flexible. You wouldn't not believe how much she can fit inside, I've seen her take a full twelve inches before, crazy."

"Ah, well, I think she might be taking a little more than that... Now and in future"

"What makes you say that?

"Oh, no reason, well, you'll see I suppose."

The drake scratched at his jaw and raised an eyebrow.

"Say, would you like a drink since you seem to be intending to stay."


The drake flashed her a sharp toothed grin and pushed through the door next door to the one Fey had entered. Ellaria hesitated then followed inside.

Inside the room was warm, and rich and full of heavy furniture, a large round bed was in the middle of the room and a cabinet filled with various glass containers to one side.

Ellaria raised her brow questioningly at the drake.

"A bedroom? Really?"

"Ahaha, well this is the kind of building where most rooms have beds I'm afraid. Don't worry they all come stocked with alcohol."

The drake moved over to the open fronted cabinet. The upper shelves held bottles of various amber spirits, what drew Ellaria's eye however was the lower part which was stacked with what looked suspiciously like potions. Purple, green, glowing, many liquids in spherical bottles were out on display.

"What are those? More alcohol?"

"Ah no, it seems these got mistakenly left out. These are uh, sexual enhancers."

"This isn't some kind of trick on your part is it?"

"No, not at all, all our more expensive rooms have these, that's actually why I took your friend and Abby to one," he pointed with a claw at a purple potion. "Relaxant. It helps when taking ah, clientele on the larger side."

The drake extinguished his cigarette and then took a bottle of amber down from the upper shelves and poured two glasses, adding a hunk of ice from a hidden icebox at the back of the cabinet.

"My name is Zell by the way."

"Ellaria, but you can call me Ella."

Ellaria took the offered glass then eyed the other potions that hadn't been explained. "I can understand this, with the variety of species there are there must be a need for some magic to ease the process sometimes. What do the other potions do?"

"Easing things is important as you say, some species are not very compatible with others at all, but we find ways. Most of these potions are for fun however, this one enhances pleasure, this one makes a person more sensitive, this shifts pain to pleasure, this one is an aphrodisiac."

The elf could feel the drake's half lidded gaze on her, and she was suddenly intensely aware of how close he was. She could see his tail moving out of the corner of her eye.

Ellaria clinked the ice in her glass and bit her lip as the drake's tail ran up her leg, rounding around her curving bare thigh, touching up against the hem of her short shorts, gently poking beneath the cloth.

"One of my good friends is the captain of a band. It's a stressful job, which is understandable. You know I am very very good at relieving people of such burdens, unwinding, letting go of all the worries of leadership and so much responsibility."

Ellaria's hand came up and touched at the tail coiling silkily around her leg, her fingers tracing its surface. She very nearly grabbed it and ripped it from her thigh.... But... Well, it was true that she was stressed, and she was also incredibly horny though she hated to admit it. Seeing Fey turn Vivi and Flora into a pair of groaning satisfied cum spheres and then having the druid ravage her had left her wanting, aroused, frisky.

She licked her lips unconsciously, remembering a certain centaur's taste.

"Hmphh. What about this potion?"

Ellaria picked up a glass bottle about the size of a pint glass. The inside was filled with a faintly glowing purple and blue liquid. It sloshed as she tilted the glass examining it.

"Ah that potion causes a male to be, shall we say, more productive."

Ellaria's eyes instantly lit up with interest.

"Productive you say? How... interesting."

"Why yes, it is."

"To be explicit, It makes you cum more?"

"Yes. It causes a male such as myself to produce more semen than they otherwise would."

"Could... Could you drink it?"

The drake gave her a sly smile and carefully took the potion from her hands, his claws clinking against the glass.

"This is meant for all the male companions who use this room, one sip is quite powerful."

He casually popped the lid and put the glass to his lips. He sipped once, then meaningfully, sipped again. His half lidded eyes never left Ellaria.

"Delicious." He put the potion back on the cabinet and held out a claw.

Ellaria put her glass down then gently took the offered claw. He led her over to the bed and flopped down on top the seething bog of cushions that lay across it, pulling her down with him. She came to rest on his broad muscular chest, her own weight entirely supported by his own powerful body.

This, this is nice, a little relief might be just what I need. Thought Ellaria as she lay upon him, feeling his chest rise and fall.


After a little while her hand slid down from his chest, she couldn't help it, she wanted to touch him in private places, to feel him grow beneath her touch. Plus she was curious about what she might find, she hadn't been with a species anything like the one she currently lay atop.

Her fingers slipped beneath the hem of his shorts, feeling down his smooth cream scales, and then his... wait... where was it?

Ellaria blinked and touched all over his crotch, but there was nothing there, only some uneven scales. She frowned and looked up at him questioningly. An amused expression was on the drake's face.

"Never been with a drake before huh?"

"No. What is this? Are you toying with me?"

"Hmm am I? Perhaps you should try and push a little harder."

Ellaria narrowed her eyes but did as he said, perfectly manicured fingertips tracing the odd scales. She pushed down at them and to her surprise felt her fingers sink between them. Warm.

"What on earth?"

She played around, pushing and prodding and exploring this strange anatomy until she felt something prodding back. To her shock, her fingers were pushed out from the slit by an emerging something.

Ellaria's fascination peaked and she found herself turning around so that she was on all fours over the drake, her crotch over his head.

Her eyes locked on to the new bulge in his shorts. She unbuttoned them, pulling the fabric apart and found a cock growing up into her hands, bumping up against her fingers, inching outward.

Ellaria examined the cock. It was large, and still growing, ridged and slick, its surface wetted from where it had been hidden beneath the drake's scales. The tip was a pinkish purple gradienting down into a deeper purple at the base. As she watched the tip drooled a line of clear precum that pooled on the drakes abdomen. It was tapered unlike what she was used to, fat in the middle, thick ridges ran up its length, she wondered how they would feel inside of her, pressing up against her walls. She swallowed.

She couldn't help herself, she caressed it, her finger tips touching up against its surface. It was warm, and very very slippery, infact as she moved her hand in and palmed the cock it shifted from her grasp before she caught it, or at least partially caught it, her fingers weren't able to fully encircle it. She slid her hand down its length, all nine inches, eliciting a shudder from the drake she was resting atop.

Ellaria felt hot air roll over her shorts and down her thighs, her crotch resting over the drakes muzzle. She blinked then lowered her hips experimentally, pressing her crotch down onto the drake's nose, the fabric of her shorts flattening against his scaled muzzle as her soft flesh deformed over it. The drake let out a huff and Ellaria felt the fabric heat over her crotch with his breath. She bit her lip and wiggled, grinding down onto him. She stifled a yelp as she suddenly felt the large and powerful tongue of the drake poke from between his teeth and push up against her crotch, pressing the cloth up between her folds.

"K-keep doing that..."

"Hang on," he gravelled back, Ellaria couldn't help but give a little shiver as the vibration of his voice rolled into her lower parts.

The drake suddenly shifted his claws up and ran a point over the fabric of her shorts, he slipped a claw between her thighs and Ellaria let out a gasp as a claw hooked the seam and tore open a diamond shaped split in the fabric where her puss was hidden.

"Hey what do you think you're do-EEE!"

The drake thrust his long thick tongue through the hole, shoving her lace panties aside and driving hard into her sopping cunt.

Ellaria bit down on her lip and bowed her head as his outrageously dexterous tongue squirmed around inside of her, its thickness plunging up and down her walls.

"G-goddam it, those were expensive!" she managed to gasp out. With difficulty, she pulled back her attention to the gently bobbing cock in front of her.

She grasped the cock and lifted the tip toward her face, pushing her mouth up against it, letting the shape of it push her lips and jaw apart as she took the bucking penis into her, her teeth touching up against the warm hard flesh. She swirled her tongue around the head as it pressed up against the roof of her mouth. The thing was too large to get much more than that in but she pushed what she considered her limits and bobbed her head up and down.

As she did her hand suddenly slipped on the slick surface of his cock and slapped down to the base where the cock emerged from the drake's scales. Her brow rose up in confusion as she looked down and saw the creased scale bulging once more. As she watched a second cock squeezed from his body and pushed free, swelling and growing larger in a rush, bobbing higher in front of her eyes as she tended to the first cock. She couldn't resist, she grasped at it with her hand and ran her fingers all over it, grasping and jerking his second length even as she suckled on his first.

Zell squirmed beneath her touch, both inside and out of her, her fingers wrapped around his lower length even as her mouth wrapped around his upper.

He intended to reciprocate and rolled his tongue over her insides, pushing back against her clenching walls. He found a spot that made the elf twitch and then he went wild on it causing her to whimper and gasp around his cock.

He pushed his snout harder against her muff, between her thighs, nearly lifting her off her knees, his tongue pistoning in and out of her sloppy snatch. The elf was losing it, her desperate bobbing on his cock become rough and arrhythmic, taking more and more of him into her mouth. The drake strained into her, both her mouth and her pussy. Pushing the endurance of his tongue to its limit as he drove her over the edge.

She let out a muffled scream around his cock as her walls clamped down on his tongue so hard it trapped him inside. The drake only had a moment for his eyes to widen and to quickly hold his breath before a veritable deluge of girlcum opened up on him, waterfalling down onto his muzzle, into his open mouth, covering his face entirely with her. She tasted special in a way unique to elves, fresh and slightly salty, unbelievably delicious. He couldn't help himself, as it pooled in his mouth he began to swallow, drinking down her incredible fluids as fast as possible, gulping her down even as her squirt waterfalled and sheeted over his scales soaking the bed. All of his senses were overwhelmingly filled with her emittance, her taste.

The elf wailed around his length, jerking forward as orgasm wracked her body, taking inches more of his length, her throat bulging outward with his cock.

This instantly pushed Zell over the edge. The drake came.

The cock in Ellaria's mouth swelled and a spurt of hot sticky semen sprayed down her throat. Ellaria didn't hesitate, she swallowed all of it, her throat bobbing even as the drake came all the harder, she used her mouth and tongue to milk everything she could, sucking on his cock, milking more and more cum from him even as the drake groaned and bucked his hips and his second cock sprayed long ropes of cum into the air, wildly spurting across the room, leaving long lines of cum across the carpet and walls.

At last his cocks stopped releasing, the last droplets drooling down the length of his free cock as Ellaria gulped the last dribble from the one in her mouth, using her lips to squeeze and drag everything she could from him.

The drake slumped back into the bed breathing hard.

"Oh g-gods you are good at that, I haven't cum so hard in a long while. Is-Is this an elf thing?"

Ellaria ran her tongue over her lips, the taste of the drake filling her mouth.

"It's not enough."


"You! You aren't enough!"

"Wha- What's that's supposed to mean?!"

Ellaria scowled at him but rolled off his body and jumped to her feet. Her eyes stared at the wall. Somewhere behind it was Fey, likely giving that catkin the rutting of a lifetime. Ellaria's loins burned. She couldn't get the image of Vivi and Flora out of her head, women so unimaginably filled with cum, so much thick hot virile cum, their lust sated and satisfied like nothing else.

Ellaria involuntarily trembled at the thought. A fresh line of scalding hot lubricant rolled down her inner thigh.

She licked her lips. Maybe she could go next door, join in... No. She couldn't, it wasn't appropriate.

Her eyes wandered over to the potion cabinet. Maybe, maybe she could make something close to that feeling.

"Hey, is something wrong?" said the drake from where he lay.

Ellaria didn't reply, instead she strode toward the cabinet, spread her arms, then scooped all of the potions up into her arms. She turned to the drake, a slightly manic look in her captivating blue eyes.

"N-Now hold on, what, what are planning on doing with those?"

Ellaria jumped onto the drake's chest, pinning him down.

A little real fear crossed the drake's expression as he watched the elf place the potions aside and then uncap one of them. Her hand caressed the drake's jaw before firmly gripping it.

"N-Nuu! Y-you can't!" said the drake his body tensing,

Ellaria flicked the cap off the potion and upended it in the drake's mouth, jamming the stem in his maw. The drake's eyes went round as potion gushed into him, draining down his throat. He choked and spluttered but Ellaria was relentless, she upended the entire potion, then she reached for the next, pulled the cork, and replaced the empty bottle. More and more potions went down the squirming drake's gullet but Ellaria held firm, keeping him down, a terrible thirst in her, a drive to make him cum epic amounts. At last she was done and the drake was left gasping, a line of purple potion running from the corner of his mouth.

"Wha- what have you done!" he managed to gasp out.

Ellaria tipped back and chugged down the last potion, the relaxation potion, and wiped her lips. She threw the bottle behind her where it smashed against the wall.

"I want more of your essence drake and you are going to give it to me."

It didn't take long for the drake to start feeling the effects of the potions, a wash of heat ran under his scales, his cheeks reddening and his breath accelerating.

"Oh, oh fuck! so hot! I'm burning up!"

The dicks that she had previously drained the life out of began to stir and twitch beneath her hips and then surged back to hardness, then even harder, thick veins swelled down their length, vascular and heavy. Ellaria dipped her head and watched hungrily as the two lengths pushed past their original nine inches, reddening and straining. As she watched the slit the two cocks protruded from suddenly bulged outward and two fat bulbous knots at the base of each cock pushed their way free from the slit with a soft wet schlop. The two cocks throbbed and twitched, precum sputtering from their tips every few seconds, the weight of them slapping against each other and the drake's belly.

Ellaria's breath became heavier. This, now this, might give her what she wanted.

Ellaria gripped him by the neck, holding him in place, dominating him. She touched a finger to her shorts and they ignited, rapidly going up in flames, burning the fabric up and wisping away the material into nothing leaving her smooth unblemished skin behind.

She shifted her rear, her thighs readying. She aligned her sloppy drooling perfect pink slit with the pair of jumping cocks, they bounced against each other eagerly as though desperate to be ensleeved by something warm and tight. Ellaria planned to give it to them.

She slipped an elegant hand between her thighs, her slim fingers touching up against the eager pair, gently pushing them up so their tips touched up against her lower lips, their hotness sliding up against her, the sensitive surface of her lips tickled by the sputtering spraying pre-cum being produced by the cocks, further painting her engorged pussy in slippery lubricant.

"Oh g-ggoddds put them in Ella, p-please! I beg you!" groaned the drake beneath her.


Ellaria let out a small smile, teasing the overloaded drake, gently pressing her muff up against the cocks then pulling away. The cocks were going wild, jumping from her fingers, throbbing and straining to reach inside of her but not quite able to do so.

"You've got to cum with everything you have, fill me to my limit and then more. Can you do that for me?"

"Yes! Yes! Anything!" whined the drake.

Ellaria pushed back slightly, gently pushing up with her hand so that the two cocks were pressed against each other, she eased her puss against them, her slick folds slipping over the tips and then letting them press between, parting her reddened lips. One cock at the base of her pussy, one near her clit, the tapered tips allowing her to successfully catch the first half inch of both throbbing penises in her snatch. She bit her lip as she eased backwards, more and more of the fatter part of the cocks slipping inside of her. She could feel the relaxation potion working on her body, letting her petite pussy take more than it normally ever could. The stretching thickness of both cocks felt amazing. Was this what it felt like to take Fey?

The first ridges of the dual cocks slipped inside and Ellaria let out a soft gaspy little moan. She rocked her hips, slowly pushing more of the drake into her folds bit by delicious bit, driving the drake wild who wanted nothing more than to be entirely within her.

Zell squirmed beneath her, barely keeping himself together under the immense tight pressure his shafts were under, his breathing getting heavier and heavier as the elf slowly impaled herself on him until her ass cheeks were sandwiching his knots and a fist sized bulge protruded from her perfect toned stomach marking his lengths inside of her.

"Holy fuck, elf pussy is incredible!" he groaned.

Ellaria drew herself back up exposing his cocks back to the air, the lengths now wet with her juices, then she eased herself back down agitating the drake with the sensation. She gradually increased the pace faster and faster and faster until she was driving herself up and down enthusiastically. As she did so embers started to appear amongst her bouncing red locks, drifting into the air from her hair.

She slammed herself down on the drake, his twin dicks stirring up her insides as in turn her insides squeezed down on his lengths, holding them tight together inside herself, her walls rippling over their lengths, oscillating pressures up and down in a uniquely elfin way driving the drake crazy.









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