Between her sucking, and simultaneously swirling her tongue over the tip, I felt the first pangs deep in my vagina of my long overdue orgasm. It was the first time anyone ever sucked and tongued my clit at the same time and felt incredible. It was always either or before, and I made a mental note to try it on Maureen when and if the time ever came. It felt so awesome, and in spite of me holding my legs as I was, I couldn't prevent myself from clamping at least my thighs around her head as I spontaneously began humping her face.

"I'm going to fucking cum Maureen, so don't dare stop sucking my clit!"

She didn't. If anything she sucked it more intently.

Suddenly my whole body stiffened and I instinctively released my legs so I could hold her head against me. Soon as I did I let loose with a loud screech and orgasmed. Then the inevitable happened, a huge gush of ejaculate shot out and all over Maureen's chin and neck.

I can't recall entirely what happened next since my head felt like it was going to explode and I was going to faint. I didn't, but just barely. I do remember in spite of just having an orgasm and cumming, Maureen continued to suck my clit and brought on a second mind numbing orgasm, which caused me to shake nearly uncontrollably and squirt. Come to find out later, it was a "pisser" of a stream and soaked Maureen in spite of her best effort to back away, which unfortunately she didn't do far enough.

As soon as my second orgasm subsided, I began whimpering because of how incredible it was, and still felt as the lingering effects reverberated through my body. While I've had some amazing orgasms, and at times squirt when I do, none compared to the one I just had. Not even close.

When I finally regained my senses, Maureen was still kneeling in front of me with the only difference being her having a towel draped around her shoulders after drying herself. She was also now topless. Apparently she removed her blouse and bra because of how wet they were. Seeing her breasts for the first time caused me to nearly gasp and I couldn't stop staring at them.

Seeing I was..."Do you like them, Lacey?"

"God yes, but I apologize for gawking like a teenager seeing his mother's tits for the first time, but I must say yours are incredible. I'm jealous, and the first word that comes to mind is they're magnificent."

And they were. Gorgeous actually. About as nice a pair of tits anyone could ask for, especially someone in their forties. About as full as could be at a double D for sure. Beautiful melons, and her creamy alabaster skin tone only accentuated their loveliness. Not forgetting her incredible soft mocha colored areola, about the size of the often referred to silver dollar, and the delectable long nipples protruding from them. Plus they were located high on her breasts giving her nipples a more perky look and her breasts the appearance of having very little sag.

"No need to apologize Lacey, and I'm glad you like them. And they're all yours when the time comes. I just wish we had the time now for you to play with them. There's nothing I'd like more, and for you to suck on my nipples."

"I thought I'd never hear myself say this Maureen, but I never had a desire to have at another's woman's tits. That's until now." After which I began to reach for them, but she almost teasingly backed away just enough so I couldn't.

"Not now Lacey, as much as I'd love you to, we really don't have the time. Besides, it'll give you something to look forward to, and to fantasize about the next time you masturbate. Now before I forget, in spite of you forewarning me, I must say I wasn't expecting you to squirt like you did. Never crossed my mind you might be a squirter. Hopefully it was because of me."

"Very much so Maureen. And while I'm sure you must have heard this before, you're pretty dam incredible when it comes to eating pussy. While I knew it would be with another woman, I didn't expect it to be that good. I can't thank you enough."

"I should be thanking you Lacey. I can't tell you how much you made my day, week and year by giving me the pleasure to go down on your sweet pussy finally...and for you cumming like you did. And so you'll know, I also cummed when you did. First time I ever had an orgasm from going down on someone, which makes two first for me today. Something tells me this is just the beginning of what's going to be a very special friendship."

"I think you're right Maureen, as long as you let me reciprocate the first chance we get, and I don't get 'buyers remorse' in the morning. Although I doubt I will."

"I doubt you will too, Lacey. At least I hope not. As for you reciprocating. The sooner the better, but I want it to be when we can spend more time together. The next time I want us to have an entire day so we can fuck each other's brains out."

"You won't get an argument from me, and I can't recall you ever using the 'F' word. Not that I mind, I can get pretty slutty myself when I get aroused. I started earlier, but caught myself. I wasn't sure if it would offend you since I can get pretty vulgar and I rarely hear you swear."

"Have no fear Lacey, you can talk dirty to me as much as you want. The nastier the better, and be advised I can get pretty slutty myself during love making. We've got a lot to learn about each other relative to our new relationship, all of which I'm sure we'll both be pleasantly surprised about. But sadly for now, it's time for you to get dressed and home before our husbands do from work."

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