"You think our two cute young pussies are awake yet?"

Master Gary and Master Max strode down the stairs. After a brief nap, weight-lifting workout and shower, both were ready for round 2. As they entered the living room, the men found both girls sleeping peacefully...or at least pretending to. Bianca lay with her glossy dark brown hair pooled around her face, her breasts rising and falling in rhythmic serenity. Spread-eagled with her wrists and ankles tied far apart, her cunt was bare for all to see.

Master Max had a warm, wet washcloth in his hand. He used it to start cleaning out the remnants of cum in Bianca's sex.

Bianca's eyes snapped open immediately.

"UHHH!! PLSSS!" she begged, but the ball-gag fastened to her mouth kept her pleas muffled.

"What's that, bitch? You need to enunciate," Max said with a dark chuckle. He ignored her muffled protests, all the while methodically cleaning out the girl's intimate folds. Finished, he threw the washcloth aside. Now he loosened the ball-gag, letting it dangle beneath the girl's chin. Bianca had to open and close her aching jaw several times before she could speak properly again.

"Please let us go!" Bianca begged. "We won't tell anyone, I swear!" Seeing his captive desperate like this gave Max the biggest hard-on. He looked down at his cock. It was stiff and ready, but he decided to take it slow for now.

"Shut up, bitch. You won't tell anyone because you won't LIVE long enough to tell anyone. Now just relax and try to enjoy what's coming. I want to taste that pussy of yours. Who knows, I might let you get off in the process. After that we'll be ass raping both of you sluts, and it goes downhill from there, so you might as well enjoy what you can."

Stacey shuddered in the background, just glad that for now the two men's attentions were focused on her fellow captive and not on her.

"No! Please don't do this," Bianca sobbed pitifully. She squirmed as Max knelt between her legs. Flipping the bottom of his mask up to reveal his mouth, he pressed his lips to her silken folds. He began to suck softly on her pussy, his tongue exploring her warmth. As he flicked his tongue inside her, Max reached up to fondle the girl's breasts. He felt the two nipples pebble up underneath the palms of his hands.

"Please stop! Uhhh!" the sexy teenager moaned.

Ignoring her plea, Max sucked fervently on her little joy nub. He then slowly inserted one, then two fingers, penetrating her sex with easy strokes as her cunt moistened in response to his attentions. Soon he had her juices flowing. Wet sounds of arousal emanated from the girl's snatch as he feasted on her.

Meanwhile, Master Gary took the now-familiar three-tailed whip and slapped it across Bianca's chest. Bianca's moans were interrupted by a squeal as the whip's tendrils battered her sensitive, supple cones.

"Cum for us, honey. I haven't seen you gush for us yet. I want to see that look of pleasure on your cute little face," Gary growled. Saying this, he slammed the whip across her tits with even more force.

"AHH!! Please! I can't cum while you're hurting me," Bianca hissed.

"Repeat after me, slut: 'Please stop whipping me, Master. I want to cum,'" Gary commanded.

Seeing the iron-grip of his hand around that whip handle, Bianca still hesitated. She had a shred of courage inside her still that wouldn't let her surrender that last shred of dignity. In response, Gary stepped away and returned with the knife. He pressed the point of the knife to one of the girl's breasts.

"You want me to cut off your nipples, bitch? You think I haven't done worse to sluts who disobey me??"

"No! Please!" Bianca moaned. "Please don't hurt me, Master. I want to cum!" she said obediently. "This s-slave bitch wants to cum," she sputtered, trying to remember the degrading terms her captors liked to hear. "Please don't hurt me. Oh please!"

Satisfied, Gary withdrew the knife.

Meanwhile, Max's slurping and fervent licks had reached a crescendo. His fingers were ramming into the girl's wet passage at breakneck speed. His teeth captured her clit as he sucked hard. He felt that little hardened nerve bundle and squeezed it between his teeth with the perfect amount of pressure, sending Bianca dangerously close to the edge.

The girl was panting now. Her wrists were clenched up in her bonds. Her face was contorted in a tortured look of resistance and reluctant pleasure, the girl's loins slowly but inevitably surrendering to her rapist's tongue.

"Ohhhh please. Oh god!" Bianca crooned.

Gary grasped Bianca by the hair and turned her face toward him, loving the look of tortured lust in her eyes.

"I'm your god now, bitch," Master Gray growled. "How do you like his tongue in your pussy? You better tell me now, and it better make my dick even harder if you want to live."

Bianca's beautiful face twisted into a look of fierce denial, as if she was trying to hold off the biggest orgasm of her young life. The girl finally seemed to cave, moaning at the top of her lungs.


"Tell me, bitch!" Gary swatted the girl in the face, then put his beefy hand over her mouth. "You want me to suffocate you?"

"Uhh!! Nnn!!" Bianca finally gave up, crying out as Gary removed his hand.

"I...I love him sucking on my pussy! Uhh! I'm going to cum, Master. Oh god... Ohhh!! My pussy... I'm so close. He's making me... please, oh please... yes, just like that. Ohh. Yes! I'm commmiiiiiiinnnnggg!" As Bianca's eyes rolled back, it seemed that her lust had truly spiraled out of control. Suddenly Bianca was thrusting her pussy onto Max's tongue. Her body shook as her rapid breathing sped up even faster. She contorted, her back arching, and then her flood of sweet pungent cunt cream swept out to bathe Max's tongue and mouth. Max slurped loudly at the gush of fluids as the slender brunette's cunt convulsed in the heady throes of sexual bliss.

"AAAAHHHH!!" Bianca cooed, bucking into his face as her spasms continued for what seemed like forever. Max kept nibbling at her sex, laving at her dripping cunt until the orgasm slowly faded. Gradually the girl's heart rate began to return to normal. He stood up and looked down at his captive. The dazed look of pleasure and shame that shone on Bianca's flawless face, her breasts still heaving in the aftermath of her orgasm, was just priceless.

"This little cunt's nectar is fucking delicious," Max said, licking his chops. He petted Bianca's oversensitive sex, making the girl shiver and squirm. "I'll almost miss this cute pussy when we're done with her."

"Time for the main event, am I right?" Gary rumbled.

Max rubbed his hands together as Bianca looked up with pleading eyes and Stacey made muffled protests through her gag.

"Right you are," Max replied. "Let's do this. Time to rape some tight teenage asses."


To Be Continued...

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