"Chocolate Fudge Ripple"

Yuki came back to the cabin that morning after what I told her what happened the other day. It was cloudy and rather chilly for a Florida June day. We stood in front of the cabin, trying to figure out what was different about it. The cabin's roof got torn away. Maybe one of the girls got tired of how gritty the roof looked. I had no idea who did that. Neither did Yuki.

"Kendra, are you sure something is off here?" Yuki asked me. "Maybe you were seeing things. I mean...you were dreaming about that rotating table surrounded by our sisters' legs."

"Look, Yuki, I know something is off." I said with a firm tone. "I just can't put my finger on it what it is."

"You do have a sharp mind, Kendra, but you also have a vivid imagination. Maybe your right hemisphere crossed with your left and switched positions."

I crossed my brows at her from that remark. "That sounds stupid."

"Come on, Kens! A woman's brain is more connected than the scientists originally thought. Our brains are like the internet. Maybe yours is a mutated one. Maybe your right and left hemispheres fused during your child development. And because of the fusion, you could be confused which is real and what isn't."

I was aloof with my friend's suggestion. "Well, Yuki, call the Medical Journal if you think I'm a mutant. And maybe they should check your digestive tract to see if your mouth is connected to your esophagus or your large intestine." Oh yeah, I don't put up with people talking shit. I mean what kind of bull was she talking about.

I looked up while I was talking to her and my eyes widened. Yuki apologized to me profusely as I looked at the top of the post. Now I knew why something was off! I got it!

"Yuki, look up there!" I whispered to her after I covered her mouth. Yuki's eyes followed mine and saw what was on top of the post. A small video camera was directly at us. The lens focused on us. Yuki muffled at it before I took my hand off her.

"It's only there to catch the Flasher."

"What if it wasn't the main focus?" I asked her. "Don't you think it's odd that the Flasher isn't caught yet?"

"Now you're scaring me?"

"I should be. Think about it. The Flasher might be making his move sooner or later. With the camp swarming with hormones, he couldn't resist taking more shots of the victims."

"Maybe he's lying low until the people think he gave up."

"He might...or maybe he's taken a step ahead of the security guys and hacked the cameras."

"You know, I believe you're being paranoid."

"Let's test your theory. Walk with me."

Yuki went along with it to prove how wrong I was. Well, we walked around the post looking up at the camera. We wanted to check if it sensed motion. Once we went the whole 360, we stopped walking. The camera didn't move once.

"There now, you see? There is nothing wrong about the camera."

At that time, McKenzie took a stroll with a book on his hand. He looked where we looked and smiled. "Ah, I see you discovered this advanced security camera! Isn't it a beauty? It's called the Argus 360. They say the deity has a hundred eyes. The camera on that post has a 360-degree lens. That means it can see anyone with that thing. Isn't it something?"

As a matter of fact, it was. That gave Yuki a shock while my intuition was right. We put our heads together and figure out what camera was not a three sixty. Of course, there was a camera disguised as an owl. They called this device "Glaukopis". When we got there, we tested the owl camera. When one of us moved. There was no movement. When we both moved, it didn't.

"Now will you admit you have paranoia in your head?" Yuki asked.

Before I answered, the owl turned its head toward the woods. We stared at the direction, questioning what had its attention. We followed the direction and stopped at the opening. There was Mark and his fiancé right there near the sycamore trees. Mark stood on the ground as Heather was on her knees sucking on his hard wood. We turned back to the owl and the eyes stared directly at the couple. That was the pinpoint we bolted.

We didn't know where went. At that point, we didn't care. We needed to tell someone! Then it hit me! "Gary! We need to find Gary! He's a wiz with gadgets like that Glaukopis!"

"But where can we find this Gary? He could be anywhere!"

"I know that!" I remarked in frustration. Suddenly, the answer came in front of us. It was in the form of the warehouse where Eleanor worked. If anyone would know where he was, it would be his loving aunt!

Yuki and I burst into the warehouse and rushed to see Eleanor. We haven't been so desperate to see anyone for so long! We panted as we caught our breaths. The woman put her costumer under the dryer and looked at us. She almost dropped her shift.

"Girls!" She exclaimed, seeing us dehydrated. "Oh, you two do look like you need some tall glass! Grace, be a lamb and give Kendra and Yuki some water, would you?"

"Are Sobes okay, Elle?"

"Give 'em anything you got in the fridge!" Michelle rolled her eyes when her friend went into the staff room. "Geez, I love her, but...no matter! She's good kid. Meanwhile, you guys look like you've seen something fantastic. Whadya see?"

It took me a few moments after drinking a Sobe to reply. "We want to see Gary, your nephew, Eleanor."

Eleanor's eyes widen and the other workers perked their ears. She looked at us as she thought. "Why do you want to see my nephew, girls? Are you having problems with your wifi?"

"Kinda." Yuki rolled her heels as she swayed her body. She was awkward when she answered. She stood still when she took a short breath. "Look, I think there is something wrong with a camera on our porch. We want him to check on it."

"Your camera?" Pearl combed her costumer's hair. "Gee, come to think of it, my cam's been acting strange too. It looked as though it keeps staring at me. It gives me the creeps more than that Flasher did!"

"Yours too?" Raja asked, checking out some of the new nail polish. Oh yes! She and Saisha received jobs and are now working for Eleanor! Raja is now a manipedi girl and Saisha is now a licensed masseuse. "Man, girl! I thought I was crazy when that camera followed me everywhere, I go."

I dropped my bottle hearing the others. The situation was getting worse. Yuki and I turned to one another, our nerves starting to crawl. We had to know where Gary was stat! We haven't a moment to spare! "Eleanor, please! Do you know where Gary is right now??"

Eleanor heard the panic in my cracked voice. "Oh, you're serious! I'll call Gary and ask him."

"Don't bother." Pearl's customer swished her chair around and revealed herself to us. Her legs straightened as she stood. Her lavender waves of hair shone in the light when she put her arm on her hip. I remembered her having a Russian accent. "Come with me, Miss Kendra and friend. I'll take you to him."

"Hey!" Yuki looked at the woman as she walked past us. "What gives?? How do you know Kendra??"

The woman turned around. "My friends told me about her. Word through the grapevine has it your friend is the open minded being. Yes, Kendra, you do have the heart of both the toughest metal and a softest blossom. A living conundrum, young being with so much wisdom which could only be possess by an old soul."

"Do you really want to work my tits?" I asked her. I was rather annoyed with her compliments. Oh yeah, that brought her to the wall with my retort. "I really don't deal with bullshit, especially not now! Just take us to Gary! It's urgent!"

"Fine. You don't have to tell me twice. Come on!"

True to her word, the woman, who we now know as Tricia, took us to Gary's cabin. Now Gary might be a computer expert. That does not mean he had taste with decorum. His taste was warm and cozy with a hint of modern. He has his three laptops on his block desk. He asked us for drinks before he made began to work. "Let me see..." He said, typing on his unique keyboard. "You assume these cameras are hacked because they followed your movements?"

"It's more than that, Gary." I stated like I was interrogated. "We tested Glaukopis ourselves. It didn't move for us. That was normal. What wasn't normal was when the head turned when it detects a couple in the middle of...coitus."

"Exactly." Yuki nodded. "They didn't move when we first got them."

"Yeah, and it was creepy how the cameras moved the same time they moved. It was a miracle we got out of there." I concluded.

"Where were you when this happened?" Gary asked. "Was this around the signpost? That camera does move during any movement. It has to in case anything suspicious was moving about the camp."

"It didn't take place near the signpost. That's the problem. The camera in question is on our porch, our Glaukopis."

Yuki chimed in. "There is also another camera near the Eta Lambda Phi cabin area. It's different from our camera. Katie, one of the residents, gave me a manual about it. She told me it's important to know our cameras since we frequent there."

Gary took off his glasses and rubbed his bald head. "Is that right?" I nodded. "What model is it?"

"I have the manual right here." Yuki, my guardian angel, kept a manual in her purse in case anything happened. Well, she took a copy on her phone, but it was still good. Gary took a gander of that photo. He frowned. "Well? What do you think?"

"Okay, this is the security model Arachnida C. This model has a total of eight different lenses inside. The lenses only move when there is a movement deemed susceptible. The model itself isn't supposed to move at all! The only way this model could move is..." He stopped typing when he looked at the website of a security company. "Hold on, let me read more of these descriptions of the Arachnida camera."

His eyes were sharp. He stared at the print of each model. He studied the site well. As he studied, we whispered about what he could find. What he did find was more than what we expected. It took him twenty minutes to finish his research. He turned to us and nodded, putting back his glasses.

"Well, you guys want to know what I found out?" He asked us. Tricia nodded. "What do you know so far in that model, genius?"

"Well, my suspicions are correct. The model can only move when someone else controls it. I have to assume someone with a skill of software and camera installation could work on this."

"So, it's hacked." I said in the lamest of terms. Gary sighed. "Right on the dot, Robins."

"Call me Kendra. Everyone else is."

"Right. Well, ladies, we got ourselves someone with a sudden intrigue with our camp."

"I'll bet it's...No! It can't be!" Yuki shuddered with tread. I dreaded edging her to say who she thought it would. We all knew. "The Flasher! He somehow hacked into a camera!"

Tricia pondered about this. "How do you know that camera is the only one he hacked?"

Now that suspicion lost my shit! I put it together briefly and clenched my fist. "Gary, can you counter-hack this hacker? He must have made himself an employee to the Cay Spy co."

"Already on it!" Gary replied, putting his UBS device into his laptop. "I have my one-of-a-kind hacker mongoose. It's my own. This device has a fast-paced hack only to be used for a brief amount of time. This mongoose can take about two minutes now to open up any specific files the company has."

"Can it open up the employee book to see who works there?" Yuki asked. Gary nodded. "Employee profile, new projects, yearly revenue, you name it. My mongoose searches for any file necessary."

We crossed our fingers and hope the little Mongoose could sneak into the Cay Spy software. There were some challenges, like firewalls and nightmare passwords. But Gary's Mongoose survived the company's web maze and got in the system. "Bingo!"

"That didn't take too long!" Tricia said with surprise. "Have you consider working for the CIA?"

Gary had a smug look. "Well, if you and I ever cross paths and we're both agents, I would love to swap dirty secrets with you."

"Same here, Gar-Bear."

"Gar-Bear?" Yuki and I exchanged looks, shaking our heads. Gary moved to the first worker's desk computer. "All right! What do we have here? 'Albert Suthers, intern'. Now he might be young enough to be a pervert."

"Age doesn't matter. If you're a perv, you're a perv." Yuki folded her arms. Tricia nodded. "So true. Let's move on and look at this browser history."

"Right, okay. There isn't anything to this so far. It looks like he has a clean record. He only plays Minesweeper in his spare time." We sighed when nostalgia took over. That was until we heard "Wait." We snapped back and turned to Gary. "I think I got something."

He moved to the earliest file. "His first day was almost three weeks ago!"

"So that means he's the last person to be hired." I assumed.

"Oh yeah, he is a spring chicken. But something else caught my attention." He touched the screen to the worker's e-mail and had an attachment file. Gary clicked on it. The image we saw was an overweight woman taking a shower. Nothing wrong with a woman taking a shower, right? What if I tell you the same woman started to masturbate with a vibrator?

"Oh no!" Yuki cried. "That's Helena! A woman I met the other day! She was in Art class with me! She was the one that offered my sisters a ride to that convention!"

I bit my lip as I noticed the vibrator had a price tag on it. "Call me cray, but I think she got that toy the same day of the orgy."

Tricia tapped me on the shoulder and gave me a sign that I was in the right track. She tapped her nose a few times and nodded. "You know, Kendra, she may have someone in her mind. Otherwise, she wouldn't go to any depths to do this."

"So, what's she thinking about?" Yuki asked when we heard her moan. I shook my head. "More importantly, where's the camera?"

From that question, my best friend gasped. "Wow! You did it, Gary! You caught the Flasher!"

"Uh...not quite. I caught his work, but not the guy himself. Look at the next e-mail."

We read the e-mail like so:

"You are one naughty boy! You have a big thing for BBWs! You can't deny it. I caught you fapping while watching the vid I sent you. You must know, Al, every little bad deed comes with a price. Either you pay a total amount, or you make a video of yourself fapping. If you exceed my expectations, I will consider your payment as full. If you don't do either, I will report you to the police. You will never work anywhere again after that."

"Extortion by e-mail." I said, looking at my phone with that same e-mail. I looked at the page and my phone. "Same agenda. Extortion after looking at some footage."

"What a jerk!" Yuki folded her arms. "I feel awful for that new employee!"

"You might want to feel sorry for more than Al." Gary said in a slow hesitation. He checked more profiles and there were more e-mail threats to more than sixty percent of the employees. "There could be more if this guy followed suit."

"Is there anyone that hasn't had an e-mail yet?" Tricia asked. Gary checked the remaining faculty and checked every letter. "Well, there are a few employees that haven't got it...yet. There is mail that some didn't open. Wait..." We looked at the system. "I think a lot of people are opening the email now."

"And the video is?" Tricia asked. Gary bit his lip as he stared at the video. "The title of this vid is 'Beach Orgy Part un deux'. And it's uncensored."

Okay, the uncensored part was not a big deal. However, all the employees watched this, including the big pres. We watched the video (slightly painful to watch by the way). The fact we participated in one of them was enough to make us squirm. Gary used his inhaler as his wheezing worsened. He watched to the end without twitching. Other than his asthma, he was the calmest in the room.

"Hey! Look at the letter that is attached to the video!" Tricia pointed to the screen. It was black with red, bold letters. It was another threat. And it goes as follows:

"Naughty. You watched it until the end. How convenient. I see you have plenty of time watching this instead of making your people safe. Well, if you want to keep yourself safe, you pay me the sum amount which is attached to this letter. Or you can pay me by other means. You can decide. Exceed my expectations, and you are paid in full."

"Again, with this shit??" I said, my fists clenched. "He's gotten to everyone! Including President McMichael! He's got the same email!"

Gary gawked at the screen, seeing activation upon activation in each computer. Yuki hugged me as we watched the vid being watched at once. I cringed when everything was over. I never felt my eyes twitched as badly as they were back then. I wished I didn't see that. I still wish that.

My shock dwindled when I saw a tall glass of chocolate milkshake right in front of me. My blood pumped back into my heart, waking me right up. I stared at the shake in the glass. Thick chocolate syrup swirls, heavy whipped cream, crushed cookies and sprinkles, I was in Heaven. Well, I was at least in a diner in Heaven. It turned out we were back at Cookies Cream.

"Welcome back, old chum!" Rosa patted my shoulder, her voice soothing. A deeper voice called to me. "You were right, Rosa. Chocolate is Kendra's treatment for shock."

Oh yeah, chocolate is my favorite medicine. One whiff of that sweet stuff and a lot of my nerves would calm down. Oh yes, my stress was very high from the shock. Gary had to carry me to Cookies Cream diner while Yuki and Tricia asked for Doc Daisuke. Man, I owe them. And I paid them later in time.

John sat beside me and cuddled me after my whiff of the stuff. His comfort was also my medicine. The combination of the tasty shake and his green eyes woke me up, yet I was still dreaming. Yuki gave me a little push. That got me to stop dreaming and go on full alert! I turned around and stared at the concerning eyes. I knew what happened and was embarrassed from it.

"Oh God, I fainted, didn't I?" I put my hands over my head. John pulled me over to him and rubbed my hip. "I didn't mean to faint!"

"It's not your fault." Gary explained. "Hey, you have every right to be shocked."

"This guy is going too far with this!" Emma shook her head, her hands clinging to her towel. "I have never been so...so..."


"Irate! Thank you, Katie!" She put a straw in my shake. "Here you are, Sug." Her voice got soft with me, then went back to her aggressive state of ranting. Well, they had no customers, so she can rant with all her might. "I can't believe he's going around Orlando and blackmailing all those people to have sex!"

"And he watches them." Charles added, his demeanor calmer than his wife's but his eyes were just as furious. "He's a fucking sadist. That's what he is."

"I wouldn't swear." Emma sighed. "Well, normally. But in this case, I am going to be worse than a sailor and curse the fuck out of this!"

Well hell! She said every cursed word from a book of swear words! She even called the Flasher (and she permitted me to say it) a "cuntaholic", a "sodomy fuck tyrant", a "depraved used douche", I could go on. But all goes to hilarity when Emma called the Flasher a "fuck-blocker". Good Lord, did she laugh when she said it! In fact, we all did.

"Are you all right now, love?" Charles rubber her shoulder for a bit. Nathaniel and Ingrid still chortled from Emma's verbal fury. Emma sighed and smiled as she wiped her eyes. "Yeah, I'm gonna be fine, Baby. I need to get a lot out of my chest."

Charles made a keen chuckle and gave her a sexy comeback. "Well, darling, if you want to go further, I'll make sure to get everything off your whole body."

"Not in front of us, you're not!" Tony waved his spatula at his boss. "We're not going to have an exhibition in this dining facility! This is where we prepare and serve food!"


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