We arranged to meet at the holiday home, which the owner had told us was just on the edge of the village. It was a dry but wildly windy February day and everyone needed a seaside break, not that anyone would be sunbathing. Our friends arrived first and took the only available parking space at the cottage where the four of us would be spending the next three nights. I was excited, on a number of levels. I relished the break from the norm, I relished having pub food served up to me, and I relished the fresh air. I also relished spending time with our friends, and if I am honest, I daydreamed about how this weekend could be, but knew that mine was only an outside fantasy.

We parked in the tourist car park at the top of the hill and descended towards the house with our baggage. Rob was kind enough to help us and I swooned slightly at his strength as he effortlessly carried an entire weekend's food shopping whilst we took our clothes and other weekend necessities.

We chose our rooms and discussed what we might do for the weekend. Everyone agreed that they were hungry after the long drive, so we descend on one of the two village pubs, the one closest to the seafront. The warmth from the fire hit us as soon as we walked in and it was a welcome relief from the cold outside.

The four of us sat by the window and were made to feel welcome by the two bar staff. I sat down in front of Rob with Simon on my right hand side and Claire to my diagonal. This is the way we always do it, it feels less like segregation, more like a band of four. A few minutes later we are enjoying a hearty meal and a cold drink. We are engaged in deep conversation about various topics, when my foot accidentally brushes against Rob's leg. He looks at me as though he thought it was intentional and gives me a fleeting look. I bite my lip without anyone but him noticing. "Sorry", I say. "No worries" he replies coolly. We carry on talking about the latest film releases, but my panties feel a little wet at the thought of his attention. I thought little more about it as the afternoon of eating, drinking and laughing passed.

It was night fall when we got back to our lodgings and the cottage was freezing, but we soon got a fire going and continued our small party by indulging in mulled wine and a bottle of spiced rum.

The conversation slowly moved towards outrageous things that we did during our university days before we all knew each other. Rob told us, to our astonishment, that he had once been at a party which almost mutated into an orgy, with multiple people in various stages of undress. "What was it like?" I asked him, more than a little curious. "Why don't we all find out?" Claire enthused.

We watched as they began kissing each other gently while he caressed her breasts. They looked at us at the same time. "Aren't you going to give us a show", she said, raising her eyebrows. I was taken back by my friend's enthusiasm, as I had never known her to be like this, but I decided to go with it. I leaned in and kissed Simon, touching his chest as I did so. He was a little nervous about making out in front of our company, but my gentle persuasion relaxed him soon enough. It wasn't long before we were all on the floor, the two couples alongside each other, the men on top of the women, dry humping. Rob lifted Claire up from the ground effortlessly with his strong arms and started to undress her. Both Simon and I looked up and felt our hearts pump faster in anticipation. This was incredibly exciting for me. I wanted to see Rob just take her. And that he did. We were happy for them to lead the way. He sat her petite body on top of him with an ease which aroused me greatly, and unhinged her bra strap to expose her beautiful A-cup breasts, which were a similar size and shape to mine. He kissed them enthusiastically whilst his eyes flicked towards us, or more specifically, me, to see if we were enjoying the show. I decided that I wanted some of the action and unzipped Simon's jeans.

Claire looked at me with approval, and then down at Simon's cock. It looked like she liked what she saw, and it inspired her to do the same to Rob.

After a few minutes, Claire and I looked at each other and we both knew that we had the same thought. Switch. I groaned with excitement and bit my lip, finally after all these years admiring Rob, I would get a piece of him. The guys still had their eyes closed when we began to bring them off, but they knew straight away that they had been traded. A smile came over both their faces, this was clearly what they wanted too. Rob's cock was a similar length to Simon's but had a little bit more girth, which I expected due to their relative body shapes. I swallowed him whole and locked eyes on him as I did so. He could see the delight in my face. After a couple of minutes Claire asked Simon if he would gently thrust in to her open mouth. Rob grinned, knowing it was something she loved him to do to her, and he instantly knew that Simon would enjoy obliging her as much as he did. He soon worked up a rhythm with his rock hard cock while she lay there in delight, caressing his balls. Rob and I watched as they did this, ourselves getting immensely turned on.

Claire asked us if we were keen to take it further. We all agreed but I was a little nervous. Claire suggested that I might be more relaxed if I took Rob away to the bedroom for some private time, leaving her with Simon in front of the log fire that was lighting up the living room. I looked at Simon to make sure if he was okay with it. The expression on his face indicated that he was. I took Rob by the hand and led him to our bedroom. My heart was pounding but I was definitely more relaxed now than I was initially. As he followed me into the room, he unhooked my bra and slid my matching panties down around my ankles. I was so glad I had worn my white lacy set, it made me feel sexier for our unexpected night together. He cupped my breasts from behind, and gently slid his hand between my legs, massaging my by now expectant pussy. He rubbed my clit gently, showing his experience at pleasuring women, and used his other hand to pinch my nipple gently. "Are you ready for me?" he whispered in my ear. I nodded eagerly, feeling his solid erection on the side of my leg. I knew he was waiting for me, possibly for a lot longer than I could have imagined. He coerced me onto the bed and lay me on my back, himself still standing on the edge of the bed. "I want to see your face" he said as he prepared to enter me. I smiled at his consideration, and helped him ease himself inside me.

"Take your time", I urged him. He eased in and out of me slowly but with gradually increasing thrust. I moaned softly and he seemed to get off on the sounds I was making. He had once remarked on how he liked my voice, so this was not a surprise to me. He was gentle but eager in his early movements, he knew how to get me into a state of anticipation.

Without any awkwardness, he slid into a missionary position, burying his arms gently underneath my shoulder blades and kissed my lips softly, still moving in and out, but more slowly now. "I like it slow", I told him. "You feel so good." He smiled and looked me in the eyes momentarily, and I could tell that this was more than just sex for him. There was an emotional element to it too. He kissed me again before moving his lips towards my small, perky breasts. I let out a soft satisfied moan. By this time he had reach the peak of his hardness, and it felt breath taking. He remarked at how good it felt inside me, and I told him that he fit well.

My orgasm arrived suddenly, but it was in waves rather than one giant burst, which was the norm for me. It felt not better, but different. Once I had climaxed, he rolled me over onto my side so that he was fucking me sideways, literally. This must have been the best position for him because he had barely moved when he too had a massive orgasm. We both lay on the bed, looked at each other, and smiled. He made me feel satisfied both sexually and spiritually, being considerate and measured in his movements and sentiments as he was.

The other two took a little longer to move to the bedroom, but there was plenty of foreplay from what we could hear. That we were finished making love when they came upstairs was nice, we could listen to what they were doing before we re-joined them. We lay together, listening intently to what was going on in the other room. Claire was a little older than Simon, and so he was something of a toy boy to her, particularly compared with her older husband, who inversely was an experienced older lover to me.

We heard them groaning from the next room. I looked at him as we listened and asked him to touch me. He kissed me intensely while rubbing my clit with his right hand. I reached down towards his shaft to find it throbbing again, all the while we listened to what was going on in the next room. I asked him if he wanted me to bring him off again with my hand this time but he said that he wanted to wait. He suggested that we re-join the others in a few minutes and asked was I comfortable with that. I nodded. As we listened a little more, we kissed a little and after a few minutes we heard Claire moan as if she was coming. Simon did the same at almost the same time, their climaxes close enough as to almost be in unison.

We got up from the bed and crossed the hallway, knocking on the door. Claire beckoned us in and they both had satisfied smiles on their faces. How was it for you guys, they asked us. Rob and I both looked at each other and exhaled, raising our eyebrows at each other as we did so.

Claire admired my figure, seeing me naked for the first time, as we joined them on the bed. Ready for more? Rob asked.

All four of us engaged each other in a warm, writhing mass of flesh. Nothing was off limits. Claire licked my pussy while I took both cocks in my mouth, before she experienced the same herself. Simon grabbed me and fucked me from behind, like he had been to Claire earlier in the evening, while we watched Rob and Claire fucking missionary style. To my astonishment, my boyfriend pulled out at the last minute and audaciously shot his load on Claire's breasts while she was still being banged. Taking this as a challenge, Rob pulled out of her and about 15seconds later, shot into my eager mouth.

We enjoyed the rest of the weekend as we normally would and no-one talked about the events of the first night for the rest of the weekend. In the privacy of the car on the way home I asked Simon how it was for him. He told me that he had been apprehensive about the whole idea initially but that Claire had made him feel at ease. He said she was a generous lover who gave the most fantastic blowjob. "Better than mine?" I asked, only a little jealous. He doesn't answer, and I assume the answer is yes. It doesn't bother me. I lay back in my seat and think about our sexy friends for the whole journey home, hoping we can all have an exciting holiday away again soon.











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