Foreword: My sincerest apologies for the wait, my dearest Degenerates. This is part one of 'Truth or Dare.' The sixth chapter in naive Becca's humiliation and descent into degeneracy. This is a bigger step up from the previous chapters, and will continue to step up. No spoilers this time. If you enjoy anything specific, let me know in a comment/review. I delight in knowing what exactly you all enjoy being inflicted upon poor Becca.

Becca put the pizza boxes by the trash - it could wait until the morning - then rinsed off her empty water glass, that Eliza had made her earlier. She washed her hands, then returned to the living room to find the pair reseated on the sofa.

Eliza still wore her pretty sundress; it complimented her more petite frame - she had smaller boobs, but they fit her body, and long, smooth, tanned legs that still bore the shin-high boots she had worn for the day. Becca had to consider they gave an edge to the outfit, fitting Eliza's tough-yet-girly personality. Her slender arms were bare, and she held her phone in her manicured hands. Her long, straight brown hair framed her soft-featured, oval shaped face and her wide, thin lips smiled at whatever she was reading. As pretty as a model in a clothing magazine.

Tara sat, one leg folded beneath her, in a long-sleeve white top that had a wide, circular collar that showed off her pale neck and upper chest; it didn't show any cleavage, which Becca liked - preferring a more tasteful, reserved look - but the shirt itself accentuated her rather modest bust. Her wavy, blonde hair was still tied back in a half-tail, exposing her heart shaped face, pouty red lips and glistening blue eyes - sparkling like the blue nail polish Becca had applied to her toes the previous night. Her pale, muscular legs were bare, as were her feet; tight, salmon-pink athletic shorts covered her upper thighs and round bottom.

Tara locked eyes with her as she came in, pushing the futon out towards the middle of the couch - a seat, so that they could all face each other. "C'mon, I'm so excited to play."

Becca smiled, also anticipating the game Eliza had suggested, and sat down. She was glad Tara had changed, her more casual choice of clothing made Becca not feel so dressed-down in her pajamas. Eliza let her phone sit in the gap between the arm of the couch and the seat cushion, and crossed one leg over the other as if she was a manager about to explain to her team what they would be doing for the day.

"Okay. So, I'll explain the ground rules since you've not played with us before." Becca nodded her understanding; she hadn't expected rules beyond the obvious but she was eager to be involved. She watched Tara collect the mostly empty bottle of soda and set it on the ground between them all.

"First rule: you can't copy someone else's truth or dare, they have to at least be slightly different." Made sense.

"Second rule: if the bottle doesn't land on anyone, we go with whoever was closest. If it lands on yourself, you miss your turn." Becca shrugged - that also made sense. She didn't consider that with their positioning, she had a much wider angle than either of the two on the couch.

"Last rule: you can't give up without completing a given dare or the forfeit. If you absolutely won't do a dare, you do the forfeit. The loser is the person who gives up first. The winner is whoever gives the last truth or dare." Becca hadn't thought there were losers in truth or dare before, but she had learned so far that Eliza and Tara were both very competitive, and they didn't play without stakes. There always seemed to be something on the line.

"So... what's the forfeit?"

Tara answered, "Well, it's supposed to be there just to make sure nobody chickens out, nobody should consider it an option. So usually it's something really bad." Becca could understand that, though it worried her somewhat; how hard was this game supposed to be?

The other girls seemed to be thinking, when Tara spoke again. "How about... if you completely refuse to do a dare, or a truth, the other two will pee in a cup - and the loser has to drink it. The whole thing." It stunned Becca to hear something so disgusting, especially from Tara, and couldn't help but be revulsed by the whole concept.

Eliza seemed to agree, "Ewwww, Tara that's so gross." She said through a sneer of half-disgust half-amusement. "I love it. We'll use that."

Becca gawped at the answer, only managing a single, "Really?" Through her shock.

Eliza held up a palm, as if explaining something obvious, "Yeah, Becca. It's just so nobody backs out." The reaffirmation settled her nerves; she realized it could be fun, knowing your opponents couldn't dream of backing out.

Then, Eliza uncrossed her knees and said, "I'll start."

The younger sister reached down, grabbed the bottle and gave it a firm spin. It went around several times before settling roughly in Tara's direction. The younger blonde pursed her lips for a moment, then said, "Truth."

"Alright. What's the most embarrassing thing you've ever done?"

Tara sat for a moment, resting her chin in her palm, and thought about her answer. "Okay... a few years back, I was in class and I needed to shit so bad, and it was so close to the end that I thought I could hold it. I thought I could let out a quiet fart, and I crapped myself a bit - right there in class." Becca and Eliza both wore looks of shared disgust and empathetic embarrassment for the other girl. "Oh my god, did people know?" Becca asked.

Tara shook her head, "No - they blamed the smell on the guy beside me, saying he farted, and when class ended I rushed to the bathroom to change and clean up." All Eliza added was an impressed, "Wow."

Becca couldn't imagine handling a situation like that, but it did set the tone for the game. Eliza had started off with an intense question, and Tara hadn't lied - no one would like about that, she thought.

Tara reached down and gave it a spin; the bottle came to a stop almost directly on Becca. The older girl was about to say 'truth', but she recalled her bargain with Eliza and changed it to, "Okay, what's my dare?"

Tara gave it some thought, "I dare you... to take off your shirt!" Becca was shocked that this was the first thing that came to Tara's mind, and was suddenly glad she had decided not to go braless. She screwed her face up, building up the courage. Eliza teased her, "Can't back out yet, sis. I don't even need to pee yet."

Becca scoffed in distaste, then grabbed her shirt and slid it up and over her head. Becca's frame was not as petite as Eliza, wider curves but still thin, and her C-cup boobs were bigger than either of the younger girls. Her bra was dark grey, made of soft, comfortable material with a lot of support. Tara let out an "Oooo, that's it girl, shake em for us." As if she were in a stripclub. Becca guffawed, but looked away from Tara so as to not make it obvious she enjoyed the attention Tara gave her. Eliza rolled her eyes, "Yeah yeah, she's got all the curves; spin the bottle, jugs."

Becca found herself smirking, the jibe made her feel good, and the game started to make sense to her. Even if you do things you don't want to, or say things you'd rather keep secret, it's okay because you're all friends.

She reached down and spun it, and it landed on herself. She shrugged, not bothered; Becca wasn't sure she had a truth or a dare ready anyway.

The game passed by another round, Eliza also landing on herself, and Tara landing on Eliza who chose truth. Tara asked her who she thought was the hottest teacher they had; she gave an answer that didn't mean much to Becca. She hadn't had that guy.

Then Becca spun the bottle, and it landed on Tara. "Truth." The blonde said with a testing smile, eyes locked on Becca, who sat with one arm half covering her exposed bosom. It took Becca a few moments to build up the courage, half debating whether she should ask.

"Do you... like girls?"

Eliza grinned, "Oooh, she's out for blood T'."

Becca felt as if Tara's glare intensified, testing-smile not leaving her pouty lips, "Yeah. I think girls can be pretty sexy." Despite being the one asking the question, Becca felt herself redden a little. It felt like Tara was saying that to her. Eliza didn't comment, instead grabbing the bottle and giving it a spin.

It landed on Becca. "Hah, okay I've got one for you." Becca was half listening; Tara had finally looked away but she was still processing the younger girl's answer and what it could mean. "Since I'm definitely not gonna be able to bargain for a tongue massage now... I dare you to lick my feet clean!"

Becca snapped her gaze to her younger sister, horrified at the proposal. She had jumped at the offer to end her forfeit earlier because she didn't want to have to kiss or lick Tara's feet again, the thought of licking her sister's feet was somehow way worse. "Oh my god Eliza, but your feet are disgusting!"

The younger girl beamed evilly, innocently kicking her booted feet in excitement. "You've got no idea how sweaty they get in these boots." Becca made a mock retching sound.

"Unless you're thirsty?" Eliza teased in a sing-songy voice. Tara seemed to find the idea both disgusting and hilarious, covering her grin with her hand.

Becca pouted and slid off the futon, kneeling in front of her sister. She made a pretend crying sound as Eliza unlaced the boots. "But this is so groooooss..."

Eliza kicked off the first boot, lifting her golden-brown foot free; she hadn't worn socks, her warm, sweat-soaked foot suddenly felt the rush of cool air. Becca saw the smooth, perspiration covered foot appear, toe-nails painted blood red, matching her manicured hands, before Eliza tilted her foot up to show her the sole. Where Tara's feet were thicker and more robust, Eliza's were long, slender and elegant with well proportioned toes. Her arch was paler than the rest of her, whilst the pads of her feet and toes were darker.

Eliza held it up, at about Becca's chest level, and looked down at her older sister with an expectant smirk. Becca had been in this position with Tara now twice, and she had been acquainted with Eliza's feet on that first Friday afternoon - they had stunk then, fresh from school. In her boots, at the mall for hours, they no doubt were worse. She continued her grossed out protests until Tara said, "C'mon, once you're done we can keep playing." Becca swallowed her dread and grabbed Eliza's foot by the heel, supporting its weight and controlling it so she could maneuver. She could feel the warmth of it, and the dampness of Eliza's ankle, already.

"Okay... how much do I have to do?" Eliza chewed her answer for a moment, "You have to clean them... so I'd say a few minutes, but you have to do both and you have to do the whole foot." It was a vague answer that Becca didn't like, but she didn't really have a choice.

So, Becca leaned forward and took a tentative sniff of her sister's sweaty foot. She was struck by a sharp, biting smell of cheese and leather - stronger than any foot she had smelled so far; it was sharper and less musky than Tara's shoes had smelled, but easily as bad.

The smell made her stomach turn, but she had a dare to complete. Becca was a smart girl, so she thought about how to get it over with as quickly as possible. She leaned down, bringing it level with her face, and stuck out her tongue. Make it as wide as possible, she pressed it against Eliza's heel. Eliza let out a yip of shock as her tongue made contact, Becca tried to block her out - it would be less embarrassing that way.

Then, she dragged her tongue up the heel, across the outer arch of Eliza's foot, up the ball - stopping at the base of her toes. The taste of salty, vinegary foot sweat flooded her mouth. It was stronger than she remembered - similar to how Tara's toes had tasted, but more intense and salty. She felt utterly disgusted, drinking down her sister's foot sweat, her mind would not let her forget that was what she drew back into her mouth and swallowed; for a second, she thought she might throw up, but the idea of ruining the night overpowered her sense of revulsion. It was a small mercy that 'liza's feet smelled much worse than they tasted. The path her tongue took up Eliza's foot combined with the salt in her sweat dried out Becca's tongue; she was forced to pull it back into her mouth, swallowing down Eliza's rancid foot sweat more often than she'd have liked, to gather more saliva on her tongue.

That gave her the time to see Eliza grinning in delight, even biting her bottom lip in her enjoyment of her older sister's humiliation. Seeing Eliza reinforced the reality of what she was doing. Becca didn't want to think about it, it made the task all the harder to endure. Instead went right back to it; she licked up the heel, across the arch, to the base of Eliza's toes again, only this time to the right of her first lick. Tara was also watching, she had moved to the futon to get a better view of the show.

"Yeah girl, get it done!" It sounded to Becca like Tara was cheering on a squadmate in volleyball - supportive, acknowledging she was doing something difficult. It helped reinforce her will to overcome her disgust.

She licked again, this time as she made it towards the top, Eliza pressed her foot forward, more firmly running Becca's tongue along her sole. She was not quite so nice as Tara, "Mhhmmm, how do my feet taste?"

Becca scowled at her once she could see past Eliza's pretty toes, finishing her fourth lick up the sole. "Horrible." That made Eliza and Tara laugh. Her fifth lick had brought her to the other side of Eliza's foot, licking up and stopping before she licked the big toe. Eliza continued her teasing, "I thought you'd be used to the taste of feet by now."

So did Becca, actually.

"I don't think you can ever get used to the nasty taste of feet." That made the girls laugh again, but at least this time they were laughing at something she said.

Eliza wiggled her toes, luxuriating in the feeling of her older sister licking the sweat from her feet. Becca swallowed the sweat on her tongue, gathering saliva into her mouth, for the next step. The older girl sat up, positioning herself above Eliza's toes. Then, she bobbed down and took her little sister's big toe into her mouth. She heard Eliza gasp in surprise at the sensation.

The toe nearly filled her mouth, and she locked her lips around it's base. Becca had figured this part out before, at least. She rubbed her tongue from side to side across Eliza's toe, suckling it, then as she lifted off she dragged her tongue and lips over it, leaving it glistening with saliva when it popped out of her mouth.

Her tormentor wasn't laughing now. "Oh my god, that was..." Eliza stalled, thinking of an appropriate word. Tara finished the sentence for her, having been the only other girl to have her toes sucked by Becca. "Amazing?"

Becca, as much as she hated the task, felt a little proud that no matter what she did she always excelled at it. Wanting it to be over quickly, she then took both the second, third and fourth of Eliza's toes into her mouth. She held them for a few seconds longer than the first toe, suckling and stroking her tongue across their sweaty base. Becca had to suppress a smile at Eliza's gasp in surprise when she pushed her tongue between Eliza's toes, stroking the crevice within. She cleaned them of sweat and toe jam quickly - desperately trying not to barf at the taste, and then moved onto the pinky toe - she suckled on it briefly, and finally lifted her head away from the now saliva-drenched toes on her sister's foot.

She looked up to see her sister's mildly stunned face. Becca wished she were witty enough to capitalise and regain her pride by saying something clever, but the moment passed and Eliza collected herself. The younger girl took her foot back, then kicked at the heel of the second boot. "Wow, sis. I could come home to this every day." Eliza kicked off her second boot, presenting Becca with a second, sweaty foot.

"Yeah, well... keep dreaming." Becca looked at the second foot, gathering saliva and wishing it were over. After a moment of steadying herself, she began again. Becca stroked her tongue up the length of Eliza's long, pretty sole a second time; she rushed a little, stroking her tongue up in quick lines. This time, they didn't tease, Eliza did however mhmm and ahh as her feet received a tongue bath. Becca sucked Eliza's big toe, then did the remaining four in pairs. "Done." She said, not quite feeling like she had succeeded at anything.

Eliza craned her neck and angled her soles towards herself, appraising them. "Mmm... What do you think, Tara? Are they clean?" Tara mimicked her expression and tone, acting as if it were uncertain. Becca narrowed her eyes at them. "No, I didn't see her focus on the heels." Tara said. Eliza nodded, as if also having caught some minor transgression. "And I see a bit of toe jam left on the second foot." The brunette added.

Becca looked incredulous, she had done so well, she didn't want to go back to licking her sister's stinky feet. She would've argued with them, but she did actually see some toe jam on the second foot - that made her stomach curdle, not only knowing they were right but that they were about to watch her lick up toe jam. She already had, but the fact it was put into words made it more real somehow.

"Fine..." She mumbled, picking up the first foot she had cleaned. Eliza beamed, clearly happy to just have her feet licked more. Becca wrapped her lips around the heel of her sister's foot - she was thankful Eliza took good care of her feet, if they had been crusty it would've been so much more disgusting - and stroked her tongue across it a few times. It wasn't as sweaty and flavourful as Eliza's toes, but there was more to lick at once. Becca repeated the heel sucking on the second foot; Eliza 'helped' by grinding her heel against Becca's tongue whilst she suckled.

Finally, the toes she hadn't licked between. Becca leaned towards them and forced herself to mumble, "...Spread your toes." Tara stifled a laugh. Eliza did her best to accommodate but didn't have that much control. Becca grumbled, then used her fingers to separate the big and second toe. She pushed her tongue between them, getting a fresh taste of Eliza's foot sweat, and she could feel the small bits of toe jam against her tongue. She licked back and forth by wiggling the tip of her tongue, scraping and collecting the sweat-soaked lint against her tongue, until she felt nothing else beside foot-skin. Without thinking, Becca withdrew her tongue and swallowed what was on it. She almost puked, grabbing the glass of sparkling water Eliza had made and drinking down a mouthful. She couldn't really taste the toe jam past the foot-sweat, but the knowledge she had just ate it made her queasy. Then, she repeated the step - spreading the rest of Eliza's toes and licking between them. Once she had finished, she let go of Eliza's foot and said, "Okay, NOW I'm done. And I don't want to hear any more complaints."

Eliza pretended to assess them again, "Mhm... Yeah, I'd say you did a pretty good job." She could get used to that whenever she got in from school, or the mall.

Tara swiftly moved back to her seat on the couch, and Becca sat back on the futon. It was warm, from where Tara had been sat.

"Okay... my turn!" Tara said with a grin, spinning the bottle. Becca was still trying to get the taste of feet off her tongue.

It landed on Eliza, who chose dare this time. Tara dared her to sniff her sock, that Becca had removed for her earlier with her teeth. Eliza gave it a quick whiff before throwing it back to her blonde friend with an unimpressed, "Ew."

Becca had hoped for a more pronounced response, "That's it?"

Eliza gave her a flat, testing stare, "She wasn't specific." Tara nodded, agreeing that Eliza had completed her task.

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