A small shiver rippled through her body and her nipples grew hard as she looked down at me.

"Are you OK my love?"

"I'm fine, I was just thinking of what it will be like to watch you fuck Dee right there on the mat, in front of everyone."

"I can't imagine what it will be like to know that you're watching and it will be your turn on the mat as soon as Dee and I have finished." Just thinking about it was making me horny but would I be able to perform on the day when lots of people could be watching me?

"I've found that if I like the guy or girl I'm fighting then the sex afterwards is even more intense." She whispered as she slowly rolled her hips on my cock, "So do you like Dee?"

I laughed, "I hardly know her ... although we did get together on very intimate terms during the examination at the clinic."

Angela laughed, "Well you will get to know her a lot better because she sent me a message just before Mark turned up and suggested that we might like to have dinner with her tonight ... at her place.

"And before you got here I sent her a message to say that we would be there." She must have seen the puzzled look on my face because she went on to explain that she and Dee had known each other for five years through Angela's regular visits to the clinic and Dee's frequent visits to The Black Door both professionally and, more recently, as a fan of the wrestling.

They had become friends and Dee had even invited Angela to a couple of parties and Angela had really enjoyed them. By the look in her eye I didn't have to ask what sort of parties they were.

"Dee is a whole lot wilder than you might think, those parties turned into full-on orgies and Dee would be right there in the thick of it.

"I have a suspicion that Dee would really like to try sex work but doesn't want to jeopardise her job at the clinic and that's a shame because she would be good."

We both showered separately, to save time, dressed and headed for Angela's SUV. I let her get ahead of me on the way to the garage so I could enjoy the way her hips swayed as she walked and the way her short white-cotton skirt curved around her cute arse. I had no idea how a woman her age could look so good but I was sure that there were a lot of men out there who were very happy that she did.

On top she was wearing a dark red wrap-around crop top that struggled to contain her boobs and left a lot of her midriff, and back, bare. She was a walking sex bomb and I was glad that we were going to her friend's place and not a bar. I was sure that if she walked into a bar dressed like that guys would be fighting each other just for the chance to speak to her.

I opened the driver's door for her and she grinned up at me as she sat down and swung her legs into the vehicle. Her skirt was so short that I didn't have to guess if she was wearing panties or not, I could see the tight curls of her neatly trimmed bush.

"Should I read anything into the way you're dressed?" I asked as I slid into the passenger's seat.

Angela leaned over and slowly rubbed the bulge in my jeans, "You can read lots of fun things into it and some of them may happen before we get home but let me say this: don't back away from anything that you might be offered tonight. That would be an insult to Dee and a big red flag for me."

"Umm ... I don't do drugs," I said quietly.

"That's good, because I don't do drugs and nor does Dee ... but she might just offer you her body and I would hate to see you turn her down."

Dee shared a small property on the northern outskirts of Canberra with six horses, two goats and a couple of tame wallabies and I met them all as I opened the three farm gates between the road and the house on Dee's farm.

Angela waited for me to open the door for her once she had parked at the front of Dee's house and once she was out and I closed the door she slipped one hand behind my head and kissed me. "Damn, the more time I spend with you the more time I want to spend with you," she murmured as her lips brushed mine for a second time.

"Is that a problem?" I wasn't sure where this was going but I didn't want to see the end of what was growing between us.

"No," she groaned, "but from next Monday I'm going to be away for seven days ... and I really don't want to be away from you for that long.

"I'm flying to Brisbane where I'll hook up with one of my richest clients and I'll be sailing up to Cairns with him on his very luxurious yacht. He rang me while you were in the shower and arranged it and he wants me to bring a female friend.

"I'm going to ask Dee so don't be surprised if I turn our chatter towards sex work and try and encourage her to come with me."

I pushed Angela back against the car as I kissed her; I didn't understand why but talk of her work turned me on and she didn't seem inclined to push me away.

My hands just had to join the party and they found her cute butt-cheeks and slowly massage them. With such a short hem on her skirt and no panties to get in the way, my fingers found her anus and she gasped when I began teasing it. "Oh ... oh," she whimpered and began grinding her hips against me.

"Oi, am I getting a personalised live sex show or are you tow actually coming in to have dinner with me?" We both looked around to see Dee standing on the front veranda of her house, hands on hips and shouting at us.

"Remember," Angela whispered into my shoulder, "no backing away ... and spend as much time looking at her as you want because I'll be doing the same thing ... she looks gorgeous!"

From where we were standing it looked as though Dee was wearing a man's black button-down shirt that was covered in tiny flowers ... and open to the navel. But as we got closer we could see that she was wearing a dress ... a dress that was far shorter than anything I had seen Angela wear.

A dress that had a plunging neckline that didn't quite reach her navel but managed to show a lot of the nice curves of her B-cup boobage

Once we were on the veranda Dee threw her arms around Angela and kissed her with some passion. "Oh it's so good to see you away from the clinic. I keep wanting to greet you like this every time you walk into that place ... but I have to be professional."

"I know," Angela stroked her cheek and returned the kiss. It was obvious that there was some mutual attraction and some history there so I just stood back and let them enjoy the moment while I found myself enjoying the sight of two sexy woman kissing and hugging.

Dee eventually turned to me and asked Angela an interesting question, "Angela, are you and Steve an item?"

Angela smiled at me and I could feel the warmth of that smile from where I was standing, "We're working on it ... but whatever we become, we're definitely not going to be exclusive."

It was a nice little unequivocal signal to Dee that I could play but I wasn't sure about how I would feel playing in front of Angela.

A wicked smile flitted across Dee's face and then it was gone and she was looking serious. "Hmmm, your tests aren't back yet so I don't even know if I should touch you Steve."

I guess my surprise showed on my face because she laughed, "I'm only joking," and then she had her arms around me and was kissing me. Her kiss wasn't just a platonic kiss on my cheek, her lips were locked on mine and her tongue was flicking across my lips and when she made sure to press against my cock.

It ended too quickly and I wanted more so I didn't let go of Dee but I still needed some indication that it was OK to go on.

I looked across at Angela who had moved nearer the door and that meant she was looking back at Dee and me and must have got an eyeful of Dee's cute arse when she reached up to kiss me. The huge grin on her face confirmed what I was thinking.

I winked at Angela and then pulled Dee close and kissed her. This time I made sure that Angela got a good view of Dee's arse as I slid my hands up under the hem of her dress and then slowly ran one finger down between her butt cheeks and pressed against her anus.

"Holy fuck," she gasped, "where have you been all my life?"

"Well I know where I'll be on Saturday night," I chuckled.

"Kiss me like that again and I know where you can be every night." Dee pulled back but slipped her arm through mine, "So it's OK to fight him on Saturday night?"

Angela smirked, "I am so looking forward to watching you lose."

Dee squeezed my arm and laughed, "And I'm looking forward to losing ... and getting royally punished."

Dee took us through into a large open plan room that combined a lounge are with a big wood fireplace, a dining room and a kitchen. The dining table was made from big rough-hewn pieces of dark timber while the eight chairs looked as though they would have been right at home in King Arthur's dining hall at Camelot.

Between the dining room and the kitchen was a long breakfast bar that could easily sit five and looked as though it had been cut from a single piece of timber. On the other side of the breakfast bar the kitchen looked like much like any modern kitchen would but tonight it was hard to even look at the kitchen when Dee was in there.

Dee waved us to the end of the table where three places had been set along with three glasses of red wine and headed for the oven where she had three pizzas cooking.

"What haven't you told me about Dee?" I asked quietly.

Angela giggled and whispered, "Well, I think I told you that she was a good friend. I guess you just didn't understand the true meaning of 'good' in that context." Did that explain the option Dee had chosen for her status on Facebook?

"What are you two whispering about?" Angela had been making some noise moving the pizzas around in the oven and I thought that she wouldn't have heard us.

"Oh nothing," Angela replied.

"We were just saying what a great dress you're wearing and what a cute arse you have," I laughed

"Why thank you dear sir," she said sweetly. "I just hope you still like it when it's sitting on your face on Saturday night."

We all laughed at that and then fell silent while Dee extracted the pizzas from the oven, sliced them up with a pizza wheel and then brought them over to the table.

The pizzas were incredibly good and for a while we were too busy eating and drinking to have any time for idle conversation but once the pizzas were gone we all sat back and Dee got the conversation going again.

"Are you going to be fighting too Angela?"

"Oh yeah," Angela giggled, "I'm fighting Pete and I'm getting horny just thinking about it."

"You know, sometimes you and I are going to have to fight. I think that would be a total blast!"

It was said light-heartedly but for a moment I could see the challenge hanging in the air between them. Then they both looked at me and then looked back at each other.

"Why not tonight?" It was Angela's question and I didn't think they would be all that interested because we had just eaten ... and where would they do it?

Silly me, sometimes I just don't see the big picture and get stressed out over details.

"It would be a good practice for me before my fight with Steve," Dee mused.

"You're on bitch," Angela laughed. "I'll even fight naked."

"You don't have to do that, you left a bikini here back at the start of summer when we went swimming over in Grant's pool."

I looked a bit lost and Dee explained, "One really hot Saturday a couple of months ago I rounded up a bunch of friends and we all went over to my next-door neighbour's place for a pool party. As usually happens with us things got a bit wild and it didn't end till the early hours of the next morning.

"I don't know who Angela went home with but she went with someone and the next day Grant brought over a bunch of clothes belonging to Angela, including a bikini, that she had left behind. So how did you get home with no clothes?"

Angela looked at me and I could see some relief in her eyes when she realised that I was smiling. "I went home with Tom and Amy ... Amy hadn't been drinking for hours so she was right to drive and the fact that I was naked didn't matter much because Tom was on top of me, fucking me on the back seat for most of the trip.

"They took me to their place and that afternoon I wore one of Amy's t-shirts and bikini bottoms when she drove me home."

"So what do you think about that Steve?" the wicked laugh that followed that question made both Angela and me laugh. "Your girlfriend is a total slut fucking some poor woman's husband while that woman had to drive the car."

I shrugged my shoulders, "It works for me but don't forget to invite me to your next party. And now I have a question for you: tell me, why do you want to fight me?"

Dee hesitated, "Let's go and sit on the more comfortable chairs," so we gathered up our wine glasses and another bottle of wine and Angela and I sat on a couch while Dee sat across from us in a single lounge chair.

As soon as she did Angela squeezed my hand to alert me to something I could already see ... Dee's pussy. She tried to pull the hem of her dress down but in the end, she gave up and even spread her legs a little to tease us.

"Angela invited me along on the first night that they had mixed wrestling on at The Black Door and, even though all I did was watch, I was hooked and I think I've been back to every wrestling night since then.

"I like it because there is some skill involved and a woman can beat a man. Then there's the physical and sexual aspect of it ... fighting in almost nothing and trying to strip your opponent as well as pin them is so fucking raw and real ... and it makes me so damn horny too," she giggled and squirmed in her seat.

"I know it can be rough and there's pain involved, and I could get injured and I know that I have to be open to having sex with guys I may not know and maybe in ways that I've never tried ... but I want to do it ... and not just once.

"Until recently none of the girls at The Black Door were allowed to fight each other so I couldn't book time with one of the workers who was willing to fight me ... and I couldn't fight a guy off the street, even if I brought him along, because I wasn't on staff."

"Yeah, it was a crazy set up," Angela nodded, "and not allowing girls to fight each other took away some interesting action that lots of guys would have watched but Gavin wouldn't listen so, in the end, I told him that he could either buy me out or get used to the idea that women wanted to fight women and men wanted to see it."

"Yeah, you just started the girl / girl stuff and then you came into the clinic with Steve," she grinned at me. "It's not that I want to fight you Steve, it's just that I want to fight a man and you are the guy I'm allowed to fight so I'm going to wipe the mat with you and then fuck your brains out on Saturday ... or at least get fucked trying."

There was a lot of laughter in her eyes but there was also a challenge there, so I knew that this young woman was not going to take it laying down. She was really going to put up a fight despite what she had said about the way I kissed her.

The young lady in question got up and walked into the kitchen to get another bottle of wine and both Angela and I watched her go. Oh god, my cock wanted to burst out of my jeans and chase after her and I groaned audibly when Angela rubbed it through my jeans.

"What are you two doing back there?"

"I was just checking the boner Steve got when he watched you walk out to the kitchen." I had to snatch Angela's hand away before she made me cum in my pants.

When she came back with another bottle of wine I stopped her in front of us, "I think we both feel that we missed out on something just then."

"What was that?" she asked as she looked from Angela to me and back to Angela.

Angela giggled, "We missed seeing you bend over to get the wine out of the fridge."

"Oh you mean like this?" and she turned around and bent over to pick up a piece of cotton thread that was on the floor.

"Now doesn't that look like a pussy that will be so sweet to fuck when you beat her next Saturday night?"

"Oh yeah," I groaned, "but what are you going to do with it when you beat her tonight."

Angela's wicked laugh almost made me shiver, "She better hope she wins."

Dee stood up and turned back face us, "Have you two lechers finished flooding your panties over my arse or would you like me to do it again?"

"Mmm that would be nice but maybe you should pour us all another glass of wine and then come and sit on Steve's lap while I talk to you about a serious business proposition."

Dee looked at Angela for a moment and then grinned, "Both of those sound interesting, can I kiss him too?"

Once the wine was poured Dee put the bottle on the floor, within easy reach, and then settled on my lap. She giggled as she squirmed against my cock. Her dress was so short that her pussy was completely uncovered and so close to my hands.

"You know, you don't have to keep your hands to yourself," she said softly so I put my hand on her knee and she spread her legs slightly. I looked across at Angela who had turned so that she could almost face us, she was looking at my hand and licking her lips.

I slowly moved my hand up the inside of Dee's thigh till I could brush one finger against her pussy lips. A soft gasp and a little downward pressure on my lap and I stopped. "Perhaps you should listen to Angela's proposition," I murmured as I gently pulled her back so I could kiss the curve of her breast.

"Why do I get the feeling that you two are getting me so worked up that I won't be able to say no?" Her voice was a little shaky and she had put one hand on my hand that was between her thighs and was gently trying to move it closer to her pussy.

"Because we are," Angela admitted, "and I don't want you to turn the offer down and I don't think you will want to turn it down either.

"I've known for a long time that you are really interested in the way I work in the industry and a couple of times I've tried to encourage you to cross the line ... and I've almost got you there haven't I?"

"Yes you have," Dee nodded, "but I ..."

"But you said that you didn't want to leave the clinic ... and most of the girls in the industry in Canberra don't want you to leave. They really appreciate having you there because you don't judge and you don't criticise, and you make coming in for those tests an enjoyable experience.

"But you're not entirely happy there are you?"

"No ...," Dee gasped as my finger gently teased her pussy lips but she didn't stop me, "I like the work, I like the girls who come in, I've managed to surround myself with a bunch of friends outside of the clinic who are just as physical as I am so it's not about the sex."

She paused to drink some wine, "But that's all predictable and I wish there was some excitement in my life ... and more money would be good too. We haven't had a pay rise in so long that I'm starting to cut back on life's little pleasures just to keep up with the bills.

"And I look at you and how you enjoy life and are growing some very successful businesses ... and I want that for me. I know that you've been doing it for over 20 years, so I know that I've got to make the move much sooner rather than later or start thinking about selling off my horses and this place because I won't be able to afford them anymore.

"I know that I could handle being a sex worker, I have no moral issues with the work and I love the idea of being with men ... and I understand that it's not all wild sex like our parties, or even tonight, but I am so rooted in being a nurse that it's hard to make the jump to something else."

I could hear the anguish in her voice. Dee had a problem, she knew the solution to that problem, she liked the solution to that problem, but she couldn't quite make that all important step to embrace the solution.











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