"What ... What do you want me to do?" I stammered.

"Oh, Donny," she answered. "Can you do me the way I did you the yesterday?"

I sprang up from the couch and fell to my knees in front of her, then grabbed each of her knees in my hands and pulled them far apart. It seemed for a moment that she was fighting me, but I had wrenched her legs wide with more strength than I intended to use, making her cry out at the suddenness of it. I remember being surprised that she had shaved herself there, as well as by the amount of moisture she was secreting. I had never really taken the time to study Mindy ... I just got on top of her and pushed in. Between my wife and I, there was only real need on my part ... or, at least, that's the impression I got. But now, Evelyn actually had a physical need that I had to fulfill! It only took a few seconds for these thoughts to go through my mind before I dove between those plump thighs and attacked the wet folds of skin and flesh with my tongue and sucking lips.

Evelyn gave a strange sort of screaming grunt, and her body arched up off the surface of the couch like a hunter's bow pulled back for a shot. Her thighs quivered in fits of ecstatic muscular softness, and her knees first trapped my head, then splayed wide apart. Finally, her legs encircled my neck and shoulders and she strained up, the back of her head the only thing making contact with the surface of the piece of furniture. Her fingers were splayed in my hair. "Holy shit, Donny! Oh, my God! I ... I never realized ... I never knew! Ooohh!" and she started making this sort of "Ugh! Ugh! Ugh!" sound, while her body was racked by straining, clutching convulsions of pleasure. She went limp shortly thereafter, but still twitched violently every time I gave her another lazy lick. Finally, she feebly tried to push my head away. "Please, Donny! No more! I can't stand anymore!"

I rose, and with all my strength, I pushed and pulled her unresisting body until she was sprawled on her back. Then, I forced her knees apart one last time and mounted her. "I can't fight you, Donny," she said softly. "I can't keep you from having your way with me. You can do anything to me now." Her words didn't make much sense to me, but the only thing in my mind at the moment was taking her. I positioned my iron-hard cock at her opening and began pushing into her hot, dripping center. She groaned loudly. "Please, Donny! Please be gentle at first! Please?"

Good Lord, she was tight! It felt a little like her sucking lips had the preceding day, a tight ring of moist flesh surrounding my shaft, only this was much stronger ... much tighter. I shoved harder, as she cried out: "Oh, please, Donny! Please please please please!"

Her entreaties went up in pitch and frequency the harder I pushed. And then finally, the way a key suddenly finds its way into a keyhole, I slid all the way into her ... all the way to the hilt, in one smooth, slippery stroke. Her body tensed, then shuddered. I rose enough to look at her face. "Are ... Are you okay?" I asked.

In a purely odd response, she first giggled and then said: "It hurts." Concerned, I started backing out of her, but she immediately trapped my butt with her heels, preventing my withdrawal. "Not so fast, mister," she panted. "I just got you in!"

I gawked at her. "You're a ... You were a ..."

This wasn't a giggle; this was a full-fledged laugh. Having issued this declaration of mirth, she stretched her neck up and kissed me. Then she sighed and wriggled her hips, testing the feeling. I don't think I'd ever felt harder or bigger in my life. "You, Donny Rockland, are the 'Mister Right' I've been saving myself for."

I took a deep breath. "You need to let me move, Evelyn."

"Oh," she whispered. Her legs relaxed and she let her feet fall. "Okay, Donny."

I started stroking smoothly into her, up and down, in and out. She reacted first with trepidation, whimpering a little from time to time between erotic moans. I picked up the pace, and she began rising to meet me, her hips moving in opposition to my own. She scooted down a little, straining lower, and I felt the walls of her vagina begin to clutch and suck at me. I had never, ever lasted this long with Mindy. Finally, I was pounding her, driving into her with all my strength. Sweat was dripping down my sides and forehead.

Suddenly, she was grabbing at me with her hands, trapping me again with her feet. "Oh, God, Donny!" she screamed. "Here I go again!" And with a string of grunting moans, she shivered and strained, seemingly in every direction at once. After a minute, and with a final shrieking groan, she fell still. Blinking, she raised a hand and put her palm on my chest. "Wait, Donny."

"I need to cum," I wailed in frustration, maintaining my ramming thrusts.

"Wait, Donny. Please. I need to tell you something."

I finally stopped, trembling in frustration. "Want ... Want to cum!" I gasped. "Need to cum!"

"I'm doing this to you, Donny," she said, panting herself.

I was confused. "What?"

"It's a post hypnotic suggestion," she explained. "I'm keeping you from cumming."

"What?" I tried to process that. "Why?"

"Because I'm not on the pill, Donny," she explained seriously. "I wanted you to make love to me. To cum inside me when I told you to. Because I love you. Because I want your baby. But now ... I can't! I can't do that to you! I don't want to trap you! I'm so ashamed!"

I started thrusting again. Hard. "Let me go, Evelyn!"

"Donny," she muttered feebly, as I slammed into her. She grunted loudly at my assault. "Oh Donny! Ungh! Oh, gosh, Donny!"

"Let me go!" I growled.

It was difficult for her to answer. "Donny! Ungh! Oh, Donny! Ungh! OH! Yes! Ungh! Yes, Donny! Now, Donny! Ungh! Cum in me, Donny! Cum now! Ungh!"

And I exploded. I can't even explain what it felt like. Better than anything ... ever. And it just kept going on and on and on. I felt the fluids churning through me, out of me, filling her, overfilling her. Her strong, soft arms held me as I spent the last of my strength, the last of my will, and I collapsed onto her, like my head falling onto a soft pillow when I lay down at night at the end of a long day.

"Ooohh, Evelyn," I moaned into the side of her neck. Her arms made it feel like I was in a cocoon. "I came inside you. What are we going to do?" She seemed to be rocking me back and forth. "I ... I'll do the right thing, I promise," I muttered. I felt wetness where her cheek touched mine, and I raised up, looking at her earnestly. "You're crying! I hurt you!"

But she pulled my head back to into position. "Hush, Donny. My darling Donny. I'm happy, that's all." She sniffed a couple times. "Do the right thing!" She issued a little huffing exclamation. "That about sums you up, Mr. Rockland! You always want to do the right thing! It makes you a horrible businessman, but a wonderful, wonderful human being! Oh, Donny, I love you so much I ache!"

She pushed me away from her, then moved around on the couch until she was sitting up. When I didn't move fast enough, she wrapped an arm around me and pulled me into a sitting position against her; very, very close to her. "Donny, I need to talk to you about something."

I found it hard to maintain eye contact. "Yes," I said down to my hands on my lap. "Anything you want."

She took a breath. "Donny, you're being manipulated."

I looked askance at her for a moment. "By you?"

"Well ... yes." She seemed uncertain how to continue.

I nodded and looked back down. "Yes," I told her. "That's pretty obvious. Would it be horrible to admit that I like it immensely?"

Her breath seemed to catch, and then she was quiet for many long minutes. "Alright, then!" she said decisively. She rose and took my hand, hauling me up with her. "We need to get you cleaned up and home to your wife." There's a private bathroom in my office, and she led me in that direction.

"I don't want to go home," I complained. "After what we've just done, I want to ..."

"Don't argue, Donny. Do as I say." We were in the bathroom then, and she turned on the hot water and soaked a washcloth. She tried to wring it out as best she could, then she fell to her knees and started cleaning my prick. "Hold still!" she barked. She rose after awhile and rinsed the cloth out, then knelt and went back at it, this time all around my balls. The warm cloth began to make me stiffen, which elicited several giggles from her. She kept sticking her nose against my genitals and sniffing before going back to work with the cloth. Finally, she was done. "Oh my God," she moaned as she walked back into the office. "You filled me with so much cum that I'm leaving a trail! There's a drop of it there! Don't step in it! I'll clean it up later."

She cracked the office door open and peeked out for a moment, then made a naked sprint to her desk and returned with her purse. She handed me a small aerosol container of breath freshener, and I dutifully used it, grimacing at the strong flavor. Then, she turned me toward her and brought my face to hers using the fingertips of her left hand; but before we could consummate the kiss, she pulled back and sniffed. "Oh, no!" she moaned. "Get dressed, Donny. Do it now!" and she went back into the bathroom. By the time I'd gotten my shoes tied, she emerged again with two more wash cloths. She started scrubbing my cheeks and chin, and I smelled hand soap; then she cleaned me again with the other wet cloth and gave me another sniff test. Nodding, she stepped back away from me and gave me a critical inspection.

"I don't see why you're going to all this trouble," I groused.

"It's Tuesday, you idiot!" she chided, not without humor. "Thank God I wasn't wearing any perfume!"

The statement seemed to hit me physically. "Evelyn, after what we've just done, there's no way I'm going to ..."

"Oh, yes you are!" she ordered sternly. "Do the right thing; remember, Donny? It's not time yet. You and I will talk to Mindy when the time's right. For now, if she wants you, you should give yourself."

"But ... but ... she DOESN'T want me!" I shrilled. How could I make her understand?

"Oh, Donny, you don't know that!" she countered. "Just act normal! Now, get out of here! Go home! I'll straighten everything out here in the office. I sure hope that stain washes out of the couch!"

I tried to kiss her, but she shied away from me, then she pushed me toward the door.

At home, Mindy had kept a plate of dinner ready for me, which she heated in the microwave. She sat with me while I ate, and she tried to start a conversation several times, but it always flagged. We watched some late TV, and when I came out of the bathroom after brushing my teeth, she was lying naked on her back in the middle of the bed. I mounted her without comment, shocked to find myself hard when she grasped me with her tiny hand and pulled me to her opening, which was surprisingly wet and slippery. I lasted almost a full half-minute ... longer than I've ever been able to with her ... and I came hard just as soon as I allowed my imagination to form a picture of Evelyn.


Um ... Gosh, Donny. That was ... uh ... that was ... quite a story! Well. I guess our time is almost up.


I should tell you about yesterday, Loretta. Yesterday was ... well ... a bit of a game-changer.


Really? More important in your life that what you've just told me?


Oh, yes.


Well ... okay, then. I guess we can go a little over. What happened yesterday?


I will summarize my week, first. You need to know that, or it won't make any sense to you. Evelyn hypnotized me every day after that. It was odd how it progressed ... easier to fall asleep for her each time. Sometimes, I didn't even wake up all the way before she would put me back under again. We made love in the office on Thursday ... and once more on Friday. On Sunday, Mindy said that she wanted to take a long walk, do some shopping and maybe see a movie. I told her that I didn't want to go ... she knows that I don't like that sort of thing. And so, I suddenly had four or five hours by myself. As soon as she'd left, I called Evelyn, and she gave me directions to her apartment. We made love three times in her bed. It was the best day of my whole life.

On Monday, Evelyn and I again practiced our hypnosis. I've got to admit, I'm getting pretty good with it. She stretches out those two words: Relax. Sleep. She says them two times ... maybe three ... I don't know for sure. I'm out after just a couple. Going to sleep for her gives me an immense sense of accomplishment.

And then ... it was Tuesday again. Yesterday. I'd been spending more and more time in the lab, and Evelyn had been running the whole company from her desk. She called me from the front office just before quitting time and told me to come to her with a report on what I'd been doing. The project is nearly complete, and I should be able to guide it through the production process soon. Anyway, she ordered me to call Mindy and tell her that I'd be spending the night in the lab again. And ... by the time I'd done that, she was ready to go. She made me drive her around town, here and there, picking up little sandwiches, salad, paper plates and bowls, and even a cake. And booze. We bought wine and beer, rum, bourbon, gin and tequila, along with mixers. She was throwing a small dinner party, she said. I carried it all up to her apartment.

She put me to work, sweeping, straightening, setting things up. Precisely at seven, there was a knock on the door, and Evelyn's guests began arriving. There were six, in total, all women, all of whom I had seen before, and five who worked for the company. All were secretaries. The one familiar girl I didn't know well was a temp who was from the employment agency that furnished all of our needs. All of them (even Evelyn, up to that point) called me "sir" or "Mr. Rockland." Everyone seemed to be in excellent spirits, but I got the impression that none of them had any idea why they were there. I mean, a dinner party in the middle of the workweek was a bit odd. I had been pressed into service mixing drinks in the kitchen and serving them to our guests, and from snippets of conversation I picked up during my duties, I learned that Evelyn had arranged for taxis and babysitting services for everyone, so no one saw any reason not to have a good time.

After an hour of heavy socializing, Evelyn called for order and asked everyone to come into the living room. Then she turned to me and said: "Donny, dear, I want you to clean up the coffee table and bring everyone a fresh round of drinks. By now, you know what everyone is drinking, don't you?"

I didn't know how to take that. Was she testing me? Trying to openly humiliate me in front of her friends? I wasn't sure what the point was, but I was so in love with her ... I trusted her so much ... that I didn't hesitate.

"Yes, Evelyn," I said, lowering my eyes and nodding. And I immediately began picking up glasses and paper plates as the other women in the room openly gawked and shifted uncomfortably, watching me. It took me several trips to the kitchen. I mixed and delivered the drinks two at a time, always taking trash and empty glasses back with me to the kitchen. By my third such trip, the girls were all ignoring me, immersed in a very serious conversation. Evelyn was obviously in charge ... a ringleader who was recruiting troops for her cause. By the time I had delivered the final drinks, I had figured most of it out. There was a wee bit of dissention.

"You can't just make yourself Chief Operating Officer of the third largest company in Providence!" her best friend, Rita, exclaimed.

"The seventh," I said matter-of-factly. "We've slipped. And ... I tend to agree."

All eyes were on me then, until Evelyn responded: "I'm not, Donny. YOU are going to make me the COO. We don't have that position yet, so you're going to create it. And ... you're going to fire Bob Halfstein because he's a racist and a misogynist; and you're going to make Nancy here the head of Marketing. Rita is going to move into Sales. Roberta will take over Shipping. Alice will be Scheduling."

I canted my head while I thought about that. "I ... I don't know of a single successful hostile takeover by a secretarial staff," I said to no one in particular.

She got up and walked to me. She got intimately close, and I wanted very much to kiss her. "Silly boy," she said succinctly. "It's not going to be hostile. YOU are going to do it all."

"But ..." I started to protest.

She interrupted. "How many women do we have in management, Donny?"

"Um ..."

"How many minorities?" she pressed.

"Uh ..."

"We're foundering, Donny!" she pleaded. "We're behind the times. We're stagnant, and we're losing business. The only REAL expertise in the whole company is right here in this room." She swept her hand to include everyone.

Rita spoke up again. She had consumed a substantial amount of alcohol. "He'll never do it, girlfriend! You might think you've got him wrapped around your finger, but you don't have any experience in romance! Take it from me, Evelyn. Men will betray you!" I looked at the woman questioningly.

Evelyn leaned into me. "Let's show them, Donny. They need to see. Will you obey me?"

I was very nervous. "Evelyn ... we're talking about the company my father ..."

"Do you trust me, Donny?" she asked suddenly.

I didn't need to think about that one. "Yes."

"Then show them" she insisted. "Take off your shirt for me."

I had my tie off before I even thought about it. She took it from me, and I started to work on the buttons. In thirty seconds, she had taken my shirt, as well. I turned to the rest of the occupants in the room and shrugged.

"I'm sorry, E," Rita muttered loudly, shaking her head. "Just because he's making like Vladimir Fuckin' Putin doesn't mean he'll do what you tell him. We could all lose our jobs!"

Evelyn took my hand. "Come on, Donny. We're going to have to do this the hard way." She led me toward the bedroom, tripping once. She'd had a bit to drink herself. Inside, she turned me toward her and kissed me firmly. It felt good. "Relaaax, Donny," she intoned. My body sagged into hers. "Sleeeep." And then almost at once: "Wake up, Donny!" I straightened and blinked up at her. Somehow, she had just gained a couple inches in height. She took a deep breath. "Okay, lover. Here we go."

"But ... Evelyn."

I let myself be led back into the room. There was a communal gasp. I wasn't sure what that was for. I just stood there, my hands at my sides, my toes scrunching the carpet under my feet. Somehow ... that didn't seem quite right to me, and I looked down at my bare feet, wondering where my shoes had gone. I had to move my head to one side a little to see past my semi-erect cock. No, I thought, something was definitely wrong here.

"Oh! My! God!" one of them said.

"Okay, girlfriend," Rita confessed. "You win. Maybe you CAN make him do anything!"

"Evelyn," I said calmly. "I ... I seem to have forgotten my clothes."

"Donny," she answered quietly, "get everyone another round of drinks. Do it now, please."

I nodded. "Alright, Evelyn. Sure."

I mixed the first two drinks thinking hard about my predicament. The thought of serving all of those women in the next room made my cock advance to slightly more than the "turgid" state. I considered waiting until things got back a little more toward normal ... but, I decided that normal was no longer an option. I took the icy drinks back into the room, where the level of conversation was intense, and I handed one to the youngest member of the group ... the agency temp.

"Thank you, Mr. Rockland, but I can't. Even with the cab, I don't want to drink too much. I'm a single mother, and I have two little ones at home." Rita snatched the declined glass, and I handed the second cocktail to another grateful recipient; but I paused as the pretty temp continued. It was as if she'd waited until called upon in a room full of upperclassmen. "Why am I here, Evelyn? What do you want with a temp?"











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