After eating lunch naked in the lobby with four of the nurses from morning laser hair removal session, and as I neared to classroom where Angie and I were being used as laser hair removal test subjects, my smart watch buzzed. "You're late," was the message.

"I'm here," I responded, as I walked thru the door, still reading the message.

All the nurses were present and Angie was already naked and, on the table, face down. "I had to make a pit stop after lunch," I offered.

"No harm," Joey stated flatly. "Hop up on your table, face down, like Angie. We'll start the back, legs, and butt...and we'll be done! Nurses, switch up your patients."

So, Margaret and Angie's other nurse from the morning session came over to me and my two nurses went over to Angie. Based on the lunch episode with Margaret, I was a little worried what, if anything, she might have in mind in the second session and whether she would say something to Joey or Ashley.

The 'shoulders and back' session went without incident. As the second nurse started my lower back and butt, I noticed that Margaret went out of the room to take a cell phone call, but I didn't think anything of it at the time. When we took a break, Margaret motioned for me to meet her in the hall. Not knowing what to expect, I hesitantly walked out to meet her. Surprisingly, Margaret was quite conciliatory. "I'm sorry that I took advantage of you at lunch and left you hanging," she began. "I know you didn't have time to talk to anyone, but somebody high up in your company saw what went on and has threatened to press charges against me on multiple grounds if I didn't apologize. The only thing saving my job was it started out consensual, but I went over the line. I just thought that since you were into this nude in public stuff, I could fuck with you. I now have been informed that you have legal protection to be nude in the building and you are taking advantage of that right. Not that we'll ever see one another, but it won't happen again."

"Its cool," I responded. "I shouldn't have let it get to that point and been more professional."

She nodded and said, "thank you. Again, I'm sorry."

As we turned to go back into the room, my mind could only focus on one person. Mike! It had to be the guy in the suit that helped be get to the rest room without embarrassing myself any worse than it could have been. But who was he and what could he have done to scare Margaret and her company so badly? Was he a powerful friend, or someone who just was covering the company because I had screwed up...or maybe a little of both?

We started up the last session on our legs, but my mind was elsewhere. I was snapped back to reality as I felt the presence of a hand between my legs, glancing past my balls. It was Margaret rubbing hydrocortisone on my legs, butt, and back.

I must have jumped, because she immediately said, "oh, I'm sorry. I thought cooling your burning skin might get me some points back. You couldn't possibly have slept thru the last laser session, could you?"

"Oh, you just caught me thinking about something else," I responded. "Its fine. Please continue."

As Margaret finished slathering me up, I caught a glimpse of Angie looking at me and smiling while one of her nurses was also applying cream on her recent laser sites. In that moment, I realized that I hadn't had any time in the last three hours to enjoy looking at the naked beauty on the other table.

"Hello," I mouthed.

"Hi," she mouthed back, with a slight wave.

As we both sat up on our tables, we watched the nurses and Joey clean the equipment and basically set the room back up for another class. I also watched Angie, sitting with her hands clutching the side of the table. Beautiful face, flat stomach, legs apart enough to show off her beautiful, bald snatch. By the closed, wrinkly look of her labia and hidden clit, and her softened nipples, she wasn't excited. Neither was I. Three hours of the feeling of snapping rubber bands on your skin can take it out of you.

After a couple of minutes, Joey motioned for both of us to get up off the tables. "You both have two more nude yoga sessions. One at two o'clock and another at three. I need you both to shower and go see the corporate lawyer, Mr. Garrett, before your next class. He's upstairs by the HR office. Angie, you'll need to put on a set of scrubs, but stud muffin can go like he is. Get a move on!"

Angie struggled into her robe as we both exited the classroom. "I wonder what we forgot to sign this morning," I asked?

"Not a clue," Angie responded. "I guess we'll find out in a few minutes."

Hustling into our respective locker rooms, we showered and exited squeaky clean in no time flat. Meeting up, Angie asked, "do you mind if I blow dry my hair and put on some makeup? I want to look nice for the lawyer. You go on up and I'll be a few minutes later."

"That's fine," I winked. "I think you look great just like you are, but he might need to see us separately, anyway."...and off I went.

Walking thru the gym and the lobby to get to the elevators was getting to be old hat, by now. Being early afternoon, it was much less crowded than the lunch time crowd. A woman had already pushed the elevator "up" button, so as I stopped to wait with her, she gave me smiling head to toe once over.

"Did you forget something in the gym," she asked?

"Not me," I shot back. "They pay me to dress this way. I'm teaching a nude yoga class in a few minutes, but I have to see someone upstairs really fast. Is it OK if I ride up with you?"

"You just made my day. Of course, you can ride up with me, as long as it's OK to look," she responded. "Unless you bite, or something. Nude yoga, huh? I'll have to check into that."

"I don't bite," I played back. "And I'd be a little disappointed if you didn't look."

As we got on the elevator, she asked, "who are you going to see?"

"The corporate lawyer, Mr. Garrett," I replied.

"Oh, Mike! He's a nice guy," she responded, cheerfully. "I assume he knows how you're dressed?"

"I'm told he does...Mike! Did you say Mr. Garrett's first name is Mike?

"Yes. Is something the matter," she inquired?

"Oh, er, no! I just realized I might have met him already, is all," I said.

As the bell dinged and the elevator door open, she pointed, "Mike's office is right there. Don't get lost!"

"I won't," I said. "Thanks."

I approached the lawyer's office and knocked. "Come in," came the response from the other side.

As I entered, the woman who evidently was his secretary, motioned to me, "oh, come in, Mr. Garrett is expecting you."

"Thank you," I said as she rose and opened Mr. Garrett's office door.

"Someone to see you, Mr. Garrett," she said as she placed her hand on the small of my back and ushered me into the office, closing the door behind me.

"As, yes, our new naked employee," he said as he greeted me. "Happy to see you again. Please sit down."

"I can stand, sir," I replied. "I'm not sure you want my naked butt on your leather chair."

"Please, call me Mike! No, I'm fine with you sitting down. I just had a couple of things to go over with you."

As I sat my naked butt on the cool leather chair, Mike began, "Did Ms. Smith, the nurse at lunch, apologize to you this afternoon?"

"Yes, she did, sir, I mean Mike. And I wanted to apologize to you and the company, and thank you for your help."

"I'm glad you said that, because I do have to chew you out for putting our company in that situation," Mike admonished. "We're breaking new ground with these nude classes. We're also supporting you and your legal right to be a naturalist on our property. You can't screw this up. We might decide to scrap the whole concept, even though our business model says there is a huge untapped market for this type of thing."

"I'm truly sorry," I said, looking him dead in the eyes. "It won't happen again."

"Well," Mike winked. "At least not on company time in the middle of lunch rush hour!"

"Alright, enough about that. Joey tells me that you removed the vibrating egg. That was actually my idea," Mike confessed. "I wish you would reconsider. I had hoped you would like it."

I was stunned by his admission, but during our lunch encounter, he made it apparent that he was interested in me. He was also interested in this nude 'experiment' succeeding. I quickly concluded that if I expected to be employed and expected to be able to stay nude, I needed Mike on my side. He had basically showed me his intentions at lunch when he licked my cum off his hand. I had a decision to make. If I was a boy toy for Joey, why couldn't I be a boy toy for Mike?

"I was meaning to talk to Joey and Ashley about that, Mike," I began. "It's just something new to me. Actually, it seems a little big, and it presses on my prostate so much, I was walking around with a semi-permanent erection, all the time. In fact, one of the swimmers in the class after the nude swimming class this morning was greatly offended, so I apologized to her and took it out to try and regain some control over my cock, I mean penis."

"Oh, cock is fine. I didn't realize you weren't familiar with butt plugs," Mike apologized. "Offending people here at the facility is exactly what our conversation is about, now, isn't it?"

"If you want me to be fitted with it," I started again, "I'll gladly take another go at it. Maybe inserting it and wearing it off hours, I can get used to it to where my body doesn't react quite so obviously. Or, maybe I can get fitted for a different size."

"I would appreciate the effort," Mike said. "If it doesn't work out, at least you gave it the old college try. Right?"

"Yes, sir, I mean, Mike! I do have one request, though. Can you take the remote control away from the girls until I get used to it? At least at work, anyway."

Mike laughed. "I think Joey, Ashley, and I can come to some kind of arrangement on that. They were eager to give you a test drive, huh?

"I'm afraid so, after work, I'll just have to get used to it, but at work, I need a break in period, if that works."

"Done," Mike said. "Anything else?"

"No, Mike. I do hope this works out and y'all are able to expand the nude side of the business."

"As a matter of fact, I see by my call button that might already be in the works," Mike said dryly. He leaned over to a box on his desk and said, "send Angie Jones in."

Mike's office door opened and in walked Angie, with makeup, styled hair, and a fresh uniform.

"Angie," Mike began, "your paperwork is done. Are you prepared to join our guy here on the full time nude staff here at the facility?"

"Oh, yes sir, Angie responded! "When do I start?"

"As soon as you sign the paperwork. HR has it. You two were already under the "nude waiver" for the classes. After you sign, you'll have the same status he is under."

"Oh, thank you," she answered. "I'll do my best to make all of you proud! Does that mean after the next nude yoga class at 2:00, I won't be needing to get dressed today?"

"That is correct," Mike replied. "I peeked into the yoga class this morning. With that body, you already make us all proud! And come to think of it, I guess you'll be covered to be uncovered in the building right after you sign! And once we sign up as many people as have inquired about our clothing optional classes, we'll be looking to add even more staff. Go get 'em, guys! It's almost 2 o'clock!"

We both thanked Mike, and quickly exited his office. Once in the hall, Angie gave me a big hug. "Go with me to HR and then we can go to class together. I can't wait to start! I may just strip in the elevator on the way down to class!"

And that's exactly what she did, much to the enjoyment of the two guys that were on the elevator with us at the time!

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