Ashley's entire face and eyes turned a shade of red, tears rolled down her cheeks. But she persisted through the abuse. The blond Novice never pulled her head back, never gave one single inch. She was determined, that cock was coming inside one way or the other!

One of Ashley's hands left Kristanna's cock to grab her own. She managed to stroke it only two or three times before a sudden orgasm descended upon her. Her seed spilled on the barn's floor, some of it hitting Sophia's ass and back as well as Kristanna's foot and shin.

The Colombian Novice just looked over her shoulder, acknowledging Ashley's warm cum splashing on her ass. But she couldn't bother to stop sucking and shoving her face in Kristanna's balls for nothing in this world. Ashley's cum was a mere distraction when compared to the demonic goddess she now worshiped.

Convulsing and rolling her eyes in bliss, Ashley couldn't help but constantly tense and relax her throat muscles. Kristanna didn't wait for her to stop cumming, using the opening to its fullest. Grabbing the top of Ashley's head firmly with one hand, Kristanna thrust her hips forward and pushed several inches of cock into the Novice's throat. Her neck bulged with the obscene girth of the demoness' cock. Ashley's eyes opened wide as ropes of cum sprayed from her cock once more with added power, now spraying Sophia's ass cheeks and back. The abuse of Ashley's throat somehow only fuelled the power of her orgasm.

Sister Beth stroked her cock while watching that scene, "Dear Lord! Her emissions only get more powerful the more she swallows your holy rod! You are a marvel to behold, my Angel! Truly divine!" Sister Beth finally lost composure and walked towards two other Novices on the line. She grabbed their heads with her fists and pulled them towards her crotch, they immediately knelt and began to worship her cock. The nun tossed her head back, the veil on her head caressing her back as she licked her lips in ecstasy, smiling wickedly. Her irises disappeared, leaving only the pupil at the center as the taint of lust took her over.

Beth guided one of the novices towards her churning balls, hanging as low as her knees. While her other hand pulled another Novice in place. Compliant, the girl wrapped her lips around Beth's cock and began to swallow it with mastery, gagging on the shaft and rolling her eyes as she trembled, trying to contain the spasms that came over her from the violated throat.

Kristanna giggled as she watched any remnants of control and restraint rapidly crumbling around her. The power of her lust aura only grew with her arousal, creating an overwhelming tide of pleasure in the entire barn as she plunged inch after inch of her black cock down into Ashley's stretched esophagus.

The Novice was forced to sit on the floor and gladly experienced what could only be described as the utter violation of her chest cavity. There was nothing left to do now, only submit, and that she did with unmatched eagerness. Ashley could do nothing but lift her head, making sure that the passage through her mouth and neck was aligned, leading straight into her stomach and facilitating Kristanna's cock diving in.

Sophia realized the demoness walking forward. The room between Kristanna's balls and Ashley was getting increasingly smaller. So she quickly got out of her way, moving to the side and going around Kristanna. Crouching behind the black demoness, Sophia began to suck, lick, and worship her balls.

Kristanna only stopped pushing forward when she felt the hole atop of Ashley's stomach kissing the tip of her cock. She moaned and smiled wickedly, drinking the lingering energy emanated from the Novice's orgasms before she continued, "Good job, my dear! That's more than half you have swallowed already! Now let's bury the rest into that stomach, shall we?" She said as she forced her hips down and forward, grabbing Ashley's head with both hands and holding it in place.

Ashley felt her stomach bulge as Kristanna's cock poked inside and deformed it. She trembled, gagging on cock silently. Her mouth and throat were so tightly sealed around the black shaft that there was no room for any noise to escape, other than the wet, gagging sounds of her spasming throat. Ashley had given up control. She accepted she was a mere fuck-toy to please Kristanna's black shaft. The Novice simply masturbated with both hands, reaching yet another orgasm as her throat was impaled by Kristanna. The blonde's cock once more blasted the black ball sack in front of her with jizz.

Ashley's throat and stomach were impaled beyond recognition. She should be in pain and discomfort, but none of those feelings were present. She felt only an odd sense of satisfaction as her jaw was further distended by the invading cock. Somewhere along the way every input was shaped into pleasure. Everything she experienced seemed to only add to her lust as her mind was slowly conquered by irresistible primal sensations.

Like a dream she couldn't wake up from, all of this just seemed to make perfect sense. Ashley felt like this was who she was supposed to be all along. She would never feel complete again without that cock inside her. Everything had brought her to this moment and she wanted to stay here forever. Ashley's orgasm was amplified as she felt Kristanna's short pubic hair on her nose. It was finally all in, all twenty-seven inches of demonic, black meat buried deep into Ashley's gullet.

Meanwhile, Sophia dove into Kristanna's ball sack. She nuzzled them and buried her face in the stretched skin. She could swear they had grown just in the few minutes that she had been worshiping them. But in truth, she could barely keep track. All she cared about was inhaling that musk, getting drunk with it. Crouching on the floor, she projected her hips forward, rubbing her drenched cunt all over Kristanna's balls, hugging them, and making out with the huge sack.

As Sophia embraced Kristanna's sack and rubbed her tits on it, she looked up and saw Kristannas gaping cunt. The long, hard clit was as big as a common male cock, easily reaching eight inches and pressing hard against the back of Kristanna's ball sack. All of this was barely visible, buried underneath the gigantic mounds of flesh that were Kristanna's ass cheeks. While somehow still perky, they jiggled and bounced as she began thrusting against Ashley, flexing her muscles to project her hips forward.

Unable to resist, Sophia launched her face up and sunk it into Kristanna's labia. She tasted her juices, a bittersweet symphony of flavors. Kristanna's cunt wrapped around Sophia's nose and mouth like a respirator's mask. The Novice rolled her eyes, sticking her tongue inside as far as she possibly could and grinding her drenched cunt on Kristanna's balls. Her forehead pressed against Kristanna's asshole, she was utterly consumed by the demoness's scent.

With a Novice clenching her from behind and another submitting to her cock in the front, Kristanna began her real thrusts. She pulled half of her cock out of Ashley's mouth and plunged it right back in. Her cock formed a downward arch and poked out under the girl's rib cage, tenting the skin on her defined abdomen. When she pulled back into Sophia's head she engulfed the Novice's head between her colossal ass cheeks.

Ashley wanted to moan, to scream to the world and beg for more cock, but she couldn't. Her throat had room for nothing more, her vocal cords were squeezed somewhere in her distended neck, unable to vibrate and produce sound. She raised her hands and wrapped them around her neck to feel the massive tree-trunk moving inside. Ashley then began stroking Kristanna's cock through the skin on her neck to please the demoness. Her movements were lubricated by the nasty, slimy spit that she drooled all over herself. Meanwhile, the Novice clenched her abdomen muscles, trying to squeeze the cock inside and pleasure the demoness further.

"Ah fuck, yes! Give me your body you fucking whore! Stroke that cock with it all! This is your place! Right here, gagging on my dick! You were born to serve this demon cock!" Kristanna spoke between her grunts and moans, degrading the Novice.

"YES!" Ashley answered, not that anyone understood her. More than any words, Ashley's rolling eyes, and convulsing body spoke volumes as she came once more. This time without even touching her cock. She felt the precum in her belly, the violation of her neck. Her seed flew all over Kristanna's swinging balls for the third time in five minutes.

Without warning, Kristanna tensed all of her muscles and let the orgasm descend upon her. She spasmed uncontrollably, her hips thrusting on their own and plunging her cock deep into Ashley. The Novices were about to experience their first, real demonic climax. Sophia could feel the ball sack she was grinding on pushing up against Kristanna's crotch, she could almost hear it pumping its contents up.

Kristanna's ball sack had to be bigger than a swiss-ball by now. Sophia didn't realize it had grown so much. But she barely had time to register it, as a blast of cunt juices flooded her throat. Sophia's face was almost expelled from Kristanna's cunt by the geyser of fem-cum that erupted from it. But she managed to keep her mouth open and swallow most of it, even if some escaped out of her nose. A second blast forced Sophia further back, choking her completely. She began to cough, trying to recover as fast as possible and return to the source of that gushing nectar, desperate to plunge her face back against that spraying cunt.

Ashley placed a hand on her belly as her orgasm was practically interrupted by a stronger force. The cock in her mouth bulged and grew temporarily thicker as the barrage of demonic seed traveled through it. A dam of cum broke open inside her stomach. She felt the overwhelming pressure of each of Kristanna's cum jets punching into her guts. Ashley's belly bulged, surging forward as it rapidly filled to the brim. With a constant flow of juices, it continued to inflate beyond its normal diameter, expanding to all sides. Nothing escaped through Ashley's mouth, the cum was injected directly into her bulging stomach, gallons of it.

Holding Ashley's head with both hands, Kristanna tossed her head back and looked to the ceiling of the barn, sticking her tongue out and screaming in bliss. Her tits sprayed milk in front of her, attracting the attention of a few more Novices who were free nearby. They all flocked to be showered in milk as Kristanna rode the wave of her mind-melting orgasm.

Several more seconds passed, and Kristanna's orgasm didn't seem to have an end in sight. Ashley thought the demoness would be done after roughly half a minute, that was normally how long the nuns lasted. But she simply continued to cum, blasting gallon after gallon of goo-like spunk into the Novice's belly, "Swallow my cum! Eat every last drop until it shoots out of your asshole! I'm just starting! This is just... Ahh... the first of many!"

Ashley shivered upon hearing the demoness. She already looked like she was nine-months pregnant with several children. Her belly-button popped out as the heavy sphere of skin fell on top of her cock and pressed it on the floor. It kept growing, swelling with the churning cum. How much more could come out of those balls? She wondered.

Every nook and cranny inside Ashley's body was utterly conquered by Kristanna's cum. But her skin couldn't stretch this fast in such a short time. As Ashley's belly reached a limit, it began to expand much more slowly than the flood of cum blasting inside her demanded. The added pressure pushed the cock-yogurt straight into her intestines. The cum looked for anywhere to go, escaping through any holes. And soon enough, Ashley felt the sensation down at her asshole. She clenched it, trying to prevent this embarrassing moment. But it was pointless to struggle against the blast of cum that shot out of Ashley's asshole. It quickly formed a pool on the ground, causing gasps of surprise from the observing Novices.

As Kristanna continued to pump her load into Ashley's mouth, the streams of cum erupted from the Novice's asshole with added power. Two of the Novices that were nearby drinking Kristanna's raining breast milk dove down behind Ashley and began to lick the cum pooling on the floor. They fought for room behind the bloated Novice, desperate to consume Kristanna's seed as it blasted out of Ashley's asshole. The cum was so thick it barely moved once it hit the floor. It formed a thick pool of sludge that the Novices could gorge on, even grab with the palms of their hands so they could bring it up to their mouth. They smeared it all over their tits, desperately bathing on it as it dripped between their fingers.

Sophia was completely drenched in Kristannas cunt juices, she couldn't hold on to the slick skin of the demoness anymore and just fell back, lying on a pool of juice. The Novice didn't waste time and planted her feet firmly on the floor, raising her hips in the air, voraciously fisting herself as she aimed her cunt against the flying pussy juices. The erupting geyser from Kristanna's cunt blasted on Sophia's pussy. She came harder than ever, squirting her fluids all over herself. However, their power and volume were no match for the demoness'; her fluids got lost among the blasting cunt juice that washed over her.

After a long minute of utter bliss, Kristanna's climax finally came to a halt. She stumbled back, pulling her massive cock out of Ashley's throat. It was as if her spine had been pulled out of her by the mouth. The girl let out a wet gurgling sound as what looked like a massive hospital tube was removed from her throat, splashing thick cum everywhere. She would have bent forward, but the massive circumference of her distended belly prevented her from doing so.

Instead, the Novice sat in place. Her neck was now powerless to hold her head up, so it fell forward, chin resting atop of her sternum. She spasmed constantly, gurgling cum all over her huge tits and belly as her body struggled to expel what was blocking her breathing tubes. Eventually, Ashley wobbled her head, trying to regain a semblance of control. She coughed enough cum out and was able to breathe, even though the thick sperm glued to her teeth, her mouth, and still clung to her nostrils. Ashley felt the sloshing cum in her belly constantly trying to rise through her throat, the pressure of her overstretched skin. She burped loudly, nausea dominating her mind as she barely managed to control the constant urge to puke.

"Bore... p-please... don't go! Give be bore...pfft! I can... take some bore!" She spoke with a nasal voice, dazed and confused with thick strings of cum hanging from her gooey face. But she spoke too early, and the small effort was enough to cause Ashley to lose the little control she had gained. With a sudden spasm, she began vomiting loudly as a surge of cum erupted from her mouth and nose, launching forward onto her huge belly.

Despite being full to the brim with Kristanna's one load, Ashley still begged for more. She could no longer be satiated, her thirst for cum was endless, overriding even her sense of self-preservation. The struggle to keep Kristanna's cum inside and prevent it from surging out of her mouth and asshole only fueled Ashley's pleasure, causing her to roll her eyes in bliss and cum once more.

At the back of her mind, the Novice knew she could burst, choke on cum, bleed internally, or die. She just didn't seem to care about any of those outcomes. The pleasure was everything there was and everything that would ever be. She was impervious to common sense.

Kristanna had a dark grin on her face as she watched another Novice come out of nowhere and launch herself onto Ashley like a cum-crazed zombie. She wrapped her arms around her shoulders like a monkey and sat on her belly, causing Ashley to fall on her back. Her sloshing belly shook and wobbled with wet sounds. The Novice kissed her desperately, drinking the cum that poured out of her mouth. Her weight on Ashley's bloated belly caused more of the thick goo to be pushed up her throat and down her asshole. Another Novice held Ashley's ankles and lifted them in the air, opening her legs then plunging her face to suck the gushing cum straight from her asshole.

The demoness left Ashley to her fellow Novices and didn't waste time, turning to face Sophia behind her, "Did you enjoy your bath?" She asked with a seductive voice.

Sophia lied in a sea of cunt juices, licking her hands and arms, like a bathing cat. She rubbed her hands all over her huge tits, squeezed and groped them, pulling one nipple to her mouth and biting it softly while sucking all the cunt fluids on her skin, "It's all over me... I came so many times... ah!" The novice mumbled deliriously, unable to reason or stop licking the fluids out of her skin for too long.

Kristanna grabbed the girl's arms and pulled her up, easily lifting her from the floor, "Let me give you something even better."

The Novice wrapped her legs around Kristanna's waist and her arms around her neck, smashing her huge tits against the demoness'. Without much trouble, Kristanna positioned her cum-covered shaft under the girl's cunt, spreading the labia. She looked right into Sophia's eyes as she began to spread her pussy open with her cock. The girth of the massive black shaft was too much, it felt like it couldn't possibly go inside. But with the help of Sophia's slick body and Kristanna's powerful thrusts, it finally slid past her swollen pussy lips.

Sophia screamed, instantly blasting her cunt juices all over Kristanna's cock. An orgasm ran through Sophia's body like lightning, forced out of her by the violation of her pussy. Her juices sprayed all over Kristanna's shredded abdomen and crotch. She rolled her eyes and stuck her tongue out in pure ecstasy, her eyes crossed, lost in pleasure. She couldn't believe how good it felt, "GAAH!! FUCK! Yes! My pussy! Ravage my pussy! Rape my womb! It's all yours! I'm all yours!"

Sophia didn't need to say it, Kristanna's cock was already pushing inside, bulging her lower belly as it carved its path through her tight cunt. It stopped when it met the cervix, that soft, tight ring of sinew protecting Sophia's womb. But not for long. Kristanna had played this game many times before, she knew the rules. The right angle, the right strength to punch through. She leaned into Sophia's ears and whispered, "I haven't fucked Aisha's womb in months because she is pregnant with my baby. You better not disappoint!"

And as she finished her sentence, Kristanna's powerful thighs and jiggling ass cheeks clenched. She recruited precisely the right muscles to push her hips up, making sure her cock plunged through Sophia's tight cervix in a single, brutal move. The demoness barely allowed the Novice to get used to the fact that she had an arm-long, monster cock trying to break out of her distended abdomen. Immediately upon entering Sophia's womb, Kristanna grabbed Sophia's ass with both hands, sinking her sharp claws and fingers into her ample flesh and bouncing her up and down on her cock. Each of her thrusts coordinated with the bouncing Novice, plunging her cock further into the unconquered territory.

Sophia looked down at the bulge that formed on her abdomen, it stretched her skin with the perfect outline of Kristanna's cock. But the massive shaft couldn't go unto her rib-cage or it would probably crush her heart and lungs. So the demoness masterfully angled it outwards. The bulge poked out under Sophia's sternum and stretched her skin further. She moaned in disbelief and pure bliss, watching the bulge rise further. Her legs trembled as she was stuck in an infinite loop of multiple orgasms, her squirting juices sliding down Kristanna's balls and dripped on the floor.

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