This time, he broke the kiss, allowing her to regain her breath before she became desperate. She felt one of his hands begin to slide gradually down the centre of her body, over her navel and straight between her legs. He didn't mess around, his finger slid straight between the lips of her pussy and began to massage up and down around her clit.

"Mmmh, I think you're enjoying this already, and I've not even started with you yet." he said. She could hear the enjoyment in his voice as he said it.

She couldn't stop the moans and groans now, his finger had her completely under his control. "I want you to stick out your tongue as far as it will go," he demanded.

Sophia did as she was told. Too worked up to prevent it, she couldn't close her mouth for want of oxygen, so she lay there, mouth wide, with her tongue outstretched. She felt something brush along the tip of her tongue. It was warm and soft. Then she felt it again, this time longer. Realising it was his cock, she curled her tongue, wanting to feel more, but this time felt it being pushed into her mouth.

Feeling it sliding along her tongue, the only thought she had was how much she enjoyed being used to fulfil his enjoyment. As he withdrew his cock from her mouth, her tongue chased after it. As he pushed back into her mouth, her lips wrapped around it and her tongue greedily welcomed him.

She sucked his cock, pulling it further into her mouth feeling him hit the back of her throat. Sophia moaned in excitement as his cock once more pulled back from her mouth, this time he pushed back in before it popped free. As his cock pushed into her mouth, Sophia realised, his finger just started to do the same to her pussy. Her eyes, whilst blindfolded, shot open at the sudden abuse of her body at both ends.

Her body arched on the bed attempting to push his finger deeper inside her. Unfortunately she didn't realise, this also opened up her throat to his eager cock, which wasted no time pushing deeper than she thought possible. In the shock, she tried to gasp only to find that his cock was now blocking any access to her lungs. Trying to breathe in, she inadvertently sucked his cock deeper still, filling her throat, while at the same time, pushing down on his fingers which were now beginning to pick up speed and rhythm between her legs.

"Oh my, I didn't realise you were so hungry or I would've arranged for some food to be brought to the room first," his response had every note of sarcasm and enjoyment Sophia had ever heard. Gently, she felt his cock being pulled free from her body and emerged from her lips with a slight pop. Gasping violently for air, her head turned to the side to stop him repeating his intrusion on her mouth so soon.

His fingers withdrew from her pussy and Sophia felt his hands firmly grab hold of her head turning and positioning it similar to how it was just moments ago. As she took her last breath, she felt his cock push past her lips once again and down her neck. This time it felt even further. She pushed her head up, trying as best she could to open her throat and allow him inside her easier, feeling him sliding deeper into her.

Never before had anyone ever done this to Sophia! She could feel the girth of his cock stretching out her throat with every millimetre it intruded, but by god, she loved it! Gently, he began to pull back. Her hunger now evident as she salivated uncontrollably all over him.

Before he had cleared her throat, his cock pushed into her again. This time she felt his body push against her chin, stopping him going further. By now, she could've sworn the head of his cock was touching her heart. At least, that was how it felt given that nothing had ever prepared her for this.

Every one of her senses was on fire! She could feel every pulse of his cock echoing against her own thundering heartbeat. Her nose, pressed against his scrotum could smell the few beads of sweat starting to come from his body. Her sight, denied in the most absolute way, and yet felt that she could see everything around her. Her ears, listening to his faint grunts as he continued to push himself deep inside of her. And the taste? Sophia tasted everything!

Feeling her chest starting to buckle, Sophia realised she had run out of breath and something was holding her lungs hostage! Her bonds were so tight she couldn't move! Her instinct was to wriggle free, but every movement just sent him deeper.

As panic began to set in, she felt him pull free from her entirely, her lungs gasping for much needed air. She coughed, choked even, on all the cool air she was able to now feed upon. "I think we should reward you for that. I didn't think you would be so eager to want to please me."

Sophia barely heard a word. She was too focused on trying to recover from his onslaught.

"I think you'll enjoy this one..." his voice moved and she could hear that he was moving across the room from her now, so it was no surprise that she almost shrieked when she felt a hand on the inside of her thighs, pushing them as wide as it would go.

Gently, she felt something being slipped inside of her pussy, but it was far too small to be his cock, and bigger than she remembered his finger being. The hand was taken away, but what was put inside of her remained.

"Now, I think it's time we took things up a level," she heard him saying, listening intently for where he was now.

His hands came to rest on her neck, his fingers, slipping behind her head. She felt him grasp hold of her, pulling her head to the exact spot he wanted her in. Then, as he squeezed gently on her neck, her instincts caused her to open her mouth in an attempt to get air into her lungs. Before realising what she was doing, his cock was pushing past her parted lips once again and forcing itself down to the same spot as before.

"Scream for me Sophia..." he said. Before Sophia could start wondering what he meant, she heard a faint click next to her ear, followed quickly by an incredible feeling inside of her body. Her pussy suddenly felt electric and every muscle tensed in response to the sudden and overwhelming sensations. As she did this, he was ready, and pulled her tensing body hard along his cock. This was it! She could feel his cock pushing her throat against his hand on her neck.

His hand gently relaxed and began stroking Sophia's neck along the length of his cock. She was completely at his mercy now, her mind a blur from the onslaught being waged against her body. Sophia felt herself mentally fall into the sensations until all she could feel was her pussy being tortured, the damp forming on the bed now creeping up the sheets and the loud drum beat of her heart in her ears.

Withdrawing from her, she tried to breathe, but instead let out a deep primal moan, echoing across the room. Gasping, she realised that her hips were naturally grinding into the bed, trying to make whatever was inside her feel even better, wanting for something harder to replace it.

Before her chest could stop burning, she felt his cock pressing against her tongue again. This time though, she craved it. Eagerly sucking him into her mouth she salivated all along his shaft. He'd barely started, but she wasn't nervous anymore, she didn't care anymore. She'd never seen his face, didn't know his name and he'd done things to her that she'd never even considered, but Sophia would do anything for him, anything to him.

Gently, he began drawing his cock in and out of her, building up the intensity, fucking her mouth. Hearing another click, her pussy suddenly exploded as whatever was inside her suddenly sped up. His hands wrapped around Sophia's neck and held her steady as he began fucking her harder, his balls slapping against her nose everytime he entered her.

Everything was on fire. Her jaw, her neck, her lungs, her wrists and ankles wearing against the restraints, and her pussy!

"Missy, come in here, she's ready for you!" he called out. As he said it, he pulled away leaving Sophia to the mercy of whatever device was inside her. Who was Missy? thought Sophia.

"Come here Missy, say hello to Sophia," he said

"Mmm, she looks like she might explode if I touch her," said a female voice.

Sophia's moans kept filling the room with a constant sound, never stopping moving on the bed. She felt some colder, slimmer fingers caress her cheeks, feeling over her lips. Someone then pressed their mouth over Sophia's, their tongue invading her mouth. Pushing back, she wasted no time showing them how turned on she was by returning the kiss and sucking on the visiting tongue.

The cold fingers then started to move down her body, over her shoulders and down to her chest and gently massaging her breasts. The fingers curled around her nipples and gave a gentle pinch releasing a quiet moan of approval from Sophia who was still enjoying the gentle and sweet kissing coming from the stranger.

"Come here Missy. Time for you to make sure Sophia is ready for me," said the man.

The strangers hands pulled away, quickly followed by the lips that were kissing her.

"That's right, kneel there. I don't think she's ever felt this Missy. Give her your best," said the man.

Sophia's mind was a blur and she fought to try and maintain some awareness of her surroundings, but the longer that she was subjected to these intrusions, the less she cared, and the more she lusted for. The toy inside of her continued to play its song inside her, disavowing any chance she had of calming down.

Gently at first, she felt a warm breeze across her soaked pussy. Then another and another, until she felt something push warmly and gently against her exposed pussy, pushing up the length of her lips, before flicking her clit at the top. Arching her back, Sophia fought against her bonds to push herself towards it. Hands were placed on the inside of her thighs, pressing gently against them as she felt it come again. Sophia recognised the sensation! Someone was licking her pussy! Sure enough, the third time, her assaulter paused at her clit, wrapped their lips around it, and sucked hard causing Sophia to grunt and moan, pulling at her restraints for more.

"Mmm she tastes amazing!" said the female voice "How long can I have her?"

"Until you think she's ready for the next step," said the man.

Sophia heard a faint giggle that could only be described as someone having just got away with murder, and had an ice cream as a reward.

Before her body had started to come back down to the bed, the intrusions began again, more vigorous than before. Sophia's body went into meltdown. Her pussy was being pleasured from inside and out all at the same time. Her clit kept being sucked and nibbled to the point where Sophia couldn't feel the rest of her body.

Feeling like an eternity was passing, everything began to get much more sensitive. The heat between Sophia's legs was past boiling point and her intruder was hell bent on sucking the life out of her. She could feel that familiar pressure building. "I'm going to cum! Oh God! You're going to make me cum!" the words escaped without any control.

"Oh! That sounds like fun. You don't mind do you?" Said the female voice.

Sophia thought about her answer for a moment as her mind spun in the room, but before she could answer, someone else answered for her; "Do whatever you want to her Missy," said the man's voice. Sophia practically heard his grin over the sound of her own symphony.

No sooner had the man given her permission, had the assault on her clit resumed. Whoever this person was they were hell bent on sucking Sophia's soul through her clit! The pressure built, higher and higher. Sophia forced her pussy towards her assaulter, giving herself to them in return for more. A faint click and the toy began to spin faster inside her causing Sophia to scream until her lungs were spent. Tensing every muscle in her body the orgasm came and hit Sophia like a brick wall. She couldn't breath, the world went quiet and she felt her eyes roll so far back in their sockets she thought they might hit the floor! Her body spasmed and flailed against the tide until she finally gasped for air, crying out as soon as she was able.

"Oh my God, oh my God, please!" she cried, not even knowing what she was pleading for. Panting on the bed, the toy inside her was still going at full speed, and pressed very firmly against her now very tight pussy caused wave after wave of what felt like fresh orgasms, not aftershocks as she was used to.

"Mmm, she tastes better than I imagined," said the woman's voice, "I think I might have her warmed up now."

"Let's find out shall we?" said the man. Another faint click, and the toy stopped, even if her mind didn't. He grabbed hold of the small cord protruding from inside Sophia, and with a gentle tug the toy began to slide out of her, leaving shock waves in its wake.

"Now, I think it's time you had your reward for being so well behaved. Would you like that?" he asked.

All Sophia could do was gently nod, only half aware of what was still happening.

A brief chuckle was followed by Sophia feeling pressure on the bed between her legs, crawling carefully up her body. As it stopped, she felt a shift on the bed and then something pressing gently but deliberately against her clit. Sliding up and down the lips of her now sodden pussy, it began to glide more and more easily. Stopping at her vagina, she felt a slight push against her. Without any friction, his cock parted her lips and slid inside of Sophia.

Gasping again, Sophia felt him sliding effortlessly into her, despite being so tight from her orgasm, which was still subsiding, that she felt like he could have been as thick as a house! Pausing, she felt his cock slide back out of her, stopping just before it left her and then this time slid all the way inside of Sophia's tiny body. She moaned, accepting it's intrusion to her, welcoming it and showing her lust for more.

"Missy," came the voice from just above Sophia's head, "Make sure she doesn't forget you."

As Sophia felt the man above her begin to move himself inside her, gently fucking her against the bed, her lips were gently kissed by someone. As the kiss deepened, Sophia could taste something faint, and deliberately liked her lips "Mmm, you like tasting your own cum," said the woman, promptly returning her lips to Sophia's and kissing her deeper than before.

And was so engrossed in enjoying being fucked and making out with this mystery woman, that she almost didn't notice that the bonds around her wrists were being undone. As soon as her hands were free, they grabbed hold of the person kissing her and started to play with the woman's hair, gently massaging her as the man started to slow his strokes inside her.

Gently pulling out, with a moan of disapproval from Sophia, she felt him shift his weight above her over to her right foot and undo the restraint on her. Then over to the left side and doing the same thing.

Once her legs were free, she felt his cock slide effortlessly back inside her again, instinctively causing her to wrap her legs around his back and gently pull him deeper into her. As he bottomed out, she felt his body press against her already overly sensitive clit, sending Sophia into a small frenzy. Using her legs, she pulled herself against him, grinding her clit against his body while grabbing the woman and using her tongue, began to play a game with her opponent.

Sophia forgot about the rules, about the fact that she was their plaything. All she wanted now was to be fucked. Desperately.

The man started to move inside of her, leaning down against her and biting hard on her neck as he did so. building speed, he started to thrust harder and harder into her, hitting her clit and filling every bit of space inside her each time.

As he built speed, she could feel that familiar pressure building again inside her, tightening around his cock and only intensifying the feelings.

"Cum again Sophia. Cum for me this time," he said in her ear, "I can already feel you wanting to."

He was right, Sophia was barely holding on and definitely struggling to breathe while kissing this woman above her. Her body began tightening again, her legs, pulling her closer to him with every thrust. She turned her head to try and breathe, away from the woman.

"I think she's finding it hard to breathe," smirked the woman.

"We can fix that," said the man above her. With that, he placed his hand over her throat and pushed gently but firmly down on her windpipe. Sophia's hands wrapped around his arm, trying to maintain some control but failing miserably.

Unfortunately that did the trick. The assault on her body worked again. The pressure built deep inside her and she opened her mouth wide to cry out, only to be silenced by his hand on her neck. Her back arched on the bed, her legs pulled him deep inside and held him there and another orgasm washed over her again.

Releasing his hold on her neck, his hand was placed on the bed next to her head allowing Sophia to finally release her cries of pleasure.

"Now it's my turn" said the man. With that he began fucking Sophia again, slowly and deliberately, manoeuvring himself inside her to start pressing deeper than she thought was possible. Right now, as he slid into her, she could've sworn his cock was so far inside her, it would touch her heart.

His cock began expanding inside of Sophia and she wrapped her arms around him pulling him close. Feeling the sweat on the back of his neck, he was close enough to her now that she could smell him.

He fucked gently and carefully, only going slightly faster. "Oh no, not again!" Sophia cried as she could feel another orgasm coming again.

"Not yet Sophia," he said into her ear.

His cock kept getting thicker inside her as his own orgasm built up inside of him. Grabbing hold of her shoulders, he bore down on her with all of his weight, thrust into her 1 time, 2, 3 and then, feeling his body tense he buried his cock deep inside of Sophia as she felt a rush of warmth inside her tummy.

This was the only trigger she now needed for her last orgasm. Gently, her body arched once more on the bed, gently pulsing around his cock, milking every last drop from his cock.

That was the last thing she remembered before waking up to a few stray beams of sunlight coming through the curtains as she opened her eyes. Looking around the room, she could see her clothes neatly folded over the back of the chair and an empty room besides her.

On the bedside table was a small note;

It was lovely to spend an evening with you, we hope you enjoyed yourself.

Please take your time, checkout is at 3pm and food will be downstairs all day.

Remember the rules. If you mention this place, or anything that happened here tonight, you will never be able to return.

Should you wish to return, we'll know to contact you.

Dial 1 on the phone when you are ready to leave and your car will be waiting.

With that, Sophia rolled out of bed, enjoying a leisurely shower and gradually got dressed. Once she had her clothes on, she opened the curtains to see a bright sunny day with bustling people and cars in the street below.

Forgoing the option for something to eat, despite feeling physically drained, Sophia dialed 1 on the phone and gave her name when prompted on the other end.

Walking down the corridor, she made her way to the lift, across the lobby, where the only person was the man behind the reception desk, and out to her car on the street outside. The valet held her door open and gently closed it behind her.

The rest of Sophia's weekend passed in a blur not even realising the time when her alarm went off again on Monday morning for work. Doing her usual routine, Sophia got herself ready and on the way to the office.

As she made her way up the steps of the building, Katie gave her a quick nudge with her elbow. & u=51030

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