Chase stretched in his room, the messenger thrall curled up in the blankets on his bed. Things had been calm since Princess had been reprogrammed, the humans who had killed one of his family members sent off for a life of punishment and he had gotten his eldest slave back.

Precious was still chained up next to his bed in the Dungeon, while Whore was on the smaller mat near the bathroom. He had kept her there until he was positive she was comforted being back in her home.

Next to him the other thrall stirred and reached for him. Knowing that she would be leaving later that day for her regular assignment, he brought his hand to her breast and squeezed until she sighed. Moments later her hands were on him, coaxing him to an erection.

His mouth covered her neck with kisses before moving lower to her breasts. She gasped as he captured a nipple in his mouth. Her hands clutched his shoulders as he kneaded the nub in his mouth. After repeating the sensation to the other nipple, she was trying to kiss him. Downstairs he had slaves that only did what he commanded, in his bed was a female who still had her own mind, and he allowed himself to kiss her.

As they battled in a kiss, she moved under him and allowed him to slide into her cunt. They both sighed, returning to mutual pleasure. Despite his normal life, he would never fuck a slave while she received as much pleasure as he was feeling, slowly and gently. No easy thrusts, building to a mutual release while being able to look him in the eye.

The female wrapped her legs around his waist, urging him faster and harder to take her over the edge he did as requested feeling his own.

"Oh Chase," the female breathed the words as her lover started to match his thrusts to his own rhythm.

The next ten minutes was filled with breaths shortening and moans coaxing both forward. The female clutched his back, nails making small indentations into his flesh as her hips thrust up to his as her release slammed into her. Moments later Chase buried himself as deep into her as he could and let out his own moan.

Later they lay in each others arms, their heartbeats finally going back to normal. She leaned over and gave a quick kiss.

"I have to go soon." she informed him and he nodded. "I won't be back for over a month. I have to go home and do some work there."

"Well, I don't plan on going anywhere, so I will be here when you get back." Chase told her, his hand caressing her hair.

"I know. I'm starting to regret my job that takes me out of the country all the time."

Chase laughed. "I don't know if this would work if you were around more. Let's not ruin something that is working."

"You are happy seeing each other about every other month?" she asked, rising from the bed and heading for his shower.

"I think we both like our jobs, and all the freedom's it allows us in all things." Chase told her as he dressed. "You really want to give up your lover at home? I know I would not give up mine, or my job. We should just be happy with what we have when we have it."

Unable to argue with his words she closed the door to the bathroom and started the hot water flowing. He was right. She wouldn't give up the other thrall lover she had in the other countries, nor the joy of traveling back and forth. She also knew the slaves downstairs would not know what to do without him.

He watched her gather her things and head for the bathroom before getting dressed himself. She was a fair dalliance but he would not be leaving the disciple of the slaves downstairs or his shows that gathered money for his projects. Chase was old enough to know that every thrall wishes things would be different at times, but knew that he was happy with the life he had made for himself here.

Knowing the female would see herself out of his quarters, he boarded the elevator that lad to his dungeon.

The first thing that he felt was the silence he reveled in. All of his slaves were gagged to keep them silent, but otherwise free to roam their cells. A few of them sat on their mats and read the book he had provided, a suggestion on better submission, and others simply lay on their mats passing the time.

Chase watched his slaves, deciding which to take to the workshop with him either to use or condition to further abuse. The slaves all had their eyes on him as soon as he entered the space, awaiting his commands. Retrieving two leashes he picked Princess and Pointless, taking them to one of the play areas. With a gesture he commanded Pointless to the ground to await his direction.

He moved Princess into a rig that held her arms out, but offered no other support. She would learn to accept uncomfortable situations and impossible demands. Chase removed her gag, letting her stretch her mouth from the long silence.

"You will remain here until I come and get you." Chase told her and saw her nod. Spinning on his heel he picked up Pointless's leash and Princess's now empty one.

Moving back out to the dungeon proper he paused, feeling Pointless sink to the floor while waiting. He dropped the slave's leash to the ground, instructing him to not move and walked among his other slaves.

Precious and Whore were in his bedroom so they were not options, and he had just assigned Princess to standing practice. Pointless would be put into spanking practice when taken upstairs. He just needed someone to occupy his desk.

Chase stopped at Bitch-boy's cell, watching the slave start to stiffen at the thought of his Master choosing him. Mind made up, he selected the other male slave, watching the slave's erection grow as the leash was snapped to his collar.

Taking his two slaves to the elevator, they knelt while the box rose to his fifth floor. Chase wound Bitch-boy's leash around the hook at his desk and escorted Pointless to the spanking bench. With little direction, he lay down and allowed himself to be strapped in. Chase moved a cup from another machine and hooked it to Pointless's cock. Seeing the device, and knowing it's purpose on the other machine, Pointless was hard when his Master fitted the cup into place.

He would now start to associate a physical beating with an erection leading to a release if he behaved. The last thing Chase did was remove the slave's gag to better help him breathe during his ordeal before switching on the machine. The first blow came down and he heard Pointless gasp then sigh.

Back at his desk he saw his exhibitionist slave kneeling with a full erection at the thought of serving his Master. This slave was unusual, Chase had commanded him into service rather than purchased him. The male had performed as good as any mentally broken slave, and Chase was happy to own him. He had thought about how else he could prepare the slave for a performance in the club a floor up while using his desire to be publically used and beaten.

"On your feet, slave." Chase commanded the waiting slave. The words had barely left his mouth before the male was standing. "Hands on the floor." Bitch-boy bent at the waist, his hands resting on the floor before him. Now his ass was in the air, and his cock looking him straight in the face.

Chase reached over and removed the gag, not wanting the slave to pass out due to inability to get enough air. He sat in his chair and watched the slave rest in the position his Master had put him in, and listened to the other be beaten. Pointless moaned as the cup sucked at his cock, not too hard, just enough for him to enjoy the beating.

"Service." Chase commanded as he unfastened his pants. Bitch-boy started to straighten and was struck to the floor. "I did not tell you to move from that position."

Bitch-boy resumed the bent-over form and walked slowly to Chase. Seeing that his chair was low enough, he brought up his head and was able to reach his Master's cock. Finding that he could do what was demanded of him, the slave happily want about his task. Serving his Master was Bitch-boy's favourite things to do.

It was clear to Chase that it had been too long since this slave had serviced him. His skills were better than just about any other at oral sex, when focused properly. The Master allowed his slave to do what made him happy, letting himself just enjoy the sensation until he grabbed the slave by the hair and plunged as far down his throat as he filled the slave's throat. Chase felt the slave swallow constantly both to contain the liquid, and to please his Master with the feeling.

"Back to where I put you, slave." Chase commanded and saw the slave hurriedly move back. "That was pleasing, slave. Perhaps you will earn another name, since you are now far more than a mere Bitch-boy. I will think on it."

The slave nodded that he heard his Master, but knew it didn't require him to speak. A name change could be both good and bad. Slut had been Hopeless when she first arrived, than It when she displeased Master, and finally Slut when she earned her Master's name again. Bitch-boy wasn't worried. His Master was pleased with him, there would be no downgrade in name, just something to better show his desire to serve.

Chase turned on the monitors that covered his home, seeing how and what his slaves were doing. Princess was still held upward, her feet shifted to better accomodate the forced position. Precious was in his bedroom tending to his reclaimed slave. She was still fearful, but had made strides since being back in his care. Cock-sucker and Worthless were resting in their cells, ready to be commanded at any moment. Useless, Wishful were reading their books.

He pushed a button leading to a speaker into his dungeon. "Useless Display positions until further notice." he commanded and saw the slave stand, legs apart and arms spread wide. "Worthless and Cock-sucker, kneel down until further notice." The two newly named slaves put themselves laying on the ground over their knees. "Wishful, stand." The last slave stood, her hands behind her head, legs spread and chest out. "Think what your position is telling me as you are there."

His further slaves occupied he turned to his workbench, taking a radio he had been working on for the Temple. They needed a better way to communicate with the vast population being underground where waves don't usually like to work.

Four hours later he paused, observing his slaves. Bitch-boy was about to fall, his arms not wanting to support him any further. Pointless was letting out a constant moan having been teased and only had a single release. Turning to the monitors he saw that Princess was silently sobbing, her arms hurting from the straps holding her in place. Useless was still standing strong, having done this many times before. Wishful was still in perfect position although he noticed a quiver to her legs. Worthless and Cocksucker were still kneeling, Worthless doing well, but her male counterpart fidgeting. He would wait for one of them to fail, then release the others, punishing the failure.

Fifty minutes later Wishful could hold out no longer and dropped to the ground. He saw her bring her hands to her face, knowing she had failed her Master.

"Slaves, released." he said seeing all them relax and move to rub the sore area. "Wishful, return to your mat an prepare for your punishment. Worthless, release Princess and return her to her cell."

Wishful sobbed as she moved to her mat, her mind whirling with what her punishment would be. Worthless helped Princess back to her cell, offering quiet words of comfort.

Behind him he heard Pointless building to his second release in nearly five hours after being teased. As a lash came down he cried out in pleasure. He followed it with thanks and gratitude to his Master for allowing it. His back was red, some darker where he had lashes overlap. Chase tapped the button to stop the beating, releasing the slave from the table.

"Service your fellow slave. Remain there until I return." Chase commanded Pointless who moved to lay under the still bent over slave.

"Thank you, Master." Bitch-boy whispered as his Master passed. A hard crack on bare skin made Bitch-boy moan from pleasure, not correction. Another, deeper moan followed when his cock was enveloped by Pointless's mouth.

The elevator ride down was short and, as last time, all eyes were watching him for commands as soon as he entered the area. He saw Wishful look up to see if he was headed her way. She hoped he was, to end the suffering of wondering, but Chase moved to his bedroom.

Precious fell to her knees as soon as he entered the room. She was standing next to Whore who looked up to try and obey, still restrained. Chase moved to Whore, brushing her hair out of her face.

"Are you ready to return to my service?" Chase asked Whore who nodded. He slowly undid her restraints and helped the slave stand. She stretched and then sank to her knees. "I am pleased by your actions when out of my care, and I am pleased that you have recovered well." Whore nodded, clearly wanting to say something but unable due to her collar. He showed her the remote out of his pocket. "Speak."

"Thank you, Master. I knew you would find me. Since being back, having my collar back and getting some sleep and fluids, I am honoured to serve you again." she said, leaning down and kissing his shoes.

"Return to your cell, Whore." he told the slave who jumped up and went to the outer rooms, quickly returning to the barred space that was hers. "Come Precious. I have a slave to punish."

Precious rose and waited for her Master to move, falling into step behind him. He went out into his dungeon and watched his slaves look from him to the slave he was walking toward. Wishful was still sobbing when he entered her cell, getting to her knees.

"You failed me, slave." Chase told the slave before him. Her head bowed in shame. "I cannot give you the normal punishment, as you are my pain whore. Stand and present."

Wishful got to her feet and put her hands behind her head, her head still down. Chase retrieved a pair of nipple clamps and put them on her already stiff nubs. She drew in breath as the pain caught her, and faded to a moan as she took it in.

Using long ropes Chase had looped around her wrists and ankles, pulling them taut and her arms and legs away from her body. When he was finished, she was stretched as much as her flesh would allow. She was completely unable to move except for her head. The stretching made the clamps dig in deeper.

Chase retrieved a cane, showing it to the helpless woman. She looked at her Master with fear. Her body had not been able to process the pain he had already inflicted for her to enjoy. This was not pleasure, she was actually going to experience punishment for what it was meant for.

Forty stripes later, on both front and back had her sobbing in pain, and unable to move away from anything her Master wanted. A quick release rope let her fall to the floor, her limbs back under her control. She curled up, trying to process the pain.

"Try harder next time, or your punishment will not be so light." Chase commanded and waved Wishful back to her room. Not wanting to push her luck, she complied. "Stand, Precious."

The slave at his feet moved to the middle of the room and put her hands on her head, waiting for her Master to mark her.

The first strap went over her left breast, followed by her right. Precious didn't move from her stance as Chase continued to rain blows down on her body. Each time the strap lands, she sighs. Finally he came to stand before her and lay a strap across her chest, catching both nipples.

"Ready." he spoke and saw Precious shudder as her release moved over her with the pain. "Good, slave. Let's go see how the males are upstairs."

Precious followed Chase out of the room, heeled at his side, eyes down. She had earned her place and would keep it. In the elevator she knelt as she waited, feeling her Master's hand on her head.

The male slaves were as he had left them. Bitch-boy was still bent over on his hands and feet and Pointless was laying under him.

"Up, Pointless." Chase commanded and the male got to his feet, hands at his head, cock stiff. "Kneel down, Bitch-boy."

There was a long sigh as the slave slowly lowered himself to his knees. His arms trembled with strain from holding himself up so long. "Thank you, Master."

"Was Pointless's service acceptable?" Chase asked the slave.

"Yes, Master, thank you Master." Bitch-boy spoke from facing the floor.

"I have decided that your name is now Boy." Chase told him. "I will remove the Bitch part as I think that will be better for you."

"Yes, Master. Thank you for my name, Master."

"You may take Useless and report to the upper rooms for two nights. I am pleased with both of you."

"Oh, my. Thank you Master." Boy expressed. "Please, Master. May I service you before I go?"

"Precious to the spanking machine, Pointless to the fucking machine. Now." he commanded. The slaves were in their assigned positions in moments and chase turned them on from a master control on his desk.

"Yes, Boy, you may. Be slow. I want to savor the slave's treatment."

Boy moved to his Master's chair, carefully taking his cock in the slave's mouth. Pointless moaned as the machine filled both his ass and his mouth with dildos in and out. Precious moaned as the lashings covered her body over where he Master had marked her not long ago.

Thirty minutes later Chase could no longer resist the talents of his male slave and he lapped up his Master's release. The machine's stopped and the other slaves got out of their assigned places and onto the floor.

As Chase moved to the elevator he was shadowed by three slaves, all kneeling as they awaited the doors to open. The slaves left the small box three steps after the man they served.

"Useless, report." Chase called into the dungeon and saw the named slave hustle to his side. As she knelt he gestured to Boy. "You and Boy here are to go upstairs for two evenings."

"Yes, Master. Thank you, Master." Useless nodded. A gesture sent them both away.

"I have decided there will be no more idle slaves for awhile. Worthless, to the cross. Princess, Precious and Cocksucker, present. Wishful and Whore, kneel down. Pointless, display. As last time, the first to break will be punished."

The slaves moved to their named positions, trying to find a headspace that allowed them to deny the fatigue they would be feeling. & u=4852 & u=4852かんづめ動物園-おかしな彼女に愛される非日常/

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