I got a call from Marti at my work. She was so excited I couldn't understand what she was telling me.

Finally, I told her I would be home in an hour, so save it until then.

As soon as I walked into the house, Marti met me with a huge hug. 'Mom, I think I have the solution to your problem. I'll fix drinks while you change."

I removed my clothes, bra, and thong and returned in a tee shirt.

Marti was sitting on the couch, waiting for me. Her large breasts were swinging free under her top.

"OK, Mom, listen to this. I have a friend, a good friend I've known for several years and I think, no, know, he will help you out. Richard is my age and a beautiful man. And the great part is he's bi-sexual."

Marti went on, "I told him the story, all of it, and your fear of being exposed. He understood. I was hoping he would help us, and he is!

He is going to meet us tonight at the pub to talk about a plan. You will like Richard."

"I like him already," I said.

Marti and I dressed for flirtation and made our way to the bar. The crowd appeared about the same Marti was greeted warmly. There was no room at the bar, so we got a vacant booth. I was facing the bar and saw several men whose bone I would love to jump!

We ordered wine and chatted about Marti's continuing education she had received here. Mom, I had my first oral sex with a woman in the back room here. I must have been 18. She took me to new heights that night.

"Damn, you probably have more experience than me," I joked.

"No way. I can't think of anything sexually you probably haven't had," Marti said.

I saw a young man making his way to our table. He tapped Marti on the shoulder, causing her to stand and greet him with a kiss. "Mom, this is Richard," she indicated. "Richard, this is my friend Sue."

Damn, he was one of the most handsome men I had ever met. Marti asked me to tell my story, all of it, beginning with how I met Kent. Once finished, he nodded.

As Richard began to speak, I was amazed at his maturity. Although only in his early twenties. He assured me he would do all he could to 'tame' Kent.

Hell, I would be happy to get to know Richard 'much' better. Only it was obvious he wanted to renew his fun with Marti.

We had a couple more drinks before I broke up the evening. "Marti, I going o run on home. Richard, will you see she gets home safely?" I told them.

I knew Marti would show the proper 'appreciation' to Richard for me. And I was going to wait up to hear all the details.

Marti came in a few hours later. All smiles. 'Mom, that man knows how to please a woman". She told me.

Her bra and thong were in her purse. When she raised her skirt, her mound was swollen and red. What in the hell did he use on her?. "Baby, are you OK? Let me get you warm wash clothe."

When I returned, Marti had fixed her a drink and refreshed mine. "Tell me all the details," I urged.

She sipped her drink as she touched the rag to her pussy. "Mom, please don't tell Mike. I feel so guilty for being with Richard. We left right after you did.

He didn't live far. Once in his apartment, it all came so naturally. We kissed as we fumbled to undress each other. I slipped down and began to go down on him. Almost instantly, his tool grew to the size I remembered. Richard's cock is remarkable. I wanted it immediately, but he made me wait."

I could visualize Marti on her knees with a full cock on her lips. I was instantly horny.

He had me stand and make our way to his bedroom.

I laid down, hoping to receive him soon. Damn Richard, he wanted to massage and play with my tits. I kept trying to grab his cock to feed it in me, but he was always just out of reach. His manipulation of my boobs was driving me crazy."

"Finally, he moved over me. I guided him to my pussy, and he slowly lowered himself into me. Oh, damn, it was fantastic! He expertly fed his cock in me to the hilt. Mom, I was in heaven."

I was beginning to slowly rub my clit. Visualizing Marti's details were driving me crazy.

Marti continued, "Richard may be gay, but I've never had a better lover. His movements reach all the best places inside me. I began to cum, but he would stop as I approached. He did this twice. Finally, I told him to let me climax. I began to cum, and it seemed to extend for the most satisfying time".

'Oh, Baby, I so happy for you. Mike will never know a word." Then to tease her, "But I know where you're going to get away for a few hours."

"Let me help you with that," Marti said, placing her hand on my fingers on my clit. I moved my hand and allowed her to move down and slip her mouth over my opening. I felt her tongue touch my swollen clit and begin to lick me lightly. I opened my legs as far as possible. She raised a hand to my breast and massaged it. In the next few minutes, she brought me to a climax.

I owe her.

Richard called a few days later. He was ready with his plan. It would start with Kent meeting him at my house. Marti will be with Richard and eventually ask him to set up a 'sex party' for us at a local hotel. Marti would say she knew Mike would ask her to marry him that weekend, and she wanted to have a 'blow out' before accepting his offer.

Kent was 'gun-ho' at the idea of the party. Richard said he had a few friends he would invite. I was going to be satisfied with Kent, and Marti was free to all. I think Kent thought he was going to get with Marti to finalize his involvement.

The meeting was to be on Friday. Richard came early to discuss the party. He told Marti and me that he was bringing two trans-sexuals and bet we wouldn't realize they weren't women.

The party was to be at the Hilton, an upscale hotel in Lexington. Marti and I went early and dressed in the room. Marti was giddy with excitement. We knew whatever we wore was going to be removed quickly. We both wore a bustier, with garter belts and hose. Fuck me pumps were appropriate for the occasion.

Richard came next with his group, the 'ladies' and two other attractive men.

Kent was the last to the room. I supplied the liquor and setups. Kent was so nervous he couldn't keep his eyes off Marti and the 'ladies'.

I made the first move. I sat on the arm of a chair and began to play with Kent's crotch. I unzipped his pants and pushed them down along with his underwear. As his cock bobbed free, I played with it to gain its full length. Then it began for 'real' One of the 'ladies' came over and kissed him.

"He's all your's baby," I told her.

Kent was enjoying the extra attention. I moved over to one of Richard's male friends and kissed him lightly. I asked quietly, "Gay?". His response was perfect, "Not at all."


My new friend, Jake, began to massage my breast with his right hand. I, in turn, found his cock through his trousers. As we kissed, I masterfully undressed him. As he was stepping out of his pants, I glanced at Kent.

His new 'lady' friend was swallowing his cock. Kent's eyes were closed as she milked his balls.

Martl and Richard were on the bed. I could see her mouth on his penis and engulfing all she could. Good girl!

Jake was proving to be an experienced lover. He was slipping his hand over my upper thigh and finally to my wet pussy. He guided me to a couch and laid me down. I was fumbling with his penis and found him erect and ready to go. He entered my wet pussy with a single slow push as I moaned in pleasure.

Kent finished and pulled his 'lady' up to kiss him. He loved up a trans-sexual!

Marti was on her knees on the bed, sucking Richard's cock as he ran the head over her boobs. She squeezed his rod between her breasts to allow him to 'tit fuck' her.

Kent stood in awe as he watches Marti and Richard. I bet he would have given his right nut to trade places with Richard.

Jake was giving me all his tools, and I was accepting it gratefully. His testicles were hitting on my ass with each thrust. He was pacing himself, but I couldn't wait. His attractive face and the hot body was too much. I came hard.

Richard began to shoot his load on Marti's rack, and she was doing all she could to catch a portion in her mouth. I watched as she started to capture more in her hand and finger feed it to her lips.

Jake kissed me on the lips.

I wanted to give him head immediately. He said, 'later.'

We all accepted a 'recess' and got fresh drinks.

I sat next to Richard on the bed as we sipped our drinks. He kissed me on the cheek and said, "Now it's time."

Richard got up and announced its contest time. "Let's see who is the best in cock sucking first. I'll go first. We're all friends here, so nothing leaves the room of the going on".

Richard turned to a friend he had brought, and they began touching each other's cocks. After a moment or two, Richard knelt and kissed the guy's penis. I quickly glanced a Kent, who was watching the event. Kent was mesmerized. As Richard began to take the tool in his lips, Marti said, 'Go Richard!'. One of the 'ladies' also urged him on. Ronnie, Richard's friend, soon deposited a load of cum in Richard's mouth. All in the room applauded the performance.

"Who's next?" Richard asked.

"Me, me me," I said. I looked at Kent and finger waved him to me. "Sugar, do you want a blow job from me?" Before he could answer, I pushed my boobs against his chest before dropping down to find his cock. I licked it up and down several times and finished by licking his balls.

"Go, Mom," Marti urged me on. I did my best to enjoy what I was doing, but I couldn't. I felt more dislike with each thrust I gave my mouth. Finally, he shot his load.

Ronnie, as smoothly as a spit on a doorknob said he wanted a blow job from Kent. I could instantly tell Kent was shocked. It was time to be one of the gang or be forever be banned from other sex parties. I moved to him and said, not to worry. All these people are stand up types, and it will make him included for other parties. I could tell in Kent's eyes he was flustered.

To throw gas on the fire, "I bet Marti will see you differently and give in to his advances. Go for it. It will show me your ready for some inhabited fun". I kissed him lightly and moved away.

I searched for Marti and finally found her with her cell in hand. She was positioned behind Jake and was ready.

Kent moved over to Ronnie and quickly admitted he hadn't sucked a man before, but he would do his best. He looked over to me for approval. I blew him a kiss.

All the room watched as Ronnie placed his hands on Kent's shoulders and pushed him down to his cock. I held my breath and finally exhaled when Kent took the knob of the penis in his lips. He's doing it!

I glanced at Jake and found Marti clicking away under his armpit. Go, girl.

Kent did his best, but he couldn't get into it. Darn. BUT we had the photos to shut the little ass hole up.

Kent was looking to me to console him for his poor performance. I assured him cock sucking is an art, and he needs practice.

Marti, my buddy, said it was her turn. I knew what she was going to do.

She reached for the hand of Kent's lover and began to push up her mini skirt. A lovely cock was contained in a pouch against 'her' body.

Marti released it and began to massage it to its full length. (maybe the largest in the hotel room). I glanced at Kent. He was dumbfounded.

Marti lowered herself to her knees to begin tonguing its length. Her eyes found mine, and a smile filled her eyes. She paid particular attention to the 'ladies,' let's say colossal clit, as she took more into her mouth.

Kent was near me. I moved over and told him it would be only a short time before he would be getting the same from Marti. I believed he gasped at the thought.

The party went on for another hour or so. I finally got to suck Jake's penis and loved it. Jake and Donnie put on a show of anal sex with each other.

I told Kent into the bathroom and told him how proud I was of him, and I would call him for some more fun in a few days. The prick wanted to know if Marti would be there. "Absolutely," I told him. Kent left feeling he was a 'major player.' Yea, right.

I thanked everyone for being there and helping me with the deception. Kisses all around and promises to have a sex party again soon. I told Richard I was in his debt and would be repaying him for the rest of my life.

Marti and I stripped the bed and made us of the mattress to make love.

We finally left at 4 a.m.

'I love the relationship I have with Marti. Much more mature than her 23 years, Never judging what I do, and always there to be my 'sounding board'. I hope Mike will get off his butt and as her to marry him.











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