Theresa placed her spoon and dangled it between her fingers. She gripped it and put it right at the edge. She scooped a chuck of the cream with a huge cherry in the center. She tasted it. Claire was right about the nerves calming down. She didn't count on what happened after it.

Theresa's eyes glazed and her skin began to glisten. She felt heat raising, her neck arching back. The cause of the arch was the jerky convulsion between her hot legs. She let out a huge cry and then plopped her head on the table. The girls gawked before they went to her. But before they left the chairs, Theresa leaned back with a wide smile. "Okay...let's call Jules."

In Miami, the conference had drawn to the close and Jules thanked the head of the department for his inspiring speech. He grinned and said his farewell. He picked up his case and went into the elevator. When he pressed the down button, his phone ran off.

"Mon Dieu! It's Theresa!" He cried out, seeing the woman's name on his screen. The elevator doors opened, and he dashed into it. He pressed the talk button as the doors closed. "Theresa! Hello!"

"Hey, Jules." Theresa moaned as she heard his voice. "Did I interrupt your meeting?" "No, my pet, it adjourned a few minutes ago."

"Oh, that is perfect!" Theresa let out a longer moan that time. Jules had a confused reaction about her moaning. "Yeah, I'm so glad I caught you now! Ooo, and to think I was worried."

Jules heard some of the girls laughing at the background. "Theresa, are you drinking?"

"Nope!" Theresa laughed. "Honey, do you remember that adult British miniseries you told me about?"

"You mean 'Care'?"

"Yeah! That's it!! It's about the breakup. And Sarah had a hard time until she came to her friend's house...And then she caught her friend having sex with this rough muscular guy with the tats!"

"Yeah, I know." Jules said, being caught off guard. "Oh right...a guy and his new boyfriend would cheer her up until she moved on. Yes, I'm glad you got to watch it."

"Oh, I am doing more than watching it, baby." Theresa said as she climbed into bed with the other five girls. "I'm gonna remake it!"

Ding! The elevators parted. Jules wished he would say the same about his pants. He ran out of that building like it an emergency. Well, in a sense, it was, but anyway, Jules had to run to his car. Once inside he buckled and put the key in the ignition.

"Baby? Are you still with me?" Theresa asked him. Jules came back. "I'm here, oui! Can you hold on for me when I come to you?"

He heard the laughter at the background again, followed by a few whispers. Then he heard a different female voice. "Jules? How are you?"

"Uh..." Jules was bewildered when he heard another voice. "I'm a bit confused. Who are you?"

"It's me! Charlotte! Theresa told me a whole lot about you."

"Ah-ha! So you're the sister she never had Theresa was talking about! Yes, I should thank you for checking up on her while I'm away."

"Of course, of course. Now want Theresa to talk dirty to you over the phone?"

Jules's eyes popped out. "Really? She wants to—" The man was in a loss of words. But his words came back to him. "That's a bravo moment! Phone sex! Yes, my pet, give me your dirtiest!"

Theresa started moaning as Charlotte put on speaker. Jessica and Becky started to suck on her nipples, making her arch her back. Claire and Tricia smiled at the bottom of the bed, licking away their fudgsicles. Then, that Southern Belle spoke.

"Oh my God! I want your cock so much! I want to suck it until you blast into me like a fuck éclair! Yeah, I want your cock cream all the way down!" (Moaning and crying ensues) "Are you fapping right now?"

"Keep going, my pet! Don't worry about me!" Jules moaned in her ear, letting her pretend he was beside her. "Pretend I am there licking your smooth, hot chatte, mon Cherie."

"Of fuck! You spoke French!" She screamed, Claire and Tricia giggling at the horny woman's reaction. The girlfriends' tongue poked and lapped around her erect nipples as she screamed. "Speak more French to me please?"

"In time, but I want to hear more from you, baby." Jules enjoyed his pet getting horny for him, his cock tenting in his pants. He unzipped and let his boner pop out of them. "Come on, mon amour. Si vous plait?"

"Fuck yes! Your words are like the deep thrusts inside me baby! Oh, I want you to pound me everywhere when you come home!"

"Where, baby? Where?"

"On the floor! On the couch! On the porch! In the shower! On the counter! On the damn backyard!" That last one she shrilled. "I want to be fucked at the outdoors! Eat my wet pussy until you burst! Make me sprawl all over as you give me your cock! Make me urge to cum when you're behind me! Fuck! Fuck! OH FUCK!"

Jules heard panting in the distance. He was stroking like he was cranking his Model T Ford. He knew his bird was wet right about then. "My pet, you okay?" "She's fine." He heard Charlotte. "She's taking a break, but she'll be ready for another round."

After a long exhale, she spread her legs for Becky, and she was close to Jessica's bosom. "Okay Jules, now it's your turn. French talk the hell out of my phone!"

Now, I can't write down what Jules told her. One, I can't write the whole thing in French if I try! Second, Charlotte could only hear bits of pieces of the convo when she told me this. So, she wasn't any help. But for Theresa, Jules's low speaking French put her on edge. Well, him and Becky fast digits going in and out of her like crazy.

Becky sucked on Jessica's nipple like a thirsty baby as she fingered Theresa. Tricia and Claire blushed when they watched this, starting to join in themselves. Charlotte rubbed her pussy as she heard that guy speaking French to his beloved. ("I swear to you, Kens! Whoever invented French is a genius! Those words made me weak for DAYS!")

And weak for a day the women got! Their fingers were rubbing themselves like crazy. Their bodies moved as Earth itself needed help! Their voices carried on. Man, if this was a sauna, they would be sweating a hundred times fold already if not then! Never mind that last part, I'm saying they're hot as hell, folks!

Jules's voice was higher when he was close. He told her something French. But the translation was clear in his voice. He was cumming. The girls followed suit, the rumpled bed sheets soiled by their messes. All six of them sprawled on the king size bed, jerking and writhing on the bed.

They had no idea how long they were in an orgasmic gaze like that. Must have been a long time. Jules had a hell of a time to talk to them. He kept asking them where they were. I asked Charlotte if any of the girls responded. ("Man, my mind is foggy about that. I have no idea which one of us spilled the beans!")

Someone must have, because a moment later, Jules barged into Becky and Jessica's bedroom. He was topless and his breathing was heavy. He stared at Theresa and moved to her. He took her hand and kissed it. She cooed over that hot kiss. " hot."

"Yeah, my baby. You are so hot." Jules agreed. "Mon Dieu! You got me raging! I want to plow you right in the field!"

"We're gonna have sex in the backyard?"

"You bet!"

She jumped on him, as well as her renewed energy. The other girls waved goodbye as Jules carried Theresa back to her land. Becky and Jessica cuddled as Tricia and Claire slept behind them. Charlotte snored cutely as Becky and Jessica kissed.

"This is so wonderful." Becky commented, holding Jessica tight. "We helped a friend move on."

"Oh yeah." Jessica pressed her head on her lover's breasts. "Becky, are you going to wake up early in the morning tomorrow?"

That question threw Becky off for a moment there. She sighed. "No, babe. I think with all this sexy exercise, I'll sleep in."

"Good!" Jessica kissed her. "Because I want to give you some morning exercise when you wake up."

"Awe!" Becky was cheerful again and squeezed her girl. "I guess we both can be considerate with each other from here on out, huh?"

"Yeah." Jessica kissed Becky's nipple. They snuggled, their hands lacing over Tricia's and Claire's. "So...what do you think Jules and Theresa are doing right now?"

"If we are thinking right, Jules is giving Theresa the care that she craved." Tricia suggested groggily. Charlotte hummed as she thought of Theresa so cheerful as Jules made love to her in the open. "Yeah. She would enjoy that so much. I want a man to do that to me like that."

The other four girls didn't hear her since they fell asleep. Charlotte sighed and closed her eyes. "That is a good idea, girls. Let's take a good nap. We need to be bright and cheerful the next morning."пользователи-3/spinazzola/profile/

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