Sorry to have been away for so long, my dears! This last month has been the month from Hell. Beginning with a pregnancy scare, a death in my immediate family and capping off this very week discovering someone has been passing off MY audios as their own work on Patreon and CHARGING people for the privilege of listening! 🤢🤬

I'll be honest, I was hard pressed to find a reason to keep doing this. And then YOU lovely people kept reaching out to check on me... and it reminded me exactly why I do what I do.

So, please forgive the hiccup in content creation. It may take a little bit to get back up to the volume I used to churn out (still locked in with teenagers who freak out when Mom locks the bedroom door to "work" 🙄) but I havent vanished forever.

Here is just a little audio update with the details... sorry, no sex this time. 😅

T. (The One and Only)

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