Pandemic Love

Love can come form under many different circumstances, my love story happened during a pandemic. The day I, 38, got stranded with my cousin was like any other. I had just dropped off groceries and my aunt at my parents' home and was on my way to see my cousin Delia, 40. Her mother had wanted to stop by our house and chat with my dad. I asked my cousin if she wanted to come along but she was tired and wanted to sleep in a bit more. She asked me to swing back around and pick her up later.

One my way to her house I had the radio going and was happy that the day was a bit gray. I love sunny days, but grey days make you want to sleep in, or just loaf about. When I arrived at her apartment her roommate wasn't around so I just knocked until she came over and opened the door.

"Hello little cousin. I haven't really showered so you can just watch some tv while you wait," she said.

I'm two years younger, I don't the little cousin shit either but what can you do.

"Ahh Delia how are we doing today," I said.

"Good Meno. Let me make the bed, can you wait outside," Delia asked.

"No problem," I said.

My nick name since I was a kid was Meno. My family is Latino, so it's just short for Manuel. That's right my family is Latino, we're from Mexico actually. We got our looks from our European ancestors. But don't think we aren't as Mexican as they come. My cousin is short. Maybe 5'2. I'm taller at 5'10, but not a giant.

Each member of our family is unique, which duh right? But my cousin and I had always been, well I guess close. We hung out, had similar ways of thinking that whole jazz. I always felt relaxed and free when I was around her.

As she wrestled in her room with the covers and throws of her bed I just smiled and thought of the chance to spend some quality time with her driving back home. We tended to just chat about random things.

In all honesty I had always had a bit of a crush on her. Yeah it's one of those situations.

As my mind wandered I was snapped back to reality when my phone buzzed. A text message of course. I thought it was probably my mom or a classmate. But when I checked it was from those random numbers that send text...six digit types.

As I read the text my cousin called from her room.

"Did you get the text," she asked

"Just got it. What does it say," I asked.

She walked into the tiny living room she and her friend shared in her apartment. Padding out and standing in front of me like a tiny serious Velma. She loves Scooby Doo.

"New stay at home orders. We are supposed to stay inside, and not go out for the next three weeks," she said with a look of shock.

"Yeah but we can still go back and forth between houses. No worries," I said.

"It says that starting now we can't leave the house at all though," she said.

I laughed a bit and thought how would anyone know if we moved around.

"Then how does one get food? See there it is," I said.

Delia switched on her small tv and found a channel with the news. We listened as the newscaster reported further instructions on the new stay at home orders.

"The following is for all peoples in Los Angeles and surrounding Counties. The stay at home orders are effective of 9am this morning. The Governor has issued a state of emergency. Only essential businesses will continue working. All other people must stay home. The Sheriffs department and city police departments are currently mobilizing and patrolling streets to safe guard people. As of now that is all. Please remember to stay home and stay safe," the newscaster said.

I was a student and tutor. My cousin is a cleaner. We looked at each other when her cell phone started to ping, as did mine.

"My mom says I should stay here with you. And that your mom is okay stay at our house," I told Delia.

"All my clients are canceling," she said.

"What the what now," I asked her.

"I guess we stay here. Damn it," she said.

As we settled in, I began to think of what I supposed to do for the next three weeks. I had a backpack with two changes of clothes and my iPad. I usually carry things like that for emergencies. But I never thought that it would be a quarantine or stay at home order that would force me to use them.

I went outside and started grabbing my things when I heard a police bullhorn come on.

"Please go back inside sir. There is nothing you need to leave the house for," the patrol man said.

I got my things and walked back inside. My cousin was at the end of a telephone conversation that was leaving her with a smile.

".....okay ma.....see you," Delia said.

I smiled at her as she walked over and sat on the sofa.

"So your mom is fine," I asked

"Yes everything is good. What do you want to do now," she asked

I walked over and sat with her on the sofa. We sat silently for a sec before we started laughing. We giggled a bit, then we got up and started making some dinner. We ate and washed our dishes. My cousin lives in a modest little apartment, so not much by the way of anything. So to pass the few hours left we relaxed in her room where she had the tv.

After about two hours we were both beat and decided to call it a night.

"Okay I'm going to bed," Delia said.

"Sounds good. Do you have like a blanket or something so I can sleep on the sofa," I asked.

"It's very cold here Meno. We don't have AC/heat type of thing. Why don't you sleep in the room, and I'll give you some blankets," Delia said.

I shook my head and took the blankets. We fell asleep, tired from the days insane news.

Our days were pretty similar for the first week. We would get up she'd take a shower, then I would and then we would eat, chat, goof around, and I would work online and take classes. For the first five days things were normal.

I had to make changes to the ways I did things, as much as she had to. I usually had some, "private" time in the mornings but this wasn't my house. And of course I didn't have my own room. I just didn't do much in that department.

By Friday we had at least had one or two moments where I needed the restroom and she did too. But we had learned to cohabitate. The unfortunate part was that it was much colder sooner than I had expected. So Friday evening around 8pm I was chatter away as we watched some silly Korean soap.

"It's so cold here. How do you stand it Delia," I asked

She started laughing. I looked over and saw how wrapped up in blankets she was, and I glared.

"What little cousin? Why the mean look? It's not that cold over here," she said.

I rolled my eyes and focused on the way too pretty boy and gorgeous woman flirting in a very specific Korean way.

"You're being mean Delia eh. I would have asked if you wanted me to install a heater or at least given me more blankets," I said.

"Okay Meno. How about I buy a heater," she asked with a huge grin.

That tore it. I got up and pounced on her tickling her sides. She is super ticklish. And more than once I tickled her to the point where she had to run to the bathroom.

As she writhed around under her covers, she laughed and laughed. She grabbed my hands and held them.

"Oh my god. Your hands are like ice," she said.

I smiled and drew my hands back and sat on her bed. She smiled for a second, then with kind eyes she motioned to the pillow next to her.

"Okay. You can sleep in here for a bit. Just to get warm," she said.

I smiled as I got off the bed.

"It's cool, no worries. I'm alright," I said.

I moved to get back in my makeshift bed when she drew her covers back and again motioned to the bed.

"Really come on. Get in," she said.

I was really cold, so I moved on the open side of the bed and got under the covers.

The Korean soap was actually not bad. There was some good plot devices and, being a romantic, I was suckered into the "will they figure out this crazy thing called love" situation.

As I was just starting to get warm Delia poked me in the shoulder.

"Hey I can't see through you. Can you please lay flat on the bed," she asked.

"If I lay flat then I won't be able to watch the show anymore," I said.

Delia thought for a second then started shifting towards me.

"Okay I'll lay where you are and you lay where I was. That way I can see the tv," Delia said.

I agreed and I started scooting over. She stopped and looked at me then just climbed over me like we had always done when we were young. The difference was that we were adults. And to be honest she pretty much dragged her body over mine, the real doozy was when I felt her breasts rub on my arm as we switched places.

"Oops...sorry about that..." I said.

"It's fine," Delia said.

Finally comfortable gain she laid on her side and I did the same. We were maintaining at least two feet away from each other on her full sized bed. It was really warm on her side and I slowly drifted off to sleep.

It was probably around 6am the next day when I awoke. I had never felt so at peace and warm. I realized that I wasn't alone in the bed. Why? Because my cousin was wrapped in my arms. I was holding her to my chest. For a moment I closed my eyes and just thought how amazing it felt having her in my arms. But I knew it would be weird if she woke up and I was hugging her. I was about to move when she spoke up.

"Que paso? Esta calientito, no te muevas/What's wrong? It's warm, don't move," Delia said.

I stilled my arms and slowly relaxed. As I did I noticed that Delia pushed back a bit more, almost as if she wanted to be closer than we already were. I instinctively wrapped my arms around her again and held her close. Snuggling like to silly teenagers.

"I woke up like this I swear," I said.

"I know. You're better than a blanket," she said.

I laughed and she did as well. We stayed snuggled for another five minutes before getting up and getting ready for our day. We spent the rest of the day just doing different things. It was Saturday so we watched more Korean soaps and just loafed about.

The day was chilly but not enough to have covers on. As the hours passed I noticed that I would stare at Delia more than I had in the last couple of weeks. I did say I had a crush on her. She would look over and give me a funny look and then keep watching tv.

As it became evening, and the temperature dropped we started to get ready for the freezing night ahead.

"Okay so last night was actually great. So why don't we just keep the same sleeping style," Delia said.

"Are you sure your okay with that," I asked.

"Yes. Don't worry it was nice having a warm body next to. Also we haven't had time in a while to be close," she said.

I looked at her and gave her a slight grin. She smiled back and we made up the bed for tv time. As I got in I noticed she was wearing actual pajamas. But these were kind of older. Scooby PJs of course, but the fabric was thin. She wore a simple Harry Potter shirt and had let her hair loose.

As she got in I thought how I was just wearing some cotton shorts and a shirt. I began to wish I had worn something, I don't know nicer? Are there nicer PJs?

We covered ourselves and she pressed play on the soap. We started off with some distance but as the night wore on, and we adjusted ourselves in bed I notice that by the end of the second episode we were only about a foot away from each other.

"Another episode," Delia asked.

"Sure thing. I mean the dummies haven't even kissed yet," I said with a slight chuckle.

As she reached over to her nightstand and started to fiddle with the remote, I looked around her room. She had anime figurines and books. Tons of books. So many freaking books.

She adjusted herself again and started the episode. She moved around a lot I started to notice, especially when she was getting back to her "favorite position." The episode started and I snuggled back into my original position. I noticed right away that Delia was almost on top of me. Had I shifted to get closer? Did we both? I didn't know but having her so close was amazing.

As the episode went on, Delia began to pull the covers more to her side. So I finally said something.

"Are you getting colder? You almost have all the blanket," I said.

"Hace frio./It's cold," she said.

As she said that I made the split second decision to simply wrap my right arm around her midsection. She gripped my arm pulled me closer. I lifted my left arm and she used it as a pillow. We were chest to back, and with me holding her to my body.

"mmmm, calientito/warm," she said.

I simply squeezed her against me and kept watching the show. I could smell her shampoo with her head at about chin level and I nuzzled into it just a bit. I heard the soaps love theme start and watched as the lead kissed the heroine lightly. Delia loved these shows. They were so over the top but she dug them. What I didn't expect is what happened next.

As the pair on screen kissed she took my right hand in hers and she intertwined our fingers. I squeezed her hand lightly.

"Ahhh....someone is feeling all the romance on their show," I said teasing her.

"They're so cute together. I like them being romantic. Cuando quieres a alguien, se los demuestras./When you care from someone you show it," she said.

I didn't know if she meant that for the show, life in general, or me. I decided that I needed to know. Lifting my head a bit I moved to her ear.

"Que romantica./How romantic. What would you say if I told you that I cared a lot about you. Probably more than I should," I said.

Her hand squeezed mine again. She took a deep breath.

"I know. But I wish I didn't. It makes this difficult," she said.

I tensed a bit and let out my breath. She didn't feel the same way. That's okay I cared about her. I'd not try to blur the line more. I started to draw my arm from her waist when she gripped my hand tighter.

"Difficult but I think we can figure things out," she said finally.

I took that as a good sign and snuggled closer to her. I fell asleep rather quickly after that.

The next morning was freezing. My nose felt numb as soon as I woke up. The arm I had holding Delia was still around her waist and....wait a second....I quickly realized I had my morning hard on pressed up against my cousins very voluptuous ass.

I tried to move away a bit but Delia nuzzled me closer and moved her butt against me. It felt amazing of course but I wasn't a dirty old man type.

"Delia....I'm in a bit of a situation right now....don't move too close....or rub up on me," I whispered into her ear.

She moved again this time though it was more sensual than before.

"What's your situation? Maybe I can help you," she said.

I groaned a bit.

"Is this how we figure things out," I asked.

She started giggling and stopped moving for a second.

"Maybe...." She said.

The hand she held onto all night started to she was moving it. She brought it slowly up and softly laid it on her breast. Then she softly guided my hand in gently squeezing it.

"Honestly, I didn't know if this would work. But last night you just held me. That's what I wanted. Is that okay," she said.

"Yes...." I hissed as she began to slowly move her hips and sexy ass on my morning hard on.

"Let's just start slow...because if we move to fast I'm not sure I'll ever want to stop," I said.

"Okay...." she said almost breathlessly.

I moved closer and took her ear into my mouth. Kissing her neck was like tasting honey for the first time. I alternated between her breasts as she ground her ass into my crotch. I wanted to please her in so many ways, but I wanted to take my time.

I ran my hand down to her mid-section and put my hand under her shirt and cupped her breasts. I kissed her shoulder blade and the back of her neck. She made the cutest purring sounds while running her hands up and down the arm that was attending to her chest.

"More....more...." she said.

"A tus ordines/On your orders," I said.

My body was hot as hell, and I wanted her so bad. But I wasn't going to make a move until she did. Almost as if by mental command she put her arm under mine and ran it between us. She slide her small warm hand into my shorts and held my dick in her hand.

I almost came on the spot.

"Fuck.....that feels so good," I said as she started to move her hand up and down my shaft.

I took that as my invitation and dragged my hand down her tummy and put it into her PJs. I slowly inched closer until I felt the heat from her pussy. I sucked on her neck as I ran my hand up her slit, lightly rubbing her clit.

"Yes Meno...asi, asi..." she panted.

I moved my fingers up and down for a bit. I wanted them lubricated, because after a moment I plunged them slowly into her pussy. Delia hissed for a sec then griped my dick. I started moving my hand exploring her slippery pussy and playing with her clit with my thumb.

My dick was being expertly jacked by her right hand, and as she continued to maneuver around my shaft she turned her face so that she could see me a bit better.

" feel so good....your hands....dame mas/give me more..." she squeaked.

I obliged and started increasing the tempo, and she did the same with her hand. My other arm, the one she had slept on dream her slowly closer to me.

"Almost there baby...fuck don't stop....always you..." I panted.

"Asi....ya casi...mas.....mas Meno..." she urged.

Suddenly I couldn't help myself. I drew her face closer and gave her a long deep kiss, and she definitely returned it. That was the finish line.

"aaaahhhh...." she moaned.

"Fuck...." I screamed.

Her pussy drenched my hand while simultaneously clamping down on it for dear life. I exploded all over her hand and her PJs. Then for a sec we just held each other.

As I started to come down from the high, I slipped my hand from her pants and readjusted my shorts. Delia took her hand back and cleaned off my cum with her shirt. She finished turning onto her back, and I laid flat as well.

"That was.... something else Meno," she signed with content.

"It sure as hell was Delia," I said.

I moved onto my side and she did the same. We were both flushed as we faced each other. Huge smiles on our faces.

"So small steps right," she asked.

"Small steps," I agreed.

With that I closed the gap between us and kissed her. She reciprocated in kind. I drew her closer and we kissed for a few minutes. Then we smiled and held each other. I wondered what the hell had happened, and what would be next. Before I knocked out and fell into a nap.é-le-prix.html

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