LaurieAnn and husband moved from the Twins Cities to north east MN to Duluth into a new Lake home.

Laurie and husband were not much into Black Lives Matter but the current events of Covid-19 and summer riots soon hit their Superior shores.

LauriAnn is secretly obsessed by black men. Specifically, she had fantasies being forced to make love to a strong black man, submitting to his will. No pain or ultra-violence just forcibly against her will. She wants to give up control to satisfy her forbidden desires. She wants to be blameless in her taboo lust.

The Minnesota BCA investigates a Duluth cop killing of unarmed black man. Laurie Ann and husband were not involved but she gets curious when they send a Black Lieutenant Detective Jocko Laroch from the Cities to help with the investigation. Laurie Ann "accidentally" bumps into the black detective at her local food cp. First, she bumped into him at the in the vegetable aisle while she was handling cucumbers and elongated black eggplants.

Laroch notices her handling the vegetables out of the corner of his eye and also noticed her shapely plump rear bubbling out of her stretched neon greens shorts. He spotted her Ace of Spades stamp tattoo above her exposed thong.

As he walked by her, Laurie Ann turned abruptly running into Laroch, nearly knocked over his sturdy big black square frame.

"I am sooo sorry," she gasps in shock and excitement at the masked black wonder she has bumped up against. "I didn't see you coming... behind me," she stammers.

Laroch grit his teeth underneath his black protective mask and sternly eyed her behind his mirrored framed cop glasses.

"Don't worry about it. I was just trying to grab the melons," he calmly let out.

The sentence is barely audible behind his PPE mask and Laurie Ann is not sure if he was joking as she eyes the melons on the other side of the aisle.

"I think they are behind you, over there," LaurieAnn remarked.

"I think I need to take off these glasses," as he revealed his dark detective eyes.

His cheeks raised slightly in what looks to LauriAnn as a sarcastic devilish smile behind the mask. Then, LauireAnn caught her contrasting alabaster face reflected in the cop's deep dark reflective eyes.

LaurieAnn's knees weakened. Her heart skipped, pumped harder to recover as blood rushed to her lower organs. For a split second her mind flashed on their contrasting bodies intertwined!

The second time LaurieAnn had seen him out shopping, she spotted him in the aisle of the local hardware store. Doesn't he have a case to work on she questions to herself. LaurieAnn was at the hardware store to have a spare key made for a hired personal assistant for her aging husband. Her husband is ten years older than her and retired years ago from his water commissioner job. They met him while she was working in the office and he seemed like a safe catch at the time. She fell in love with him but he could never keep up with her needs in the bedroom. LaurieAnn needed and wanted more!

Laurie Ann had one affair on her husband with a traveling businessman who came into the office selling the some pipes and plumbing materials to the county. She knew it was a one-time deal and she never felt fulfilled by the encounter.

One day while she was cleaning out some of her husband's old bins to make space for the garage door repairman she knocked over a bin containing pornographic magazines and DVD movies. She figured her husband kept them somewhere and was about to toss them until she noticed that the majority of the titles and pictures featured youngish white girls and big muscular black men! LauriAnn could not hold back being flushed with the images and decide to watch one of the DVDs when her husband went golfing for eighteen with his friends.

"I wish he would spend more time on my ," LauriAnn thought to herself.

She watched the many pedestrian interracial videos of BBC and blondes, BBC and brunettes and BBC and Redheads. All the videos were graphic in nature and pretty much the same. LauriAnn took note of the sexual scenes in which all the black men were huge and she quite liked seeing their size but the ones that truly piqued LauriAnn's interest were the videos containing seemingly forced helpless white women being taken by big black men against their will. Although the acting was all bad, LauriAnn noted the ones that involved black men surprising, overpower and controlling white women in situations of helplessness. They reminded LauriAnn of the helpless women in the old black and white horror films that would be over powered by strange creatures. The women in the films would often feel petty for the creatures who were changed into monster because of some freak accident.

LauriAnn could not control herself as she felt the rush of blood to her private parts watching the powerful big black men on the screen taking control of these helpless white women and using them for sex! The women were all different. Some young some older and some middle age.

What she appreciated was the situations of losing control to these big black men. LauriAnn soon found her favorite and reached her first orgasm while viewing just the introduction scene of a 3-hour compilation video of black men forcing white women to have sex in public places against their will.

LauriAnn watched a video in which a young black man meets a white MILF in a library and lures her to a private section and forces her sexually. The black man used the guise of showing the woman a section of books after overhearing her talking to the librarian about a school subject. Once she gets to the section, she notices a strong presence touch her. Before she can react, she can gasp but for some reason she does not scream out-loud. She feels she cannot resist and hands move up over the black laced panties. She can feel her secretions dripping on the inside. The black man leads her to a private room. He presses up against her with her facing the library wall. From behind he rips off her thin lace black panties and uses them as a blind fold on her. He then forcefully leads her to a desk and from behind, bend her over a desk!

He pauses for what seems like an eternity to her before she hears him unzip his pants as he forces her hand behind her back and makes take his naked hardness inside her palms. She is overwhelmed by the heat and the size!

The black man begins to grab her closer and rubs it against her while she is still fully dressed. She feels the hot friction frantically increasing as he squeezes her breast through her clothes. The woman begs him to take your clothes off.

"Put it inside me," she moaned. "Go on, put it in me."

"You better not make a sound," he warns the woman. "Unless you want the librarian to join in!" The woman tries to resist when she hears a sound by the door but the black man holds her head turned away and then slaps his big black hot throbbing cock against your ass repeatedly. She yelp as he orders her to stay quiet but she hears someone else rustling in the room. Then, he forces his fingers deep into her wetness and then she hears him rubbing himself with her juices! & t=165260 & t=27133

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