My feet touched damp earth as I walked between trees towards the haunted landscape he called home. The night barely stirred, the odd cricket made a noise only to sharply stop at my passing. A full moon hung low in the sky, illuminating the woods and casting shadows between branches. Mist rolled in, covering the valley in a soft mysterious haze.

Light flickered between the trees, casting an eerie glow. I stopped, resting one hand on the branch to watch the dancing illumination playing in the mist. The strange orbs moved with preternatural speed, flickering in and out of existence, lighting the world around them in a strange glow.

A shriek arose from the mist-filled woods, echoing the sound of a woman's cry and something more ancient and primordial. Gooseflesh rose over my arms as I turned to look away from the lights towards the sound. Nothing but shadows waited, staring back at me in my stupidity.

Dead leaves crushed underfoot as I made my way towards the screech, path easily illuminated by the dancing lights above the mist. With a final screech, the lights disappeared. Darkness swallowed the land. I paused, stopping to listen for another sound. Yet nothing came.

Instead, a pair of great crimson eyes, taking in the last of the light and throwing it back out again, stared at me from the branches above. The moonlight caught his silhouette, the great lumbering body atop the tree, short rounded head on vast shoulders. He watched me watching him, head tilted in quiet consideration.

I forged ahead, coming to the foot of the tree he perched in. Hands touched the rough bark as I looked up once more. "Please come down," I spoke to the darkness, my lips not moving, but my thoughts whispering to him. Before I could complete them he rose into the sky, straight up, massive leathery wings beating.

He circled above before veering West. I followed, running after a shadow in the sky whose luminous red eyes watched me constantly, pulling me away from safety into the deeper darkness. Just as I was about to give up, to let him fly away, he swerved and headed towards me with unprecedented speed.

I fell backward as he landed with a heavy thud. Wind whistled around him as I looked up at him from the damp ground, staring into his red eyes. Time slipped away in a new slowness, while a creeping fear touched my gut. I swallowed, ignoring it, as we stared at each other.

Slowly I rose to my knees. He took wobbling steps forward, shambling towards me, wings alighting now and then to steady his gait. My lips parted as though to speak and a three-fingered hand touched my face, soft and strange skin pressing against my own. One finger played over my lips before slipping into my mouth.

The taste of dust and something entirely inhuman flooded my mouth. Our eyes never stopped gazing into each other. A warm, fluttering sensation rolled through my body as he stared at me. My muscles stopped working, and I knelt in a trance, not moving before him. The Mothman pulled his chitinous finger from my mouth and moved around me.

No words were spoken as my body seemed to move of its own accord, crawling to its hands and knees as a great winged body moved atop me, sheltering us both in the darkness of his great wings. I felt sudden dampness between my thighs, my body's excitement obvious and eager.

Soft feathers and fur brushed against my body as the creature explored without touching, hands roaming the air around my body. Yet each almost touch cause a moan to roll out of my mouth, pleasure rising through me without a single caress. My nipples hardened to aching peaks as he explored, impulses traveling through my mind from his gaze and into my body.

Heat spread from my groin inward, igniting my core. Hands finally embraced me, grabbing my breasts and pulling my body back against his own feathery form. The great wings expanded and we rose. The trees spiraled beneath us as the light off civilization flickered closer.

In the air, I gasped as he slid within me, my body easily welcoming him with slick anticipation. His girth easily filled me yet he did not thrust forward, nor push deeper. He pulsed within, sending waves of delight through my body. With each beat of his wings, I cried out, feeling a new deep pulse strike at my core.

Every muscle began to tighten as his unspeaking mind whispered in mind. My body hung limp against him, despite my deepest urges to touch him or my own body, to pull him deeper inside of me, though what he inserted into me I couldn't say. All I saw were the homes below as they drew closer and closer.

We landed with a thud atop a house, his shambling gait causing racket with each step. My toes dragged, barely noticed as the thudding pulse inside me grew louder and stronger. I whimpered in a newfound hungering agony, need overwhelming my modesty or submissive nature. I needed more. I need him to release me.

My body trembled against him, held easily by his gripping arms and hands, the mid-tip off his wings showed tiny finger-like projections that clung to me, keeping us wrapped within his softness. His steps stopped at the edge of the home as voices shouted from within the building.

I barely noticed them as the heat grew wildly intense, overriding my senses, thudding into me without movement or force. I didn't hear my own screams anymore, or the wild sounds I made as I closed my eyes, seeing only his red orbs glowing within my mind.

Please I whispered in my mind. Over and over again. He brought me close, so close I was a dripping, whimpering idiot in its arms. Only to have him stop, to pinch the skin to bring me back to my body, to see the people in their yard with lights and frightful eyes. Then he would plunge me back into the haunting hunger of his mind, filling my body with whelming sensation.

The hands released me and I fell to the cold ground below, unaware of where or what it was. My lover expanded his great wings above me and shot into the air. People below gasped, staring at him as he hovered above, red eyes boring into my nakedness below him.

Within me, his pulsing gaze erupted, sending chills and delirium through my body. Although I didn't move, a frightful shriek exploded from my mouth as my senses lost themselves in the ripping ecstasy of release. His mouth opened as I screamed, stealing my voice so he could emit my noises.

Terror gripped the people below who pointed at this greatness. The Mothman gave one final call, a final moan of ecstasy from my lips then flapped his great wings and vanished into the moonlight night, his form silhouetted in the darkness.

My body suddenly quaked, muscles shuddering and released from their paralysis. I laid on the roof, unable to move from the force of my own release, filled with nothing but longing for his mind once more.

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