A Better Life, Story One -- The Nanny Arrives

I closed the front door behind me and called out "I'm home!" No response, I wonder where everybody is. Fiona didn't say anything about going out today and I thought the nanny was supposed to be here today. I thought I'd duck home early, grab a bottle of wine, take Fiona up to the park and relax while we sipped something nice and cold.

The whole idea of hiring her was so that Fiona and I could go out, not so everyone else could go out. I started to get a real hump on, so I thought to myself, fuck it, time for a movie, no one to bother me, great. I dive into the kitchen make some cheese on dry biscuits, grab the bottle of wine and back into the reception room.

Now what am I going to watch? Let me see, no wife, no kids, that means sex and violence here we come. I fire up the eighty-inch HD smart TV, turn on the surround sound and settle back to watch the goodies win and the baddies lose. I'm just starting my second glass of wine and really settle in when the front door opens.

Fuck, that would be right, I think to myself as Fiona and Laetitia walk into the reception room loaded down with carry bags. I turn off the movie, look at the names on the bags and think, Fuck, my credit card sure got a hammering today!

Fiona sees the look on my face, "What's that look for? These are not all for me!" With that she turns on her heel and is gone with Laetitia following behind.

I think, Well I didn't see any label that would be for me, so that means I'm clothing the fucking nanny now as well. In an act of defiance, I turn the movie back on, but I am having trouble getting back into it when Fiona walks back into the room and straight in front of the screen.

I immediately lose interest in the movie and turn it off because Fiona is looking the picture of sensual beauty. She pipes up, "Well what do you think? We're supposed to be going to Spain in two days time and I didn't have anything to wear. So, I nipped out today and picked up a few things!"

I start at the floor and see that she has a new pair of shoes that have four-inch heels. They have only three thin straps of leather across the toes which show off her freshly manicured nails that have a french polish on them. The shoes are secured to her feet by straps that extend up the back of her heel to a point above her ankle where they have a thin chrome buckle.

Draped over the strap on the right ankle is a new white gold anklet with a drop pearl on it. There is a new toe ring on her right foot as well. So far, she has ten out of ten for the new outfit. She just stands there letting me drink in every aspect of her beauty. My eyes travel upwards to a skirt which comes to mid calf in length but has a split up the right leg which seems to be incredibly high.

It hangs low on her hips and even a casual glance confirms that she is a fan of bikini waxes. It is made of a very light pastel green material which shimmers when it moves and looks like it might be see-through. Her top is of a similar material and has shoe-string straps.

It is fitted under her breasts which make them stand up even better than normal and then is cut away in a curve to about the length of a bolero jacket of old. I see she has shouted herself a new belly button barbell that has a big stone that sits in her navel and has three stones decreasing in size as they descend down the dropper. I can't see any underwear, but I presume that they are new too.

"You look beautiful," and she comes over and gives me a kiss.

"Laetitia has got a new outfit too," as she calls our nanny into the room. Laetitia shyly walks into the room uncertain of what is expected of her. She fidgets as she stands before me looking down in a self-conscious manner. Fiona walks over to her and whispers in her ear and a smile breaks across her face as she straightens up.

She is wearing a pair of smart leather flip flops and a simple mini dress in pastel colours. Her nails are also done, and her brown below shoulder length hair has something different about it. Fiona puts her arm around Laetitia's waist and draws her close.

Even with Fiona's four-inch heels on Laetitia's five-foot seven body makes her still slightly taller that her. "OK next outfit!" Fiona pipes up. Laetitia seems to be getting into the mood now and fairly skips off down the hall after Fiona.

I take another drink of my wine and think about the visions of beauty I have just had paraded in front of me. I refocus my eyes as they bound into the room together. My mouth hits the floor as I look at what they are wearing. Up to this point the closest thing to sexy that I have seen Laetitia in is a pair of jeans and a polo shirt.

I had an inkling that there might have been a body under there, but now there was no more guessing as they were both standing in front of me wearing bikinis. Fiona's is bright yellow, and the bottoms are the briefest g-string I have seen her in yet.

All it consists of is two strings coming over her hips and joining to a tiny piece of material that barely covers her mons. Her cameltoe is clearly visible through the material along with the fact that she definitely sports a Hollywood waxing. The other noticeable thing is the bump her hood ring is making in the sheer material.

The triangles up top come nowhere near covering her breasts and are struggling to cover her nipples. She still has on her high heels and looks fabulous. Laetitia is wearing something similar, but nowhere near as daring. Hers is a bright floral print in blues and greens that I remember seeing when we were in Hawaii one year.

It forms a deep V in the front which comes down low towards her pussy, which means she either trims very close or also sports a Hollywood wax as well and is just strings at the back showing off her very cute ass.

The top is well cut and shows off her pert breasts that would have to be a well filled "B" cup. She has changed her shoes and is wearing a pair of very nice three-inch-high heels that slip on and make her legs look sensational.

Fiona begins, "Now this is for when we are at the beach that is what you'd call textile, and if it's more liberated then this is what we will be wearing!"

With that the two girls undo their tops and let their breasts fall free. My eyes must be as large as saucers. Here I am in my reception room and I have my wife is that close to naked that it makes no difference and I have our, up until this point very reserved nanny, standing in a similar manner.

They stand very close to each other while still facing me and Fiona asks, "Which one of us has the best boobs?" I have a close look at both of the female beauties standing in front of me in turn and answer

"You both have beautiful breasts, just different, neither set is better, just different," hoping that my answer will get me out of what could be a very tricky situation.

Fiona's breasts are a good "B", to a small "C" cup size and still stand up well on her chest with her nipples pointing nearly straight out, whereas Laetitia's are a very classic champagne glass shape with her nipples pointing straight out. Both girls are sporting gorgeous tans that make their breasts look even better.

My answer obviously did not appear to be satisfactory as Fiona turns to Laetitia, puts her hands on her waist and draws her to her. Laetitia moves willingly and responds by rubbing her nipples against Fiona's until both sets are fully erect. At this point nipples are not the only thing erect as my cock has been throbbing and growing since the tops had come off and I am now sporting a rather impressive erection.

"That is such a cop out. Come on whose breasts do you like better, Laetitia's or mine?"

Seeing how Fiona is pushing this to the limit, I decide to see how far these two are prepared to go and reply, "Well the test of a good breast is in the feel and taste, as well as their visual appeal!"

I see a look exchanged between the girls and they both walk over to the couch to stand in front of me. Fiona sparks up, "OK me first!" She crouches slightly to grant me easier access and I reach out with both hands and take the two globes of flesh that I know so well in my hands.

I run my hands around the outside of each breast and across the top and then straight down onto her nipples, which I tweak gently. This brings a little shiver to her that makes her breasts sway teasingly. Having felt their weight and firmness it is now time for the taste test.

I extend my tongue and flick her left nipple, which causes her to shudder. I do the same to the right nipple with the same result. I lean further forward and draw her right nipple into my mouth. I suck deeply on it the way she really likes I hear a soft "Mmmmmm!"

I release her nipple and drag my tongue across her flesh until I reach her other nipple which I suck on in a similar manner. Fiona runs her hands through my hair and pulls my head to her breast as if she were nursing me. I know that I am really getting to her now.

Much to her disappointment I release her nipple, to which she pleads "No, not yet!" Fiona, knowing that her pleading will go unheeded resignedly slumps to the couch beside me.

"In order to make this a fair and even contest I will have to do exactly the same to Laetitia!"

"Of course!" replies Fiona, but I wait to see the reaction I will get from Laetitia on hearing this statement because if she is going to chicken out this is her chance. Nothing ventured, nothing gained, I think to myself. I am quite stunned as she moves forward and offers her breasts for inspection.

My hands start to shake as my bluff has been called and Fiona is in a box seat to watch me suck on somebody else's nipples for the first time since we have been married. I do exactly the same as I extend my hands to caress Laetitia's breasts, slide them across the tops and then down to the nipples and finish the caress with a tweak.

I can feel Laetitia stiffen the longer my hands are in contact with her skin and when I make contact with her nipples, she stifles a gasp. Letting me touch her was one thing but now comes the big test, letting me actually caress her nipples with my tongue has got be getting close to being classified as actually having sex.

She is committed to seeing it through and leans in as I extend my tongue. Out of the corner of my eye I can see Fiona transfixed as my tongue makes contact with her pinkish nipples. Another gasp escapes from her lips, "Are you OK?"

With a slightly pained expression on her face she simply nods, and I can see that Fiona has her knees clenched tightly together with her thigh muscles flexing indicating she is working herself towards a sneaky orgasm. I extend my tongue again and this time I do a circle around her left nipple a couple of times and then suck it firmly into my mouth.

A shudder runs through Laetitia's body as I continue sucking deeply. I release her nipple and then trail my tongue through the hollow between her breasts and repeat the process on the right nipple. As I make contact with her right nipple a primal, "Urghhhh!" resonates in her throat.

At last, I release her nipple, "Both of you have very nice breasts to the touch and extremely nice nipples to suck. I would have to declare it a draw!" This seems to be an acceptable answer as neither have any smart remarks, but the atmosphere has definitely changed as there is a heavy muskiness hanging in the air and you can cut the sexual tension with a knife.

From my own point of view, I have a huge erection in my linen pants and a large amount of pre-cum flowing from the end of my cock making a big wet patch on the front of my pants. I decide to reward the girls for their participation by showing them the effect this whole episode has had on me.

I stand up, letting the full length of my cock print against my pants and displaying the wet spot, "Who would like a glass of wine?" All I get is nods as their eyes are glued to the outline of my cock against my trousers. With some difficulty I adjust my cock in plain view and awkwardly walk to the kitchen to retrieve two glasses of wine.

On returning I am surprised to find that neither of them has covered up and they are sitting next to each other on the couch and touching each others' nipples comparing them. I walk back in, "The only way to really feel them is to suck on them," and I hand each of them a glass of wine.

Another one of those looks pass between them and Fiona is the first to move as she puts her wine on the coffee table and kneels in front of Laetitia. A very intense look passes between them and I watch transfixed as Fiona leans in and flicks her tongue against Laetitia's nipple, who responds with a shiver.

Fiona then draws her nipple into her mouth and sucks deeply on it. I can hardly believe my eyes; here is my wife who has only ever talked about having thoughts about what it would be like, actually making love to another woman. A contented "Mmmmmmmm" comes from Laetitia who has her eyes shut.

Fiona moves to the other nipple and pays it the same amount of attention. Finally, she breaks away, picks up her glass of wine, sits back on the couch, takes a sip and states in a very factual tone, "You know, you're right, too really get the feel of a nipple it has to be with your mouth!"

When Laetitia opens her eyes, I can clearly see that they are glazed over with lust, whereas Fiona has become very assertive. She grabs Laetitia by the hand and draws her to her feet, where they turn to face me again, "Now as I was saying if the beach is more liberal in its thinking this will be what we will be wearing!"

With that they turn away from me and wriggle their bikini bottoms over their very cute asses and to the floor. They step out of them and turn to face me. "What do you think?" Fiona asks. Fiona looks fantastic naked as usual, especially when she has high heels on like she has now.

I start at the floor where the remnants of her clothing lay in a very small pile. Up over the four-inch heels, her well-shaped legs made all the better for the shoes to the most gorgeous pussy I have had the pleasure of running my tongue over and in.

For years she has been sporting a cosmopolitan/landing strip, initially shaving her pubic area, then changed to waxing and finally a couple of years ago having laser hair removal to leave the whole area clean and sensitive.

At first it was a debate as too whether go the full Hollywood, but being generous, she granted me my wish. Besides, she can always wax the tiny bit that is left and go Hollywood when she wants. There is a very tiny strip of close-cropped hair running from well above her clit hood about half an inch long as a marker to draw my tongue in.

From her very neat clit hood dangles her horizontal hood piercing, a yellow gold hood ring with a half carat sapphire in it, with a further three-quarter carat sapphire in the dropper below it. Standing next to her is an equally beautiful Laetitia. She is sporting a brazilian, which surprises me a little as she doesn't seem the type of girl that would have one.

Her pussy is very neat with all of her inner lips concealed within her outer lips. Her clit hood is just visible between her outer lips and there is no colour change between the rest of her skin and her bikini line meaning she has applied her fake tan after her waxing.

She has no body piercings, which is a bit of a disappointment but not a surprise. My cock is rock hard in my pants as Fiona gets my attention with yet another question, "Who has the best looking pussy?" I just sit their dumb founded. "Hasn't Laetitia got a lovely, neat pussy?" Fiona asks as she leans over and lets her hand glide down Laetitia's skin from just below her navel down over her very smooth snatch.

My eyes are glued to Fiona's hand as it moves over the skin of our nanny. As I have made no sound, "Maybe Michael needs a closer look before making his decision?"

With that they move over to the couch and stand directly in front of me. Fiona is on the right and lifts her right foot to put in on the couch beside me, while Laetitia does the same with her left foot. The effect is amazing, both girls have their outer legs wide apart directly in line with my eyes.

I can tell that Fiona is highly aroused because as she has lifted her leg her pussy's inner lips have parted and are now gaping wide apart. I can clearly see her erect clit extending from its hood, and there are obvious signs of moisture clinging to bright pink sex opening.

Laetitia's excitement is not as obvious as her pussy has never been put through the punishment of childbirth is still snugly closed, having opened only a little. Her clit is the only telltale sign of her arousal having become very erect.

I stammer, "They are both very beautiful pussies, but as I am a fan of body piercing, I will have to give it to Fiona due to the fact that her hood is pierced, but it is a very close decision!" Satisfied with the answer both girls sit on the couch again, one on either side of me.

Fiona picks up her glass of wine takes a sip and says, "Sorry Laetitia, but I told you that his fetish with pierced pussies would give me the edge!"

"That's OK," she responds, "It was worth a try. I'll have to invest in a piercing and then I'll give you a run for your money!"

I can't believe my ears, here I am sitting between two beautiful girls, both naked, and they have obviously been getting to know each other very well over the last few weeks. I grab my glass, which is full and finish it in one go.

"What do you mean, you told her?" I demand of Fiona.

Fiona blushes as she realises that she has just let the cat out of the bag and begins, "Well" she starts, "You know the other day, Monday I think it was, when I was running around the bedroom sorting the clothes that I was going to take to Spain?"

"Yes," I answer and she continues on, "Well when you left I thought I need to do this properly, so I did my hair and makeup for when I went out and put a pair of high heels on so I would get the right look when I checked in the mirror. I was naked and just slipping things on checking the mirror and taking them off.

I was just walking from the wardrobe to in front of the mirror when Laetitia walked into the room after taking the boys to school. I had nothing on except my high heels. Any way I turned to say high and Laetitia caught sight of my bald pussy."

Laetitia pipes in, "I had heard of a brazilian waxing before but had never seen one in real life. I was just dumb founded, because not only was Fiona's pussy nearly bald, but she had a ring through it."

Fiona picks up the story again, "There was an uneasy moment until I realised that Laetitia was fascinated with my pussy. I invited her over to have a closer look. I sat on the bed and she knelt between my legs while I showed her my piercing close up.

Anyway, we finished discussing it and I went back to trying on clothes, but I noticed that even when I had clothes on Laetitia was looking at me differently. I don't know what it was, but she was looking at me with a certain hunger in her eyes."

Laetitia chips in, "I was fascinated with the thought of a pierced pussy and I couldn't get the sight of Fiona's out of my mind. Anyway, I was looking at some of the clothes that Fiona was trying on and I started to feel a bit sad. Fiona asked what was wrong and I told her.

She came over and gave me a hug while she was naked, and I felt a little bit turned on. Then she said why don't you pick something out and try it on. I picked out one of her summer dresses and started taking my jeans and top off to try it on.

I was about to put it on when Fiona said that is a lovely dress, but it looks best without a bra on. So, I took my bra off and put the dress on. I couldn't believe how nice the material felt against my skin. The feel of the material against my nipples made them hard.



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