This is a short work of erotic fiction containing furry, or anthropomorphic, characters, which are animals that either demonstrate human intelligence or walk on two legs, for the purposes of these tales. It is a thriving and growing fandom in which creators are prevalent in art and writing especially.

All characters are over eighteen and clearly written to be so, as in all of my stories.


The goat wriggled and squirmed on the bondage bench, although he could not have honestly have said that he didn't expect to be there that night. Sweat dampened light circles under his arms as they strained back and down, attached to the legs of just one of many implements in the dungeon, his ankles treated to the same. It left him splayed out with his chest facing up in such a way that every part of his body could be reached at once, his buttocks right on the edge of the black faux-leather, the gleam of it under him something that he was quite sure he would be cleaning off with his tongue later on.

Vustex... It was hard to remember his name when he was in such a position, even though it had not made sense to him before. Sub-space was a strange thing, a place of complete and utter submission and vulnerability, drifting and only caught by the paw of the dominant taking them there. With his narrow chest heaving, it was all he could do to stay where he was, breathing in and out as slowly and evenly as he could, horns pressing back against the bench. There was just enough space for the base of his head, where his spine connected to his skull, to glean a little support, but, otherwise, that was all up to the goat.

His buttocks burned where his mistress of the night had struck him already, though it had not been a bad beating, one that had had him grunting and groaning in a strange sort of way for more. He wriggled his backside even then, glad that most of it was supported without forcing his weight down onto it, the reminder of the lash of the whip cutting through the air echoing in the back of his mind. It was not a sound, after all, that one easily forgot.

"Aw, well, aren't you such a cutie? You squirmed so nicely for my whip."

Vustex shivered. It was strange how such a light, playful word like that could send a chill down his spine, but he was there for the pleasure of the folf towering above him, dressed for her pleasure rather than his. She could have blindfolded him if that had suited her needs better in the moment but the goat could only be glad that he had been left able to look over the softness of her grey fur, how her hide was splashed with pink, streaks of it appearing to "drip" down from her eyes. He had not had the chance to ask her whether it was a natural marking or one that she had had dyed into her fur before she'd trussed him up, not even daring to ask her name.

The folf did not need to tell him her name, after all, even though it would have been something very easy for her to do. "Mistress" was the only word he needed on his lips as she smirked, eyes alight with a devious delight that only one who had experienced both sides of the coin could.

Stardust, however, owned her name in her sparkly demeanour, though the glint of wickedness in her eyes was only caught and matched in how her tongue lashed out over her bottom lick, savouring the moment before taking her "prey". Having donned a full corset that came up over her breasts, she kept a little back to tease the goat, a garter belt adorning her lower half while a full set of matching, purple-pink latex panties smoothed down over her crotch. Even the latex hid the scent of her a little from the moaning goat, yet she posed there in her daringly high heels, enjoying the torment of his bondage for a little longer.

She stalked around him, more for the effect than anything else, her heels rising into thigh-high boots that matched her underwear. The red and pink stitching highlighted the colours in her fur but what her little goat did not know right there and then was there was an easy way for her to remove a panel covering her crotch. Her eyes gleamed. Not all was hidden, after all, when it came to just how she played as a mistress.

"I don't think I can wait..." She growled, trailing a finger up under his chin, the goat shivering beneath her touch. "I just want to...devour you. Do you know how that feels, sweet one? No, no... No, of course, you don't. That's why you're here for me."

Vustex gasped and twitched, pulling at his bonds, but the cuffs held fast, the dungeon begging his eye. It did him no good to sweep his gaze around, to imagine all that she had in store for him, but he wanted to see and wanted to know regardless, the line of dildos set on a shelf particularly tempting. Her eyes followed his and she smirked, pointing with a single finger as if she was an arrow searching for a target.

"Oh... No, I couldn't possibly use that one. But it would be fun to hear you squeal. What about...this one?"

She picked up a chastity cage with a smirk that could only have been described as devious and the goat gulped, shaking his head. No, no... No, not that one. His cock was already hard, the fleshy length pink and throbbing, a tiny drop of pre-cum smeared at the tip. He couldn't remember whether that had happened from his thrusting or if she had run her paw down him but, either way, it was not something that mattered. He was there for her to enjoy, with the extensive bounty that the dungeon offered, and that was that.

He nipped at his lip. If only it didn't make his heart leap in that way, stomach turning over, cock throbbing. Vustex swallowed a groan as she picked up a ball gag, holding it up delicately between the straps as if she was studying it for use, though she set that aside too, moving on.

Stardust may have been coy, adoring the tease as much as she did the main event, but even she could not resist the lure of a strap-on harness that was ready with a thick length of dildo with a smoothly rounded tip. It was quite as if it had been left out for her to enjoy and, knowing those who staged the dungeon rooms that she frequented, she would not have been incorrect in her assumptions. The tip of her tail - just the tip - flicked back and forth with pleasure and her only qualm there was that she had to put it on herself instead of ordering the goat to do it, his pale, white head simply begging her attention.

The dildo rested against her crotch nicely with a flatter base for comfort, a small vibrator tucked inside for her pleasure too, and Stardust smiled faintly, lips parted in a grin that was more predatory than comforting.

"I hope you've prepared," she said as if conversationally, one paw working lube down the length in such a way that begged the eye and attention of her toy for the night. "If not, well...this is going to be a big stretch. A very big stretch."

She didn't give him more warning than that but that was more than Vustex could have expected from such a mistress, his skin burning up with desire for her, cock hard and wanton. He could only moan and try with all his might to relax as the toy sank up under his tail, the heels putting his mistress on the perfect level to spear him full. He wanted to tell her that he had, in fact, prepared, just as she'd asked him to, but there was only room for moans to slip from his lips, her paw on his throat, stroking, controlling. Just a light push and clench of her fingers could put him in a precarious situation and Vustex gasped, giving over to her completely and utterly as the toy penetrated him deeply.


Mistress Stardust hissed through her teeth, rocking her hips, watching him fall deeper and deeper. It was easy to build up a rhythm, watch his cock throb and twitch. He could have gotten off right there and then but she wanted him for something more, something sweeter, taking control and laying him down in the best way she could imagine taking a sweet little goat like him. Whereas there was nothing innocent in the bleating groans that rolled from his lips, there was a sweetness to him, a purity to his soul, and it was that very purity that the folf sought to strip from him that very night.

Had he bred before? Oh, she would soon find out when that shaft was buried inside her, though she would put him in his place first, dominate him, show him where he stood in the matter. Still, Stardust could not deny the heat raging inside her, even though she wanted to take that pleasure for herself in her own way, hissing and snarling as she ground into him, the lube easing the path of the faux-cock even though she had not lubricated his tail hole beforehand. She smirked. She hadn't thought he needed that.

"You're going to love this," she breathed, eyes alight with need. "Take it... This is just a warm-up for a cute slut like you. Go on, say it. Tell mistress what a cute slut you are."

The goat's cheeks warmed and he gasped, barely able to get the words out, as fixated as he was on how his anal ring was stretched. Although it was a big dildo, it was not so large that he did not feel that he could manage it, groaning deep in the back of his throat and letting the sound rise within him as he rocked onto the shaft. He needed it still, so very much, and wanted it too, his hips working and thrusting, though he didn't move much at all, such as he was in his bondage.

"Say it."

He hadn't paid attention and the goat bleated, grunting thickly, straining to get the words out through any means possible.

"Ah! I'm a cute slut, mistress!"

It was quick and it was blurted but it did the job as she rocked her hips more fervently, her pace differing along with her angle as she sought to get as much pleasure as possible from every moment. Her jaws hung open in a gaping groan and she rolled her head from one shoulder to the other, growling deep in the back of her throat. Yet Stardust had no intention of holding back her orgasm as the vibrator hit the right spots, the dominance and luxurious nature of control washing sweetly over her.


No one could have said truly which of them cried out but none of it mattered as Stardust primed herself, orgasm bursting forth in a wave of pleasure, pulsing and rippling though there was nothing, in that moment, for her pussy to clench down on. That was alright though as she would have a submissive goat-stud's shaft buried inside her soon enough, taking everything she needed from him as orgasm set her corset-clad bosom rolling and heaving.

All Vustex knew was the dildo thrusting, how it ground up over his prostate, making his cock leak and twitch. There was pleasure to be had there, oh yes, but it was not for him to take, clenching his teeth and striving to push harder, faster, rocking his hips and yearning for it all. Yet she was there to take what she wanted too and he could supply it, tightening his tail hole for her though it was a weak effort at best.

Slowly, her orgasm soothed, skin warm and prickling in the afterglow. Her neck crept with a blush but it came with a smirk as his mistress practically purred down at him, even though she was not of the feline persuasion. The toy remained inside his backside as she unfastened it from the harness, the click of buckles snapping out of place catching his ears, every nerve-ending in his body trembling and aching.

"Let's leave this somewhere to keep you nice and open for me, shall we? Don't want a little breeder goat thinking he's better than anyone else, now, do we?"

Vustex gulped, heart hammering. Was that it? Was it really happening? He'd had an inkling of her inclinations from their discussion before their session but he was but a passive player as she unbound his cuffs, setting him up on the floor on his knees, though the heavy leather remained firm around his wrists and ankles. His cloven hooves pushed back as he straightened his back, wrists crossed in the small of his back, though he did not dare tilt his muzzle down and break eye contact when the wolf demanded it so fiercely.

Stardust licked her lips, nose quivering with moist delight. It was time. Her juices flowed freely as she removed the strap-on harness, devoid of dildo, and undid the covering of her panties, though a button caught it, making it stay there, dangling, though that was not something that either of them was at all concerned about.

The folf growled, eyes intent, as she dragged him into her pussy by a horn, demanding all that he had to give. Vustex swallowed a groan, cock bobbing and twitching, aching for release that she had taken for herself and yet, so far, denied to him. But that wasn't what he was there for, some part of him aching with the need to spend it inside her, to know that it had been taken from him in the rightful way for a sub of his calibre.

All for her. He shivered. Always for his mistress.

"Little goat... If you're going to be a good sub for me, you better get your tongue in there, nice and deep."

Ears slipping back, she cast him a look that may have been withering if not for the glint of amusement in her eyes, the scent of her arousal filling the air.

"And don't disappoint me."

Luckily for her, Vustex had no intention at all of disappointing her, his tail hole stretched nicely on that dildo, though he could have done with it being removed, too sensitive for something like that so soon, though he still ached for climax. The fact of the matter was, however, that he didn't have any kind of say in any of it, moaning and languishing in that fact as he obediently pressed his tongue up into her pussy. The folf ground down on his muzzle but all he could think of was pleasing his mistress, dazed after the heat of her teasing and wanting more, always more. She dragged him in, tasted his tongue, took her leave of all he had to offer while the goat was left hungry for more.

Her sweet tartness enveloped his senses and Vustex, at long last, finally gave up everything that there was for him to hold dear, panting and puffing into her pussy as he ran his tongue along her soft lips, tempting and teasing, delving deeper. Yes, he was there for her, only for her, his body and his seed hers to take. His tongue swirled around her clit to a chorus of yipping howls, breaking into a long, drawn-out moan as her hips rocked wildly. He should have been expecting her climax but, somehow, it still caught him by surprise, his tongue lashing her pussy and trying to catch every drop of her juices even as she splattered his muzzle.

The goat's cock throbbed, aching, begging, his lips moving as he whimpered for her, said he would do anything for her - though he still did not beg for her attention, only to serve. It was then that Stardust well and truly knew that he was broken, laying him back on a four-poster bed in a corner of the dungeon play room, his wrists and ankles bound to opposite corners for her pleasure. It was a simple tie of rope to the O-rings on the cuffs but one that her haste bid her to hurry with, sitting astride him to complete the act by pinning him with her body.

Vustex felt every hot inch of her pussy as she sank down onto his cock, taking him deep, though it was all he could do to hold off, not to cum on the spot. No, he had to please her, he thought, had to do everything for her. That was why he was there, what his mistress wanted from him, oh yes.

One thought ran into the other, eyes half-lidded in lust even though he wanted to take in each detail that crossed his span of attention as it happened, breath catching in his throat. The need in him rose every time her pussy sank but he wouldn't have been a bound sub if he'd thought he could control it, need mounting, hips trying to rise to match her pace. His mistress was too good at what she did, however, finally allowing him the bliss of being ridden for her breeding pleasure, need pulsing through as thick and as fast as it ever had.

Mistress Stardust was not about to let him hold back though, her short claws raking his chest, bringing a rise of prickling heat to him, the goat gasping and moaning.

"Cum for me!"

He could only obey, bleating and twisting back and forth in the bounds of his bondage, giving all he had as his balls ached, sending spurt after spurt of cum into her. Her pussy took it all, mixing with her juices so that neither of them could have told whether it was her cream purely slopping out of her sex or his seed. But there was more than enough to seed her and breed her, the mistress taking her lust and pleasure in carnal fashion, jaws agape as she moaned long and low, rolling her head back.

"Oh, yesss... Such a good little goat..."

He flushed at the praise, still rocking and juddering, his cock half-hard and softening. He could not hold out that long, after all, and he was just a goat, not a horse or some other kind of terribly over-productive creature. Peace simmered through him, relaxing into the moment, even the strain in his shoulders not seeming as bad where his arms had been yanked up higher than he may otherwise have liked.

The folf smirked, leaning over her goat, hardly done with him. Did he think that was all? Her eyes glinted, saliva gleaming on her sharp teeth, highlighting the difference between the breeder and the bred in predator and prey. How sweet...

Her growl caught his attention, though there was nowhere for the goat to quail away to.

"Now, let's see if you can go again."

Shivering even so soon, there was only one thing that Vustex could say as his cock softened lightly.

"Yes, Mistress." & act=details & poem_id=37120

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