February Sucks - One more time.

A 'flash' story by Just Plain Bob

I'll skip most of the lead in since you have all read it by now and just get down to the nitty gritty.

"It's the chance of a lifetime" I was told. "She's still yours and you know she loves you to death."

"Did she now" I thought to myself. She loves me and she could do this to me?

It took me a bit to get my head around what had just happened, but I soon decided what had to be done. I tossed a twenty into the middle of the table and said:

"This should cover my part and since you are all so happy for my wayward wife getting her 'special night' I'll let you all pick up her part of the tab."

I turned and walked out of the place and went back to the hotel room. I saw the sexy outfit lying on the bed and picked it up and carried it into the bathroom, tossed it into the sink, took out my cock and pissed all over it. I took the soggy mess and tossed it into the wife's suit case, closed it and then left the room and went home.

I got on the computer and did some searching and found out where the asshole lived. It took me ten minutes to get there and I walked up to his front door and started beating on it with my left hand while ringing the doorbell with my right.

It took a couple of minutes, but he soon opened the door dressed in a bathrobe. I saw my wife behind him also dressed in a bathrobe. I ignored him and said to the bitch:

"I left all your stuff in the hotel room so if you want it you will have to go and get it."

I turned to the asshole and said:

"You took something of mine that I once valued, so I think it is only fair that I take something that you value away from you."

"Oh? And just what would that be?"

"Your football career" I said as I pulled the Colt .45 that I had tucked into my belt.

"Oh my God! Don't kill him" my wife cried out.

"Not to worry. I need him to be alive so he can suffer" I said as I pointed the Colt at his right knee and pulled the trigger. The knee exploded sending blood and pieces of bone onto my wife and she screamed and fainted.

Asshole fell to the floor and flopped around crying which made it harder for me to get a clear shot at his left knee. It took me three shots before I got it done. I debated going for his right and left elbow, but decided that would be overkill. He would never play football again and as a cripple I doubted he would have continued success with the ladies. Then again even if he could I'm sure the thoughts of what pissed off husbands could do might make him pause a bit.

The really sad part? I was so pissed at the wife and her asshole that I never even considered what my vengeance was going to cost me and it wasn't until I heard the sirens approaching that I realized I was in deep shit.

I walked back to my car, ejected the magazine from the pistol. Racked the slide to eject the round in the chamber and then placed the unloaded weapon on the hood of my car. Then I sat down and waited for the inevitable to happen.

A police car pulled into the drive and two officers got out and with their hands on their holstered weapons they approached me. One said:

"We are responding to a call that said shots were fired at this location."

I pointed at the house and said:

"A pissed off husband just shot his wife's lover. The lover could probably could use an ambulance."

Then one officer noticed the Colt on the hood of the car and asked:

"Would the pissed off husband happen to be you?"

"Afraid so" I said as I stood up, turned around and placed my hands beside my back so they could cuff me. While one of them cuffed me the other hurried up to the house, saw the mess I made and called an ambulance.

Another police car showed up and I was loaded into it and was taken away before the ambulance got there.

The next afternoon an officer came to the cell I was in and told me I had a visitor.


"Your wife."

"Don't want to see her. Just tell her to get the divorce while I'm away or I'll get it when or if I eventually get out. Either way I never want to see her or speak to her ever again."

He shrugged and walked away.

And I never did talk to her again.



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