One of the things about the new company I work for is that they desperately want to stay a small company, even though they are growing by leaps and bounds. To try to keep the family atmosphere they have regular holiday parties and quarterly bonding events. The nice thing about the bonding events is that they hold them on a work-day and close the business down for them. In the past, they'd done a variety of activities like horseback trail riding, ATV riding, a weekend ski trip, and some other lesser events like a trip to a show in Branson Missouri The last trip, an early season baseball game wasn't exactly on the top of my list of activities to do, and to be honest, I was new with the company and a bit bored at the game. Since this trip, canoeing was one of my favorite events, I decided to invite Crystal along. We'd been dating off and on and I thought that this might be a good opportunity for each of us to see the other in a different environment.

Like I said before, the outdoors is one of my favorite places to be. A canoe trip is right down my alley. The morning of the event about forty or so of us met at the company parking lot for the two hour plus drive to the river. Crystal had to cancel at the last minute for some reason which was a bit frustrating, but in some ways not totally unexpected. I wasn't sure just how comfortable she was in the great outdoors. But I still had to go regardless and decided to just make the best of it. I was a bit surprised at the turnout since it was made clear to me that this was highly encouraged, though not mandatory. My estimate was that only about half the staff showed up, some alone, some with their wives, though I was told that quite a few more would be joining us for the cookout at the end of the trip. I suppose spouse's work schedules were a bit of an inconvenience to this type of outing on a weekday, even in the summer months.

Being a weekday, we weren't too worried about how soon we would get there. It was expected to be a typical slow day on the river. A good portion of us were also going to spend the night at the campground there, not coming back until the next morning, so when we got off the river was much less of an issue than if we had all been driving home.

After sorting out who needed to be in which vehicle and which cars had which gear, we set out for the river. I had a pretty full load of camping gear in my SUV, so as a result I had only three passengers. A couple in the back seat and Donna. I'd met Donna a few times before but didn't really know all that much about her. She worked upstairs in the finance department. She was somewhere around my own age, although I wasn't silly enough to actually ask. She was what I would call average build, at least in the waist, butt and height. Her chest was far from average. I didn't know it then, but I'd later learn that it was more specifically a thirty-eight triple D.

Everyone was prepared for the river, our swimsuits already on. Amanda, sitting in the back seat, had a black string bikini on her small frame, while Jack, her husband had on a typical young man's swim shorts that went down to his knees, and what I always called a muscle shirt. The term fit, given his arms were big enough to break someone like me in half. As a result, I did my best not to stare at his wife in my mirror, even though she was VERY alluring. It took conscious effort not to get a hard-on watching her sexy little body in the skimpy suit.

Donna was, well, talkative. She chattered on about one thing and another, the passing scenery, things at work, almost anything she could think of, clearly in an attempt to get me to talk. She seemed nice enough, but I had to admit that her significant chest, practically overflowing out of the top of her tankini, was distracting any attempt to talk to her. It seemed that every time I'd look over at her, her massive tits were bouncing slightly from the unevenness of the road. I finally gave up trying to hide my hard-on and just let happen what would, which did. It wasn't long before my pole was pushing the front of my suit obviously. Fortunately, Jack was sitting behind me and couldn't see, but I had no doubt that both Donna and Amanda saw. I wondered if they were trying to guess which of them had caused the growth.

In some ways it was good to get out of the car after the drive and stretch my legs. It was less good to have to try and readjust and hide the almost perpetual hard-on I'd had for the last two hours. It was clearly time to call up Crystal and see if she wanted to come hang out some evening.

With the cars parked in the camping area, and all our needed belongings for the day gathered up, we all squeezed onto a single school bus for the drive to the launch point several miles upriver. I made my way down the aisle of the bus, nearly one of the last to get on, and had to sit way in the back. A young lady, in her early twenties or so, that I recognized as being from the factory floor dropped into the seat next to me. The tiny little colorful bikini she had on soon had my cock swelling again. As we bounced down the dirt road, I couldn't help but notice that she kept looking down at my lap and trying to suppress a smile. One particularly big bump sent most of us in the back portion of the bus flying into the air. When we came down on our seats, the young woman was half on my lap, my hard-on pressing against the back of her leg.

"Nice one," she whispered as she slid off my lap, her hand quickly replacing her leg on my cock. She grinned at me and gave it a few gentle squeezes while she pretended to look farther up the bus.

Not wanting to draw a lot of attention to us, and of course not wanting to really stop her attentions to me, I dug a towel out of my bag at my feet and dropped it on my lap, covering both my hard-on and her hand. The action seemed to embolden her more and instead of just holding onto me and giving me an occasional squeeze, she began to slide her hand down my suit to my bare thigh, and then back up again, dragging the baggy leg of my suit up until her fingers found my bare engorged head.

She turned her head to look at me, flashing me a huge grin as she teased my cock in the bus full of our coworkers. "Feels pretty nice," she whispered, leaning over towards me, her left breast pressing against my arm. "Wouldn't at all mind getting to see a lot more of it some time."

"Never know," I replied nervously. "But definitely not here!"

"Maybe we should team up in the same canoe?" she asked hopefully.

I looked at her a little stunned and then with a noncommittal shrug answered, "I guess. You don't want to find someone a little closer to your own age?"

"Young guys are all jerks. All they wanna do is try to get into my panties," she said with a scowl.

"Um, and you're not encouraging me to do the same thing?" I practically squeaked as she wrapped her whole hand around my shaft, at least as much as her hand could contain.

"Didn't you know? It's a woman's choice who she lets into her panties."

"Honey, I don't even know your name!"

"Oh, I can solve that. I'm Tanya."

"Um, hi. Michael."

"I know," she said with a little giggle. "I heard a couple girls talking about you. Both of them seemed to think getting you into their pants would be fun too."

"Oh lord," I groaned.

"I've heard tell you're a pretty adept outdoorsman too. Personally, I don't know one end of a canoe from another."

"Well, I'm sure we can keep you from getting too wet," I answered, glad for the change in conversation.

"I doubt that. I'm already wet!" she whispered with a giggle, reaching her free hand for mine and pulling it over to her own lap as she quickly looked around to see who might be watching. She pressed my fingers against her crotch which was indeed wet, right through the tiny bikini panty. "See?" she said, pressing my fingers even tighter as the bouncing of the bus caused them to rub up and down her pussy slightly.

"Oh yeah. I do," I answered, trying hard to keep from doing anything stupid, like ripping her suit off and fucking her right there. I did have a professional reputation to consider. I pulled my hand from her pussy before anyone had time to notice where it had been.

I was actually glad when the bus stopped and people started getting up to leave, encouraging her to finally let go of my raging hard-on. I wondered briefly how I was going to get off the bus with a massive boner showing through my suit. The aisle was clogged with people so Tanya and I sat there, letting my hard-on soften slightly, not that I could get out until she moved anyway. As the last person in the line moved ahead of where we were sitting, I expected Tanya to get up and follow, but instead she spread her legs as far as she could in the seat, pulled the bikini panty aside and reaching for my hand, pulled it to her now exposed pussy and pressed my fingers to her smooth wet lips.

"Mmmmmmmmm God I wanna fuck!" she whispered before letting my hand go. She moved to get out of the seat, dropped her bag on the floor and bent over to get it, pulling her pantie aside again to flash her pussy at me as she bent over, her full round lips glistening with moisture, the delicate inner lips just barely peeking out from between her shaved outer lips. After several long seconds look, she pulled her panty back over her pussy and straightened up, holding a hand out for me.

"Oh boy," I breathed as I got up, wrapping the towel around my waist to try and cover my hard-on. I followed Tanya down the aisle of the bus, her hand sneaking between us to grab at my cock. I decided that turnabout was fair play. I grabbed the back of her suit and tugged it down, exposing her entire ass. I grabbed a handful of her firm little tush and squeezed it a few times, getting a much different reaction than I expected.

She turned her head and whispered back in a sing-song rhythm, "If you wanna play, all ya gotta do is ask." And wiggled her bare ass against my hand.

"So it would seem," I replied as she pulled her bottoms back in place as we neared the exit of the bus.

"You know, I've never been in a canoe before. This should be fun!" Tanya said as she took my hand and pulled me towards one of the two dozen canoes lined up on the shore, assuring that no one else would spirit me away at the last moment. I looked around quickly and saw Donna scowling in our direction.

I gave Tanya a quick tutorial on how to paddle and how and when to move in a canoe while most of the other boats were pushing off and heading down stream. We were nearly the last to shove off, only one or two more following behind. Unfortunately, Tanya was less adept at canoeing than even I could guess. We barely made it through the first small rapids, coming out half sideways. Basically, she had no clue when or how to paddle, even after the instruction I gave her.

The next riffle we did slightly better, but the one after that, well let's just say that I was glad we were the last canoe. Halfway down the riffle she stroked on the wrong side at the wrong time and we hooked a rock, spinning us around and fortunately letting us go all the way around instead of catching broadside.

"Tanya. I know you want to help, but maybe you should just take it easy for a while. I'll take care of the paddling."

"Really? I can help," she insisted.

I chuckled. "Tanya, if you keep helping, you're gonna get us dumped over."

"And that's a bad thing?" she asked with a laugh, grabbing the sides of the canoe and rocking it. She really had no idea how little it took to overturn a canoe, but she was about to find out. Back and forth we went three, four, five...oooooop, there we went!

It was a relatively shallow portion of the river where we tipped over, dumping both of us into the drink. I assumed that she had as much experience in the river as she did in the canoe, so I made my top priority finding her in the mild current. I chuckled to myself as she bobbed to the surface, trying to get her feet under herself, coughing and sputtering indignantly. "Come on. I got you," I said as I looped an arm around her waist and lifted.

"What happened?" she asked sputtering, still trying to get her feet to stay under her in the current. As she struggled her body slipped down in my arm. I grabbed harder and lifted to help steady her as I started wading towards the paddles which were already making their way downstream.

"Just a little dump," I said as I reached for one paddle and grabbed it. "Come on, gotta get the other," I said as I started wading downstream, half dragging her along with me. "Got IT!" I said as I reached the paddle and captured the end of the handle.

"That ain't all you got!" Tanya giggled.

"Huh?" I asked looking at her, her top askew so both small firm breasts were exposed, well except for the one that my hand was wrapped around.

She reached down to my hand and covered it with hers, giving it a little squeeze. "If you wanted to feel me up, all you had to do was ask," she teased.

"Oh damn. I'm sorry," I apologized, trying to pull my hand away, only to have her clamp her hand tighter to keep it pressed to her tit.

"I don't mind. In fact, you can take all the time you want playing with me."

"As much as I might like that, we better go get our canoe before we have to walk all the way down the river."

She turned to look at our still overturned canoe slowly floating down stream away from us.

"OH SHIT!" she cried, breaking free of my grip and trying to run through the water to follow the canoe. Running through water is obviously difficult at best. But she valiantly attempted to do so, the water trying to hold her back as she leaned forward and tried to run with the current.

She did eventually catch up with the canoe, grabbing onto the stern and holding on while I more slowly waded downstream to catch up.

"I got it!" she called as she turned back to face me, a triumphant look on her face.

"You sure did!" I answered, looking at her practically bare upper half, the water having completed the work my hand had started. Her bikini top hung by the string around her neck, hanging loosely between her completely exposed breasts. Each one was a good handful, maybe about the size of a large orange, and looked firm and round. Her bright pink areolae were each about an inch and a little bit across, slightly oblong shaped, with a perky little pink nipple protruding from the center.

"You might want to put yourself back together though," I told her as I reached for the canoe she was still holding.

She looked down at herself and giggled. "Well, at least you're getting a nice look. Do you like?" she continued, striking a sexy pose and holding it for a moment before changing to another.

"Oh yeah. It's a very pleasant view, but aren't you worried about someone else seeing?"

"As long as it turns you on, I don't much care," she giggled, lifting the top up over her head and taking it completely off so she was naked above the waist.

"Come on," I said, dragging the canoe towards the shore. "You take these, and I'll drain the canoe."

"How are you going to do that?" she asked as she reached out and took the paddles from me. I pulled the canoe towards the shore, dragged the stern up onto the shore and then waded back out to the bow. Lifting the bow out of the water, I rolled the canoe over and left barely any water inside as I set it back down right-side up.

"Well, that was pretty slick," she said admirably.

"Well, why don't you get in and we'll see about catching up."

"Sure, I'll help paddle," she said as I scooped her petite frame up from the water and dropped her unceremoniously into the bow of the canoe.

"That's okay. For now, why don't you just ride," I said as I pulled the canoe out into the current. I climbed in and sat down, reaching for one of the paddles. It only took a few strokes to get the canoe sliding downstream.

"Well, if I don't have anything to do..." Tanya said, gingerly twisting around in the canoe to face me. She leaned back, still naked above the waist and tugged on the strings around her hips. She pulled the tiny slip of material down, leaving it trapped between her butt and the aluminum canoe seat, leaving her otherwise completely naked.

"Oh damn," I muttered as she lifted her feet off the bottom of the canoe and propped them up on the gunwales, spreading her knees and exposing her entire bare shaved pussy for me to see. It only took a few seconds for my already partly hard cock to catch up with the rest of my mind.

"Like what you see?" she teased, running a finger up and down her wet lips, letting the tip slide tantalizingly between them. "You know I'm sooooo damn horny right now. I wish I had a big hard cock to look at! Oh wait. I do! How about it, Michael? Wanna show me your big fat hard cock?"

"In the middle of the river?"

"Why not? Who's going to see? You said yourself that everyone else was already farther downstream. You can see my pussy, isn't it fair for me to get to see your sexy big cock?" she asked with an obviously faked pout.

I looked around, realizing that she was right. There wasn't anyone to see, at least not that I could see, and I probably wasn't thinking all that clearly anyway, staring at a young little pussy. I set my paddle down, untied the string in the waistband of my suit and carefully wiggled it down over my hips and ass, working it from between my butt and the seat so I could push it down to my ankles. Naked as she was, I spread my knees and let her see my raging hard-on, my engorged prick sticking out at her lewdly, the shaft bouncing up and down slightly with my pounding heart.

"Ohhhhh now that is a nice cock!" she cooed, her finger dipping deeper between her lips. "Too bad I'm wayyyy up here and that cock is wayyyy back there, or I'd just sit right down on it and fuck your brains out!"

"That I can fix!" I said, not really caring now if anyone saw or not. I aimed the canoe toward the shore and beached it on a small sandbank. I kicked my suit off, leaving me in only my water shoes, and climbed out, dropping gingerly into the knee deep water. I waded to the bow of the canoe, reached for her legs and lifted them up in the air until they were sticking straight up. I swung a leg across the canoe and sat down on the support rail just behind the bow seat, my feet just barely able to touch the river bottom. I spread her legs setting them on my thighs before letting go of her soft creamy skin. I leaned back slightly, propping my arms against the gunwales and causing my cock to stick up at her, her pussy only inches from my cock. "All yours!" I coaxed.

"So it is!" she said, leaning towards me and grabbing my cock with both hands. "And it IS a VERY nice cock," she said as she wrapped her small hands around as much of it as she could and began slowly stroking up and down the shaft. "Tell me Michael. Do you want to fuck my tight little pussy?"

"I want you to do just exactly what you said. I want you to sit on my cock and ride me until I explode!"

"Ohhhh yeah? You wanna come deep in my pussy? You wanna fill Tanya's young tight pussy with your fuck juice?" she asked, scooting herself carefully off the seat and towards me, her weight supported by her legs over mine and her hands on the sides of the canoe behind her. "Mmmmmmm such a big fat cock," she cooed as she slid close enough to rub her wet pussy against it. She rocked her hips, using her thighs on mine as a lever to drag her wet pussy up and down the length of my shaft, trapping it between my own stomach and her wet lips. "Ohhhh yeah. You wanna put it in me? You wanna feel your fat cock inside my tight little pussy?" she asked somewhat breathlessly.

"Anytime you're ready," I half groaned, my body and mind practically overwhelmed by the sensations of her soft lips rubbing the most sensitive spot on my cock. & uid=2044548 & do=wall & from=space

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