Author's Note:

This story is a collaboration with subzerowriter, so I wanted to thank him for his contribution and point out that this is a continuation/spinoff of his "Strip Club Tease Toy" and "Tease Toy Orientation" stories. Although this story is written mostly to stand on its own, a bit of background will be helpful.

The premise is that a group of girls who work at a local gentleman's club have seduced and teased a religious and sexually repressed man. They have also established strict rules and restrictions for him in a mutually agreed upon contract.

They keep him as their sexual plaything for a period of time, taking control of him in various ways and playing all kinds of erotic tease and denial games with him, but then they grant him a temporary release from their captivity. They tell him that he is allowed to interact with other women and can have sex with them if he wants, with one restriction: the women must approach him first. Needless to say, this makes things much harder, or should I say...difficult, on the poor guy.

Feel free to enjoy subzerowriter's two stories mentioned above if you want to explore the details of the backstory. His two stories and the collaborative effort that follows are very much about "gentle" female domination and erotic tease and denial, so if you are offended by those themes then don't bother reading our work. Thanks again to him for his contributions and I hope those of you that enjoy this type of content find this story to be appealing!


After being released from three months of erotic sexual control at the hands of The Tease Club girls, Dan's hunger to indulge himself was really intense, and during his first night of freedom he jerked off six times. The next day he did it five more times (two of which were in the office bathroom during his work shift, to his shame). He had an absolute lack of self-control, and even though he had made himself cum repeatedly, somehow he was starting to feel unsatisfied with each successive emission. That, and his cock was starting to feel a bit sore...

Despite having the dizzying liberation of being able to jerk off whenever he wanted, soon the diminishing returns of his pleasure and the raw, bruised, painful feeling that he was giving his exhausted cock made him finally realize, about midday on Wednesday, that this was no way to spend his sexual vacation.

The three months of having his sexual desires and energies stimulated and controlled by others (all while he was helpless to resist it) had really taken their toll. The hungry desire of his youth was back upon him, his religious repression seemed to be shattered for good, and he wanted to...well, to blunt, he wanted to FUCK someone. Hell, he needed to fuck someone!

He had spent so many years living in rigid, unyielding repression of his sexual drive, and then he had suddenly found himself being subjugated and toyed with by the divine, diabolical women of The Tease Club! And it was all at once; it went on and on, with the days turning into weeks, and the weeks turning into months, so now it was like a cork had popped and suddenly everything was flowing freely.

'But if you want to have sex with someone and actually enjoy yourself, you can't jerk off three to five times a day, you idiot!' Dan thought to himself grumpily, as he pondered his situation. 'At the very least you need to wait a day or so in between so you can finally feel your dick again.' He chuckled slightly, and nodded as he made the decision, happy with his compromise. He was going to show some self-control and give himself a couple days off. He could do that after all, he was an adult.

Then, he thought...maybe once every other day after that, if he couldn't find any women willing to approach him? That would be nice, right? He'd be able to make sure each orgasm was special. He remembered with a shudder that he was, after all, going back to Cindi, Dominique, Trixi, Lexi and Destiny when his little "vacation" was done. But was it a shudder of terror, or anticipation, or both...

'Besides,' he thought to himself with a smile, trying to push those confusing thoughts out of his mind, and suddenly feeling so much more relaxed and happy with his plan, 'Even though Lexie told me I can only sleep with women who approach me first, that can't be that hard to pull off, right? I'm sure some desperate last-girl-standing in a dive bar will be willing to shack up after last call somewhere, right? All I have to do is just go in, hang out, and make myself look available! How hard can it be?'

However, the next two nights proved to Dan that trying to get women to pick him up wasn't as easy as it seemed. He spent Thursday sheepishly bouncing from one dive bar to the next, hoping that some woman somewhere would have enough liquid courage in her and like the look of him enough to come on to him, but mostly he got odd stares and found himself being cornered into bizarre conversations with drunken weirdos.

Friday he tried to go somewhere a bit more upscale, and even dressed up a bit, but it turned out that he had shot for a bit too upscale. He ended up waiting in a red velvet-roped line for several hours with a frustrated hard on hidden in his nice suit, surrounded by some of the most gorgeous and glammed up club women he had ever seen in his life, and eventually ended up giving up and going home in frustrated exhaustion.

Anyway, he woke up Saturday morning, grateful for the weekend. He may have been on vacation from the girls at The Tease Club, but he still had to work for a living, and over the last three months, his job as the Director of Programming at the "Return to Family Values Coalition" had begun to appeal to him less and less, as his motivations in life began to change in the embrace of those kinky Tease Club girls. He was frustrated by his first two strikeouts, but he was going to go out, enjoy his quiet Saturday morning, and brainstorm.

He needed to find a new way to tackle this, because the thought that he might spend this entire vacation unable to freely and completely feel a woman's arms around him was starting to get to him. He needed to have access to her, to be able to reach out and touch her, while he was NOT tied up! He just wanted to be able to grab her and grope her, lick her and kiss her, and yes...thrust and pump and spurt his load into her as hard and as wildly as he could!

He was starting to admit to himself that a part of him missed the girls at The Tease Club very much already, but he was also quite excited to finally have that actual sexual freedom. God, he needed that so badly, and he was going to find someone, somehow, to satisfy his deeply rooted hunger while he could.

After spending most of Saturday morning cooking breakfast, cleaning up, reading, and enjoying some quiet time, Dan finally decided to go out for lunch and try to find a new way to tackle his "problem" as he was beginning to think of it. Thinking about this so much was starting to make him feel sort of horny all the time, but he was also a little relieved to find that sensation was finally coming back to his penis.

He smiled as he put on his coat and headed out the door, feeling his cock twitch a little. He had been slightly worried for a while there that in his desperate, obsessive self-pleasuring frenzy, he might have actually hurt himself. But things seem to be returning to normal, he thought, with a slightly embarrassed grin, and he said to himself 'besides, even if you strike out again, tonight you can simply jerk off some more, now that you're free to do it. God, I really can't believe I can do that whenever I want to again!'

Anyway, he made his way down to a local coffee shop, which was only a few blocks away, and thought about what he might jerk off to later tonight if he struck out and ended up going home by himself. In only a few days of his desperate masturbatory fever, he had saved over a dozen favorites of sensual FemDom teasing porn scenes on his computer at home, and he had been trying not to think about them. But maybe he would watch some of them tonight, and perhaps he could go slow, taking his time and really, really enjoying himself, instead of just wildly pumping himself like a horny monkey and exploding in only a minute or two.

Anyway, he tried to shake off these thoughts as he walked into the shop, suddenly regretting wearing his skinny jeans. Despite trying to steer his thoughts away from the dominant babes teasing their helpless subbies in those videos he had saved to favorites, they seemed to keep popping up in his mind anyway, and he had started to get the beginnings of a slowly awakening erection. And if it went any further, he didn't know if he'd be able to hide it.

Again he tried to shake it off, and he forced himself to focus instead on his coffee order. By the time he had grabbed a seat in the corner and pulled out his notes app to brainstorm ways to get women to notice him, his previously growing level of arousal had started to slow, his mind had started to settle, and he was relieved that it felt like his cock had begun to do the same. But that was about to change...

As he was staring at his phone, he suddenly heard the bell over the door jingle, which meant that a new customer had entered. A light gust of wind from the opening door blew a swirl of sweetly perfumed air his way, filling his nostrils. It smelled almost like vanilla candy, and it was absolutely intoxicating!

Then he heard the click-click of high heels against the hard tile of the coffeeshop floor, and after months of being trained to respond to that sound, he looked up instinctively. And that was when he suddenly found himself staring at the most beautiful, incredibly glamorous looking woman he had ever seen.

She was tall, blonde, leggy, curvy, and...yeah, statuesque would be the right word. From his seated position, he noticed her lower body first, and he saw that she was wearing a pair of baby-blue colored, skin-tight low-rise jeans which left the lower part of her tummy and upper parts of her shapely hips exposed. She wore a dangly, glittering rhinestone belt around her midsection too, and it drew his attention there, sparkling in the light as she approached.

The way her wide hips shifted as she walked was part hula-girl and part belly dancer; he was stunned by how brazen it was! But there was also a delicate and graceful style to her stride that he instantly found very appealing. It was almost like she was cocking her hips with every step, prancing along like she was on a fashion runway, with each movement being quite purposeful and deliberate. He had simply never seen a girl walk like that before, and it was clear that it was very much a performance of sorts...

God, looking at her was absolutely dazzling to him; it was almost like looking at the sun! In fact, it was very much like that, because as she got closer, he had to look away, lest she see him staring at her. She even glanced at him for a split second right before he awkwardly tore his gaze away from her, and despite the fact that she pretty much looked right through him like he wasn't even there, he could feel his face beginning to blush, as if she had busted him staring at her or something.

He felt like the world had fallen into slow motion as she strutted past him and headed for the line of people waiting to order. As she did, a stronger wave of her enticing-smelling perfume hit his senses, and it made his heart pound and his breath quicken.

After she walked by, he could resume gazing at her loveliness without being obvious, and he found himself unable to resist doing so. He turned a little in his seat just a bit so he could keep watching her too, and he quickly noticed several other male patrons in the shop were finding themselves struck with the same affliction, one of an undeniable need to stare at her in awe of her sheer dolled-up femininity.

Her legs were long and shapely, and her jeans (which she had to have PAINTED on, he thought), were so tight that he could see the slightest indent of curved muscle along her round, firm thighs. And the way they clung to her shapely calves, the way the skin-tight fabric led his eyes downward where it stopped just before her ankles; it was truly a sight to behold!

As she stood in line waiting to place her order, she casually shifted her weight from side to side as she focused on her phone, scrolling through messages on the screen with one hand while she dangled her expensive-looking handbag from the other. She seemed kinda self-absorbed, pretty much ignoring everyone around her, which emboldened Dan to keep staring at her. Damn, that self-centeredness really was appealing to him for some reason...

His eyes moved up and down those skin-tight jeans on her curvy figure and landed on her ankles, which he saw were extraordinarily lithe and delicate. He noticed a dainty, gold ankle bracelet with a gold-bell type charm dangling from one of them too; it really accentuated the way that part of her body looked, drawing his eyes to her feet almost against his will.

She was wearing a pair of bright blue Candies' mules: lovely, open high-heeled sandals which nestled each foot inside a bright blue vamp that left her pretty toes peeking out. Oh wow, those little feet of hers were BEAUTIFUL! They were so small and soft looking, all pretty and perched up high on those sexy open-toe open-heel shoes.

There was a small, pretty little blue bow of fabric adorning the vamp of each shoe, adding a dainty, girly detail to the appearance of the pretty foot-package, and he felt himself starting to feel a little light headed when he focused on her tiny, cute toes peeking out, which were painted a glistening red. Staring at them made his mouth begin to water uncontrollably, and yes, he felt his cock twitch in his pants, with a warm feeling starting to happen down there.

His eyes made another pass up her body, and after drinking in that lusciously shaped bottom of hers again, they landed on the wonderfully soft-looking, ostentatious electric-blue angora sweater that she had on. It was clearly a very expensive piece of female attire; the angora fur was quite long-haired and it had a designer look and feel to it. He was instantly captivated and totally enamored by the way it looked on her, just so classy and angelic in appearance...

Although it was a tight fit on her, the sensuous material moved around a little against her well-defined, feline torso as she took a step forward in line. The bottom of it was cut in a very high crop-top style, with puffy short sleeves that stopped just past her shoulder, and he felt hypnotized by her toned, tanned tummy and cute bellybutton, which was pierced with a short, thin, dangly silver rhinestone charm.

As his eyes danced over the shape of her upper body, he was captivated by the size of her breasts. He could see the lines of their shape moving as she shifted her weight around on her high heels, and suddenly he thought 'God, those aren't breasts, those are MELONS. Just look at the way they move around under her fluffy sweater like that...'

As he watched her incredible chest jiggle with each purposeful shift of her weight, he realized that she was adding a little bounce every time she planted her weight on her other leg, almost as if on purpose. And that led him to realize that that she wasn't wearing anything at all under that fluffy blue angora. In fact, he suddenly noticed as he suppressed an aroused shudder that he could see the hard pea-shape of her nipples through the furry material as it slid along her upper body!

The thought of that bright blue angora brushing up against this woman's tanned, flawless skin, and especially, seeing the way it slid against her hard nipples made Dan's cheeks burn! But despite that, he allowed his gaze to continue upward to look at her face as she stood there, moving her body around almost as if she was posing for someone. He was like a mesmerized child watching a Disneyland parade!

Jesus, she was gorgeous! She had a classic, all-American beauty about her; her golden-blonde hair was pulled back into a tight, long ponytail, with a few slightly wavy curls bouncing free around her face. Those loose locks of hair bounced around slightly as she brushed them out of her eyes from time to time, and they gave her an almost angelic appearance as the fluorescent lights backlit her from his perspective.

Despite her beauty, however, there was something about the look on her face and the confidence in her expression that evoked a strong feminine presence; it was something that made him feel slightly nervous around her. She kept turning to the side a bit, then back toward him, and when she did he could see her beautiful, plump, soft-looking lips, which were parted just enough to show a flash of her stunning white teeth, and the light glimmering off her mouth, which was painted with a light pink shiny lip gloss.

She was wearing a pair of rhinestone-rimmed designer sunglasses that partially obscured her eyes, but as she glanced in his direction again, he could see the briefest flash of her gorgeous baby blue eyes with different shades of blue eyeshadow surrounding them. Everything about her expression said that she had no interest in giving anybody in the room the time of day. Again, he glanced away, feeling totally embarrassed, just in case she might see him ogling her so openly...

But then she went back to monitoring her phone, and as her arm moved to one side, he looked back at her and his eyes fell to her midsection. It was then that he noticed one other thing about her attire that completely stunned him. He saw the black panty straps arching up and out of those incredibly low-rise jeans, following the curve of her hip at least 3 inches past the denim. 'Jesus, those are her panties', he thought, thunderstruck. It was pretty much the most blatantly sexual thing he had ever seen a woman wear, and she was doing it in public!

He was totally mesmerized, and he couldn't help but continue to watch as she ordered her drink and paid a very flustered and red face teenaged cashier for it. She didn't have to be leaning over the counter like that, so why was she doing it? I mean, Dan was delighted that she was, because the view of her backside was absolutely glorious, as were the gorgeous curves of those tanned legs and feet in those sexy high heels, so he loved seeing her do it. But was clear she was just showing off!

And then, suddenly, he saw something else. The straps of that naughty black G string, which were already enough to skyrocket him into full-on arousal since they were peeking out from her hips the way they were, came together in a triangle shape right at the bare small of her back, where the light curve of her spine met with the beginnings of the shape of her tush. And right there, the word "SEXY" sparkled in large, ornate, rhinestone letters that held the panty straps together. And that did it - Dan's cock immediately went into overdrive, and he could feel the blood rushing into it, making it throb in his pants.

As she turned and took a few steps to the side while waiting for her drink order, her long ponytail bounced and swished behind her as she moved, stopping just at the glittering word on those panties of hers like some kind of bejeweled tramp stamp. Dan had always adored long, sexy hair on women, and his heart pounded at the sight of this girl's simply gorgeous blonde hair looking like that!

Then she turned to face his direction, but she was still totally focused on that pink, sparkly-cased phone of hers. She took off her sunglasses daintily with one hand, revealing that her eyes were just as blue as Dan thought they might be, and she folded them and hung them from the neckline of her round-neck sweater, pulling it down deliciously.

The beet-faced cashier called out that her drink would be ready in a moment, and as she smiled at him, she became somehow even more beautiful! The nervousness Dan felt from seeing that slightly tough-looking expression on her face as he had watched her walk by now completely melted away. Her smile was dazzlingly bright, and her eyes seemed to twinkle when her lips spread into that warm, friendly expression. The baby blue color of those big, bedroom eyes of hers seemed to get brighter somehow in contrast to her pearly-white teeth... & uid=93668

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