"And how do you propose you'll do that?" Kenneth asked. His finger stopped rubbing. His palm gripped her pussy mound stronger.

Sarah didn't respond. She only squirmed, her hands grabbing at the sides of her dress, bunching it on either side.

Kenneth stood up and slid his hand from her pussy up to the back of her neck; they were chest to chest. Pulling her in by the back of her neck, he pressed her face against his and kissed her, hard. She kissed back, wrapping her arms around his neck and standing up on her toes. His fingers tangled in her hair. Her hair was one of her most notable attributes, drawing compliments from people her entire life. It was dark brown and wildly curly, and she kept it long, curls of varying tightness bouncing midway down her back.

As their tongues danced together in their passionate embrace, Kenneth's hands slid down to grope her firm 36C breasts. He squeezed them, caused her to coo against his mouth.

Pulling his face away, he looked down at her. She licked her lips, tasting him, looking up at his intimidating blue eyes. They still had the effect of stirring a slight fear within her, but she didn't look away this time.

He pushed her back, pressing her back against the wall. Placing his hand around her throat, he gently held her in place against the wall by her neck. Her arms at her side, she didn't break her begging gaze.

"You clearly need help gaining control over yourself." He told her, hand around her throat tightening ever so slightly.

"Yes, you're right," she gasped, wrapping one of her hands around his strong wrist holding her in place. "I need to -"

"I'll be the one telling you what you need," he snapped suddenly, reinstalling the intimidation in her that she always felt around him. She quieted and gave him a meek smile, nodding as much as she could with his grip on her throat.

He leaned in and kissed the side of her face and neck, tightening his grip all the while. "Safe word is 'depreciation', to be consistent with our environment." She giggled a little at the dorkiness and he also snickered. "You say that word and we stop. Do you understand?"

"Mhmm," Sarah murmured, enjoying the feel of his facial hair scratching the side of her face.

His grip tightened so hard she could feel her air cut off. "Use your words," he growled against her.

"Yes," she managed to squeak out.

"Yes what?"

"Yes...sir?" She gasped, "yes sir!"

"Good girl," he responded, loosening his hand. Her heart fluttered at the praise and she smiled drunkenly up at him.

"You need my approval don't you? I can tell. You always reminded me of a puppy lapping up my compliments." He teased her.

"I want to be your good girl," she replied pathetically, looking up at him with pleading eyes. "Sir," she quickly added.

He relinquished his grip on her throat and stepped back, observing her up and down.

"You're going to be a good girl and do what you're told?" He asked her sternly.

"Yes sir!" She responded enthusiastically, reveling in her new role.

"Even if you might not necessarily like what I have in mind?"

The question threw her off. "Yes, yes sir," she said.

"Good. The more you behave and do what you're told, the easier it'll be for everyone." He stepped back and resumed his seated position in his computer chair.

"Now," he said, "show me my new property."

Only a small number of men in her life so far had been able to speak to Sarah in a dominant way that was also convincing. She had divulged her desires to many partners, and while most were excited to try, rarely was their heart fully in it. And it showed. Kenneth's heart was fully in this, and it excited her.

She stripped slowly - it didn't take long. The dress slipped off easily, dropping to a pile around her feet on the floor. She stood there, naked except for her grey satin thong and matching push up bra. Her dress modestly covered her medium breasts, and bared now they stood up proudly, pressed together courtesy of her bra.

"Stop," he ordered, "let me take this in."

She stood still, her arms at her sides, presenting herself to him. His eyes started with her feet, and travelled up her body slowly. She could almost physically feel his eyes fucking her. He admired her breasts. "You keep these well hidden." He commented to her. She could see his bulge growing slightly as he placed his hand over his package again.

"You know your place, right?" He demanded. Sarah started. Apparently, his rhetorical questions didn't stop with work.

Using some guesswork, Sarah slowly dropped to her knees, kneeling in front of him. She looked up at him, searching for approval.

"Good girl," he groaned, "you always did pick things up quickly."

"Thank you," she smiled up at him from her place between his knees.

The smack shook her, seemingly coming out of nowhere. Shocked, she brushed the hair from her face and looked up at him wildly, her cheek stinging.

"Thank you WHAT?" He growled. "We went over this, did we not?"

"Sir. Thank you sir," she said weakly, her hand on her cheek.

He leaned back in his chair, his hands resting on the sides. "So these fantasies of yours," he said, "what typically happens at this point? Show me."

Emboldened, Sarah reached out and grabbed his belt buckle, pulling it apart. "Not wasting any time," he chuckled above her. She grinned up at him as she eagerly unbuttoned his pants. She slowed down at this point, wanting to savor the moment. He pulled his dress shirt out of his pants as they became undone, Sarah pulling down his zipper. She grabbed the sides of his pants and pulled, urging him to pull himself up and let his pants slide down.

His dress pants now around his knees, Sarah sat back and admired the bulge his penis created against his dark blue boxer briefs. There was a small amount of wetness that was undoubtedly precum.

She looked up at him and said "thank you for this - sir," she quickly added, "you have no idea how long I've dreamt of this."

"How long?" He asked, suddenly grabbing the back of her head and pushing her face against his package. "How long have you dreamt of this?" He pressed her face into his penis, still covered by his underwear. She could feel the hardness pressing into her nose and eye, could smell slight hints of shampoo and cologne mixed in with the days sweat. "Since you first started here, a wide-eyed intern hoping to make a good first impression?" He continued, all while rubbing her face against his hardening cock.

"Yes sir! Since I started working here I've wanted you in me so bad!" She exclaimed, muffled against his underwear.

"Who know that intern would eventually become a full time slut?" He let her go. She pulled her head off and slipped her fingers into the rim of his briefs, excited.

His cock popped out over the top of his briefs. Sarah continued pulling his underwear down over his balls, admiring the semi hard cock before her. His shaft was slightly above average length, and it was on the thicker end of the spectrum of dicks she'd had in her life so far. It was darker than the rest of him, and below it sat two large round balls. Her mouth watered. She wanted to bathe his balls with her tongue, wanted all of him in her mouth so badly. There was a decent amount of nearly trimmed pubic hair above his cock, and his balls were mostly smooth.

His underwear now joined his pants around his knees. Sarah opened her mouth, nearly panting, imagining she did in fact look like a slutty human puppy.

She grasped his cock near the base and placed her other hand in his knee. She began slowly jerking him off in a corkscrew fashion and placed her mouth around his cockhead, gently closing her lips around it but not yet applying much suction. She flattened her tongue and began stroking it against the bottom part of his head, eliciting a happy sigh from him. Building up saliva in her mouth, she slipped more of his cock into her mouth, letting her spit cover the shaft.

She began sucking his cock dutifully, enjoying the task. She cupped his balls with one hand, massaging them gently while her other hand jerked him off in that corkscrew motion. Her lips created a suction grip on his cock, and she made sure to keep her tongue flat against his shaft, sticking it out a bit and swirling it around his head whenever she got to the top. She would periodically stop at the top to tease the head, applying suction around the rim and running her tongue back and forth On the bottom side of the head. She knew from experience that this was a move that many were fond of.

Kenneth was no exception. His cock was fully hard now, and he was moaning from her work. Fearfully, sarah glanced at the door, her mouth full of his penis. He must have had the same thought. He stood up, placing a hand on the back of her head to keep her from moving off his cock. His pants and underwear fell to the floor and he stepped out of them, pulling off his shoes and socks as he did so. He shuffled the two steps to the door and Sarah awkwardly shuffled with him on her knees, her mouth still enveloping his cock.

He swung the door shut and smiled down at her. "I doubt there's anyone else around at this hour, but we should probably err on the side of caution. Especially for this next part."

Sarah had resumed jerking him and sucking him off, but at this she glanced up and made eye contact with him.

"This is probably your best look," he told her, "mouth stuffed full of my cock. This is what your mouth is for. Not for speaking, but to pleasure my cock. I want you to always remember that - this is where you belong, on your knees with my cock in your facehole."

He was clearly becoming more excited, and this made Sarah work with gusto as she moaned in agreement on his cock, coating it in more saliva as she was determined to deepthroat it. She intended on being a good girl - and good girls didn't go halfway.

Kenneth obviously had the same idea as he began pumping his hips, his hands gripping her head harder. She moved her hand away from his cock, thinking she knew what came next. She relaxed her mouth and placed her hands on her thighs, then - on second thought, placing her arms behind her back. Kenneth took note of this and told her what a good obedient slut she was - didn't even have to be told to keep her hands off of him.

Holding her head in place, Kenneth started fucking her mouth earnestly. Ramming against the back of her throat with each thrust, she began gagging and coughing, coating his cock in even more spit. He ordered her to stick her tongue out, which she did. He rammed harder against the back of her throat, as though he planned on barging right in. (Which, in all honesty, that was what he planned to do.) Her eyes were starting to run, and she could feel him messing up her hair.

His hard thrusts into her mouth were becoming more insistent, his grip on her head stronger. She was trying her best to keep her composure and not gag too much, but was struggling. At the end of one hard thrust, he stopped and held his cock there. "You're going to get it down there," he told her, encouraging but firm.

She closed her eyes and tried to focus on relaxing her throat and breathing through her nose. "Keep your eyes open. I like seeing those pretty eyes tearing up Everytime you choke on my cock." She opened them up and made brief eye contact before the momentary distraction helped slide his cock all the way in, and she had her lips around the base. Hands pushing against the back of her head, he pushed his hips up even more, forcing her right up against his stomach and pubes.

Balls pressed against her chin and unable to see anything, Sarah took a moment to think about the fact that her boss was fucking her face. She was naked, on her knees in front of her boss! A few hours ago they were strictly business, had hardly ever made casual conversation or small talk, and now he was using her mouth like a fucktoy.

As much as the thought turned her on, she was running out of air. Desperately, she squeezed his knee, thinking they didn't specify what the safe word would be if her mouth and throat were preoccupied like they were now. He held her down for a beat longer before letting her head go. She pulled back hard and rested back on her hands breathing in hard, sucking in air. She looked an absolute mess. Kenneth was stroking his cock, looking down at her. He had taken his shirt off and was fully naked, stroking his wet cock and looking down at her. She looked an absolute mess.

"That was just the start. We'll be working on that quite a bit more. For now let's give you a short break and see what else my new fucktoy has to offer me?"

With that he pulled her up and turned to sweep off his entire desk. Piles of papers littered the floor. He turned to her and started pulling her over, but not before he snapped her bra off. "I haven't had a chance to play with these yet, and I plan on remedying that." Her breasts sprung free as he tossed her bra to the floor. He couldn't help but grasp both breasts in his hands, squeezing them and flicking at the nipples, which were hardening in the cool air and sarah's increasing arousal. "They're so soft, and bigger than you'd think," he commented, squeezing her tits together and groping them, bouncing them around a bit. He squeezed her left nipple hard while he kneaded her right tit in his hand. Her nipples were incredibly sensitive, and she loved having them played with. This was making her moan and grind back against him and his hardon which was pressing against her ass. Her pussy was absolutely dripping. "They'll make great stress relief when it gets busy around here." With one more squeeze of her tits, he released them and flipped her around. She just barely caught herself on the table as he shoved her over it, bending her over the side.

Sarah felt the cold air on her pussy as he yanked her thong down. She was positively soaked. Kenneth stepped back and took in the view of her wet pussy.

"This really is a dream come true for you, isn't it, slut? Your cunt is practically dripping, and all I've done so far is fuck your face."

Pressing the side of her face against the table and peeking back at him, Sarah arched her back a little, spreading herself open for him even more.

The first smack rang out suddenly and caught her off guard. Sarah yelped, just in time for the second smack to land in her ass. Kenenth's hand came around her throat and chin, shoving several fingers into her mouth.

"Keep it down you loud bitch," he hissed in her ear, smacking her ass again, hard. The sound filled the air. Her ass stung. She moaned quietly, sucking on his fingers. "I could hardly work some days over the sounds of your chatter. Sometimes I wondered if I could shut you up somehow..." The last smack turned into two fingers rubbing their way up and down her slit, causing her to moan harder.

His fingers slipped into her cunt easily, and he began roughly finger fucking her. He wasn't fingering her in a way to get her off, he was simply roughing up her vagina. Because he could. It hurt, but the pain turned her on further. He pulled his wet fingers out and shoved them into her mouth, making her suck her own juices off, which she did with gusto.

He moved in behind her, and she prepared to be violated. Or hoped she would. She'd dreamt about this so often, it was surreal it was actually about to happen.

One arm reaching to grip her throat tightly, the other hand rubbed his cock up and down her slit, spreading her wetness around. He teased his dick around her opening and she pushed back, urging him into her.

"Eager little whore," he taunted, "you're desperate for something in your dirty little pussy, aren't you?"

She looked back at him with pleading eyes as she gyrated her exposed ass and pussy against him. "Please..." She begged quietly.

"Please what?" He asked, shoving his two fingers into her cunt again.

"Please fuck me! That's what my cunt is for, to be used by you," she begged louder. "Please!"

His cock invaded her pussy swiftly. She was drenched, so it was slick, but his penis still stuffed her and she felt herself stretching open as he forced himself in hard. She moaned hard, trying hard to keep from crying out loudly. His hand gripped her throat tightly, cutting off her moan.

He choked her hard as he began railing her, slamming her into the table repeatedly. Her tits were pressed up against the table. Each time he pulled back, he seemed to drag her with him slightly, and then slammed her hips back into the table. She lost herself in that moment, becoming dizzy from his vice grip her throat, choking her out. He was relentless in his pounding of her pussy. His breathing was getting ragged as he grabbed a fistful of her wild hair, wrapping it around his hand and wrist several times, winding it up to get a good grip. He pulled her back by her hair, lifting her upper body and tits off the table, which were now propping her up. Taking the other hand from her throat, he grabbed a titty and squeezed. He was now yanking her head back and squeezing/groping her tit, rolling the nipple around and pinching it roughly. His grip on her hair gave him the leverage he needed to really start pounding her. He was absolutely hate fucking her pussy as she yelped out repeatedly. All the sensations were over the top, and she couldn't contain herself. He didn't bother telling her to shut up as he himself was losing himself. He began verbally raining down names. Slut, bitch, whore, cum dump, he called her. He told her this was all she was good for. He told her he would be using each of her holes the way he pleased. He called her his property to use. She would be swallowing several of his loads each day, because that's what her mouth was for. Her throat was for massaging those loads out of his cock. She would come to his office whenever he needed to dump a load in one of her holes, and then leave him be. She was going to be receiving regular throating sessions because he wanted to be able to fuck every one of her holes the same way. That's all they were to him - interchangeable holes to jerk off with.

She moaned in response, throwing out the occasional "yes I am!" "Thank you!"

He was nearing his finish as he gave her several more hard pounding thrusts. He pulled out of her pussy roughly and yanking her back by her hair, threw her down onto the ground, shoving her down onto her back in one swift move. With one knee on either side of her head, he kneeled over her, pumping his cock over her face. He began moaning as he jerked off over her face. She opened her mouth wide, sticking her tongue out flat, hoping that he would unload into her mouth. She started rubbing her clit madly when the first shot of cum hit her across the face. He quickly shoved the first half of his cock into her mouth and crying out, pumped out several more loads into her mouth. The thick salty cum filled her quickly as he used her like the cum dump she was. "Don't - swallow - yet!" He managed to gasp out. His legs shook as he continued filling her mouth with his jizz.

She was nearing her own orgasm as she watched his face scrunch up in ecstasy. She loved the feeling of his cum filling her mouth hole, loved being his outlet.

Finally his last few spurts shot out as his moaning subsided and groaned one last time. Hunched over her and breathing heavy, he slowly pulled his cock out of her mouth.

"You can touch your cunt, but don't you dare cum," he warned her in between breaths. "Open your mouth up and show me that load." She obeyed, opening her mouth wide to show him to large load that threatened to gag her. Holding his softening cock and using it to gently slap her face, he ordered her to swallow it. She dutifully closed her mouth and gulped it down, having to swallow a few times to get the thick load down. He continued smacking her face with his wet, semi hard penis, making a small splatting sound Everytime it hit her in the face. He spread around the bit of cum that had landed on her face She opened her mouth up to show him it was all clear. "Good girl," he smiled down at her, "good cumdump." He slid his cock all the way back into her mouth. Now that it was softer, it was much easier to take all the way in. "Suck me dry."


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