Monday morning: The occupants of the Steele residence had a wonderful weekend. The atmosphere was very laid back. The two women of the house lost all their inhibitions over the weekend. They evolved into their new-found persona with social nudity at the forefront. The two women have decided as they conversed, they will spend as much time around the house nude as they can. That is with the approval of their significant other. On the agenda today is the meeting with the Administration to find out where Emily stands with her ultimatum, she presented last Monday to the Dean.

Frank was at the counter with the newspaper to check the local news per usual. Emily just showered and entered the kitchen nude to pour her morning coffee. She sat at the breakfast bar across from her son. Lesley came in for a cup of coffee she was nude and sat next to Emily across from Frank.

Craig came in he was very concerned about his wife's moral compass. It eroded way past normal conduct on route to total exhibitionism. "Emily, I know we had fun over the weekend, but we are home presently. Do you think as you're an instructor at a college you should use some decorum in your choice of dress? I know there is nothing wrong with nudism, but some people may not understand and be offended. It could lead to unnecessary challenges for you." He stated with concern.

The three at the counter discounted his concerns. Lesley stated. "Dad, there will always be someone talking about you no matter what choices you make." With the two others at the counter in agreement with her statement.

Without further discussion Craig went about his usual morning duties. He cooked breakfast for everyone. Lesley and Frank cleaned up afterwards.

Emily dressed, gave her husband a kiss and stated. "Don't forget about this afternoon the meeting at four."

"We will be there." Stated Craig and Lesley.

Emily parked and entered the halls of the higher learning facility. On the way to her office, she was looked at with a smirk, from The Dean, the head of the Science department, and her assistant who cordially greeted the Professor. They tried and failed miserably to look like it was a congenial smile they gave her. She felt unsettled after they greeted her. Emily felt with good reason, they have cooked up another scheme to humiliate her, and she will probably have to buy into it in some way.

It was time for the professor's first class. She put out of her mind her concerns and entered her instructor identity to give her students the best instruction she can. The classes took her mind off the meeting at four pm. She finished her last class at noontime, had lunch, and spent the remainder of the day to compose the written test for FEH-101 as there are no standard tests for this course. She will make a template of it for future use.

Three o'clock rolled around before Emily knew it. Craig, Lesley, and Jerry arrived promptly on the hour.

"I have a foreboding feeling about this meeting." Emily stated concerned.

"I know Em, I was trying to tell you there will be some kind of negotiations today or at least a counter proposal." Craig stated.

"There was another P.I. snooping around the last few weeks I found out when I ran into him the other day." Jerry stated without much concern.

"Everything will work out fine!" Lesley naïvely stated.

Quarter to four the group marched to the administration conference room. They were the first ones there, which could be viewed by the rest of the attendees as a disadvantage. It could be construed as too eager to settle.

The Dean, and Arnold came in at five after four. It was not until four thirty the administrator showed up with the lawyer and Mr. Smidt. They had a private meeting where the Administrator gave the Grantor the flash drive of Emily's class last week. The group had confident smiles when they finally entered the conference room and greeted everyone. Their confidence concerned Emily.

The President of the college moderated the meeting. "Good after noon. I appreciate everyone taking the time to attend this meeting. My name is Miles Lowe president of the college. Let's start by going around the room and give us your name with a short synopsis of your career."

Everyone complied with Mr. Lowe's request.

"We will start by commending Professor Steele for her work with the FEH-101 course it is a very challenging curriculum, but one that is needed. We are sorry for the way you were treated. We want to make amends. I also want to commend Mr. Graham for his role in creating the course, writing the syllabus, and obtaining the grant for the course. Unfortunately, he has received a full professorship at another college on the west coast and will be leaving at the end of the year. Professor Bates has accepted a Dean's position at another college in the midwest. I am therefore asking Professor Steele to consider the position of head of the science department vacated by Professor Bates. We will give you a week to consider it. I would like to present our philanthropist Mr. Smidt now." Mr. Lowe stated.

"Good afternoon! I would first like to apologize to Professor Steele for the unnecessary grief I caused her by the nude stipulation I imposed on her for the college to obtain the twenty-five-million-dollar grant. I have agreed to up the grant to seven-five million over the five years as Professor Steele asked and willing to up it to one-hundred-fifty million, for five years. With the stipulations that Professor Steele, be comfortable with. And I repeat the Professor has to be comfortable with the contract. I have given the contract to Mr. Bluster to discuss with the Professor after the meeting. The grantor stated when he addressed the group.

Meanwhile Lesley has her computer out to document the meeting minutes.

"We will now give the Dean the floor." Mr. Lowe announced.

"First of all, I like to say I am sorry for the way you were treated Professor Steele. We will not require you to do anything you are unwilling to do going forward. We know FEH-101 is a very difficult course to teach with the intimate probing required and we are grateful you stepped up to teach it. I will be staying on and you can come to me with any challenges you have in the future. Together we will come to a resolution which will benefit all." The Dean stated with a smile that should have been to calm the group, but it came off as a smirk.

"He must have his fingers crossed. I know he was lying through is teeth." Emily thought as she listened to his rhetoric.

Professor Bates and Mr. Graham profusely apologized to Professor Steele and bid goodbye to the facility members.

Emily thanked everyone for their support and the Meeting was adjourned without a definitive answer to her proposal.

The Lawyer asked: The Dean, Emily, Jerry, Craig, and Lesley to stay behind to have a meeting to address the proposal from the grantor.

Fred Bluster handed five copies of the proposal to Emily and stated. "Read this and get back to me with any questions or changes you would like to make." He then handed five copies of a dossier with the first picture inside the folder of Emily nude with her legs spread probably taken over the weekend at the nudist camp. "You would probably want to go with the proposal from the grantor." He stated with a smile of triumph on his face. "You have until next Monday to decide which course action you would like to take Professor Steele, remember it will be your decision and we will abide by it. He stated as he left the room with a triumphant smile on his face.

Emily had a panicked look on her face when she opened the dossier. Today she had real tears in her eyes. "What am I going to do!" She asked her associates.

"Let's look over the information and choose the best route forward." Jerry said with calm voice and a confident look on his face.

"Yes, we will get through this Em." Her husband stated emphatically as he held the tearful woman. He knew there was a battle in store for his wife, but the group was tenacious enough to win the war.

"Awe mom we will work through this. You will see it will work out fine. When we come out on the other side you will be happy and better off." Lesley in her youthful optimistic attitude stated.

Lesley called Frank when he answered she stated. "Frank, mom is kind of upset. Can we stay home tonight and cook something up?"

"Sure babe, I will start dinner now. When will you be home?"

"In about forty-five minutes." Lesley answered. She went to her mother-in-law after her conversation with Frank. "I will drive you home mom." She said as she walked her mother-in-law to the car.

"Let me have the two folders and I will get back to you tomorrow to see how we can derail this train wreck." Jerry stated as he walked with Craig to their autos.

"Thanks, Jerry see what you can do." Craig stated before he entered his vehicle and left for home.

When Lesley arrived home, she walked with Emily to their bedrooms. Lesley helped Emily remove her clothes and retrieved a shirt for her. Emily donned it but didn't button it. Lesley went to her bedroom and did the same. Both women came into the kitchen together. It brought a smile to the men's faces to see the two beautiful women all but naked. The group had a very quiet, but stressful dinner all helped to clean up afterwards.

It was Craig who spoke first. "We need to look at the proposal and the dossier to decide what the best course of action as we go forward will be for you Em. We can all make a list and go from there."

They all agreed it would be the best they could do in this situation. So, Emily and Craig sat together and read the documents. Frank and Lesley did the same with Lesley the note taker.

A synopsis of the proposal from the grantor:

The grantor will double the five-year grant to one-hundred and fifty million dollars. (All agreed this is good.)

The Professor or whoever instructs the class will get the fifteen hundred dollar an hour cash rate. (All agreed this was good.)

The professor will have the amount of money put in her retirement account which was twenty-one thousand dollars a year. (All agreed this was good.)

The Professor will become the head of the science department. (All agreed this was good.)

The professor will sponsor a course for instructors of FEH-101 at the fifteen hundred dollar and hour rate. (All agreed this was good.)

The professor will sponsor a co-ed sex education course, with six male and six female students in each class to be paired up. It will be a twelve-week course. (We will explain more when the course syllabus is written.) (All agreed this was good.)

The synopsis of the dossier:

This document had enough derogatory information on Emily Steele to cause her to lose her job, her pension, and to be barred as a teacher, to the astonishment of all present. The lawyer has had Emily followed for the last month. True to Craig's intuition the other shoe has dropped today. The only question now is what can be done in reference to damage control.

At the end of the dossier there was a document which stated. Professor Steele can have all the allegations in the dossier sealed: if on next Monday at the meeting she tells Mr. Lowe it would be best for the FEH-101 program that she is nude at the meetings to promote the program.

When meeting with the Dean and the Administration she will be nude. She will also be nude when she conducts programs to interest instructors in FEH-101 and the new coed program.

Emily will ask the Administrators to approve her proposal which will be her choice to decide when she thinks it is relative that she be nude.

The final week of FEH-101 the instructor will have intercourse with each of the students the document also stated.

"I don't see anything wrong with doing as they asked Mom. It will give women more freedom. I think it is a plus to be nude as much as a woman wants to be." Lesley stated in exuberance. Her youthful mind cannot comprehend the gravity of the situation.

"Well, I do see a problem! I don't want my wife fucking those young guys." Craig's voice boomed in the room.

"I don't like the situation either; I don't want to fuck all the nerds in the class." Emily cried.

"I will talk to Jerry tomorrow see if we can come up with a plan of action to derail this runaway train." Craig stated.

"I will help if needed, dad." Frank stated.

"Both you and Lesley should stay out of this. We don't want you to ruin your chances in the public school system and at the college to keep the jobs you just received. If word gets out of this debacle you may be dismissed before you start your new jobs." Emily stated morosely.

"I still want to go with you mom. To support you and be your note taker." Lesley stated.

The group ran different scenarios. They did a form of damage control and have not been very successful when they decided to retire for the night. Put the challenge on the back burner so to speak and maybe a solution will present itself. They all agreed and headed for bed.

The only person who slept well that night was Lesley. The eternal optimist, she knows it will work out the best for everyone.

Tuesday morning: the alarm went off. Emily arose and performed her morning routine with a lack of enthusiasm. Craig went to the kitchen and found Frank already up with the morning paper. Lesley bounded into the kitchen nude, after she showered gave Craig a hug and Frank a kiss.

"Dad how can I help?" Lesley asked.

"Thanks for asking. I have almost everything ready, you can set the table." Craig stated.

Lesley set the table, sat next to Frank, and took one section of the paper to read. Emily finished with her morning ritual. Came into the kitchen fully dressed.

"I am going into work early to talk to the Dean. I want to see if I can quell this situation." Emily stated as she gave her husband a kiss good-by, left with a cup of coffee, and a piece of toast for breakfast.

Emily arrived at the college almost an hour early. She walked to the Dean's office. Knocked and when he answered she walked in.

"Hi Emily, how are you doing today?" Dean Kraft asked with a smirk as he knows by the posture of the Professor, she had a dreadful night.

"I will come to the point. How can we work this out, so the college gets the one-hundred-and-fifty-million grant?" Emily asked but she already knows what this will entail.

"I think you know what you have to do Emily. I think you also like to do what needs to be done, but you can't admit it to yourself. What do you think that is Emily?"

The Professor had real tears in her eyes as she spoke to the Dean. "You want me to be nude most of the time when I instruct the students." She stated hesitantly.

"No Emily! You think it is best you are nude most of the time. You will instruct your classes with this thought in mind. Men are visual creatures and women's bodies are a work of art to us. Specially a woman as beautiful as you. Women should be proud to expose their bodies entirely and innocently to men. It will make both sexes happy." The Dean stated with perverted pleasure.

"What if I don't want to do this?" Emily stated, with conviction.

"Then I am afraid your son and daughter in law will have to find another place to work when I make public the photos. The ones I have of them from their weekend retreat, to give to the administration and the school superintendent." Dean Kraft threatened. As an afterthought he stated. "I think you should give Mr. Smidt and Mr. Graham private lessons on how to please a female with full penetration and no protection as a thank you to them." He stated with pervasive satisfaction.

There you have it. "I was threatened again." Emily thought and turned on the fake waterworks. "I gu-ess I will do as you ask then Lenny to protect my children's jobs." The Professor stated hesitantly as she walked out of the office and to make sure anyone who hears this will know the faculty wants to control her actions.

As soon as Emily sat down in her office, she called Jerry. When he answered, she said. "Hi Jerry, I have been threatened again. I have the earrings with the video and audio on. Can you pick up the feed?"

"No, call Craig have him pick up the earrings and we will download the video."

"Do you still have all the feeds in the school up?"

"No, they did a sweep of the school after our last meeting and took out most of the bugs."

"Too bad I think I should keep the earrings then in case I can get more information. Why don't we meet at five? I will text you the location, bring equipment to download the information, so I can keep the earrings."

"Sounds good, see you then." The PI said before they disconnected.

Craig arrived at the P.I. office as he disconnected with Emily. "Good timing, your wife just had some good news for us." Jerry proceeded to tell Craig what transpired this morning.

They took a few hours to go over the documents received yesterday and came up with a few options for Emily. None were very good, but options, nevertheless. The PI was convinced Emily will get out of this dilemma but with many curves and twists and some luck.

Emily went to her office to finish the written test for the sex ed class. She immersed herself in her Professor role. The Professor did an impressive job with all her morning classes, as voiced by her students. She gave no thought to the dilemma she was in.

It was five to twelve when Emily entered to cafeteria. She found a seat as Craig proceeded to obtain their meal. He brought it over and sat next to his wife.

"I really don't think I will need you today, but I would appreciate the company we can discuss my morning meeting with the Dean. While the students take the test." Emily stated.

"Good Idea. I talked with Jerry today and went over all the documents received yesterday. We have some options none very good though." Craig stated in a frustrated voice.

When they finished lunch. The couple went straight to the classroom after they cleaned their table. The Professor did not have to remove her undergarments today. Emily and Craig spent the half hour before class as they brought each other up to speed on their respective meetings.

The students straggled in. They were unhappy when they noted their Professor was completely dressed in her skirt, blazer, and top. A sign she will not give the practical part of the test today.

When the last student entered Craig closed the door.

"Today we will have a written test on all the materials covered for the last three weeks." The Professor stated as she handed out the tests." You will have the full hour to complete the test. When you are done put it on the desk and leave. We will be in the office but will be able to watch from there. You can start now!" She stated as she passed out the last test, went into the little office, and left the door open.

After a forty-five-minute discussion the only viable way to proceed after the discussion with the Dean. Emily will write a letter to the administrator she will determine when she needs to be nude to gain the best results for the new curriculum they will start. The document will contain her agreement to be nude at meetings when she sponsors a meeting for FEH-101 instructors. The couple will run the proposal by Frank, Lesley, and Jerry to see if they can come up with something which will keep Emily's exposure in public to a minimum.

"By the end of class all the tests were on her desk and the students were gone. Emily put the tests in her book bag. She texted, Jerry, Frank, and Lesley to meet them at an Italian restaurant on the way home. Craig left for the restaurant and Emily went to her office. There was no pay envelope, only a note to meet the Dean in the conference room.

Emily went to the conference room to find not only the Dean but, Arnold, Mr. Lowe, Mr. Smidt, and Mr. Bates.,-find-something-with-eyeballs-or-don't-come-back./63612

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